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Effects of Weightlessness academic essay help Biology

A scientific research of the gravity and weightlessness of humans in space.

This is a paper that summarizes the observations of journalist, Glenn Zorpette, who accompanied engineering majors from the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) who studied heat convection in artificial gravity by building a spinning assembly that produces centrifugal force in a test cell.
“The scientific research was conducted in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s world-renowned Vomit Comet, a KC-135A aircraft that is flown so as to provide weightlessness in 25-second snippets. The plane is usually used for research conducted on a professional basis but undergraduate students are allowed to make use of the plane and conduct studies related to weightlessness. ”

ECO – Income distribution data question

(a) Carefully graph the Lorenz curve, labeling the axes. (upload separately)
(b) Explain how to find the Gini coefficient, graphically.
(c) Brazil’s national income is about $300 billion. What is the approximate dollar income of the bottom 20%? Bottom 40%?
(d) Suppose one percent of national income were transferred from the richest 20% of households to the poorest 20% of households. Show the effect on relative inequality. Is income distribution more equal or more unequal? How much does the poorest 20% of households have now?
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