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Effective meetings for managers An agenda ( I have included a copy of a company agenda for reference) is prepared by the secretary prior to a meeting and details items to be discussed within the meeting. The purpose of the agenda is to ensure the chairperson has a clear purpose of what is to be achieved from the meeting, allow all attendees to prepare for the meeting.

This gives all attendees a clear format to work from and ensures that companies time and resources aren’t wasted as decisions can be made with the appropriate information in a swift manner, key persons are identified and attend and matters in hand are dealt with. Once the agenda and purpose of the meeting is established it is the role of the secretary to prepare for the meeting. The first step is to arrange a date, time and place, equipment for the meeting to be held that is suitable for the key persons identified as being necessary attendees when preparing the agenda.

Distribute the agenda and any other relevant documentation needs to be distributed to attendees. Once the meeting has been arranged and agreed it is the role of the chairperson to ensure the meeting runs on time, according to the agenda and the essential decisions are made. The secretary will record minutes of the meeting. Copies of minutes will be distributed to all participants after the meeting and action plans will be drawn up to ensure that decisions made during the meeting are put in place by the correct deadline required.

Effectiveness of performance at a meeting can be reviewed by continuously asking attendees if they are satisfied everything has been covered and asking attendees for feedback in the form of questions and answer session at the end of the meeting or by distributing feedback questionnaires when concluding the meeting. Meeting effectiveness can also be monitored by assessing if the decisions made during the meeting have effectively been action in accordance with the action plan.

“Is the Alt Right fascist? Is America a Christian nation?

“Is the Alt Right fascist? Is America a Christian nation?.

-Firstly, pick the topic. Possible topics for this essay may be the legalization of some currently illegal drug for medical purposes, the effectiveness of the “War on Drugs,” the increasing militarization of police departments in the USA (or around the world), and police brutality in the USA. Why are police departments becoming increasingly militarized? Has the “War on Drugs” achieved its goals? Should it be continued or discontinued? Should certain drugs be legalized for recreational use or only for medical use? Are prescription medications as safe as we are led to believe? Again, this is just a list of examples.

You may want to modify one of these questions to meet your needs, but, of course, you can come up with your own question related to one of the above listed topics. Examples of possible topics: “Is the Alt Right fascist? Is America a Christian nation? Is the Patriot Act constitutional? Should genetically modified (GMO) foods be labeled as such? How green is Big Green? copyright of seed DNA; for-profit prisons; maternity and paternity leave; mandatory identification cards; loyalty oaths in the workplace; For-profit universities; nuclear power (Santa Susana test site disaster; Diablo Canyon power plant); Big Pharma and the “War on Cancer”; Corporate personhood; the Citizens United decision; global slavery” -Second, you should come up with at least 8 sources. There can not be sources come from cyclopedia. Please use the sources that are printed or published(But you can access from internet, use the online version as well.) “You should use at least four sources come from the book we read.(I will post the picture of those article I read. Please use at least four sources come from those articles.)!!!” -Third, Please use one page for the formal outline of the research paper. -Forth, Please use one page for Annotated Bibliography. And for each source, use one sentence describe how you use it for your paper and one sentence to describe what the quote means.

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