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Egyptian Cultural Parade Taking place in Sharm El Sheikh

It a Cultural Parade that should  promote Egypt and attract tourists to come. (Take the rio carnival parade in brazil as a reference and come up with a theme for the Egyptian one.)Research Egyptian Cultures and come up with a Creative theme for the Egyptian Cultural Parade Show, the theme should show the different cultures of Egypt in the show.After coming up with the Main theme for the parade, come up with sub themes for each car that will drive through the parade and how you will implement it, the parade car show should flow, when you introduce each culture after the other it has to be in sync. The most important thing is to be CREATIVE don’t just list cultures after the other make your own story line for the parade using the theme you selected and the existing cultures of Egypt it also has to be realistic.Paper structure:A list of Each parade car, its theme and a brief sentence of what it is showing. (Keep in mind its a 2-3 Hour Parade show)Example: 1st Car in the parade: (Theme)The parade car will be designed as a … and will have entertainment dressed as ….2nd Car: …and so on

Mind and Body

Mind and Body.

 Assignment Instructions: For this assignment you will write an argument essay of approximately 600 words in answer the topic question below. This paper requires that you use in-text citations for any quotations you include and that you create a works cited page listing all of the references that you quote in the paper. You may use MLA style citations (a guide to these can be found here).Preview the document Use the following guidelines to structure your paper. Review this guide to writing essaysPreview the document. Introduction (1 paragraphs): Your introductory paragraph should have the following (not necessarily in this order). A. Thesis statement- You should state what you think is best answer to the question posed in the topics below. B. Background for the thesis. This should describe the problem you will be addressing and mention any philosophers or theories you will be using to give your answer. Tip: You should save the explanation of these theories for the body paragraphs in your paper. C. Plan of the Paper. It will help your reader to tell them how your paper will go. Describe the basic structure of your paper. Essay Body: This section of your paper ought to include explications (summaries in your own words) of the relevant philosophical theories or philosopher’s ideas. It should also include your own argument for which of theories your reader ought to except and the implications this has for the essay topic question. In addition, you should address at least one possible objection to your view. Essay Conclusion: Your essay ought to have a concluding paragraph which summarizes what you have done in the paper, what your thesis was, and your main points in support of the thesis. Topic Question: In the Star Trek The Next Generation episode The Measure of Man (Season 2, Episode 9 available on Netflix, CBS All Access, and other streaming services) the android Lt. Commander Data undergoes a trial to determine if he has the right to choose whether or not to undergo an experimental procedure. Click here for a complete summary of the episodePreview the document. A minimal requirement for having the right to choose is to have a mind. In your view, could an artificially intelligent android such as Data have a mind in the relevant sense? Why or why not? Why might someone disagree with you? Use at least two of the theories about the mind/body problem we discussed in class (dualism, type identity theory, or functionalism). Rubric Argument Essay Rubric (3) Argument Essay Rubric (3) Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Summary of philosopher’s view 30.0 pts Mastering: Explains the philosopher’s view so that anyone can understand it, and what will be critiqued 24.0 pts Developing: Explains the target premise that will be critiqued while being concise; defines important terms 18.0 pts Emerging: Incomplete explanation; fails to describe the target premise that will be critiqued; may include irrelevant details 10.0 pts Missing from the paper. 30.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Student’s argument 20.0 pts Mastering: Original critique; persuades reader with new evidence and reason; uses a variety of examples, scenarios, etc. Integrates ideas in a complex process of application, analysis, and evaluation 17.0 pts Developing: Begins to persuade but falls short; too few examples, evidence, and reason. 15.0 pts Emerging: Assumes that the reader understands and agrees. Incomplete argument with partial evidence; too short 10.0 pts Missing from the paper 20.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Organization 30.0 pts Mastering: Paragraphs flow, organization is apparent with no missing elements 24.0 pts Developing: Good thesis statement; few errors in flow from paragraph to paragraph. Includes the five elements of an argument paper 18.0 pts Emerging: Missing thesis statement. No transitions from paragraph to paragraph. Missing elements 10.0 pts Missing from the paper. 30.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Professionalism 10.0 pts Mastering: Basically error-free APA style citations and bibliography. explains quotes plus uses quotes to support arguments;. 6.0 pts Emerging: Attempt at citations and bibliography, but with errors; explain quotes in own word. 2.0 pts Emerging: Missing citations and bibliography where appropriate; stand- alone quotes; quotes are too long or irrelevant 0.0 pts Problematic. Missing citations and bibliography page. 10.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Grammar 10.0 pts Mastering: Error-free grammar and spelling; sentences flow; 6.0 pts Developing: Edited with few grammar and spelling mistakes; few awkward sentences 2.0 pts Emerging: Unedited, informal, and inappropriate grammar and spelling; incomplete or run-on sentences 0.0 pts Problematic: Grammar made the paper difficult to understand. 10.0 pts Total Points: 100.0

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Fundamentals of Law-3 separate short essays

Egyptian Cultural Parade Taking place in Sharm El Sheikh Fundamentals of Law-3 separate short essays.

Short Essay 1 Explain what “morality, knowledge, and religion” meant to those in the founding era, and why it was believed our nation would only succeed if based on these principles. The terms “knowledge, morality and religion” had very specific meanings to those in the founding era. Be sure to extrapolate that meaning from your assigned textbook readings. The information can be found in chapter 5 of your textbook. Discuss whether or not those same beliefs can still be the basis for success in the now religiously diverse America. Be sure to fully explain your position. Short Essay 2 Drawing on internal principle numbers 1, 2, and 4 in Chapter 8 of your textbook, respond to the modern legal argument that people have the right to abortion, same-sex marriage, and other sexual freedoms. There are 3 principles in particular that you should first explain and then apply to your analysis as you respond to the call of the question.Your answer must include a biblical analysis, specifically referring to passages from the Bible that support your argument. The question is not asking for your personal opinion, but rather what a proper Biblical response is, drawing specifically, but not exclusively, on internal principle numbers 1, 2, and 4 in Chapter 8. Short Essay 3 According to United States Supreme Court precedent, although the U.S. Constitution does not expressly state that there is a fundamental right of privacy, such a right does exist, arising from the penumbras of various other rights expressly protected in the text of the Constitution. Based on finding such a privacy right, the Supreme Court has held that there is a right to use contraceptives, a right to abort an unborn child, a right to engage in various sexual acts, and a right to same-sex marriage. Explain whether the Supreme Court, in finding such a fundamental right of privacy, acted properly in terms of the separation of powers established by our founders in the U.S. Constitution. Be sure to inform your response by applying a complete separation of powers analysis.

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ba 540 discussion/replies

Answer the questions at the beginning of the chapter for chapters 7 and 8 this week. Your post should be at least 100 words (-Approximately 2-3 sentences for each question depending on your writing style). Then reply to 2 classmates, approximately 50 words each with more than just what you liked, but identify what you agree or disagree with and why as well as any examples, questions for others or opinions that you have about this topic. Both you post and replies are due by the deadline, and worth 50 points for both chapters. Make sure that I can tell you have read their specific post.

Violence & Trauma – Shame

Violence & Trauma – Shame.

What is the relevance of “shame” to the study and treatment of trauma? Identify an example of traumatic shame and consider the role of dignity, hope or honour in the resolution of trauma.

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