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EDP University of Puerto Rico Historia De La Lengua Espanola Preguntas

EDP University of Puerto Rico Historia De La Lengua Espanola Preguntas.

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Objetivo de la actividadResumir y explicar las épocas de desarrollo de la lengua española hasta nuestros días.InstruccionesContesta el siguiente cuestionario utilizando oraciones completas que formen párrafos. Ten en cuenta las letras mayúsculas, los signos de puntuación y la acentuación de las palabras según sea necesario. Cuestionario Comente sobre la importancia del período de romanización para el surgimiento de la lengua española. (10 puntos)Defina lenguas prerromanas y lenguas romances. Establezca las diferencias entre ambas. (10 puntos) Explique la importancia de los Juglares y de los Clérigos en la evolución del Español. (10 puntos)Investigue sobre la fundación, funciones e importancia de la Real Academia Española de la Lengua. Incluya las referencias consultadas para contestar la pregunta. (20 puntos)EntregableLa actividad es de carácter individual. El trabajo debe ser entregado a tiempo, sin errores ortográficos ni gramaticales. Los trabajos serán sometidos a la herramienta para detectar similitud de contenidos (ahora Urkund). Entregar las respuestas en un documento de Word, letra Times New Roman, tamaño 12. Debe incluir las referencias en formato APA, de tres años o menos.De tener dudas o preguntas debe publicarlas en el Foro Dudas y Preguntas con tiempo para poderles ayudar de forma oportuna.NO COPIAR Y PEGAR. GRACIAS
EDP University of Puerto Rico Historia De La Lengua Espanola Preguntas

The Civil Rights Movement in the United States was a period of change in the ideals and way of life for many Americans. The Black Panther Party was a product of this era. The purpose of this study is to understand to what extent did the Black Panther movement contribute to the advancements of the Civil Rights movement in America. The investigation attempts to understand the contributions of the party towards the successes of the 1960s movement. In order to address the question, it must be investigated in both the context of late 1960s to 1980s. The different perspectives of the effects of the movement will be taken into consideration along with a critical analysis of the sources used. Two sources used in this study are The Shadow of the Panther by Hugh Pearson, and The Black Panther Party Platform by Huey Newton which will be evaluated for their origin, purpose, value, and limitations. The investigation does not address the success or failure of the civil rights movement nor does the success or failure of any of the party leaders or their opposition. Summary of Evidence In December 1966 the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was “running out of gas”. [1] The broadening of the purposes of the SNCC created a vacuum of power in which Huey Newton [2] and Bobby Seale [3] would create the Black Panther Party for Self-Defence. Newton and Seale would start a movement to not only empower and help the black population of Oakland but to radicalize and militarize black power movements throughout the world while attempting to maintain an image of charity and good intentions. The Black Panthers first met in a clubhouse in Peralta Street, West Oakland, 1966. [4] Soon after, the Black Panthers agreed to the “10 Point Program” written by Newton and accepted it as the party’s platform. The platform was radical and socialist in nature due to Newton’s knowledge of works by Mao Zedong and other socialist revolutionaries. The platform protested the U.S. Governments in their racism, inequality, and demanded for a compensation for the years of slavery [5] as seen in points three [6] and six [7] which show contempt and defiance towards the government. The combination of these actions and the violence against blacks through the 1940s and into the 1960s in the southern U.S. created the Black Power Movement. Specifically, events such as the attacks on Freedom Riders and attacks on Robert F. Williams in North Carolina would create works like “Negros with Guns” which would go on to influence Newton to form the party [8] . The violent aspect of the party is what it is most clearly remembered for. Because of Newton’s knowledge of a California law that permitted the bearing of loaded arms as long as they are visible [9] and his ideas of implementing something similar to the CAP [10] created an armed wing of the party which would regularly skirmish with police. This developed into the Self-Defence aspect of the party which would eventually disappear as the party became less radical and more appealing. Because of Newton’s admiration of Mao, Lenin, and Marx, the party created programs that would help black people throughout America. The most famous program was the Free Breakfast for Children. Started in St. Augustine’s Church, Panthers would give out free breakfast to the poor youth in the area. [11] As the party grew, the project grew along with it and at one point members were serving breakfast to over 10,000 children in America. [12] They would also launch educational and health care institutions which would raise the standard of living of many blacks across the country and help the image of the party enough to reach international fandom. The party saw its decline for various reasons. The mismanagement by Newton, his arrest and the division of the party contributed to its self-destruction while the outside forces of the government that through the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and police forces would perform raids on the houses of important members as well as party offices; sometimes committing assassinations. Eventually the party would slowly dissolve out of existence until now where it has seen a slight renaissance. Evaluation of Sources The Shadow of the Panther was written by Hugh Pearson editorialist for The Wall Street Journal. The Book was published in 1995 by Perseus Publishing in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The book aims to critically analyse the downfall of the party through the eyes of Newton and argues that the party fell not because of FBI intervention but rather due to the ineptitude of the leadership. The book contains a variety of sources from interviews to other books on the topic. The book uses mostly facts and Pearson’s personal research which does contain some bias. The source is limited due to the bias of Pearson thanks to his background as well as in the censorship and destruction of various sources by the FBI. Pearson tries to argue a revisionist point of view in his book and does not address many of the benefits of the party. Black Panther Party Platform and Program was written by Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale. The document was written from October 1st to 15th, 1966 in North Oakland, California. The platform was published multiple times therefore no official publish date exists. The platform aimed to display what the party wanted and what it believed. It also served as a guideline for all party members. The document also worked as propaganda and incitation for new members to join the party. The source provides a great look into the mind of Newton and the beliefs of most party members. The opinions of the platform give and good reading of the attitude at the time. The source fails to look at the broader perspective and the opinions of its opposition within and outside the party. The propaganda of the platform also not reflect the personal opinions of every party member. Analysis The Civil Rights Movement in the United States is one of the most important events of the 20th century which would shape black culture for many years after. Even if the movement was perceived as peaceful there were extreme aspects; the Black Panther Party being the one of the biggest. [13] Even if the party was regarded as extremist and combative, the aspects of the party that benefited the party were felt for generations. The party would overlook the creation of various programs including the anti-police brutality patrols, Liberation Schools, [14] as well as Free Breakfast for Children Program, [15] and Free Health Clinics. [16] The party’s basic ideals came from the platform itself. [17] Their points were reflected in their actions. The Panthers were very aggressive with their idea of stopping police brutality and the murder of African Americans as stated in the 7th point in the platform. [18] This point in the party would be the causation of the horrible label the party would inherit. Between 1967 and 1970 there had been nine police deaths and 56 more wounded. On the Panther side there was 10 deaths and an unknown number of wounded. This period also saw mass arrests of Panthers amounting to 348. [19] This stain in their reputation came with approval of the black population. This was shown in a nationwide Lou Harris poll taken on January 1970. It showed that the support and pride for the Panthers was at 64 % [20] taken shortly after the death of Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. [21] Most of these engagements would happen due to party members pursuing police officers and providing aide to blacks if they were getting harassed. [22] Some of these deaths also happened due to government interference and attempts to dismantle the party through the FBI and local police departments. [23] We can speculate that the African Americans in these towns and cities in which the Panthers were active would have felt safer due to their patrolling. [24] This orthodox view is challenged by revisionist historians like Pearson which argue that the deaths, injuries and arrests did not justify their actions and that those actions did not improve the life of black Americans. The party’s lighter reputation came from the various actions it took in order to ratify point 5. [25] Point 5 specifically states their desire for proper education and teaching of African American history. The party did exactly this when they opened their Panther elementary in East Oakland. [26] The 120 student tuition-free school hosted classes of Spanish, math, reading, writing, and broader history. [27] It is known that these schools would instill a strong sense of self-worth and pride in the students. [28] The school was place for not only black students but for the large Mexican minority and even some white students. [29] This idea spread around the country. However some revisionists like Pearson again argue that the methods of acquisition and financing just further taint the Panther’s image as it was known that they were funded by cocaine distribution. [30] However as the party grew, and the elementary grew into the Oakland Community Learning Center, the school became one of the Party’s most outstanding accomplishments. It helped educate many blacks into literacy and informed blacks of their history and culture. [31] This is even more evident as it was one of the party’s priorities to keep running as the party was going broke after the 1970s. [32] Overall, however, the legacy of the party’s initiative of cultural and accessible learning for blacks remains today in black colleges and black studies courses in other universities. After the school closed down it was bought by Blank Muslims who made it into a mosque and later on the school would be purchased and made into the Acts full Gospel Church. [33] Point ten [34] of the platform was very important to the Panthers even if it was not their first priority like point 5. The Panthers also created two pivotal programs to aid their reputation. The opening of health clinics, and the Free Breakfast for Children Program were appeals at the public in order to ratify their ill-conceived image. The FBCP started in November 1968. [35] Again, as good willed as the cause might have been the methods that the Panthers used were nothing but abusive as argued by revisionist Pearson. The party would incite the members of communities to not buy from larger supermarket chains that would refuse to donate to the FBCP like Safeway. [36] Other smaller stores were vandalized and even fire bombed for not donating what was asked of them. [37] The response was so great even Swedish media created a television segment about the program. [38] The program helped many black families not only by lowering the cost of living but giving them extra time every morning. Sheeba Haven founded the Berkeley Free Clinic [39] and many all over the country including Kansas, Chicago, and Seattle. These clinics were not all smooth sailing as seen in Haven’s case, even if she had to deal with ineptitude from staff. Once Newton centralized the economics of the party, [40] most of the clinics had to close due to the inefficiency of the management. The clinics however did provide many blacks with all kinds of testing, medication, and care. Sickle Cell anemia tests were common, as well as vaccinations. [41] The clinics and the FBCP was a great success in both cleaning up the reputation of the party and furthering the black civil rights movement by providing food and health care to communities that could not afford these and give them opportunities for their future. Conclusion Overall the party demonstrates the eternal question of whether the end justifies the means or weather the means justify the end. After analysing the evidences in the sources picked we can see that the party did have an overall good effect on not only the small scale lives of blacks across America but to the identity of blacks and their ability to recognize their presence and power in the political game even through the party’s history of violence and bad fame. List of Sources Primary Newton, Huey P. Interview by Louis Massiah. Personal interview. Washington University, May 23, 1989. “It’s About Time – Black Panther Party Legacy
MGT 325 SEU the Nature of Development of Clean Meat Essay.

QUESTIONS1. What were the potential advantages of developing clean meat? What were the challenges of developing it and bringing it to market? (1.5 marks) 2. What kinds of organizations were involved in developing clean meat? What were the different resources that each kind of organization brought to the innovation? (1.5 marks)3. Do you think people will be willing to eat clean meat? Can you think of other products or services that faced similar adoption challenges? (2 marks)Note: It is mandatory to support each answer with at least two scholarly, peer-reviewed journal.
MGT 325 SEU the Nature of Development of Clean Meat Essay

Finance. Paper details   The COVID 19 pandemic has had far reaching impacts on national economies around the globe resulting in large falls in economic growth and plunging many countries into recession. a. Using the Australian economy as an example explain how the recession induced by the pandemic is different to other previous recessions. In your answer consider the causes of the downturn and compare them with a previous recession. b. How have global governments responded to COVID with respect to monetary policy? In particular, discuss the actions of the Reserve Bank of Australia in response to the COVID crisis and compare them with another country. Provide an extremely effective and elaborative explanation of the COVID crisis and its effect on the broader economy, corporate sectors, and government responses. Relevant and important facts and figures are to be presented from credible sources.Finance

Explaining Impacts of Drugs in Sports Essay

Explaining Impacts of Drugs in Sports Essay.

ESSAY 3: Explaining Opposing PositionsBy now, you’ve become comfortable with your paper topic. In this essay, we’re going to build on the information you presented in Essay 2 and start to evaluate opposing positions. Select any two people (or an official platform of an individual organization) with opinions on your essay–official positions are best, but you can also choose to conduct a personal interview. Then present these two positions in a comparison-contrast paper.You will need to draw on your Essay 2 for background information for this essay, but be careful that the background doesn’t overwhelm the essay. Limit this to AT MOST 1.5 pages: less is better. The remaining three (plus) pages are to be used to evaluate the positions you have chosen.Remember, you are not yet presenting your own position nor are you proposing a solution–you are simply reporting the positions of others in a fair, objective manner.This essay must be at least 5 pages long, set in Time New Roman font with 1-inch margins. Your text must be double-spaced and you must use MLA format. Also, remember to cite all information that you cull from outside sources.
Explaining Impacts of Drugs in Sports Essay

ENGL 1302 HCC How have the Goals of Feminists Changed Question

essay order ENGL 1302 HCC How have the Goals of Feminists Changed Question.

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English 1302: Comp IIProf C BrownDue Date: HARD DEADLINE–May 13, Thursday by 11:59 pm in this dropboxPurpose: To write a 5-7 page research paper using MLA documentation style and formatting arguing a side of an issue of your choosing. Please use your proposal and your annotated bibliography to help you with this paper. In this paper, you should have:Topic: “How have the goals of feminists changed over the decades in 2000’s?”MLA formatting that has a heading on the top left of the first page only, double spacing only for everything, a centered title, indented paragraphs, 1-inch margins (this is the default so leave this alone), and a times new roman or the like font.Your title should be interesting, relevant, and hint at the thesis.The first paragraph should have a hook, a good general discussion, and a thesis with a direction statement. The direction statement should list the evidence that you will use to support your argument.Your body paragraphs should prove your thesis valid. Make sure that you consider the other viewpoint(s) on your issue and that you concede (give in to) any good points they make or refute (state why they’re not good) the bad points.Your body paragraphs should have a good format with a topic sentence, the evidence used explanation of the evidence used and thought back to how it fits into the argument. Please make sure you are transitioning between thoughts.You are required to use 3 sources in your paper. Therefore, you will need to cite wherever you use the sources, whether you are quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing. Make sure that you aren’t overquoting and that your paraphrases change the entire sentence. A citation should contain the author’s last name or company name (unless you’ve already stated it to integrate your quotes) and a page number for printed material. The citation goes inside the period.Your conclusion should recap your main argument and give thoughts on the future of your issue. You may include a call to action if that’s applicable. A call to action is just that–you’re asking your audience to do something to help the cause.The last page of your paper should be the Works Cited page with good MLA format. Center the title Works Cited, only double space, make sure the entries are in MLA format and are in alphabetical order. This page is required to have at least 3 sources as entries. This page does NOT count in the overall page count of your paper.Audience/Tone: This should be the highest polish that you’ve done for a paper as it’s the final chance for feedback. Consider your audience to be your colleagues and moderately well-informed. You’re the expert. Maintain a scholarly tone and elevate your language as much as possible. All Standard English rules apply.
ENGL 1302 HCC How have the Goals of Feminists Changed Question

Entity Relationship Data Model And Normalization Computer Science Essay

Draw an Entity Relationship Data Model that describes the content and structure of the data held by Petcare. Specify the cardinality ratio and participation constraint of each relationship type. Answer: Draw an Entity Relationship Data Model To design the database system for Petcare, we need to draw and Entity Relationship Diagram to show all and entities and the relationship between the enteritis. The ERD models the static relationships amongst this information that are preserved and maintained by the database. The ERD shows how items of data relate, statically, to each other. 1.1.1 Entities of the ERD First step, we need to define the entities in the database. According the requirement of the Petcare, the below entities should be involved in the database system to record the Petcare’s information; – Information of the pet included the type, breed, sex, age and their owner – Information of the pet owner included their name, address, home telephone number and mobile telephone number – Information included the pet the appointment is for, the owner of the pet, the particular branches of Petcare, the attending veterinary Veterinarian and the date and time of the appointment. – Information of the veterinary Veterinarian included their name, address, home telephone number, mobile telephone number, which branch they report to and their specialize. – The outcome of the appointment which included the prescription and the charge made. 1.1.2 Entities relationship Next step is to define the relationship of each entity. The relationship included Participation Constraint and Cardinality Ratio. Participation Constraint There are two types of participation constraint named ‘Total’ and ‘Partial’ participation. A ‘Total’ participation (mandatory participation) constraint specifies that every member in the entity must participate as a member of another linked entity in the generalization. A ‘Partial’ participation (optional participation) constraint specifies that a member of the entity does not belong to any member of another linked entity in the generalization. Cardinality Ratio Three types of cardinality is described as below: One-to-one (1:1) – Relation between two entities which is linked each other with their primary key(s) only. Many-to-many (M:N) – Relation between two entities which is linked each other without any primary key. It also have the chance to create the redundancy error. Therefore it is better to break into two relations such as one-to-many and many-to-one. One-to-many (1:M) or Many-to-one (M:1) – Relation between two entities which is linked each other from the primary key(s) to foreign key(s). The relationship of Pet – The pet was raised by the owner; each pet should only have 1 owner but the owner can keep more then 1 pet. The owner also can keep difference kind of pets. There fore, the relationship of Pet and Owner is Total and one to many. Relationship of Owner – The pet owner would make appointment with the Veterinarian. In the real case, an owner would make more then 1 appointment, also the Veterinarian also not handle 1 case only. A relational database is not allowed this condition. To solve the issue another entity ‘Appointment’ was added between Owner and Veterinarian. The Owner may make the appointment before visit the veterinarian, also they also can walk-in but without appointment. In order to simple the database design, we see the walk-in also as a new appointment. Therefore, the relationship of Owner and Appointment is Total and one to many. Relationship of Appointment – the appointment was created by the pet owner and was handled be the Veterinarian. However, some Veterinarian may respond to the special case and would not handle the appointment. Therefore, the relationship of Appointment and Veterinarian is Partial and many to one relationship. Relationship of Veterinarian – On the above we already mentioned a Veterinarian would attend more then one appointment. Also the Veterinarian would issue more then 1 diagnosis. Diagnosis is the outcome of the appointment which was issued by the veterinarian. The relationship of Veterinarian and Diagnosis is Total and one to many. 1.1.3 Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) According the above entities and relationship design we got the first ERD as below; The ERD was showed the logical database design of the Petcare. The ERD identifies a list of data elements that must be included in the database. Fig. 1. The ERD of Petcare. Task 2 Produce the resulting normalized tables clearly indicating the primary and foreign keys. Answer: Normalization After complete the logical design of the database and draw the ERD, we can start the physical design of the database. The first thing is to create the table and define the data-set need to store in the database. A good database design should make the content of each table is only related to its own entity. In order to meet this requirement, normalization process should be implemented. The normalization process needs step by step to transform the database and each step have specify name, called; Un-normal Form – UNF First Normal Form – 1NF Second Normal Form – 2NF Third Normal Form – 3NF Boyce-Codd Normal Form – BCNF The below steps should be carried out for the normalization. Collect the data-set Transform the un-normalized form tables into first normal form Transform the first normal form tables to second normal form Transform the second normal form tables to third normal form First Normal Form (1NF) According the ERD design and the requirement of Petcare, the Tables of the database were created as below; also some attributes were added to indentify the data-sets, e.g. PetID, which attributes also the Primary of the table. Fig. 2. The Un-normal Form table The above tables were included all requested data and information requested by Petcare. However, some of attributes are the same in difference tables. The tables are a un-normal form table. We need to make the content of each table is only related to its own entity. Therefore the normalization process should be implemented. The first step is transforming the un-nornalized form table into first normal form. The definition of first normal form is ‘all non-key attributes in relation is if, and only if, functionally dependent upon primary key. According the definition of first normal form, we should avulse the non-key attributes which are not relate to the primary key and create another table for this attribute. For example; in the table Veterinarian, the Branch and Specialise are not related to the Primary key, so we need avulse these attributes and create another table, Branch

Hotel Services and Pricing Strategies Essay

Bundled pricing program for the amenities of the hotel The suggested bundle would include a sauna, spa treatment, massage therapy, and paddle boating/kayaking on the river and would have a price of $170. The program would include a standard 30-minute massage session and a standardized kayaking route from the dock to the hotel that would not exceed 50 minutes. When taken separately, the said amenities would cost $180 and would have an average profit margin of 35%. Therefore, the combined cost of services can be estimated at $117. A minimum desired profit margin would thus produce a bundle price of $156. An additional $4 would raise the PM to 26.8%, which would be an acceptable difference. However, if the elasticity of demand is 1.3, even the small increase in price could lead to a disproportionate decline in demand (LOKAD, n.d.). In this case, it would be advised to keep the price of the bundle at $156, or even drop it to $155 (24.5% PM) if acceptable. Develop a package or set of packages to offer to non-hotel residents Since the hotel already has an inventory and staff necessary to run the kayaking service, it can be expanded to include more starting points, routes, and levels of difficulty. The primary target market for this project would be the individuals interested in sports and outdoor activities. Hence, the current 60 minutes rental would probably be insufficient, so the time of the services is to be expanded to 5-hour and 8-hour programs. Considering the desired 40% PM, the hourly price must be $27. Thus, the recommended pricing of the service is $140 for a five-hour trip (41.9% PM) and $215 for an 8-hour trip (39.5 PM). In the case when the price sensitivity of the customer group is high, the primary concern would be the existence of the competing services specializing in outdoor programs, which would likely have more attractive pricing strategies. Reference LOKAD. (n.d.). Price elasticity of demand. Web.