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We have learned more about how we need to take an intersectional approach always when respectfully working with anyone, in this case students, and to be really specific, Back females students. “…schools actively fail Black girls in a multitude of ways. Black girls are suspended at a rate of six times that of white girls without exemplifying a difference in behavior. Teachers and administrators stereotype Black girls as dangerous, perceive them to be less innocent, and expect them to assimilate into hegemonic norms of white femininity. This results in Black girls being under constant surveillance and at a great risk for being disciplined. All of these intertwining circumstances create hostile school environments for Black girls” (Wilmot et al., 2021, p. 349). WOW! Carefully read this article and add YOUR commentary. Tell us something important! And then comment on two of your classmate’s careful responses too! Big questions: How do schools totally continue to fail Black females students and what can be done??????
hegemonic: hegemony is a political or cultural dominance or authority over other. Our dominant culture in the U.S. is white culture, which continues to dictate the standards in our society.