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Effect of Hostel Living Situation on Mental Health

Effect of Hostel Living Situation on Mental Health. A Study of Mental Health of Hostel and Non-hostel Students with Relation to Their Gender Urvi Goswami Abstract: Mental health is as important as physical health in our life. An attempt has been made to measure mental health of hostel and non-hostel students with relation to their gender. The sample consisted of 120 high school students of Patan city of Gujarat state. Mental health of the sample was measured by mental health inventory developed by D. J. Bhatt and G. R. Gida (2006). The result indicates that there is no significant difference between the mental health level of hostelites boys and girls. It could be also seen that no significant difference found between the non-hostelites boys and girls. Introduction: Mental health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. There was once a time when caring for mentally ill was tough and practiced completely apart from caring for the physically ill. Today, mental health is as important as physical health. Mentally healthy people are having some unique characteristics like, ability to understand self weakness and strengths, in touch with reality, good self esteem and self acceptance, ability to form affectionate relationships, ability to cope with daily life stresses and frustrations, ability to accept responsibility for own decisions feelings and actions and respect for this quality in others, and so on. Some factors like biological, psychological and socio-cultural factors affecting mental health. Heredity, general physical health and nutrition are some biological factors. Intelligence, personal history of past experience, verbal skill, self confidence, motivation, degree of self direction and control are some psychological factors. The mental health is relative term. Relative means depends upon many factors. The social situation in which behavior takes place, for instance, will often decide whether a behavior is considered healthy or unhealthy. An example of this is one’s culture. It is quite normal in some culture to urinate in public, this may quite abnormal in other culture. For adolescence hostel life may occurs some adjustment problems or mental health issues. This study compares mental health of hostel and non-hostel students with relation to their gender. Objectives: Objectives of this study are as below: To determine the significant difference between hostelites and non-hostelites students. To find out the significant difference between mental health of hostel students with relation to their gender. To determine the significant difference between boys of hostel and non-hostel area. To determine the significant difference between girls of hostel and non-hostel area. Hypothesis: There is no significant difference between mental health of hostelites and non-hostelites students. There is no significant difference between mental health of hostelites boys and girls. There is no significant difference between mental health of non-hostelites boys and girls. There is no significant difference between mental health of hostelites boys and non-hostelites boys. There is no significant difference between mental health of hostelites girls and non-hostelites girls. Sample: The sample consisted of 120 students – 60 hostel and 60 non-hostel students with equal number of girls and boys drawn from the hostel and non-hostel area while studying in various schools of Patan city of Gujarat state. Tools: To measure mental health of the subjects, Mental Health Inventory developed by Bhatt and Gida (2006) was used. There are 40 statements in it and the subject has to give his/her answer in two point scales – agree and disagree. Reliability: The reliability of this inventory is 0.94 as per the “half split method” and as per Spearmen- Brown formula it is 0.87. Validity: Validity of this study is 0.63. Procedure: The sample of 120 students of std-11 commerce of Patan city was selected randomly. This sample consisted of hostelites 30 boys and 30 girls and non-hostelites 30 boys and 30 girls. After giving them proper instructions the test was administered and obtained data was analyzed. RESULT AND DISSCISSION:- TABLE-1 Groups n Mean s.d. ‘t’ value Level of sign. Hostelites 60 25.06 8.45 0.4 Non-Significant Non-hostelites 60 25.65 7.43 Table-1 shows the mean for 60 hostelites students and 60 non-hostelites students are 25.06 and 25.65. The S.D value for 60 hostelites students and 60 non-hostelites students are 8.45 and 7.43. The ‘t’ value for hostelits and non-hostelites students, which is 0.4, has been found no significant at 0.05 level. Thus, it shows the no significant effect of hostel factor on the mental health of the students. This result supports hypothesis (1). TABLE-2 Group n Mean s.d ‘t’ value Level of sign. Hostelites girs 30 25.35 8.71 0.23 Non-significant Hostelites boys 30 25.17 8.47 TABLE-3 Groups n Mean s.d ‘t’ value Level of sign. Non-hostelites girls 30 25.52 7.30 0.23 Non-significant Non-hostelites boys 30 25.97 7.53 Table 2Effect of Hostel Living Situation on Mental Health
Philosophy homework help. This is a paper that focuses on the impact of health promotion and health policy on lifespan. The paper also requires an intervention to respond to distress.,Impact of health promotion and health policy on lifespan,These are the learning outcomes which are reflected in the assignment guidelines and which you will be assessed using the level 4 marking criteria., Identify how health promotion and health policy can impact on people across the lifespan.,Describe evidence based practise as an intervention to proactively respond to people experiencing behavioural distress., Recognise care across the lifespan for commonly encountered physical, behavioural, ,cognitive and also mental health conditions,., Describe appropriate communication strategies to provide and evaluate care for people across the lifespan.,Assignment Summary.,Firstly, you will be introduced to a family with various health care needs., Secondly, you are required to choose one member of the family from one of the 4 fields of nursing., Thirdly, you will need to identify one health issue from the scenario; taking a holistic approach develop a care plan containing 4 interventions to address a SMART goal (no word limit) to address this issue., Additionally, the care plan template can be downloaded from MOODLE., You are to also provide a supporting rationale (1500 words) that discusses the evidence base for your interventions within your care plan., There is a sample care plan available on the MOODLE page.,Assignment Guidelines:, The Assignment should include:,Section 1.     The Introduction (approx. 200 words),Begin your assignment with a concise introduction outlining what you to include in your work. This should include identification of: –     Your chosen family member., –       Your chosen health issue., –       Prevalence/statistics relating to this health issue within the UK to date., –       Your chosen Smart Goal/objective. – Your 4 chosen interventions.,Section 2.     The care plan (no word limit),Using the template provided on the MOODLE page identify:,Firstly, your chosen health issue., Secondly, your chosen smart goal/objective and how you plan to achieve it., Thirdly, specific (tangible, clear and concise)., Fourthly, measurable (quantifiable)., Also, attainable (appropriate and achievable)., Lastly, relevant (relevance to patient/family care focusing on one defined area). Timely (timeframe for achievement).,4 interventions that will support the individual in achieving the smart goal.  –     These interventions must relate to the module learning outcomes.,Care Plan Template (Available in the assessment section on MOODLE),Section 3.,The Rationale (approx. 1000 words),You MUST provide a rationale (reasoning) for each of the 4 interventions. This means you are to demonstrate knowledge of the evidence base which supports each intervention. Your evidence MUST be academically creditable, meaning it must be current, reliable and also accurately referenced.,Section 4. The Conclusion (approx. 300 words),The conclusion MUST contain an evaluation of the care planned, together with a summary of how this family member can maintain optimum health for the future.,Section 5. Reference List (no word limit),Philosophy homework help
UCSD Why it is Important to Understand Animal Behavior Discussion.

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I want 4 references and 4 paragraphs. Each paragraph should follow the instruction that I will provide.My intron should be about Animal behavior “Meerkat” I will attach the instruction. Provisory title: Observing focal and scanning methods on Meerkat behaviors.Brief rationale of your chosen topic: We are going to use focal and scanning methods to observe the behavior of Meerkat using recorded videos. By using scanning method, we will obtain the behaviors of Meerkat every 20 seconds and separate different behaviors in different categories. Also, the focal methods will be obtained by pausing the video when a chosen animal change behavior.The research question(s) you want to address: Which method (focal or scanning) is more reliable to compare the Meerkat traveling behaviors?
UCSD Why it is Important to Understand Animal Behavior Discussion

MGT 112 UCSD Wk 7 IKEA in Saudi Arabia Workarounds to Doing Business Discussion.

In the IKEA in Saudi Arabia case we have a tension between IKEA’s stated positioning and SAUDI society’s views on morality and modesty.One approach to resolving dilemmas of this nature is to re-frame the issue not as a dichotomy (do this or not do this) but to find creative and intelligent workarounds.Propose two workarounds that would permit IKEA to continue to do business in Saudi Arabia without running a foul of both Saudi and Swedish norms and also signal that it wishes to be a constructive and impactful agent of change in Saudi Arabia
MGT 112 UCSD Wk 7 IKEA in Saudi Arabia Workarounds to Doing Business Discussion

Application Of Ict In Classroom Learning Education Essay

This paper synthesizes the research on teachers and students use of ICT in classrooms in Fufore Local Government area, by means of a particular importance going on improving the excellence of subject matter teaching and learning in classroom. I focus on the inner factors of power on teachers make use of, or be short of use of technology and knowledge in the classroom. My conversation attends to perceptions and values on the subject of ICT and its encouraging special effects, technological literacy and assurance levels, educational knowledge associated to technology use, and the role of ICT to learn in classrooms in Fufore. These factors are discussed in illumination of important communications and additional peripheral issues. I conclude by illustration elsewhere add up to of educational implications for primary ICT application in learning in classrooms and specialized improvement to get schooling, learning, teaching and application Of ICT within this rural area of Fufore with the aid of this technology will be well established on the increase to help the people with perfect class room learning and teachings. Introduction In this paper, I will be focusing in the research on a rural part of Adamawa State known as Fufore Local Government Area. Fufore is a small town (a local government) located in the southern part of Adamawa State. The town is mostly dominated by the Fulani tribe of Adamawa state. Majority of them are into cattle rearing and poultry farming while a few of them are into farming. Despite their various occupation and ways of life, going to school is another priority for the people. The main aim of this research is to introduce the Application of ICT in class room learning (Ayaga 2009). The application of IT in classrooms is very important to students in the Fufore Rural area. These benefits involve attitudes towards self and towards learning. Studies have discovered that students be aware of more flourishing in school and are motivated to gain knowledge of and have greater than before character self-belief while using ICT to achieve their goals. The Internet and advanced networking technologies are relative newcomers to the classrooms, this goes a distance limiting the way the students and teachers quickly communicate (Classroom assistant). The use of ICT in classroom learning is also beneficial to teachers as well; it goes a long way making them not do some of the old ways of teaching and learning. Use of computer and Information Technologies to develop their roles in the learning development; they try to see that everything is being put to record as the systems available ensure that. Some of these educational processes will increase skilled improvement studies by taking distance learning programs, accessing educational research, and improving classroom activities and resources such as lecture procedure and educational report and records. On the other hand, application of ICT in classroom learning will bring about drastic improvements in teaching and learning in classroom and the whole of Fufore community as a whole (Classroom assistant). Methodology Mixed research method is used in this research, both quantitative and qualitative. Hence using survey data and also observations interviews and also with the aid of internet was followed to arrive. The study area is Fufore Local Government area of Adamawa State, with projected population of 1356 in the year 2010. The population consists of rural dwellers and most of its people depend on farming, crop production, and animal herding but also have the accessibility to provide their children with Good education. Most essential data for the study were collected using structured interview guide for the people and respondents and also questionnaire. The research considered were both on education teaching and learning in the various schools in Fufore. The structured interview guide was structured into 5 sections. The first section is on educational characteristics of the people and the second is on the identification and description of schools. The third section attempted to determine the extent of people participation in learning in the community. The fourth section sought to determine the motivation of people that go to school. Population and Sample The population included the people of Fufore area, where the people were categorized in groups according to their age. Questionnaires were handed out to the people of the area so as to have a specific sample to use in the study. After the questionnaires were returned, out of 1356 people only 250 (18.4%) of them handed their papers complete. Table (1) Age Number 18-28 45 29-39 50 40-50 50 51-61 40 62-72 37 73-83 28 Total 250 This Chart shows the sample collected according to age. The chart above shows the sample of the people who were used for the research. This table is showing the percentage of those who know what ICT is. Table (2) Age Yes No 18-28 55.6% 44.4% 29-39 76% 24% 40-50 80% 20% 51-61 50% 50% 62-72 48.6% 51.4% 73-83 28.6% 71.4% The result in this table is showing majority of people actually know what ICT is. As you can more than half of the first four categories know what a computer is and how it looks like, which it is a good result. Table (3) Age Yes (%) No (%) 18-28 38 62 29-39 46 54 40-50 40 60 51-61 50 50 62-72 19.5 80.5 73-83 10 90 The above result shows the percentage extent of people participation in learning in the total sample used for the study. The benefits of using ICT in classroom learning in Fufore Improved learning effectiveness The use of ICT in learning can be characterized as increasing a person’s mental skills and intelligence. The remarkable use of computers in solving and in improvement of individual learning processes has change the thinking of the students in every order. The students get easy access to fast learning and awareness. Also getting ways in solving problems will become more effective for the students and more reliable (Global…). Greater access to information In this case students will have easy access to research projects and information across the whole world not only Fufore to be able to reach out for their needs and search for knowledge. The use of internet will provide them with reliable and sophisticated information on whatever information or question they come across. This will also enhance their knowledge not to local learning but further more gain more experience in every day to day activity (Global…). Increased productivity For example more efficient administration, computer grading of homework and also assessment of the students records and documents will be more efficient and secured. In the research I have revealed that students feel more successful in school and are motivated to learn and have increased self confidence when using Information Technology to achieve their goals. The Internet and advanced networking technologies are relative newcomers to the classrooms; this goes a distance limiting the way the students and teachers quickly communicate. Greater access to education via distance learning (mavcc…). This enables new methods to deliver education, including continuing education, to open new markets and consolidate educational institutions. Information Technology in rural settings will improve learning effectively to the people of the society; it will bring greater access to education via distance learning. For example, enables new methods to deliver education, making research, and gain more useful skill includes the make use of ICT technology products and highly developed networking technologies (Basic Skills…). Conclusion It is inevitable, that using ICT in classroom learning will become much more persuasive and convincing to education in the rural area of Fufore. For better or worse, it will also affect how students learn; it might all depend on their home upbringing and the kind of friends they might associate themselves with. Its impacts must be well thought-out in provisions of usual development of a program of study to provide students with the lessons and techniques that they will need in their future ambitions. Also with the aids of these technologies to the societies, they can now with ease of access satisfy their wants which is part of the human nation. The world is changing at fast rate and the whole thing is technical, technology is being used to run our daily activities, hence, ICT remains a tool that must be used properly and the role of ICT should be well established in classrooms for learning in Fufore rural area. I can confidently say that the presence of ICT is of the better and has done less harm than good to the entire human race of people of Fufore (Classroom assistant).

DAV Public School Walmart Business and Employee Classification PPT

essay writing service free DAV Public School Walmart Business and Employee Classification PPT.

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“What would you do?”: I have curated a series of articles with challenging/stimulating questions or situations you could answer in the form of a slide deck not to exceed 8 pages.8 slides should be sufficient for you to get your point across. BE SURE to include supporting market data for your position.) Spelling and grammar need to be perfect. Any grammatical or spelling mistake will cost you a point. Do not use a DARK background on your slides; it eats up ink on the printers and it is very hard to make comments upon them.Using a dark background template will result in loss of points also.
DAV Public School Walmart Business and Employee Classification PPT

Saint Marys University Marketing Activity Report Discussion

Saint Marys University Marketing Activity Report Discussion.

Marketing Activity Report The marketing activity report is an analysis of the marketing activity in a product/service category. Thepurpose is to describe the marketing efforts of a group of competing consumer products or services(e.g. yogurt, running shoes, etc.). Your job is to describe/analyze a product-market category in terms ofmarketing related actions by at least four competitors. The analysis should begin with a list of product-market competing brands and include the following:1. Names of all the competitors in that product category2. Summary of each competitor’s products, line of products3. Competitors’ marketing strategies, objectives, and marketing programs. This would include sectionson: Target market – Describe/analyze the target market(s) of the competing brands. In order to dothis, you need to understand your target customers. For example, you need to understand whythey purchase these products/brands and describe them in terms of age, gender, education,income, family life cycle, lifestyle, opinion, attitudes, beliefs, etc. Positioning (include a perceptual map – one map displaying all competitors would work best hereand include a rationale for the map axis variables chosen) Products and services offered, product strategy, branding, packaging, etc. Pricing strategy, pricing levels, etc. Promotional efforts, advertising, sales force, etc. Distribution strategy, distribution aspects.4. Competitors’ strengths and weaknesses5. Weakest competitor evaluation: Which competitor appears to have the weakest strategy? Using theory from the course, critically evaluate this competitor’s strategy and suggest ways thatit could be improved.Use your textbook to find relevant tools to compare competitors. Here are some ideas for findingcompetitive information: The Internet Personal visits – supermarkets, grocery stores, service centers, etc. Observe how employees interactwith customers. What do their premises look like? How are the products displayed? Priced? Talk to customers – Learn what customers are saying about the competing products. Competitors’ ads – Analyze competitors’ ads to gain information about their target audience, marketposition, product features, benefits, and prices. Speeches or presentations – Review speeches or presentations made by representatives of yourcompetitors. Written sources:o Marketing, advertising, and general business publicationsSobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University Page 4o Local newspapers and business journalso Industry and trade association publicationso Industry research and surveys, annual reports, Yellow Pages, etc.ProposalThe product category your group selects must be approved by the instructor. To submit your productcategory for approval, prepare a typed one-page memo describing (A) the product (or service)category you have selected, (B) the benefits provided by the product, (C) a list of a minimum of four(4)competitors’ brand names, and (D) a summary of each competitor’s products. This memo is due onJanuary 28th by 1:30 p.m. The proposal will not be graded; however, late and/or incomplete submissionswill result in a 5% penalty on the overall Marketing Activity Report grade.Written report Prepare a well-organized and well-written report (including references) that contains the informationoutlined in “Marketing Activity Report”. maximum length of the main text is 12 pages (double-spaced 10 pt. font, Times New Roman or Arial, 1”margins). Keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to the report. This isa group project and the report should not look like several different people wrote it. That is, format,presentation style, and (as much as possible) writing style should be consistent. The report is formal innature; therefore, it should be presented in a professional manner (e.g., include title page, executivesummary, table of contents, page numbers, headings, etc.). Note: all assignments submitted in thiscourse are subject to tests for originality and proper citation by report will be evaluated on the following: Thoroughness Analysis Creative thought Professional appearance Clarity of writing Linkage to concepts from the class text Following the report format provided
Saint Marys University Marketing Activity Report Discussion

1-2 Page Marketing Analysis

1-2 Page Marketing Analysis.

Overview: In this short paper, you will select, research, and evaluate the effectiveness of a social media campaign. Prompt: Choose a social media campaign to research and evaluate. The campaign should span multiple social media channels and leverage influencers as a tactic. You may choose one of the social media campaigns featured in the articles below or a different social media campaign of your choice.  12 Video Marketing & Advertising Campaigns You’ll Actually Enjoy Watching  The 15 Digital Campaigns the Biggest Names in Advertising Wish They Had Created To support your response, cite at least two sources, such as industry leaders, academic articles, case studies, and research studies. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: a. Target: Identify the target audience for each selected campaign, supporting your response with specific examples or data. b. Influencers: Explain how the campaign leveraged influencers as a tactic. c. Metrics: Discuss how metrics were used (or could have been used) to evaluate the success of a campaign. d. Recommendations for Improvement: Provide specific suggestions for improving the campaign. e. Other Considerations: Address potential ethical, legal, and cultural considerations related to the campaign. Guidelines for Submission: Your paper must be submitted as a 1- to 2-page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Include at least three citations in APA format.
1-2 Page Marketing Analysis

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