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Effects Of Global Recession On Marriott Hotels

The hospitality industry is in the waist of venturesome ,verdicts .there are two challenges , which are effecting hospitality industry, the first challenge is globalization and second one is economical recession. Hospitality industry is hit by the global financial crisis, mostly tourism is involved with money, during economic recession, people don’t like to spend much money for entertainment, they are started to think for saving money for basic needs like food shelter and family necessities. Any way because of recession hotel industry is in risky position, according to economical data the hospitality industry need, find away to bring normal position. Organization Background: Marriott is most popular and leading hotels in the world, first Marriott was opened by J Willard and Alice S Marriott, in Washington D.C (U.S), in 1927.also Marriott has more than 2800 properties, almost in 70 countries. Marriott planning to open more hotels and resorts different places in different countries. they plan to target the business strategies; Marriott developed the” courtyard by Marriott concept” approach to new product development. Marriott gives customer card (for regular customers) it gives 30%discount on the bill. The major in come for the hotels is from rooms Marriott is very good at there. 1. Events: Weddings and meetings: Marriott gives different types of packages for the weddings, Marriott is one of the best places to celebrate the weddings, and Marriott provides special accommodation for the couple, Marriott gives more facilities for sports, it’s provided the golf court in Resorts, They provide number of banquet facilities with, qualities service. They main theme is give good service to the customers and build-up the business strategy. 2. Inquiries: Marriott hotel handles the business inquiries from all over the world, Marriott’s human resources is exhausting survey of local market requested by U.K hotels in U.K. local knowledge of local staff is most comprehended for the local inquiry. Rationale for the chosen topic: In this research on proposed topic due to my previous working experience in hotel Marriott, Hyderabad, India, there my position was a supervisor, during that time, my hotel was affecting by the economy crunch, not only that hotel but almost all hotels were facing same problem, the business has been getting down. The human resources were having more problems, instead of taking new staff, they were using same staff for extra work, they cutting the jobs, and decreasing the salaries. And there were more competitions between other hotels, Therefore this topic persuade to research on the specified objective below. Research objectives: The research objective is to critically investigate the affects of global recession on the tourism and hotel industry, in this process how hotel industry seek away from recession. The research objectives are listed below: 1 .The first objective is to recognize the several challenges, lying in hotel industry. 2. The second objective is resolving the different, solutions to economic recession and constructs the intensity. 3. The third objective is to produce several strategies, which is allocated in the economic recession challenges, with another shove. Research questions: This proposed research aims to answer the following questions: How can the credit crunch and recession change the hotel industry as a whole? Answering the above question will lead to the subsequent questions like: How would the Hotel Marriot take it up as a challenge? And what steps would it follow to overcome the recession? Why and how are they planning to reduce the accommodation tariffs? What are the reasons for the credit crunch and recession? And finally what procedures would they put in place in order to overcome the present recession? Literature Re-view: In this recession period competition started between the hotels, the competition is depend on, quality of restaurants and type of acommbidation and tariff ,hotel Starwood, Hilton, Inter Continental, the Accor groups are the main competitors for Marriott hotel. “In recent years the global tourism and hospitality industry has experienced many serious crises and disaster, including terrorist attacks political instability, economical recession”. Ref: (Boniface and Cooper, geography of travel and tourism 476). This proposal agree the above article ,according to author ,the hotel and tourism industries has been reaching problems with political and economical recession. The economy is depending up on the state, when the economy is decreased the recession will happened. People taken the more loans and houses on mortgage, they couldn’t know whether they can return or not, during the economy slumps they were unable to return the money to banks, at the same time the banks are started to get loses, hence the recession started. After 9/11 attack the hotel industry has suddenly changed, they have lost major part of income. Hotel industry is depended with luxury and expensive, during recession people have started to change their thinking’s, as enjoyment is just part of life, instead of spending money for enjoyment they started saving money to important necessities. And people have no money, most of the employees are losing their jobs, they just scaring about their future. During the recession the hotels has been facing more problems, because they can’t afford the own money to run their business, and banks are not lending the money to any, business organizations. “Unfortunately, the growth in the U.K sector has not been matched by the provision or detailed analysis of information sources. Typically supply side statistics are usually limited to room stock, where as demand side statistics are usually confined to occupancy percentage”. Ref: (Paul, A. Phillips hospitality management 147-154). According to author the hotel business is depended with occupancy percentage, when the room Occupancy rooms high automatically the profit would be high. According to research above statement shows, credit crunch and economical recession. Credit crunch: where the low money to lending for business and interest rates are very high is called credit crunch. During the 2007 their for successful business, most of the business consumers facing more problems by credit crunch. Banks are scared to give loans for business, at the same time, customers also not depositing their money in banks, because the customers also fearing about credit crunch and they are keeping money with them. And high rates of interests also struggling business companies, no chance to start big business organization hotels. So credit crunch is affecting the major hotels. “Although hotel insolvencies have increased by over 150% from the end of 2006 to October 2008 there will be further failure in 2009 when the full impacts of reduced demand will be felt”. Ref: (Stephen Broom, Financial Times, nov23, 2008). According to author, Hotels are loosing their profit by offering low rates of acommbidation; Marriott has been getting down the over all profit. People taken the more loans and houses on mortgage, they couldn’t know whether they can return or not, during the economy slumps they were unable to return the money to banks, at the same time the banks are started to get loses, hence the recession started. During the recession the hotels has been facing more problems, because they can’t afford the own money to run their business, and banks are not lending the money to any, business organizations. Hotels are loosing their profit by offering low rates of acommbidation. “Assesses changes occurring in the UK hotel market during 1997 and relates these to current and predicted future developments. Identifies the key issues affecting supply and demand, competitive success and likely impacts and influences on the UK market during 1998”. Ref: (Trevor Ward, Contemporary Hospitality Management 270-273). According to Ward the key issues are raising on product and demand , most of the hotels following same way, just they decrease the room cost, they aim to attract the customers in the recession by the same way they has been gaining loses. “The general economic factors also affect the hotel industry, bad whether, the credit crunch and a decline in job, work against the industry as holiday travel is curtailed or eliminate”. Ref: (Roo Sadegi Financial Times, n.d.). According to Roo, the hotel industry is affecting by whether and economical recession, most of employees are losing their jobs during the recession. It is hardly affecting the industry, employers also, not interesting to recruit the new staff, why means they are unable to pay wages to staff, so they are cutting jobs frequently. Not only in U.K most of countries affecting by economical recession. Data collection method: 1. Primary data collection method 2. Secondary data collection method Primary Data Collection Method: This primary data contain in-dept interview with the assistant general manager of hotel Marriott and customers, the interview for manager will be conducted by telephone, and whole conversation will be tape recorded. This interview estimated to between half an hour to an hour, questions will be prepared advance in a particular schedule. The questions will be having clear idea about area, what we have to cover. This is research of process is devolved by (Gill and Johnson 1991). Secondary Data Collection Method: Information will be gathered through online, books and news papers. This research proposal contains more information from online because no much literature about this research (Saunders, Lewis and Thorn hill). The data collection methods give brief idea about above research proposal. Methodology: Research methodology performs the important function in explaining the type of research strategy that the researcher may assume pass leading a research and it clarifies how the research is departing. The research is very important so it has main intention as information of the examiners, examine and normal (Jankkowicz, 2005). It explains how data would be collected, and gives idea about which methods to be used. As the principal indented of the researcher is to ”investigate the affects of global recession on hotel and tourism industry with hotel Marriott, allocate access would be principally inductive in character. The data collecting method in-depth interview (Saunders, Lewis and Thorn hill, 2007), this interview will not be the prepared questions, it will be according participant, and would be very clear ideas (Alyan Bryman, Emma Bell, 2007). Data Analysis: The research process contain both qualitative and quantitative data analysis approach, this is developed by (Saunders, Lewis and Thorn hill, 2007), data gathered through, in-depth interviews in telephone. This research will developed, based on grounded theory, use of this proposal is data analysis could carry out in a minor formalized. This research could also create of the data management, statistical analysis software such as statistical package for the social sciences (SPSS). This software is admittance from the center; it will be used great full presentation of graphs, tables. Resources Requirement: For this research proposal, required largely from on-line. And need library facilities for declared copies, books and literature Re-view. Even tough, its not obtain much literature review. The beginning of the ground work will presume the comprehensive utilize of telephone amenities. It is primary proper to the lengthy way to approach into Hotel Marriott and models supply by the organization. Following interviews of customers also carried by telephone or internet rely on the interviewees` priority. Time Scale: Table: Gantt- Chart (Feb 20th to Apr 29)
Music genres.

Attached is the full content and a example of part 2Object: Study, write about and listen to a focused genre or time period in music history. OPTION A: Pick a genre from the list below to study.OperaThe SymphonyPART I:Write a 1-page paper on the history of your chosen genre from its inception to current times.12-point fontSingle space1” marginsWhile outside resources may be used, your textbook should be your main referenceOrganized, well written, and use proper grammar and punctuationPart II:Listen to 10 musical examples from the list for your chosen genreFor Multimovement works, 1 movement counts as one pieceWrite 2 formal observations about each example, which should follow the formula we’ve discussed throughout this class (see below)Write 1 informal observation which should simply answer the following questions: Did you like it?Why or why not? (Be specific! “Boring”, “Not my cup of tea”, or even “It was amazing!” are not specific enough reasons.)OPTION B: Pick an era from the list below to study.Middle Ages/RenaissanceBaroqueClassicalRomanticModernPostmodernPART I:Write a 1-page paper on your chosen era. You should include major events, political mood and how those things affected the artistic attitude in the humanities, especially music. A second page should include at least three references used to research paper. MLA form.12-point fontSingle space1” marginsYour textbook is a good starting off point, but other resources will be needed to thoroughly researchOrganized, well written, and use proper grammar and punctuationPart II:Listen to 10 musical examples from the list for your chosen EraFor Multimovement works, 1 movement counts as one pieceWrite 2 formal observations about each example, which should follow the formula we’ve discussed throughout this class (see below)Write 1 informal observation which should simply answer the following questions:Did you like it?Why or why not? (Be specific! “Boring”, “Not my cup of tea”, or even “It was amazing!” are not specific enough reasons.)
Music genres

Socrates’ philosophy had a great influence on shifting thinking from basic scientific principles to matters that would satisfy the soul. Plato, one of his students, recorded many of Socrates’ teachings. Socrates was born in Athens. This is the place where he lived and where he came up with most of his ideas. A great philosopher based his conception of justice on the principle: “The man who is good is just”. Socrates advocated the idea that justice was good, and that meant that injustice was equal to evil. Furthermore, he emphasized that good was a natural deed and not what man thinks he needs. In addition, he said that a person’s nature was an inner self that needed fulfillment, thus the desire to do good was natural. Providing the explanation of relationship between good and justice, Socrates presented the example of an ill seeking treatment, and who gets a cure and, is finally happy. He also gives the example of another man, who is completely healthy and is, therefore, happier. The point he makes here is that justice is the cure for evil, and that a man who never commits an evil deed do not need to be punished, and thus, happier than a man punished for his misdeeds (Vlastos 300). Socrates explains the role of justice in man’s life by stating that men should do harm to enemies when they are evil, and be just to those who are good. He, however, does not accept this chain of thoughts, as, according to his belief, doing harm to others makes more harm to ourselves. This was the beginning of the concept that individual should not harm anyone, even his enemies. Socrates also explains that men fall into pleasures of doing harm to those who harm them instead of being just. Summing up his idea of justice, Socrates declares that to be a poor man who is just is better than being a rich man with wealth acquired through injustice, because injustice taints the soul. In the Crito, there is a dialogue between Socrates and Crito in Socrates’ prison cell. Socrates was awaiting for his execution, but Crito notes Socrates’ peacefulness, his calm way, and his lack of fear in front of the face of the death. This leads to a debate, because Crito assisted Socrates’ escape, and he argues that accepting death would be a great victory of his enemies. He also adds that Socrates was responsible for the education of young people and could not leave them behind as orphans. In his response, Socrates insists that reason will guide his decisions unlike the masses that are dependent on random acts as a guide. He asks Crito what the laws say about his escape, and he proceeds to state that the Laws say that a resident’s position in reference to the municipality was like a child in reference to the parent, or like a slave to his master. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More He explains that he made a deal with the Laws by remaining in the city and benefiting from it, and that he could not now condemn it on the basis that he was unjustly accused. He further states that the Laws argue that he accepted to obey the law by remaining in Athens after having attained maturity and raised a family within the city walls. Socrates tells Crito that he does not agree with the Law’s argument, but asks if they should accept it, and Crito says that they should. This brings the debate, and then Socrates is executed. We can sum up Socrates’ conception of law and justice in the Crito, and the Apology as the understanding of what is good means, and that accepting law as justice is important because we accept the law that governs us, and by residing in the law’s jurisdiction, we are subjected to its implementation. Works Cited Vlastos, Gregory. Socrates: Ironist and Moral Philosopher. United States of America: Cambridge University Press, 1991.
American InterContinental University Week 7 The Severance Package Paper.

Completing this activity will help you prepare for the upcoming assignment in Week 7. Think of it as practice for the assignment. As such, focus on content and not formatting. Your paper should be no longer than 2 pages in length.For this activity: – Create a severance package for a separated employee in a ficticious company. – At a minimum include: Position differences Years of service Actual compensation amounts Any additional benefits that you want to add- Determine whether severance pay is taxable.- Create a chart that depicts the timeline of the disbursement of the compensation. – Use of Microsoft Word or an equivalent application, such as OpenOffice.Use at least one quality academic resource in this activity.
American InterContinental University Week 7 The Severance Package Paper

​(1200-1500 words): An analysis of any of the major works of literature we have studied during this course. Write on the text that interests you the most. address critical elements of a work that you feel were or were not successful as the author intended

​(1200-1500 words): An analysis of any of the major works of literature we have studied during this course. Write on the text that interests you the most. address critical elements of a work that you feel were or were not successful as the author intended.

(1200-1500 words): An analysis of any of the major works of literature we have studied during this course. Write on the text that interests you the most. addressing critically elements of a work that you feel were or were not successful as the author intended.Comparisons to similar works or to cultural expressions that have preceded it or subsequently followed it are not only permitted but are a valuable part of the critical process. Personal experiences may also be relevant, as long as they are carefully linked to your understanding of the author’s intent and to your expectations as a reader. In short, this is not just an opinion piece, but an argument for or against the formal expressions in the work, supported by textual examples and subsequent analysis of those examples. Secondary source quotations are permitted, if cited, but they do not add to the overall word count.Anna Deavere Smith’s Twilight: Los Angeles (You have already written a response paper in reaction to this book. Will you expand on your ideas and develop a critical assessment of the overall work)? Does the book effectively work as a companion piece to the performances (the two clips on blackboard or the PBS presentation)? How does Smith’s accomplishment compare to that of the Netflix documentary Let It Fall?Dana Johnson’s “The Story of Biddy Mason” addresses the complicated and nuanced history of Los Angeles in narrative form. In the context of our contemporary culture, how does this narrative contribute to a fuller understanding of the effects of the past on the present? How do acts of erasure or inattention necessitate a constant re-evaluation of our history?Nathaniel West’s The Day of the Locust presents its critique of Hollywood culture by focusing on the populations on the margins of Los Angeles in the late 1930s. How does the author’s criticism of Hollywood prove persuasive? Is the satire effective? Where does fail? Is the book still relevant today?What follows is a repetition. The critical essay evaluation process is similar to the guidelines for Option Two of the Twilight response paper, so here is a review of those instructions:1. Every essay has a thesis: the reason you are writing the essay. Be as specific as possible. The observations can be a numerous and varied. However, one essay must announce and defend one primary focus. Do so in the first paragraph.2. In that same first paragraph, give the reader a road map: an idea of the structural organization of your paper. You are like Sherlock Holmes explaining how you’ve solved the mystery. Give it all away in the thesis paragraph.3. Then, in the body of the paper, prove it, prove it, prove it, with your details. Use your own structure to create topic sentences. But don’t repeat. Your goal: make sure every sentence demonstrates in an additional way your knowledge of the material. As long as the assertions are supported by explicit references to the texts, the reader gets to consider their validity. Thematic development is essentially the payoff for reading the essay. For example, if your thesis were that the sky above us here in Los Angeles is vast, the next time you return to that idea in the body of your paper, you might mention clouds, the next time, the nighttime stars. But don’t merely repeat. Make it new.4. Do not omit unifying statements about how and why the speaker says and does things, often at the end of each paragraph. Why have you have focused on certain assertions?5. Expand your close reading of the evidence. Do not offer unsupported generalizations.6. At any given point, you may need some textual evidence to help secure your point. However, do not copy down any text without immediately following up with an explanation of its importance. In other words, you are copying the verbiage in order to explain something about it that a reader of your essay might not know otherwise. What you don’t say, the reader doesn’t know. Do not just repeat the verbiage of the text in your analysis.5. Transitions: rather than having a statement as a topic sentence use an analytical sentence so it is clear how each paragraph is developing from one to the other.6. Quotations: if a quote is indented you do not need quotation marks. Copied text does not apply to the overall word count.
​(1200-1500 words): An analysis of any of the major works of literature we have studied during this course. Write on the text that interests you the most. address critical elements of a work that you feel were or were not successful as the author intended

Sharks Preservation Essay

essay writer Sharks Preservation Essay. Sharks are vibrant apex predators, which are generally important in the maritime lifecycle. However, the larger ones are worn-out quicker than they are expected to breed. In fact, this portends the dependability of aquatic ecosystem around the globe. It is zealous having sharks given that for more than forty million years, they have been necessary for the well-being of the sphere, surroundings, and have fashioned the maritime as well as oceanic lifestyles. Moreover, sharks have both natured and nurtured the continued existence of human race in the long run. Thus, it is significant for the marshals to guard and secure the naval areas to uncover the abuse and intervene to discontinue the vicious killing of sharks. Sharks continuously rambled marine from the periods when dinosaurs were known to be the most exhilarating water animals. However, their extensive reign at the zenith of the oceanic food chains might be culminating with time as the species become gradually extinct. The population of sharks for the last sixty-one years has dwindled considerably due to the inception of industrialized fishing. It is indeed imperative to save sharks from the extinction threats that make thirty percent (30.0%) of sharks and other rare species more susceptible to killing for commercial purposes. This dream can only be realized through the support of International Nature Conservation Union. The commercialization or consumption of shark fin has resulted into a tremendous toll on sharks’ killers as they reduce sharks populace. Shark finning entails an act of fishing the shark, cutting off the fins, and disposing the body remains in the deep-sea. While running and maintaining worldwide shark fin trade, approximately seventy four million sharks are primarily slayed per annum. For instance, shark fin soup is cherished in the lieu of the Asian delicacy. Generally, over a long period of time and in their entire lifespan, sharks reproduce very few young ones, propagate slowly, and take time to reach maturity stage. Hence, it is ideal to stop killing sharks given that it exposes them to a state of sluggish recovery from depletion, and extinction besides making the species susceptible to overexploitation. The entire shape of deep-sea ecology faces jeopardy from the diminution of sharks, which are the main predators. An essential habitat often becomes vanished provided the tiger sharks are killed for broth such that they cannot control their preys’ foraging. In fact, the tiger sharks are interrelated to the eminence of the oceanic lawn beds. Thus, the despair is evident through their kill, green sea turtles, and dugongs, which feed on these seabeds. Shark slaughter must be stopped if we want to survive, otherwise, the marine will not be able to conserve the healthy steadiness of the oceanic life expectancy. Furthermore, there will be no more shark fin soup, and the disappearance of other seafood species will emerge globally. To boost the existence of sharks, we should be jointly cautious about the killing and consumption of shark fin broths. Definitely, the flavor of shark fin is no longer shark, but it is typically poultry soup. Nonetheless, the elevated levels of nourishment ingredients are not contained in the shark fin. Even though the consumption of shark fin broth is perceived to have some customary value attachment, it is not indispensable. We should think about consuming the simulated shark fin if we constantly desire to consume shark fin soup. This follows the fact that different groups get worried distinguishing the dissimilarity from truth as soups are reasonably priced. The appreciated principles of customary approaches to life are moderation and balance. Hence, we should take decorum and pride in augmenting our ecosystem’s stability via deciding not to devour sharks. In conclusion, in the present-day, it is a critical for us to reverse the universal deterioration of shark populace. We have to work jointly to inspire the accord associations and fishing states to direct and manage soaring aquatic fisheries. Besides, we ought to campaign for transnational shark preservation and proclaim shark scenery reserves in kingdoms whose static waters have sundry shark population. Surely, sharks are endangered species across the globe. Sharks Preservation Essay

LASC Gender Norms in Children and Differences in Memories Retrieval Discussion

LASC Gender Norms in Children and Differences in Memories Retrieval Discussion.

My 4-and-a-1/2-year-old son daily pretends he is female in his play. He adores frilly things, purses, makeup, jewelry, etc. He is typically a female character when pretending with his friends. He has many interests but especially dance. I have allowed him to pretend to be whoever he wants to be. There are many other dress-up costumes (fireman, police), and he pretends all of these characters as well as animals regularly, but he chooses female roles most often. When we are playing, he tells me I can’t be a king because I am a girl. He always enjoys playing with girls but has several male friends. I believe it is healthy to let my son play whatever he wants. However, at my son’s preschool, the teachers have become alarmed at his play and have advised me that my son has gone overboard. I believe that the teachers are concerned that since I am a single Mom, perhaps my son is missing out on important role models by not having a father. I don’t really know how to answer them. How concerned should I be? Is this unhealthy play?
LASC Gender Norms in Children and Differences in Memories Retrieval Discussion

International Development homework help

International Development homework help. This is a paper that is focusing on the Mobile operating system attacks on the rise assignment. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.,Mobile operating system attacks on the rise assignment,Q1. Firstly, mobile devices have become the de facto standard for communication. Almost all adults in first world countries use one or more mobile devices for work, entertainment, and communication. This means that there are many more devices on a given network and the Internet as a whole, further establishing the fact that there are many more opportunities for hackers to gain access to personal and private information. Mobile devices come with their own ways of protecting personal resources. Describe at least four different types of network security defenses that mobile operating systems provide in order to keep personal data safeguarded. Also, answer the question of who is ultimately responsible for securing personal data:,the operating system vendor, or those who own the device hosting the operating system? (~250 words),Q2. Secondly, with mobile operating system attacks on the rise, it is going to be necessary to develop new solutions to mitigate cybersecurity threats. Most solutions that exist take on the form of pre-existing solutions that were meant to be used with desktop and server type operating systems. Thus, embedded operating systems are only just now starting to see their own utilities. Also, solutions being born out of necessity. Describe some of the tools used to protect embedded operating system assets, and add your own personal opinion of how you feel embedded operating system security should be handled in the future. (~250 words),Q3. Thirdly, you are the IT Manager at a health maintenance organization where you discover that one of the employees has been reading ,patient’s medical records, without authorization. What actions could you take? What will you choose? Why? (~250 words),Q4. Fourthly, describe one important policy decision a company should consider when designing a system to target ads based on email content. Explain your rationale. (~250 words),Attachments,Click Here To Download,International Development homework help