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Effects of Repeated Experiences with Organizational Change essay help Science essay help

Organizations plan this intervention within their companies to look into the organization’s work flow using either an internal or external change agent. They determine the problems faced and come up with a solution to better develop the potential of individual organisational members to ensure a healthy organisation. Organizations engage either internal agents or external agents to help with the process of implementing the organizational change. An internal agent is a consultant that is a member of the organization and typically located in the human resources department.

These internal agents may just perform one duty only or may do so with other tasks. External agents are not members of the organization, but they work for consulting firms, a university or themselves. Organizations hire external agents not because there is no one else in their organization to advice the organization but because an outsider will be able to see the problems objectively and advice accordingly. (Waddell, Cummings and Worley 2007) An organizational change is needed because companies do not grow if they remain in one place forever.

Take in the case of Apple Inc which used to be known as Apple Computer Inc. If Apple had not changed their company name, they will only be giving consumers the impression their company only sells computers and nothing else. But Apple has since moved on to sell music players, phones and also tablets. Imagine if Apple did not want to make this organizational change in their company. It would mean that today we might still be listening to our music with our walkmans or discmans, using a phone with a number keypad and have to use our computer on buses.

Not saying that another company would not have developed the technology that Apple did, but if Apple did not decide to make that organizational change, they will not be earning half as much as they do now. However, we must bear in mind that sometimes not even consumers take to change easily. So while the company may have done an organizational change to their products and services, consumers might not be open to their change and may question “if it is not broke, why fix it? There are some people till today who would rather read a physical book and use a number keypad phone. These are the few consumers that might prompt a company to not go through an organizational change. But because majority of the world is not satisfied with only one thing and are constantly changing, there is also another reason why companies go through an organizational change. Before we discuss the effects of repeated experiences with organizational change, let us look at the positive and negative effects of organizational change.

Prenatal Development Discussion

DISCUSSION: In this discussion, reflect upon and discuss the following questions:
Q1: What are the pros and cons of receiving prenatal screening tests? Why might some mothers decide not to have these tests?
Q2: As medical technology continues to improve, a person may have the opportunity to “design” their own baby. Do you believe this is ethical? Why or why not?