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EEE203 signal : LAB 5

Show your work for full credit — box the answers and include units.
Follow instructions in the lab documents below. Complete the required tasks and submit all required materials (including plots) in a single multi-page PDF file and .m files to the FILE UPLOAD LINK in this assignment. Two attempts are allowed (by the deadline).
Assignments must be submitted before stated due dates.
No Late Assignments Accepted!
1. Derive the Fourier transform expression of the amplitude modulated signal𝜱𝑨𝑴(𝑗𝜔), 8pt
2. Derive the Fourier transform expression R(jω) of r(t) in the tutorial, 8pt
3. What is the default cutoff frequency? Why is it a good choice? ,3 pt
4. MATLAB plot of the recovered message (Not the modulated one, you should hear the clear speaking, partial credits applied), 10pt
5. What is the lunch menu Bob sends? (If you cannot get the recovered message, you can guess), 1pt