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Economic factors that affect the colgate brand

The overall economy of the country is showing a stable growth. Therefore this industry is also showing a growth of 10%. But the inflation is growing rapidly which is not a good sign for the new entrants. Change in the interest rate also affects the industry. Hence the new entrants are also threatened by the increasing interest rates. Economic factors do influence the bargaining power of buyers as inflation is the major factor that is affecting the consumers hard. Economic factors do not affect the availability of substitutes. But since inflation is growing, so it is hard for the poor people to switch to more modern products like washing powder, tooth paste. They would rather prefer oil to clean their clothes and use miswak to brush their teeth. Economic factors do have an affect on the bargaining power of suppliers as inflation is rising fast. Suppliers demand that they would provide the necessary raw material at a higher price. Exchange rate fluctuations also affect the cost of raw material. Economic factors do affect the rivalry among the competitors as all the players in the industry want to have cost leadership. The economic factors are favoring intense competition from the last five years. People have more money at their disposal. Also Pakistan is a consumption oriented society (Hiatt, Jeff.). Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) STRATEGY 1 STRATEGY 2 Weights AS TAS AS TAS STRENGTHS Market leader in surface care with 90% market share 0.15 – – – – Good Leadership 0.06 – – – – Employee commitment 0.12 3 0.36 2 0.24 Cooling crystal patent 0.1 – – – – Accurate forecast with respect to demand 0.07 4 0.28 2 0.14 High EPS 0.08 3 0.24 2 0.16 Strong advertisement and promotional campaign 0.08 2 0.16 3 0.24 WEAKNESSES IT not used optimally 0.13 4 0.52 2 0.26 No ecommerce 0.1 3 0.3 2 0.26 No proper use of forward integration 0.05 2 0.1 3 0.15 They are not exporting their products to other countries 0.06 – – – – 1 OPPORTUNITIES Exploring into new categories like shampoo, hand wash , body wash, shower gel 0.14 2 0.28 4 0.56 Rural population switching from miswak to toothpaste 0.06 – – – – Gap in tooth brush market 0.08 2 0.16 3 0.24 Implementation of ERP(SAP) 0.14 4 0.56 2 0.28 People becoming hygiene and beauty conscious 0.1 2 0.2 3 0.3 No layoffs 0.07 – – – THREATS(T) Raw material and energy prices are increasing 0.12 3 0.36 2 0.24 Inflation in the country 0.07 3 0.21 2 0.14 Competitors re launching their products 0.1 2 0.2 3 0.3 Competitors increasing their marketing budgets 0.06 2 0.12 3 0.18 Unstable law and order conditions. 0.06 – – – – 1 TOTAL 4.05 3.69 Rivalry among existing competitors Yes ( ) No (-) The industry is growing rapidly. √ The industry is not cyclical with intermittent overcapacity. √ The fixed costs of the business are relatively low portion of total costs. √ There are significant product differences and brand identities between the competitors. √ The competitors are diversified rather than specialized. √ It would not be hard to get out of this business because there are no specialized skills and facilities or long-term contract commitments etc. √ My customers would incur significant costs in switching to a competitor. √ My product is complex and requires a detailed understanding on the part of my customer. √ My competitors are all of approximately the same size as I am. √ INTERPRETATION: Threat of competitors is high because the product is not unique as there are no product differences. Same products are available with all competitors like Unilever, Procter and Gamble, Shield, Oral B. Therefore rivalry is also increasing as demand in the economy has also increased for the last 5 to years. Majority of the competitors are MNCs which means that they have the necessary resource and skill (Hiatt, Jeff). Government Factors: Government regulations do have an affect on the rivalry among the competitors. Political factors: Political factors do not affect the rivalry among the competitors Economic factors Economic factors do affect the rivalry among the competitors as all the players in the industry want to have cost leadership. The economic factors are favoring intense competition from the last five years. People have more money at their disposal. Also Pakistan is a consumption oriented society (Hiatt, Jeff). Social trends Social trends have changed, buyer are more aware of their purchases. So the players in the industry are always trying hard to increase their market share (Hiatt, Jeff). Technological change Technology is helping the companies to gain a competitive advantage over their rivals. Also research and development plays an important role in this (Hiatt, Jeff). KEY SUCCESS ACTORS FOR COMPETIVE SUCCESS Low cost production efficiency. CP has plants installed that take only 30 minutes for the plant to shift from the production of one product to the other. High quality manufacturing of products with very few defects. A strong network of wholesale distributors. Gaining ample space on retailer shelves. (Examples Naheed, Aghas, Makro and other small shops.) Attractive packaging and styling. Good length of product lines. Attractive commercials and advertising. Good reputation in the industry along with favorable reputation with buyers. Market penetration Colgate can do market penetration by increasing its advertising, people always associate Colgate with tooth paste and have no awareness that it produces personal and surface care products as well. They should show their logo on all its products so that people know the producers and this will increase customer loyalty and also when people will come to know that Colgate is the producer then new customers will also buy the product (Hiatt, Jeff). They should also increase their promotion efforts by going to school and doing health awareness programs, also they should go to residential areas and make women aware of their surface care and fabric care products such as max, bonus and express etc Product development: Colgate can also do product development by introducing new features in their already existing brands. They can improve their tooth brush quality and features by introducing flexi tooth brushes for special oral care. Also they can introduce whitening features in their feature in their tooth paste; different colors of tooth paste can also be introduced to attract the kinds market. In their fabric care they can introduce in special features of protecting the color of the cloth while washing and also whitening enhancing surfs to give a good shine to while clothes (Hiatt, Jeff). develop systems to involve appropriate stakeholders in the introduction of change SIX THINGS REQUIRED TO EFFECTIVELY IMPLEMENTING A STRATEGY According to Porter, to implement a strategy effectively six things should be followed: Create a formal plan: Distributor Quantity Item Price Negotiation, Inventory Reporting, Stock Details, Payment Terms HR Module Inventory / Store Create a multifunctional team: To effectively implement ERP, Colgate must first hire an independent resource firm. Acquire licensing for SAP Implementation. Establish an independent IT unit for the monitoring of ERP. This department will coordinate with all the other departments (Robbins S, Mukerji). Communication of strategy: inside and outside: All employees in the company should be made aware of the new automated system. Each employee must be provided a minimal insight of SAP but those employees who have to work on SAP the most should ofcourse be provided with proper training course of SAP. These include: Factory Manager Manager accounts Warehouse Manager Distribution team Consumer insight department Outside the company the strategy to implement ERP should be communicated properly to all the local and foreign suppliers of Colgate Palmolive (Hagberg). Consistency over time: As Information Technology is progressing day by day, new changes in ERP are expected after certain time periods. Therefore it would become very important for Colgate to cope up with the changes in the software. For this purpose it would need to update it employees by providing training whenever any change takes place in SAP (Hagberg). Use proper measurements: Other measures, not just financial measures would be required to test whether the system is working properly. These measures include: Whether the system is accurately forecasting demand, sales, price changes Whether or not there are any deviations in the actual versus projected sales Effectiveness of the internal processes after the strategy implementation (Robbins S, Mukerji). Test the strategy: Ask employees and senior management in all departments whether they are satisfied with the new system of working. Talk to suppliers and distributors whether they want any more improvements in the new system of working (Hagberg). KEY DRIVING FORCES Industry growth: Now most of the people have knowledge about the different products and its advantages. The intense competition in industry and high demand enables the new entrants to compete in this market (Hagberg). Product innovation: Innovation in product, as Colgate has just introduced Max fresh in which the coolant crystals are present which none of the competitors has adopted yet. There is also room in innovation in washing detergents (Hagberg). Changing societal concerns, attitudes and lifestyle: Since social issues are really effecting the use of product just like the use of Miswak which is the Islamic mode of cleaning the teeth (Hagberg). Use of E-commerce and Internet: Usage of online ordering and maintaining the stock level through e-commerce can be driving force in the industry. By using that they can provide products to customer which is value addition for them (Hagberg). This report is purely based on the finding from the Colgate expert and the secondary data analysis, and the reason for writing the whole report is to find the obstacle / hindrance a business men face and how the organization can minimize it through implementing the different strategies and analysis. The whole report research draws attention to the fact that any problem can be eliminate if proper investigation and consideration can be observed the success is easy to get, Pakistan market is mature market and the competition is tough here because most of the customer is price conscious and act like butterflies, so targeting this kind of customer is quite difficult, but on the other hand it can be managed if the you can understand the market effectively and efficiently (Robbins S, Mukerji). Hiatt, Jeff. “HYPERLINK “”The definition and history of change managementHYPERLINK “””. Filicetti, John (August 20, 2007). “HYPERLINK “”Project Management DictionaryHYPERLINK “”” Moore, E.R., (accessed 1 April, 2001), ‘Creating Organizational Cultures: An Ethnographic Study’, Eastern Academy of Management Virtual Proceedings, Moore, E.R., (accessed 1 April, 2001), ‘Creating Organizational Cultures: An Ethnographic Study’, Eastern Academy of Management Virtual Proceedings, , R. Ph.D.

MMC3407 Using Visuals to Enhance Viewers Perception

MMC3407 Using Visuals to Enhance Viewers Perception. I need help with a Nursing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

You have been hired by a large law enforcement agency to analyze the images used on advertising billboards in both urban and suburban regions. The billboards visually display a new campaign message to improve neighborhood safety.
During your analysis, you find that the images used on billboards in the urban areas are exactly the same as the images used in the suburban areas. Both images show parents happily talking with law enforcement officers while children run over green lawns having a fun balloon fight. You decide that these images are not sending proper perceptual messages. You decide to create a visual analysis video for the law enforcement agency to share with the administration
For the video visual analysis, you realize you will need to find two new images that are quite different from one another. One image will be used on the urban billboard, and the other image will be used on the suburban billboard. In your video presentation, you will compare and contrast how each image utilizes the following:

Compare and contrast the visual elements of cultural familiarity. Explain why it is important to use culturally familiar visuals that are quite different in the urban and suburban billboard images. Include specific visuals in your visual analysis.
Identify specific visual examples of the following cognitive elements: memories, experiences, and expectation. Compare and contrast how urban and suburban viewers may be affected differently by those specific cognitive visual elements.
Explain the difference between urban and suburban viewers’ emotionally engagement with each of the billboard images.
Identify visual semiotic codes in both images: metonymic, analogical, displaced, and condensed. Discuss the importance of using these codes. Include specific visuals in each part of your visual analysis.

As you outline your ideas for the video, you decide to record your verbal analysis while analyzing the two visuals in less than seven minutes for added clarity.
The presentation must include a visual and an audio recording using Screencast-O-Matic®, a free audio recording software compatible with PC and MAC computers. Follow these instructions to download and use this software to create your presentation.

Access the Screencast-O-Matic® homepage by clicking on the box in the upper right-hand corner titled, “Sign Up” to create your free account.
Create a free account (be sure to write down the email and password created for account access.)
Once logged in, click on the “Tutorials” link at the top of the homepage and view Recorder Intros.
Create your presentation by clicking on the “Start Recorder” box.
Once finished recording click on the “Done” button.
Next, choose, “Upload to Screencast-O-Matic®”.
Select “Publish”.
Choose “Copy Link”.
Place the “Link” in a Microsoft Word® document and upload to the deliverable dropbox.


For assistance on creating a PowerPoint® presentation, please visit Writing Guide: PowerPoint Presentations
For additional assistance on creating a Screencast-O-Matic®, please visit the Library and Learning Services Answers page: How do I make a video of a PowerPoint presentation using Screencast-O-Matic®?

For additional writing and research support, please visit the following Library and Learning Services resources:

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MMC3407 Using Visuals to Enhance Viewers Perception

Discusion Post

java assignment help Discusion Post.

Below are 4 discussion questions. Each questions need at least one reference and be at least 250-300 words.
As a primary teacher, how would you tell a parent that you are referring their child to the Child Study Team? What data would you use to support your concerns? Who else would you involve in the discussion?
Review the 10 Basic Steps in Special Education located in the topic materials. What is your level of understanding of these steps after your readings this week? Is it straightforward and easy to understand, or complicated and overwhelming to the teacher? Is it straightforward and easy to understand, or would it be complicated and overwhelming to families? Explain your position.
What do you still want to know about assessment for early childhood? Answer two other classmates’ questions as part of your response.
Based on your prior learning and learning in this course, what are five overarching concepts you know about assessment for early childhood.
Discusion Post

Ancient Greek Philosophy ​paper

Ancient Greek Philosophy ​paper.

Knowledge and Realty: Exam One Paper Prompt — Ancient Greek Philosophy Question to answer in your paper: What does “Know Thyself” and “Love” mean to you through
the lens of Ancient Greek Philosophy and Stoicism? PLEASE READ CAREFULLY EVERY SINGLE REQUIREMENT Description of the Paper This is a reflection paper on ancient Greek philosophy and the philosophy of Stoicism. Below is an
overview of what we will have read and discussed prior to the due date of this paper . Please use
what is listed below as inspiration and also include what ever else may have piqued your interest. In
short, please explain what it means to you to Know Thyself and to Love as you have experienced it
and come to think about it while studying ancient Greek philosophy and Stoicism. Line of Reasoning: In your paper, you will take a position and rationally defend your position. Keep
in mind that it is not merely a matter of taste, feelings, or emotions, but rather it must be a position
you can defend with textual evidence, life experience, and a line of reasoning. Four quotes minimum: Please include at least four text quotes from the assigned readings to
support your claims. Details:
• 4 quotes (see above)
• 1300 words (5 pages)
• Times New Roman or Arial 12 point font
• Double Spaced
• 1” Margins
• Cite ALL resources. You do NOT need to use any particular style (e.g., APA or MLA). Pick one style
and be consistent. For example, after a quote, (Rousseau, p. 572), (Zoom Lectures, June 29th).
Also, please include a Bibliography
• You may use first person “I” Goal: Come to know yourself with the writings of Plato and the conversations Socrates engages in,
in the Symposium, and Aesop, PreSocratics, Sophists. Also, Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations and
Heloise’s first letter to Abelard. You do not need to use all of what you learned but at least one of
the ideas from the Symposium and at least one idea from Stoicism, either Marcus Aurelius or
Heloise. How to Prepare: Review the readings and use the questions below to excite your thoughts. Also,
please review the study questions, slides, lecture notes, and resources provided on the slides and
lectures notes to be sure you understand the material Overview of what we’ve covered so far • Aesop’s Fables
• Mythos to Logos: Aesop, PreSocratics, and
• Plato’s Symposium
• Socrates and Plato’s Philosophy
• Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations
• Heloise’s First Letter to AbelardOverview of Knowing Thyself and What is Love through Ancient Greek Philosophy and Stoicism I. Know Thyself
A lifetime of uncovering one’s false opinions to move to become wise [If]“ I am wiser than this man; it is likely that neither of us knows anything worthwhile, but he thinks
he knows something when he does not, whereas when I do not know, neither do I think I know; so I
am likely to be wiser than he to this small extent, that I do not think I know what I do not know.”
Apology (21 d) Three different ways of knowing
• Belief
• Opinion
• Knowledge II. Self What defines you? Your body, i.e., the dwelling place of your soul? Your soul? What is your soul? Do
you identify with Socrates’s notion of the soul?
According to Socrates, the most important thing is to care for one’s soul. What does Socrates mean?
Do you agree? Why or why not? Does Plato’s description of the soul as described in Plato’s Phaedrus
(253 d-e & 254a-e) resonate with you? Why or why not? III. Wrong Doing Socrates claimed, “All wrong doing is due to Ignorance” as opposed to Aristotle’s position on
Akrasia IV. Plato Forms – The Really Real
One comes to the knowledge of the laws of mathematics and geometry, according to Plato, through
recollection. This must NOT be confused with memory (e.g., what one had for breakfast). V. Recollection, according to Plato, is a coming to knowledge through:
(1) utilizing the dialectic to rediscover the knowledge of mathematics and geometry that is written
into the soul of all human beings.
(2) the desire to know the Forms. VI. Ladder of Love
Form of Beauty (beauty itself) is how one moves toward the form of beauty, toward the form as well
as coming to know oneself. What is the role of erotic love? Love is, ultimately, wisdom, love of
wisdom. In a word, “Philosophy”. VII. Stoicism — Questions to inspire your thoughts
Aurelius (Stoicism) & Heloise (Medieval Stoicism): a. Marcus Aurelius
What does it mean to have your thinking and willing in accordance with nature? Do you have
virtuous intentions? Do you trust the unfolding of divine logos? Have you applied the Stoic Credo to
your decisions making? What is useful? How might thinking in accordance with the Stoic Credo
inspire you to love more? How is the phrase “Carpe Diem” essential to the philosophy of Stoicism?
How might being in the present moment result in you loving fully and completely? Might fear of the
future or trauma from the past interfere with your ability to love in the present? b. Heloise
Is Heloise’s medieval stoic notion of the lover/beloved relationship a practical (useful) way to
determine as if you are in a healthy relationship with friends, partners, family, etc? Why or why not?
Heloise compares love to tending to a garden that needs attention, light, shade, water. If you were
to love your beloved in line with Stoicism, might it improve your relationships? How can Stoicism
(Aurelius or Heloise’s) inspire you to love more? Writing a Philosophy Paper Guidelines
• Grammar matters. Please use complete sentences.
• Reasoning matters. Please be sure that sentences relate to each other. For example, sentence two
follows from sentence one, and so on.
• Use new paragraphs to indicate a new idea.
• Consider using sub-headings to organize your thoughts and convey them in an organized fashion.
• Be sure to introduce a quote and follow it with a sentence explaining why it is important to the
point you are defending.
• The goal is, in short, to understand the material, convey an understanding of the material, take a
position on the material, and defend the position with reasoning, and quotes from the text as
• While word count and page number matters, conveying your point and defending your position
matters as well.
Ancient Greek Philosophy ​paper

Steps in approaching creation of an AI driven App

Steps in approaching creation of an AI driven App. I’m trying to study for my App Development course and I need some help to understand this question.

A local Hospital has asked you for help creating a mobile and kiosk application to allow new patients to check in by chatting with a “Virtual Doctor”, an AI-driven bot designed to collect the patient’s information and medical history.
Describe how you might approach each phase of the SDLC to create such an application. Include as much particular plans, steps, tools, techniques and resources as you’d like.

Steps in approaching creation of an AI driven App

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