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Educational Technologies and Their Integration Essay

Introduction to Educational Technologies The educational technology can be understood as the system of processes while finding the solutions to satisfy educational needs. In this instance, the most appropriate and innovative educational instruments are used. In turn, instructional technology is the sub-discipline of educational technology, which focuses on the application of teaching and learning techniques. The technological approaches have to be used in education, as they encourage the motivation of the students, maintain the interest and needs in learning, and prepare students for future education. Nonetheless, the teachers should not fully rely on the usage of technologies in education, as technology is not the only solution, and teachers do not develop the technological instruments. While adapting the technological tools, the analysis of benefits and the main drawbacks has to be conducted, as sometimes the older teaching strategies are more applicable. Theory and Practice Foundation of Effective Technology Integration The primary goals of technology include 1) orientation of the learners of the widespread of the educational technology; 2) information on how the educational technology can be used as the media opportunities of the teaching process in schools; and 3) to encourage learners to human learning with the assistance of technology. The educational technology can be defined as the educational ethical practice, which encourages and facilitates learning outcomes with the assistance of digital and electronic devices (Kishore par. 1). Nonetheless, the educational technology has to be adapted to instructional technology, as they have different intentions and the nature of origin. Educational technology has to be combined with learning theory and instructional theory. In turn, instructional technology is more complex since it combines design, innovation, assessment of the learning processes in the classroom, and selected the appropriate resources for learning (Kishore par. 1). Educational technology is aimed at creating cognitive and visual associations with the particular symbols to enhance learning outcomes. Nonetheless, it has to combine technological and pedagogical knowledge. In turn, instructional support can be used as the enhancer of communication, tool for revision, and support (Kishore par. 8). The technologies such as classroom projectors, mobile devices, NOW, Microsoft and Live Meeting (Hollinshead par. 7). The primary benefits of using technology are 1) motivating the learners by using various visual resources; 2) combination of classroom and integrated learning; 3) combination of time and place; 4) enhancing communication between students, and 5) maintenance of information flow (Hollinshead par. 11). A Technology Integration Plan The primary steps of the technological integration plan contain the following stages analysis of the curriculum, design of the program, its development, implementation, and assessment. The usage of technology is essential, as there is no potential way of using the human resources inefficiently in the modern world (Dede 4). There are three factors, which define the success of technology integration Technology Integration Planning Model, learning theories, and essential conditions. There are two types of learning theories: directed (based on the change of behaviors, which is constructed by eventualities of reinforcement; learning is connected to the encoding of the information in the memory) and constructivist. The memory can be short-term, long-term, and sensory registers. Moreover, the learning process is formed by optimal consequences, and learning is fostered by systems of instructions. As for the constructivist theory, it is shaped by individual experience and background. Learning requires having practice (Dewey). In this case, students learn from their actions and interactions with the environment, and motivation is constructed with the assistance of self-efficacy (Bundura). According to this theory, adults and children see the world from different cognitive perspectives, and adults have to assist in the children’s development and learning by scaffolding (Vygotski). Learning implies cognitive growth through maturation by going through the stages of cognitive development (Piaget). Additionally, children understand the concepts better when they discover environment and objects themselves (Bruner). The innate intelligence contains linguistic, musical, logical-mathematical, spatial, bodily0kinestetic, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and naturalistic (Gardner). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Behaviorist theory (Skinner) implies that learning is the process, which occurs inside the mind. Info-Process (Atkinsson
NURS 4350 ETSU Influential to The Advancement Reflection Paper.

Reflection Paper
Upon completion of the Module 1 reading, write a 2-3 page reflection paper,
excluding the title and reference pages. The reflection paper is to include a
minimum of two references and written using APA format. Late assignments will
incur a 10% deduction. This assignment is worth 100 points and is 5% of the final
The following required criteria should be explored in the reflection paper.
• Introduction, include an overview of the paper and purpose statement.
• Differentiate between public health and community health.
• Evaluate two changes that have occurred in the United States during the
past century that have influenced population health.
• Appraise a minimum of two ethical implications impacting public health;
Include a minimum of two ethical principles (autonomy, nonmaleficence,
beneficence, and justice).
• Identify one person who was influential to the advancement of community
health nursing; appraise the accomplishments of the person and the
impacts to public/community health nursing.
• Conclusion, summary of the paper and highlights learned.
NURS 4350 ETSU Influential to The Advancement Reflection Paper

UOFM Failed State Essay

UOFM Failed State Essay.

Part 1: Please answer each of these three questions in three paragraphs, 5-8 sentences per paragraph:1. What does Parenti (see attached file) mean by the concept of so-called ‘failed states’? Explain this concept, and provide an example, explaining why this is a ‘failed state’. You may parenthetically cite Parenti as you deem necessary, however please put your explanation in your own words. Remember that throwing in a quotation and not explaining its significance or breaking it down further will not answer the question.2. In what ways has neoliberal restructuring, in part driven by the state, led to the establishment of failed states? Explain what this process is and how it has occurred, in your own words. You may use examples of where this has occurred to help you. For example, I recommend that you begin with phrasing such as “Failed states are caused by neoliberal restructuring because…”. You will need to think about these ideas, and the cause and effect relationships based upon the knowledge you glean from the text and the other material for this week. You will have to understand and explain the idea of neoliberal restructuring as well to better answer this question, so there are several points here.3. In your opinion, and based upon your reading of the material, are there issues with the label of the ‘failed state’? Does this help or hinder solving the inequalities that these countries experience? Explain your reasoning.Part 2:Write one a research paper outline, here is the research topics:Your choices are (but are not necessarily limited to):Coffee, Tea, Loaf of bread, Rice, Soy beans (you may choose tofu, whole soybeans for human consumption known as edamame, or for animal feed), Europium (rare earth metal), Timber (choose specific type), Chocolate, Natural gas, Avocados, Beef, Bottled Water (commodified water), or Coconut Water.Step 2: Do some background research on the commodity, using sources like newspapers and academic articles (at least FIVE sources), and think about the following questions:What is the issue/s with your commodity?What are the main points of the articles?What is the main issue or problem(s) being addressed?What different “sides” of the issues are presented?Who are the main stakeholders regarding the commodity?What is the conclusion reached by the author?Step 3: The significance of your research:Ask yourself: Why did you choose this commodity? How is it related to globalization and development? How is it related to everyday life?Step 4: Select a conceptChoose any one concept from the term. You are to choose the concept that you think relates the most to your commodity or that you feel is the most interesting. There is no ‘correct’ concept; you choose. Many of the course concepts will apply to your commodity. Your objective is to select one and explain how/why it is relevant for your commodity choice and how it helps to understand your commodity. This will require you to go beyond the sources provided from the course.
UOFM Failed State Essay

Netflix Should Have Been Allowed to Stream the Film Cuties Discussion

essay writer Netflix Should Have Been Allowed to Stream the Film Cuties Discussion.

question : Referring to Dr Taylor’s article (and/or the interview with the director), do you think Netflix should have been allowed to stream the film Cuties? (You might need to look at the film’s trailer and some news articles about its controversy)
Rationale: For the next 7 weeks of the course (weeks 6-12) each week’s lecture gives a contextual background to a set reading. That reading opens up a way of discussing many social issues where thoughtful moral reasoning could assist in finding a way forward. At the end of each lecture there will be a discussion question posted and your task is to compose an answer which critically engages with the reading, in a way which demonstrates your moral reasoning. 
You do not have to use the concepts from week 1-5 as they have already been assessed, but you may. You will be marked on three key areas.

Clarity of answer
Familiarity and engagement with reading and lecture material
Demonstration of moral reasoning

Task: After each lecture from weeks 6-12 a discussion question will be posted. You are to compose a 400-500 word response to that question and submit it to the appropriate Turnitin link within 1 week. (There will be 2 weeks for the first 2 tasks). Only your best 5 responses will count towards the final mark. That is, if you submit 7/7 responses we will mark them all and count your top 5, and if you submit 5/7 we will mark all of the submissions.
Drafting policy: If you book with your tutor to meet in their consult they can mark the first response you submit. The onus is on you to request the marking, and it can only be done in conversation in a consultation (whether that be online or in person). Otherwise, as a final piece of assessment grades are withheld until the university releases them (I can’t control that, it is Bond’s policy). You can seek advice from your tutor in consult, beyond that first marking, but your tutor cannot mark your draft. Rather consult could be used to brainstorm ideas, inquire into the meaning of a part of the reading, or seek clarification on some aspect of the content.
Netflix Should Have Been Allowed to Stream the Film Cuties Discussion

MBA 6100 WU Managerial Accounting Measure Costs Right & IRC Essay

MBA 6100 WU Managerial Accounting Measure Costs Right & IRC Essay.

While the majority of students in this class will not practice or be required to perform managerial and cost accounting tasks in their positions or careers, the importance of managing costs is essential to every business.This week’s discussion requires students to select one article from among a series of older Harvard Business Review articles. These articles are listed in below and students will utilize the library database, Business Source Ultimate (Links to an external site.), to access the article(s). While these may seem dated, they all illustrate in some measure how the relevance of cost and managerial accounting in business practice has not changed over the last 80 years or so. Students will read one of the articles:Comment on their thoughts as well as Articulate and discuss how points made in the historic article are relevant to current business practices. Students will be required to provide examples of current practices (of their employer ideally) and how these relate to the points made in one of the historic (dated) articles.Word count: 300 words Journal articles used for Graded Discussion #1For graded discussion #1, students are to select and read one of the following academic journal articles. Students may pick any one of the articles.Students can find all articles on the library database Business Source Ultimate (Links to an external site.).Articles:McNiece, T. M. (1928). Analysis of Wholesaler’s Operating Costs. Harvard Business Review, 7(1), 20.McDonald, H. E., & Stromberger, T. L. (1969). Cost control for the professional service firm. Harvard Business Review, 47(1), 109-121.Dearden, J. (1978). Cost accounting comes to service industries. Harvard Business Review, 56(5), 132-140.Gardner, F. V. (1954). Breakeven Point Control for Higher Profits. Harvard Business Review, 32(5), 123-130.Cooper, R., & Kaplan, R. S. (1988). Measure Costs Right: Make the Right Decision. Harvard Business Review, 66(5), 96-103.Drucker, P. F. (1963). Managing for Business Effectiveness. Harvard Business Review, 41(3), 53-60.
MBA 6100 WU Managerial Accounting Measure Costs Right & IRC Essay

Choose a specific cultural identity (e.g., race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, social class, religion, etc.) and examine that group’s

Choose a specific cultural identity (e.g., race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, social class, religion, etc.) and examine that group’s cultural memory. The paper must be five to seven pages in length (excluding title and reference pages) and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least three scholarly sources.

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