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Efficient Space Weather profiling using Microsatellite history essay help essay writing examples

Solar Activity, Inconsistent variations in radiation level, total electron count, water vapor profiles are some of the parameters measured using the on board devices of the micro-satellite that we shall be discussing here. The module consists of a Geiger Muller Tube/ counter, a Radiometric IR camera and a GPS Receiver. The Geiger Muller Tube takes radiation readings when there is ionizing radiation incident on its mica window. The radiation reading is in the form of dose rates. The second device i. e. the Radiometric IR Camera takes a thermal image of the temperature fluctuations because of this ionizing radiation.

The data from these two devices are then plotted onto the same map to give 3D Predictive Model of radiation which can then be extrapolated depending on our purpose. The GPS receiver takes in the signal from the GPS satellite which passes through the atmospheric limb path and it’s bending takes place due to the various factors like change in pressure, temperature, water vapor, TEC. The angle of bend can be measured to obtain the profile of these factors causing the bend by using Abel transforms and other mathematical models.

The data collected from the first two devices when used to generate a predictive 3D time and osition variant model, can be used for subsequent prediction of radiation at any point in the atmosphere for given timeframe for similar circumstances. Additionally the model might give us insights into other phenomena linked to these elements of space-weather. The third device, on-board i. e. the GPS receiver enables us to plot different profile on scintillations, total electron count, and other space-weather parameters.

The data on space weather profiling that we get from this module can be used to predict tuture tluctuations and variations in Earth’s atmospheric systems hich arise due to the space weather elements. Additionally the data can give us valuable insight into newly discovered phenomena (TGFs etc), and thus aid human understanding of the same. INTRODUCTION Parikshit Student Satellite Team is a student initiative project from Manipal University, India which aims to build a fully functional nano-satellite and deliver it ready for launch to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Bangalore, India.

In its course of work since November 2010, the team has done extensive study and detailed research in the requisite fields of space technology and engineering. The eam has undergraduate students from various branches of engineering. The mission of Parikshit is: To learn about the advancements in space technology and space system engineering Contribute to the countrys research program Collaborative student effort and to increase student industry link. This paper gives a brief overview of the payloads that have been studied in great detail and can be used for space-weather profiling and monitoring using a micro-satellite.

Sectionl of the paper gives an overview of the experiment that can be helpful for the measurement of Atmospheric Ionizing Radiation, while Section 2 gives an insight

Developmental Education In Post Secondary Education Institutions

Developmental Education In Post Secondary Education Institutions.

 Following the Format for Identifying Critical Elements of a Research Proposal (See Handout), develop a detailed 10-page proposal on an approved topic related to any area of interest, preferably a topic that you would like to explore for a long-range research project. The proposal should include the following: purpose of the study, problem statement, rational or justification for the study, research questions and/or research hypotheses; literature review; research design, population and sample, instrumentation, procedures, data analysis, and statistical methods.

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