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East Los Angeles College The Times Are a Changing Bob Dylan Analysis

East Los Angeles College The Times Are a Changing Bob Dylan Analysis.

DescriptionBob Dylan’s “These Times, they are a Changing” was written in 1964 and became the anthem to the young generation of the 1960s. Listen to the song and explain what he meant by the rise of this new generation. Examine the different movements and explain how sixties teenagers transformed the country. You must demonstrate that you understand the importance of this decade.QuestionListen to the song and pick one of the provided resources to analyze. How does this song reflect the attitude of your chosen movement? Describe one modern example that relates to the historical movement.You will be graded on the quality and length of your response.MaterialsTranscript of LyricsThese Times, they are a ChangingMovements:Civil Rights MovementFeminismBlack Panter’s Ten-Point Plan (Links to an external site.)Red Power’s Occupation of Alcatraz (Links to an external site.)Brown Power: an interview about Cesar Chavez (Links to an external site.) and Documentary (Links to an external site.)(you may skip through parts of the first 50 minutes).I know it’s long, but there are great examples of what laborers went through (first 25 minutes) and the movement (between the 40 to 55-minute mark)Watts and Detriot Riots (McCone CommissionActions and Kerner Report)The Counterculture (Reflection of the Summer of Love (Links to an external site.))New Left (Free Speech Movement (Links to an external site.))Anti-War Movement (teach-in speech (Links to an external site.) and longer document (Links to an external site.))Anything else you can think about.ExpectationsDescribe America’s society during the 1960s.Analyze the lyrics of the song and how they relate to the 1960s.Knowledge of the historical events and people that transformed the country.Explain a modern example that relates to the historical movement.InstructionsRequirements:350 words or more (the better)Provide historical evidence/examples to support your opinionThese are from the sources I provided on this page.I expect quotes from at least two sourcesDO NOT plagiarize. Please read the plagiarism rule.You will not receive any credit if you plagiarize.Please submit only Word or PDF. Apple products do not work.You may submit your assignment as a Word document, a text document, or as a PDF.The Canvas Student Guide provides instructions for submitting an online AssignmentLinks to an external site..RubricOpinion Piece Rubric (3) (1)Opinion Piece Rubric (3) (1)CriteriaRatingsPtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeHistorical ContextThe material in the module and textbook will help with this section of the answer. At least one specific example (historical) must be provided and explained to receive full credit.5.0 ptsFull MarksUse one (or more) historical example that is accompanied by an explanation of how it connects to the prompt3.0 ptsHalf CreditThe historical example does not fully relate to the concept. There could have been a better example. Or the historical example is not properly explained to demonstrate the relationship to the prompt.0.0 ptsNo MarksThere is no historical example or the one provided does not relate to the answer.5.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCurrent EventsThe answer must provide a specific current example to relate to the historical part. For example, “Telsa is transforming the auto industry and…”5.0 ptsFull MarksThere is an easily identifiable modern example that is explained (who, what, and where).3.0 ptsHalf CreditEither the modern example is not identifiable, but there is some sense of one, or not properly explained (who, what, and where).0.0 ptsNo MarksThere is no modern example5.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeStudent AnalysisThe answer must connect the historical example to the present. How do they relate? This part is important and should be the bulk of your answer.5.0 ptsFull MarksA clear connection between the past and present examples are made. There is no room for confusion.3.0 ptsPartial CreditThe connection between the past and present examples is vague and needs more analysis.0.0 ptsNo MarksThere is no analysis5.0 ptsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeWord LengthTo have a proper answer to the prompt, it must be 350 words or more. Do not be afraid to go over this minimum. This section is also important because if your answer is lower, then the other categories might be affect (especially the analysis portion).5.0 ptsFull Marks350 words or more3.0 ptsPartial Credit300-349 Word0.0 ptsNo MarksUnder 300 words5.0 ptsTotal Points: 20.0
East Los Angeles College The Times Are a Changing Bob Dylan Analysis

Auburn University Consequences of International Domestic Interaction Article Summary.

Read the assigned journal article, write a summary and some discussion questions Frieden, Jeffry and Lisa Martin. 2003. “International Political Economy: Global and Domestic Interactions.” In Political Science: The State of the Discipline, eds. Ira Katznelson and Helen V. Milner. New York: W.W. Norton, 118-146. The Standards of Grade Summaries and Critiques1. Weekly summaries and critiques should include research questions of the articles, major arguments and theories, logic of arguments and theories, methods, empirical findings, implications (if any), and critiques. A simple abstract of what the author(s) did in the article is not a good summary. 2. The quality of your discussion question.
Auburn University Consequences of International Domestic Interaction Article Summary

De Anza College Calculus Exercises

De Anza College Calculus Exercises.

NEED ALL STEP EACH QUESTIONS(1) Find parametric equations for the path of a particle travelling clockwise around the circle centered at (2, 3) with radius 5 starting at the point (2, ;2). Use a parameter t, 0 ≤ t ≤ 2π. (2) Find dy/dx and d2y/dx2 in terms of t for the curve x = t2 + 1 y = et t 1 For what values of t is the curve concave up? (3) Consider the curve given by x = 1 + sin t y = et + t2 from t = 0 to t = 5. (a) Write an integral representing the length of the above curve. You do not need to evaluate or simplify the integral. (b) Suppose we rotate the above curve about the line x = =2. Write an integral representing the surface area of the resulting surface of revolution. You do not need to evaluate or simplify the integral. (4) Find a rectangular equation for the following curve given in polar coordinates. r2 sin 2θ = 6 (5) Consider the curve given in polar coordinates r = 2 + cos 3θ (a) Sketch the above curve (b) Find the equation of the tangent line to the curve at θ = π6 (c) Find the area enclosed by the above curve. (6) Consider the curve given in polar coordinates r = eθ (a) For what values of θ,0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π, does this curve have a horizontal tangent line? (b) For what values of θ,0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π, does this curve have a vertical tangent line? (7) Consider the curve r = cos 2θ (a) Draw a graph of this curve. (b) Write an integral representing the lenth of one loop of this curve.
De Anza College Calculus Exercises

Roles and responsibilities of journalist

essay help online free Introduction In my opinion, the main responsibility of a journalist is to report the news in a truthful, unbiased and apolitical way. As a result of this, I endeavour to make certain that my own writing adheres to this criteria. Both the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) and the Office of Communications (Ofcom) codes of conduct detail accuracy as one of the major guidelines that journalists should respond to. The PCC work to enforce their code of conduct in the newspaper industry and it is ‘the cornerstone of the system of self-regulation to which the industry has made a binding commitment.’ (Press Complaints Commission 2009). As a practicing journalist I feel it is important to work in correlation with these codes right from the offset, so as to ensure my writing is of the highest standard throughout my entire career. I hope that this is evident in my journalism portfolio assignment. In this report I will be looking at the importance of accurate, unbiased journalism and how I have applied this to my own news stories. Discussing the roles and responsibilities of the journalist with reference to my own experience of working as a journalist Journalists have a number of roles and responsibilities that they must consider throughout the course of their entire career; but of course this depends upon the area of journalism with which they are involved. For the sake of my report I will be concentrating on the main area of journalism we have explored thus far and that is reporting the news. Whilst reporting the news, Journalists should take into consideration the audience and prospective publication, their editor and importantly, their own personal interests (for example, any legal obligations). While some journalists may choose to go against what could perhaps be described as an ethical grain, I feel that a truly successful journalist would always consider the above before submitting anything for publication. However, one could perhaps put forward the argument of public interest. Accurate A journalist has a service to the media prescribing public to make sure that the news they report is accurate. This is enforced by self-regulating bodies and media laws such as libel and defamation. Other laws are in place to make sure that journalists do not impose upon court trials, such as contempt of court. At present I am learning Teeline shorthand as part of my course module: ‘Preparation for NCTJ Accreditation.’ One of the main factors that has made reporting accurately a real problem for me so far has been my inability to write at a high enough speed in court hearings and council meetings. All that it would take is one piece of information taken down incorrectly or missed out altogether and the credibility of a news story could be lost completely. While I don’t think that I have made any errors in my work so far, it is definitely an issue for me. Hopefully as my Teeline skills improve, I will become more confident and begin to apply it to journalistic situations. On my first visit to Sheffield Magistrates Court, I was unfortunate enough to sit in on a hearing that was eventually committed to Crown court for trial before a jury. Legally, I would be unable to report on this story until sentencing was complete, something our assignment would not permit us to do. Because of this, I had to look for another case to write about that I could report on without the fear of contempt. I tried to ensure complete accuracy in my stories, lending extra care to the names and details of the people involved. While there were no real legal issues with my stories as they were not intended for publication, it was still important both for mine and the assignments sake for them to be precise. I tried to put myself into the mind-set of a professional journalist and consider their roles and responsibilities, which I think enabled me to write my stories as though they really were intended for an audience. Unbiased Further to accuracy, Journalists should ensure that their news writing is unbiased and presents the basic facts for their audience to determine their own set of judgements. Any opinions should be in the form of attributed quotes and a good journalist will show both sides of the story. As our assignment entailed writing up a report of a court case, I presented the facts in order of importance in the pyramid style we have been taught and without offering any opinions of my own. For my council story, I was dealing with a potential story of high human interest. The subject matter was fairly sensitive as it was regarding the confirmation of a school closure in Sheffield, affecting hundreds of local children and parents. I wrote my story using the facts and quotes I had obtained from a full council meeting, a cabinet meeting and relevant literature from both sides: the cabinet, education officers, school governors and the parents themselves. I think I succeeded in writing this story from a completely neutral and unbiased perspective. Due to the sensitive nature I wanted to make sure that my opinion did not come out in my writing. Whether I was for or against the closure was not important for the type of the story and my main intention was for the prospective reader to create their own opinion. Apolitical Sheffield is a Liberal Democrat council and throughout the council meetings there was some heckling from the Labour and Conservative party representatives that were present. I think I succeeded in keeping to the third responsibility for journalists that I outlined earlier by being politically neutral in this particular piece. I think my writing here is apolitical and my own political persuasions are not directly accessible in any of my three news stories. Plain English To help with the readability and accessibility of their news stories, Journalists should ensure that their writing meets the style of their specific publication and editor. Further to this, writing should be in plain English and without jargon. This is especially important in writing stories from court cases, council meetings and police statements. For our assignment, we were to write our three news stories in the guise of a regional newspaper reporter. I read a lot of regional journalism both online and in print and feel that I have a good knowledge of the writing style, which I hope is evident in my work. In addition, I always attempt to maintain a good level of plain English throughout my journalistic writing. I feel that my court story reflects this positively and reads well. Public Interest The final area I wish to explore is public and human interest. Above the ethical responsibilities, Journalists are encouraged to write interesting news as that is what really sells newspapers. Public interest is the Holy Grail for journalists and ideally all stories we write would draw a large amount of it. Public interest can also be used as a defence for when journalists go a little too far out of their way to obtain a story. For example, if a journalist goes against either the PCC or the Ofcom code of conduct, but it can be said that the story holds a significant amount of public interest, they may well escape unscathed. However, it is easy to question the ethical consequences of these actions. For my court and council stories I think that I have captured a good amount of public interest, as both stories have elements that make them newsworthy. I am slightly disappointed that my own sources story is not quite as successful in this element, but I still regard it as a fairly strong piece of journalism. While it does not have the immediacy and drama of the other stories, it takes a more feel good and festive approach. I feel I could have found a more exciting story, but quite liked the varied themes of my 3 pieces. Conclusion While I completely understand the need for bias and political standing to be kept separate from news stories and reports, not all aspects of the journalism trade call for this. For example, columnists build up an entire fan base and reputation based upon their witty and interesting take on the news. Being objective and impartial in journalism will serve a purpose as far as simply reporting the news goes, but one must learn to associate certain roles and responsibilities with different areas of the craft. I have always thought of myself as a competent writer, but have found the news writing side somewhat challenging since I started my degree. We have learned in our lectures and seminars that news writing follows a certain formula which I am doing my best to learn, but up until this most recent assignment my practice has mainly been writing from fictional briefs. While helpful, this does not give the journalist to be the real sense of reality that this task has provided. Sitting in on both court cases and council meetings in situations that were potentially life changing for those involved has been a much more rewarding experience for me. It is this encounter with the people directly affected by the news I am writing that I feel helps to shape the practicing journalist and give them sufficient respect for the importance of upholding their roles and responsibilities throughout the course of their career. One cannot truly appreciate the need for upholding the codes of conduct set in place by the PCC and Ofcom, or have a complete understanding of the necessary responsibilities being a journalist entails, without the first-hand experience of working with real people. I feel that my own stories in this assignment were successful pieces of news writing and further than that, of a sufficient standard for publishing in regional newspapers. However, I feel that the things I have considered in this report will be the catalyst for me to get out and improve my confidence and abilities further and actively try to investigate stories with a serious view to getting them published. Bibliography Press Complaints Commission. Editors’ Code of Practice. (2009). [online] Last accessed 05/01/2010 at:

help 2 page paper

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Please read below, when writing the the short paper the questions should be the header. APA formate. hyperlink are provide below.
Apache Web Server Administrator
With this constraints, the goal of this Lab are as follows:

Watch the video presentation and gain a broader perspectives.
Know the essentials of what it takes to be an Apache Web Server Administrator.
Explore if this is one of the skill sets that you want to focus on.
Enable you to take a deeper dive onto the topics after the completion of the class, if interested.

As it is in the IT profession, sometimes, you are assigned to a task with full of ambiguity. This exercise is a bit like that.
With the brief introduction, below are the inputs expected for this Lab Submission:

What is a HTTP Server?
What are the essential software/tools that are used (e.g. Ubuntu, Linux OS etc) for operations?
Any hardware configuration requirements?
What are the major features (usage/outcome) of Apache Web Server?
If you are to install/setupApache Web Serveronto your Laptop, where you may likely encountered technical issues?

here is the hyperlink Apache Web Server: Administration
help 2 page paper

HY 1120 Columbia Southern University Henry Ford History Presentation

HY 1120 Columbia Southern University Henry Ford History Presentation.

InstructionsThis course has introduced and assessed many noteworthy figures related to
the continuing evolution of the United States and its place within the world
during the last 170 years. For this assignment, you will develop a PowerPoint
presentation based on your Unit V Outline. The presentation should be
appropriate for an audience; in other words, it needs to be thoughtfully
organized, visually attractive, and clear in the message you are trying to
convey.In the Unit V Outline, you chose an influential public figure working in
America from the mid-19th century to the present. Your selection did not have
to be an American citizen, but you were not to choose a U.S. president. This presentation is not meant to be a biography. You should focus on
communicating the figure’s relevance in today’s modern era and highlight how
society remembers him or her now. The presentation must be a minimum of 10 slides and should address the
concepts listed below.ContentIntroduce how your figure impacted a civil rights movement (including, but
not limited to, creed, race, age, status, or gender). Note: His or
her impact may not necessarily be a positive one.Identify how this figure is viewed on the national and/or world stage.
Discuss how this figure may have influenced challenges and/or
opportunities for the United States as a global power (i.e., their
international impact). Provide a perspective on if this figure’s impact would have been seen as
progressive. OrganizationThe organization of the presentation should be based on the Unit V
Outline. Make sure that you utilize any feedback given on your outline.
Ideas should be grouped together and transition smoothly.Make use of the notes section in each slide in order to communicate your
thoughts and ideas. If you would prefer, audio voiceover can be
utilized in place of slide notes. Include a title slide (one slide), content slides (eight slides), and a
reference slide (one slide). Quality of PresentationCreativity and effort are highly encouraged. PowerPoint provides several
options for developing an exciting presentation, including options for
both audio and video components; however, customizing the method of
delivery for the presentation is up to you.Use images, graphics, smart art, and backgrounds that enhance your
presentation and make it look professional, clean, and visually
attractive.Click here to view a presentation on PowerPoint best practices.
A transcript for this resource can be found within the “Notes” tab to
the right of the presentation. Citations and FormattingUse a minimum of two sources that can be found in the CSU Online Library.
The American History and Life database is a good place to start, but
other databases, such as Academic Search Ultimate, Films on
Demand, and eBook Academic Collection, may be used as well. Click here to view a tutorial on how to search the American
History and Life database. Note: This tutorial uses a U.S.
president as an example, but remember that a U.S.
president cannot be used for this assignment.Additional sources are allowed, but they must be scholarly/academic in
nature and come from reputable sources. Wikipedia or other
similar online encyclopedias are not reputable sources.
Click here to view a resource on evaluating
websites to use in your research. All sources used must be properly cited according to APA format. All
in-text citations must have matching references listed on the references
slide. Librarians are available should you need assistance with your research for
this assignment. Any resource available in the CSU Online Library is available
to use in this assignment. Direct any questions pertaining to the assignment
to your professor.Resources
The following resource(s) may help you with this assignment.
Citation GuideCSU Online Library Research GuideSubmit Writing Center Request
HY 1120 Columbia Southern University Henry Ford History Presentation