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Edit a research paper

Edit a research paper.

I need to fix my research paper “30 pages” because my professor give me his feedback.He left comments in the paper, you can find it in blue color. Also, he has the following general comments:- you will need to have a native English-speaker edit the final version for you.- you need to use updated data and information for the paper since right now it mostly goes back to mid-2000s.- many passages in the paper are repetitive. Please read it again and I am sure you’ll see it yourself.-
you need to be more specific, i.e., include more facts and data, since
very often you use generic statements, repeating them throughout the
paper.- fix the references, make it in Chicago style. Also, make footnotes just write (Author, year) under the pages.- Make sure the research paper is 30 pages long.I will attach the research paper later.
Edit a research paper

Table of Contents Introduction Capital Planning and Stress Testing Financial Technology (Fintech) Cyber Risks Consumer Protection Works Cited Introduction The global banking regulatory environment is changing and global financial institutions are forced to change in line with these changes in their operations. Each country has come up with banking regulatory policies meant to protect local and regional policies and these policies are increasingly getting influenced by the emerging global trends in international banking and finance. The fall or large global financial institutions such as Lehman Brothers has forced governments around the world to come up with new policies that can effectively protect investors, depositors, the government, and other entities that rely on these financial institutions. The following are some of the policies and regulations likely to affect the future of global banks. Capital Planning and Stress Testing This new global trend is likely going to redefine the future of global banking. In North America, the United States has developed a policy where large financial institutions are evaluated to determine if they have sufficient capital that can enable them to continue operations even during a period of financial and economic stress (Valdez 55). This regulation is meant to ensure that these institutions can be relied upon to promote sustainability at times when the country or the region is going through distress. The policy may require these financial institutions to enlarge their financial base. Financial Technology (Fintech) The concept of financial technology emerged in Europe and it spread very quickly to North America and it is now becoming a global issue. As firms adopt fintech, it becomes necessary for the regulatory authorities to come up with policies that would define how firms are to operate in this new platform (Lin 67). In Hong Kong, it is the responsibility of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) to ensure that such operations, which are becoming increasingly relevant in the global market, are in line with the fundamental laws and regulations in the field of banking and finance within this territory. Cyber Risks Cyber threat has to become a major issue among financial institutions not only in Hong Kong but also in other countries across the world. Banks all over the world are losing billions to cybercriminals. It is the responsibility of every financial institution to come up with measures to protect themselves from this threat. However, it is also necessary for HKMA to come up with regulatory policies to help fight the vice. There are laws and regulations in place meant to ensure that cyberattacks planned and executed through inside jobs can be properly investigated and culprits justly punished. HKMA has also developed new regulations that should be followed by financial institutions to protect them and their customers from a possible attack. Consumer Protection Consumer protection is one of the most fundamental responsibilities of HKMA. The financial sector is at the nerve center of the economy and any major disruption that it experiences is likely to affect all other industries within this region (Fam 84). It is for that reason that the government is forced to come up with regulatory policies meant to protect consumers. In this case, consumers refer to depositors, who may lose their money if a bank collapses lenders of the bank, and the public. The changing environmental forces and the emergence of new market threats make it necessary to reevaluate and formulate new policies and regulations that are capable of protecting consumers under the changing environment. Works Cited Fam, Joseph. Capitalizing China. University of Chicago Press, 2012. Lin, Justin. New Structural Economics: A Framework for Rethinking Development. World Bank, 2012. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Valdez, Stephen. Introduction to Global Financial Markets. Palgrave Macmillan Publishers, 2015.
PSY 339 UFL Influence of Culture in Development of Psychological Disorders Research.

Instructors Directions: The
second and longer writing assignment for this class most closely
typifies the traditional “research paper” that students complete while
finishing a degree in psychology. Each student will submit a paper of
approximately 8 pages in length (double-spaced in American
Psychological Association Publication Manual format) on a topic related
to the course.It is expected that this research paper will
constitute an original work on your part, using relevant citations from
the professional literature, thoughtfully developing a thesis statement,
and providing a logical conclusion. As such, this paper should be in
such a form as to permit submission to a local, regional, or national
psychological conference. If you have questions or concerns about this
paper at any time during the course of the semester, please consult with
your instructor for guidance.Can you access this textbook?Matsumoto, D., & Juang, L. (2017). Culture and psychology (6th ed.). Boston: Cengage. ISBN: 978-1-305-64895-1II can send you the table of contents for the textbook so you can choose a topic if you’d like. If not you can select one of your choosing. Just has to be related to cultural psychology
PSY 339 UFL Influence of Culture in Development of Psychological Disorders Research

World Mythology. I’m trying to study for my History course and I need some help to understand this question.

Argue the case for the the thesis that you proposed in the World Mythology Term Paper Proposal utilizing one of the myths we have covered (or will cover) in class (Ramayana, Metamorphoses, Trickster Tales, or one of the many myths in Parallel Myths, but substantiated by a long, classical source of the myth) and a modern myth of your own choosing (film, story, etc.). You have already found your sources and outlined your paper in the World Mythology Term Paper Outline assignment, so now is when you actually write your final edited paper. Your term paper must be at least 1500 words minimum, and includes the following:
1. Thesis (note with an asterisk: *)
2. 5 sources, 2 of them books, cited in proper MLA format.
3. 8 quotes (not paraphrases! actual quotes from sources, in “”) minimum from your sources, including the theorist.
4. Support your argument with quotes from the theorist you picked in your proposal from Parallel Myths.
5. Exposition and analysis of your classical myth, with appropriate classical & legitimate source.
6. Exposition and analysis of your modern myth.
World Mythology

discussion board: How does anaerobic metabolism play a role in poor oral health?

discussion board: How does anaerobic metabolism play a role in poor oral health?. I’m studying and need help with a Biology question to help me learn.

Step 1: Respond to the following:
How does anaerobic metabolism play a role in poor oral health?
Step 2: Read other students’ posts and respond to at least two other students. Incorporate personal experience, if appropriate, to help support or debate other students’ posts. If differences of opinion occur, debate the issues and provide examples to support opinions.

In your responses to your peers’ posts, be concrete, make suggestions for change, including strategies, movements, obstacles, and so forth. Outside-the-box thinking and debate is encouraged.
Be sure to cite any outside sources in current APA format.

discussion board: How does anaerobic metabolism play a role in poor oral health?

Anthem Institute Jersey City American Nursing Association Discussion

essay order Anthem Institute Jersey City American Nursing Association Discussion.

Please answer the following Questions by using the American Nurses Association. (2015). Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice. (3rd ed). Silver Spring, MD: ANA. undefinedIdentify Stander 1 of the Standers of Practice and describe who has the authority on their own health according to this stander?What education preparation do ANA prefer for entry into nursing? What is Delegation according to ANA and to whom can you delegate as a RN? How are RN expected to perform according to Standards of Nursing Practice? What is the purpose of the initial patient assessment? Name the correct sequence of steps for performance improvement in patient care.Describe collaboration in the conduct of nursing practice. 350 word apa format reference
Anthem Institute Jersey City American Nursing Association Discussion

EMR Health Information Technology Aging Population & Mobility Discussion

EMR Health Information Technology Aging Population & Mobility Discussion.

BackgroundTo complete this assignment, you will need to have reviewed the class lecture on drivers ofHealth Information Technology. You will also need to do some research on meaningful use. Besure to cite your references properly.While you certainly may read the final rules as published in the Federal Register, there are easierways to find the material needed to complete this assignment. (Google is your friend.)Assignment InstructionsThe discussion of drivers of HIT brought out that the HITECH act provided incentives to installelectronic medical records. Not discussed was the concept of meaningful use. 1. Briefly describe the concept of meaningful use as it relates to the incentives of the HITECHact. (Doing an adequate job will take at least a couple of long paragraphs.)2. Summarize the most important specific measurements were required for the first twostages of meaningful use.3. Describe the process and most important measurements for Stage Three Meaningful use. Caution: be sure you refer to material that is “current” as of 2017. “Current” does notnecessarily mean “published in 2017 or later”; it means “not outdated as of 2017”: nonew material(s) superseded the material you refer to.
EMR Health Information Technology Aging Population & Mobility Discussion

LAVC Compare and Contrast Historical Eras Centered Around the Theme of Individualism Discussion

LAVC Compare and Contrast Historical Eras Centered Around the Theme of Individualism Discussion.

Essay Topic:Compare and contrast two to three historical eras covered in this class, centered around the theme of Individualism. This concept presents itself everywhere within the material that we have covered in this class. You can think of Individualism as it relates to religion (Protestant Reformation); as it relates to government (democratic revolutions and ideologies vs. the emergence of socialism, communism, and fascism; as it relates to philosophy and the creative arts; as it relates to economic systems. You may consider including cases where Individualism is embraced, but also where it is rejected.Sources: the Backman textbook, the Mendoza or Hanoi book (optional), and any other readings provided within this course if and when appropriate. This is not meant to be a research paper, rather it is an essay in which you are to make connections between historical events and movements. Make sure to cite your sources throughout your paper, including page numbers.Length: 5 full pages to 7 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 font. Format Options:If you submit your work Inline, I will be copying it into Microsoft Word and adjusting the font size to 12 to see the page length.If you submit your work by attaching a document, use one of these file types only: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .wpd, .rtf
LAVC Compare and Contrast Historical Eras Centered Around the Theme of Individualism Discussion

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