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East Los Angeles College Performance of Vltava the Moldau Composition Discussion

East Los Angeles College Performance of Vltava the Moldau Composition Discussion.

Choose a composition that you enjoyed listening to. Write about the piece considering the following guiding questions:Here is the composition: Why do you like the piece?Who wrote the piece?When was the piece written?Why was the piece written?Where was the piece written?Is the piece similar to other pieces you have heard in this class or elsewhere?How does the piece make you feel?Does the piece have a distinctive form?What is the texture of the piece?How would you describe the melody? Harmony? Rhythm?What are the performing forces (instrumentation)?If there are lyrics to the piece, talk about them. What do they mean? How does the music help convey a sense of the text?This writing assignment should be a minimum of 250 words in length. This assignment is submitted online and will be checked by Turnitin for plagiarized sources and against a database of previously submitted assignments. It is imperative that you include all citations (in-text) and references listed at the end of your submission. List all references at the end of your submission in MLA, APA or Chicago formats. To avoid plagiarism in your writing, you should always accurately cite your sources using one of the major citation formats: MLA, APA, and Chicago Style.
East Los Angeles College Performance of Vltava the Moldau Composition Discussion

SWOSU Prompts User to Enter Three Numbers and Game Craps Variation Test Program Coding.

*6.5 (Sort three numbers) Write a method with the following header to display three numbers in increasing order: public static void displaySortedNumbers( double num1, double num2, double num3) Write a test program that prompts the user to enter three numbers and invokes the method to display them in increasing order.
**6.30 (Game: craps) Craps is a popular dice game played in casinos. Write a program to play a variation of the game, as follows: Roll two dice. Each die has six faces representing values 1, 2, …, and 6, respectively. Check the sum of the two dice. If the sum is 2, 3, or 12 (called craps), you lose; if the sum is 7 or 11 (called natural), you win; if the sum is another value (i.e., 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), a point is established. Continue to roll the dice until either a 7 or the same point value is rolled. If 7 is rolled, you lose. Otherwise, you win. Your program acts as a single player. Here are some sample runs: You rolled 5 + 6 = 11, You win; You rolled 1 + 2 = 3, You lose; You rolled 4 + 4 = 8, point is 8, You rolled 6 + 2 = 8, You win; You rolled 3 + 2 = 5, point is 5, You rolled 2 + 5 = 7, You lose
**6.32 (Game: chance of winning at craps) Revise Exercise 6.30 to run it 10,000 times and display the number of winning games.
SWOSU Prompts User to Enter Three Numbers and Game Craps Variation Test Program Coding

University of Oklahoma African American Athletic Affiliate Institution Position Paper

University of Oklahoma African American Athletic Affiliate Institution Position Paper.

Position Paper Assignment – First DraftYou will take a position—yes or no— to one of the four questions listed below that expand on the topics covered within this course. You can use evidence from the text to support your position, but you must also cite at least two additional references from credible, peer-reviewed research papers. (Consider journals such as Sociology of Sport Journal, the Journal of Sport and Social Issues, the International Review for the Sociology of Sport, or other journals cited in the textbook). Write your paper using APA formatting (Here’s a link to help with APA formatting: (Links to an external site.)). All references (including the textbook) must be listed at the end of your paper.First Draft of your Position Paper should be 2-3 pages long and include the following sections:Introduction, including your position statementEvidence supporting your position, with a statement evaluating the credibility of sourcesSummary/conclusion that proposes a solution/solutions for achieving your position in sportCite references at the end of the paperPositions to choose from:Is Title IX unfair to men’s sports?Is African American athletic success harmful to African American youth? Do varsity sports programs contribute to the educational mission of colleges?Should public funds be used to build stadiums and arenas for professional sport teams?FIRST DRAFT (80 points)You will submit the first draft of your paper at the end of Module 4). The first draft of your paper is worth 80 points of the total score. The first draft should have a strong introduction that includes your position statement as well as evidence supporting your position. Be sure to include a statement evaluating the credibility of your sources. A rubric is attached. PEER FEEDBACK (20 points)You will provide peer feedback to another student in the class by the end of Module 5). Providing peer feedback is worth 20 points of the total score. You will be randomly assigned to a partner within the class. Read your partner’s paper and provide feedback to them using the rubric provided in Canvas (instructions linked below). You will be asked several questions about your partner’s paper (worth 10 points), and then asked to provide specific feedback in the comments of the assignment on how the paper can be improved in the final draft (worth 10 points). This link will walk you through the steps of conducting a thorough peer review. Links to an external site.You will also receive feedback from your instructor regarding your first draft, with specific suggestions for improving the paper for the Final Draft.
University of Oklahoma African American Athletic Affiliate Institution Position Paper

Understanding the School Library Sector

best essay writers Understanding the School Library Sector Introduction Since their emergence within the scholarly academies of ancient Greece and Rome (Thompson, 2019) school libraries have played an important role in shaping who gets informed, by whom, and how. From the prominently-placed religious texts in the one-room Colonial classroom (ALA, 2011) to the canonical literature selections stocking 20th century libraries, the “library faith” of the powerful (Weigand, 1999, p.4) has been perpetuated within the school library sector (Weigand, 2007). For centuries the school librarian was a manager not an instructor, and in the words of Weigand (2007), one who most frequently persisted in taking a “user in the life of the library rather than a library in the life of the user perspective” (62-63). One might argue that only in recent years have school libraries evolved to become more student-centered “learning commons” (Harlan, 2018, p.71), spaces in which a learner’s ideas, prior knowledge, and interests are utilized by expert teacher librarians as the platforms for collaborative, critical, and creative inquiry. In addition to highlighting this historical evolution, the following report will address the information managed in school libraries, the users of school libraries, and the ever-evolving roles and essential characteristics, skills, and attributes of effective teacher librarians. Discussion 2.1 How school libraries have developed through the years and their current environment The genesis of American school libraries can be traced back to the emergence of information collections by renowned thinkers and “gatekeepers” such as Aristotle (Thompson, 2019) and Reverend William Bentley (Pawley, 2018), who used their information collections for educating select individuals. The information literacy “gatekeeping” role shifted from individual ownership to institutional ownership with the emergence of academic libraries in South Carolina and Boston (Pawley, 2018), and later in the 1900s shifted again with school libraries working in tandem with public libraries (Weigand, 2007). As Michie and Holton (2005) explain, only after the First World War — in an effort to bolster nationwide education in response to Sputnik’s launch — did the federal government fund school libraries as their own entities. It wasn’t, however, until the passage of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (1965) that school libraries were fully legitimized (Michie

2 Q’S today and the extra later.

2 Q’S today and the extra later.. Need help with my Computer Science question – I’m studying for my class.

i got 2 questions as a pop quiz today in class, couldn’t do them efficiently.
the extra credit is due any time but i wanna take it to his office Thursday morning.
the two questions i need within 6 hours.

extra credit is :
“Write a program in assembly. For example create a calculator that can add, multiply, divide and find the remainder of division. You can display the calculator and let the user input the numbers. The result will be displayed on the screen. (This is just an example. You can work on other projects but all of the calculations have to be in assembly code).”
2 Q’S today and the extra later.

Chapman University Paycheck Protection Program Management Discussion

Chapman University Paycheck Protection Program Management Discussion.

I’m working on a management Research Paper and need support to help me understand better.

As we discussed in this class, society, through its laws and policies impacts business, and business in turn impacts society. The purpose of this paper is to give you experience in writing a brief analysis of a law that impacts a business corporation in California.  You can choose a law and a corporation with which you are familiar.    For example, you might analyze The Sarbanes Oxley Act, 2002, or the Family and Medical Leave Act, 1993, Americans with Disabilities Act, or some other law.   You can use the following as guidelines to structure your paper. Make sure your title has some indication to what you are analyzing—do not be so creative with the title that it obscures the focus. 

Introduction to the paper (highlight the law and the corporation you have chosen)

-Why did the law come about? (i.e., what did society find lacking that led to this (the creation of this law?)
-How the law has impacted (or how will it impact) your corporation?
-What are the benefits of the law? (i.e., who has the law helped and why?)
-What pressures/costs has the law placed on the corporation? (i.e., is this law fair to all concerned?)
-What might be likely to happen to amend the law or change it in some way?

Summary & Recommenpermitted applicationdations

The paper should be 4-6 pages in length not inclusive of the cover page and cited references
The policy

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP): On December 27, 2020, President Trump signed off on a $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill, which included an extension of the PPP that had previously expired on August 8, 2020. The bill includes approximately $284 billion for PPP loans and many changes to PPP that will affect new and existing borrowers. Here are three developments businesses should know: 

Under the new legislation, certain categories of borrowers previously ineligible for PPP loans, such as local chambers of commerce and housing cooperatives, will now qualify. This means that some businesses may therefore be eligible to apply for the first time.
Businesses that previously obtained a PPP loan may also seek a second loan, called a “Second Draw,” subject to certain eligibility requirements.
The new legislation expands the loan’s permitted uses and forgiveness conditions to include business expenses such as certain operations expenditures, worker protection expenditures, and payroll costs. The Small Business Administration and other applicable regulators will be issuing guidance and regulations related to this legislation in 2021.

Chapman University Paycheck Protection Program Management Discussion