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EFFAT University Social Media Marketing Discussion

EFFAT University Social Media Marketing Discussion.

In 2015 Andi Workman started a small Etsy Shop at her kitchen table in her tiny apartment, hand making a few Christmas ornaments to share with friends. She had always had a creative spirit and loved to share her handcrafted items. When she became engaged, she couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for in the wedding industry: simplicity, beauty, and affordability. She quickly dove into the world of wedding stationery, signs, and decor – having no idea that she would discover something that would bring her so much joy as well as a future business venture. Her wedding was beautiful and a few of her friends wanted her help in designing and creating items for their weddings. It was in those moments of creating custom pieces for her wedding and other brides that Workman Creative Co. was born. WCC now offers a complete line of hand designed custom stationery items for every wedding need, hand lettered signs and other custom décor.Andi is the creative director and the driving force of the business but she is well supported by her husband and her own family of entrepreneurs that are the behind the scenes “workmen.” Over the past year Workman Creative has focused on building a strong, positive following through their Etsy shop. Reviews, favorite shop status, and sales are the measure of an Etsy retailer. While still small, WCC is striving to move to an integrated storefront through their website and targeted, social media interaction. Etsy will remain a vehicle to promote the business, but the website and social media events will become the primary focus of promoting and marketing the business.Through research, they have learned that the key to growing their business in the competitive wedding market is through word of mouth, positive reviews and personal referrals. As Miller and Washington noted in the retail marketing handbook, “Social media networks are becoming prime vehicles for the wedding industry to market products and services to brides.” In the AM 2014 publication researching the influence on social media and the wedding industry, it was noted how brides of today see themselves as brand managers, seeking that unique personalized experience and sharing it widely on their own social media platforms. It is in this environment that WCC is seeking to promote their unique customized products to couples planning their perfect day.WCC has done several things over the past 6 months to grow their business:Launched a new website with stylized photographs, personal stories and wedding focused products and services.Participated in 2 bridal showcase events to build brand awareness and expose a local, target market of couples with wedding dates in the next 24 months to WCC and their beautiful, affordable, customized optionsJoined a regional wedding association that shares social media posts, contests and other interactive strategies to couples planning their wedding, referring them to the exclusive members of the association.Created Instagram and Facebook pages for WCC. Launched 1 giveaway and participated in a week long posting challenge hosted by another creative entrepreneur.Researched, followed, posted and liked other creatives that compliment WCC products and services without being direct competitors.Invested in technology and equipment to support the graphic design and printing requirements to deliver a one stop source for wedding stationery designs.WCC is now facing several challenges with the business.Answer the following questions about the case. 1. What role do social capital and influence play in the WCC social community?2. Social commerce is the ultimate goal of this business; growing the business so that it can sustain Andi and her husband, allowing them to move into this work on a dedicated basis, rather than part time on nights and weekends. Social media marketing strategic planning includes 6 steps. Step 2 identifies Social Media Marketing Objectives and Set Budgets for WCC. Identify 4 social media marketing objectives for WCC.3. How can WCC brand develop social intelligence systems?4. The challenge for WCC: how to keep the content on these sites fresh, interactive and focused on building followers, while also encouraging social interaction from other creatives, current brides and the dreamers, those hoping to plan their perfect day soon. What advice can you offer? What platforms or apps would you recommend to manage this part of the business?5. What would be the key components of WCC social media policy, and why is it important to have such a policy in place?
EFFAT University Social Media Marketing Discussion

Miami University Interracial Relationships in America Analysis Paper.

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May 11: Final Draft (300 points max; due via Canvas): Submit a polished final draft that reflects professor and peer feedback and course discussions throughout the semester.Grant Components: Your grant proposal will consist of five components. I have placed on Canvas a successful example of a student grant proposal from a previous course as a model:Abstract: a 150-word summary of your project. (Hint: write this last)Research objective: a 400-word description of the focus of your ethnography and major research questions. In this section, you must identify the example you will focus on, the major questions that will guide your fieldwork, and a justification for your example based on the research questions.Connection to previous scholarship: a 500-word explanation of how your proposed research builds on existing anthropological scholarship. In this section, you will discuss how your proposed research complements and/or challenges course readings and your annotated bibliography readings.Methodology: a 500-word description of how you will collect data in order to appropriately address your research question(s). In this section, you will outline in detail your data collection plans and explain how that data will address the questions you outlined in “Research objective.”Significance: a 300-word description of the contribution your project makes to the anthropology of U.S. cultural diversity. The goal of this Funding Foundation is to support original and innovative research. In this section, you will explain how your project advances our understanding of significant issues in the study of U.S. cultural diversity.Grading Criteria: Your Final Projects will be assessed based on the following criteria……Fully address each of the five Grant Proposal components.…Substantively engage course readings and annotated bibliography readings;…Demonstrate an anthropological perspective throughout;…Submit a polished final version that is free of writing errors, follows the word count for each component and the syllabus formatting guidelines.Topic 1: Interracial couples in modern American societyA ruling made In the last 5 decades by the supreme court made restrictions of interracial marriages unconstitutional. Interracial relationships have since then been increasingly accepted by many. The contemporary American society has however a lot to do to make interracial marriages a norm (Hamzaoui, 2018). This topic is of great interest in cultural research because of the cultural shifts that are associated with the multiracial people born out of interracial marriages.First file is Annotated Bibliography (100 points max; due via Canvas): To complement our course materials, you will locate three additional articles that directly engage your case study. Your Annotated Bibliography will be assessed according to the following criteria:the second one is rough DraftFrom Final Project Guidelines:Research objective: a 400-word description of the focus of your ethnography and major research questions. In this section, you must identify the example you will focus on, the major questions that will guide your fieldwork, and a justification for your example based on the research questions.
Miami University Interracial Relationships in America Analysis Paper

I. Feeding Tube Case Study The two cases in question here have several similarities and differences. The two cases are similar because they are dealing with two elderly patients who are not in a position to take care of themselves. In the first case of Eleanor Dawson who is 92 years old, apart from having a urinary tract infection and developing a large pressure on her coccyx, she is also suffering from senile dementia which is further worsening the case at hand. Senile dementia which is a disease characteristic of old age, affect brain cells and thus resulting to progressive memory loss and mental abilities. There is no known cure for this disease. As a result, the patient is difficulties in reasoning and accepting new things making her completely incapable of self care including bathing and eating. This is the reason why the doctor the order has ordered that a feeding tube to be used on Eleanor who has ultimately refused. The second case involves Helen Jefferson who is 88 years old and suffering from a terminal illness (untreatable breast cancer). Her cancer has spread to several parts of her body including bones and lungs. As a result she has given up hope on her life and she is ready to die. Consequently, she refuses to eat and that is the reason why the doctor has ordered a nasogastric feeding tube for her. This makes the two cases similar in that, it involves two elderly women suffering from untreatable diseases. Both of them also have refused to eat and both refuse feeding tubes to be used on them (Newson
Florida National University Health System in Schools and Nursing Q&A Discussion.

Answer the following questions1. Discuss how Healthy People 2020 can be used to shape the care given in a school health setting. Give at least one example.2. Identify and discuss the eight components of a comprehensive school health program.3. Identify and discuss the skills and competencies germane to occupational health nursing. 4. Describe and discuss a multidisciplinary approach for the resolution of occupational health issuesINSTRUCTIONS: A minimum of 3 evidence-based references besides the class textbook no older than 5 years must be used and quoted according to APA guidelines. A minimum of 1000 words are required. Please make sure to follow the instructions as given and use either spell-check or Grammarly before you post your assignment. I will also pay close attention to spelling and/or grammar. You must present the assignment according to how it is posted, answering the questions by number and essay-style, assignments will not be accepted unless otherwise specified. No more than 20% similarity accepted
Florida National University Health System in Schools and Nursing Q&A Discussion

Please go to Google and search for OWL Purdue, Annotated Bibliography for excellent examples of annotated bibliographies. See listing

Please go to Google and search for OWL Purdue, Annotated Bibliography for excellent examples of annotated bibliographies. See listing below: Annotated Bibliography Breakdown // Purdue Writing Lab Identify a writer of your choice to be researched (This point means that you may select ANY author you want to read more of his/her works and/or learn more about his/her background) Identify 5 works ( poetry, plays, films, short stories, novels, essays, et cetera) related to and/or authored by the writer Submit a one-page summary wherein you identify your selected writer, specify the 5 works you will annotate, and provide the reason(s) you selected your specific author.

Self-Management Problem Solution Essay

nursing essay writing service Table of Contents Introduction Self-Management Strategy Time Management Assignment Completion Organization Skills Recording Grades Conclusion References Introduction Self-management is a process that revolves around behavioral intervention or change that teaches students to recognize their behaviors, strengths and set behavioral goals to improve their focus on their studies (Borich, 2007). This plan targets 8th grade students between the age of 13 and 14 years. The strategy aims at helping students manage their time adequately, complete assignments on time, stay organized and learn how to record their grades. However, this intervention plan becomes effective when there is the cooperation of students who need these skills to improve their studying programs. Self-Management Strategy Borich (2007) articulates that the strategy is to teach students how to become more self-directed learners through nurturing motivation and behavioral changes, which will enable them to attain study skills, and consequently, enhance self-management. Time management is all about self-discipline whereby one sets a well-structured work schedule that they ought to follow. The students should always prioritize activities in a way that the more demanding and difficult tasks are worked on first and the rest later (Slavin, 2009). A student should come up with a strategy that is effective in helping them complete and return assignments on time. They also need organization skills and strategy that will help them in recording their grades. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The strategy revolves around a sequence of processes that will cultivate self-drive and desire for an individual to succeed academically. All these processes are the ones that encompass self- management, which effectively helps students to master and practice purposeful learning and study. Behavioral change is the major drive in this strategy; it involves changing one’s character and having a positive attitude towards life (Smaldino, Lowther

San Jose City College National Rifle Association Editorial Letter Discussion

San Jose City College National Rifle Association Editorial Letter Discussion.

Assignment OverviewSelect one newspaper or magazine article (electronic medium is fine, but it must be an article and not a blog; local newspapers are welcome) and write one editorial in response. Your editorial should go beyond correcting inaccurate information to dispute the author’s underlying assumptions or overt claims. The primary focus is to a) acknowledge the article that they have written through a brief summary, b) address a particular concern or angle you have on the topic, and c) respectfully and professionally suggest an area of change or offer something that can help them improve in the future.A typical editorial is approximately 250 to 300 words. Your editorial may need to be shorter or longer depending on the publication to which you are submitting. NOTE: Before you select a publication, make sure you know where you’re going to send it. Some publications don’t accept them or it’s difficult to find. The article should be fairly recent, so not something published over a month ago.Part 1: Writing an editorial letterBe sure to keep the focus of your letter on the claimsmade in the article and focus your attention on a single aspect of the article rather than attempting to refute it point by point.Signal to your reader that you understand the arguments made in the article by providing a succinct, fair, and accurate summaryof the author’s comments.Phrase your own argument in the positiveand avoid merely challenging the author’s claims. Whether or not you agree with the author, your “call for change” is about pointing out a possible weakness for the purpose of strengthening the article.Maintain your credibility by adopting a reasonable, respectful, and gracious If you are finding it difficult to be respectful, write a first draft in which you tell off the author. Then, set that draft aside and start a new one.Avoid any claims that may alienate anyone who does not share your particular point of view.Include in your editorial a call for change. The change might be adopting a different perspective on an issue or encouraging a specific action such as boycotting of a company.Carefully proofreadyour letter for grammar and spelling. The fastest way to lose credibility with your audience is to submit a poorly written letter.Be sure to include in your letter referenceto the author, title, and date when the article was published.Part 2: Submitting your letterAfter you have composed your letter and reviewed it, submit it to the publication. Your publication might have an email address specifically for “Letter to an Editor” (search for Opinion and Letters to the Editor), or they might ask you to submit your letter as an online form. Be sure to carefully review any formatting and submission instructions provided by the editors of the publication. To receive credit for submitting your assignment you can CC or BCC me on the emails to the publication or screenshot of your submission. Grading RubricSummary of the original piece 5 pointsAddressed a particular issue & suggest change 10 points Respectful, professional, credible, proofread 5 points Submitting it to the publication 5 points Total 25 points
San Jose City College National Rifle Association Editorial Letter Discussion

Political Questions

Political Questions.

Directions: It is suggested that you take a few minutes to plan and outline each answer. Spend approximately 60 minutes answering each question. Illustrate your response with substantive examples where appropriate. Make sure your answers are typed, spell-checked, double-spaced, and regular 12 font. 2.5 points (10% of the assignment) is based on grammar, spelling, and did you follow the page length requirement of 2-3 pages per EQ, 10 points (40% of the assignment) is based on incorporating concepts from Chapter 1 in the text (you may also cite outside sources though not required for this EQ assignment), 10 points (40% of the assignment) your Discussion assignments for this week, and 2.5 points (10% of the assignment) is based on your personal opinion on how well you explain your opinion for the EQ. Chapter 1: The Study of American GovernmentWhat are THREE answers to the following question according to the text, “Who governs?” Which of the three answers do you feel is most correct? Explain.Resources: The Study of American Government.ppt ModulesforAmericanGovernment.docx ( these two links cannot be find, you should search these two in google. Otherwise, you have no information for this essay.
Political Questions