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Earth Sciences homework help

Earth Sciences homework help. You must identify and discuss the main area/focus of study and theories contributed by the individual. Further, you must identify and discuss AT LEAST one original concept attributed to the scholar you choose. Also, you must identify major accomplishments of the individual.,Focus of study and theories contributed by the individual,1. You must provide a thorough biography of the individual. Remember, C. Wright Mills ,emphasized, “Biography, Society, History.” We discussed in connection to Mills how the history he lived through and the society he lived in affected his biography. For example, Mills preoccupation with war was shaped by the historical context of his life course. Please perform similar analysis with your scholar.,2. You must identify and discuss the main area/focus of study and theories contributed by the individual. Further, you must identify and discuss AT LEAST one original concept attributed to the scholar you choose. Also, you must identify major accomplishments of the individual.,3. You must argue the relevance and influence the individual’s study had on the social sciences.,4. Finally, you must select a national or international current event, thoroughly describe the event and argue why your selected individual would be very interested in it.,Structural Requirements,1. You will be required to complete a FULL 4 page, single-space d paper. More specifically, the actual content of the paper itself must be a minimum of at least 4 COMPLETE single-space d pages long, not including the title or citation page, for full consideration. This assignment sheet is single-space d so your paper should match it. The font size should be no larger than TWELVE (12).,The font Calibri and character size for the text in this assignment sheet is 12, so your paper’s font and size should match this. The text of your essay should start one-inch from the top of the paper and end one inch from the bottom and this required for each page. Spacing between paragraphs should be 1 centimeter throughout the entire essay. If all margins are not in keeping with the instructions it is an automatic 5 point deduction. If the paper is not single-space d throughout you will automatically lose an additional 5 points.,2. You must use at least FOUR qualified sources, NOT including your textbook or any of the readings already provided to you by me in the course. Further, In-text citations and a works cited page are required. Sources must include scholarly articles, scholarly periodicals, BOOKS, and online newspapers for the current event you must locate. Also, One of the four sources MUST be a scholarly piece author ed by the scholar themselves. Encyclopedias (online or in print), blogs, and Wikipedia MAY NOT be used. You can always check with me to confirm if a source is acceptable. APA or MLA are acceptable.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Earth Sciences homework help
UCI Institution of the Presidency Essay.

In an essay of 4 to 6 pages (1,000 to 1,500 words), please answer the following prompt. I expect you to write your essay based on the assigned readings, on class forums, and on lectures and other video materials presented on the web site. I do not expect you to supplement these sources with outside research.I also expect you to provide appropriate citations to your sources. If this is the text, you should use parenthetical endnoting with specific page references (e.g. Ginsberg, et. al. 2019: 41). If you are citing a lecture, you should provide the lecture number. Videos should be named using the title from the web page. Please cite forum posts by the author’s name and the date of the post.Analytical Essay #3The president has constitutional, institutional, and political sources of power. Of these, the institutional powers are arguably the strongest. In an essay, analyze the institutional powers of the presidency and assess how Presidents in the 20th Century were able to use their institutional and political resources to challenge what had historically been Congressional dominance of U.S. national politics. In your opinion, based on the evidence that you have presented, what is the likely future balance of power between Presidents and Congress? Why?
UCI Institution of the Presidency Essay

Many people have struggled for years trying to balance their studies, their workloads and living by family demands. Now that I have learnt how to balance my Penn Foster studies, work, and my family this has become very easy for me. I am a 24 years old female that lives at home with my mom, sister and two brothers. Also I don’t have any kids which I think makes it much easier for me to concentrate on my studies. Currently I work at a law firm here in the British Virgin Islands which gets real busy on certain days and on a regular day it’s not that busy. To help me balance and organize my studies in a more organize form, I bought a daily planner. This daily planner comes in very handy and I would advise anyone to make use of it. With my daily planner it helps me to write down assignments that needs to be handed in at a certain time, also helps me to remember task and meetings at work that needs to meet a certain time frame. Last but not least it helps me to remember my family and friends engagements, birthdays, gathering etc. I love the idea of doing my Penn Foster degree online it allows you to take your time and go at your own pace. Rather than having to attend the school in person. You would have to the opportunity to plan your semester classes with your work schedule. Some work places allow you to leave to and attend your classes while some employees don’t. Sometimes you have to take all your classes at the end of the day when working hours are completed. Having to go straight to school after a hard day of work can be very frustrating. Most of the times you are not focus while you are in the class room. There are times when you are so tired that you don’t even make it to class. So now we have worked from 9:00am to 5:00pm in the morning and classes at the college from 5:30 to 8:30 and still have to go to go home to deal with your family this is where balancing your studies comes in. As mentioned in the beginning I don’t have any kids so this is really a major plus for me. I have all the time in the world to manage my studies at Penn Foster College. On a daily basis at work if it is really slow at times I walk with my assignments and try my very best to keep myself occupied rather than just having to be sitting there surfing the internet .By doing this I try to complete my assignments ahead of time. Then at night when I come home I take a bath and get something to eat and help out around the house or help my little brothers with their home work and the rest of the night belongs to me. I would normally sit quietly in my room and concentrate on my studies and get as much as I could get done in a night. After all you want to get through with your courses as soon as possible you don’t want to spend a whole six months or even a year on the semester. I always plan each of my weeks ahead of time so that i have study time for myself and my other important Penn Foster students, my name are Edward and going to explain to you how to balance your studies with the rest of your life. At times it could be very hard to get study time, especially if you have a full time job, kids, a wife, and others who demand your time. In order to be successful in school, you must be able to balance your time wisely, which will lead to good grades In order to manage your time wisely you must first develop a tight time frame. That means you have to make time to study. What I do, I write down the days of the week and then I focus on what I want to get done that week. The next thing would be to go through the days and make a list of what I want to get done on each day of the week. For example if I had a writing assignment, I would take the time to prewritten; searching topics to write about. The next day I try to organize myself, get the ball rolling perhaps. Being organized is very critical to staying on top of your work. Being focus is all its about. Keeping your time well manage will help you to keep up with your studies. Sometimes I turn down going out with my wife so that I can stay focus on my tasks. The next step to balancing your studies with your life would be to stick with your study plan. In order to do this means that you may have to miss out on a lot of things. Like I said above I sometimes skip outing out so I can study. One time my wife wanted to go dancing, I really can’t dance so I told her that I had a big exam to study for, which was a little white lie but had to be done. Another time I missed my son’s birth party so that I could concentrate on an essay I was developing. Life can be very challenging in itself, add a bunch of school work to it and it can be scary. So sticking to your study plan is very important. In order to be balance you must also try to challenge yourself each week. Each week I try to challenge myself by making it something like a game, how much could I get done each day. In order to do this I try to get at least an hour or two of studying done each day. Sticking to that could be very difficult, my son Is constantly in my ear, especially when I’m reading. AS loud as he can he’s yelling “daddy, daddy, daddy.” It drives me crazy but I love him, which bring me to the next step. You must make time for the little things or you will end up not being able to handle the demands of college and life. Some things that you can try is to have some fun. If you have a wife, you can make time to go out to dinner maybe even a movie. Those of you with kids may joy going to a baseball game, if your team wins it’s a big plus. Even if you get ahead in your studies you could try taking a break for a few days to help refreah your mind. A refreah mind works more efficiently than an over worked one. So you see taking time to enjoy the little things in life could be a big help in maintaining your school work and life’s demands on you. If you follow my plan you will be able to devepol if not a perfect balance but a balance with your college studies and lofe demands. At times you will lose focus but stick to your plans and you will succeed. So you see that if you keep a good plan you will be able to balance your time wisely, which in return lead you to good grades. Juggling school, work, and time for your friends can be very difficult but luckily I have thought of some ways to make it a bit easier. So many people stress so much because of this task but they don’t know it can be very simple. Ever since I started working I got really behind in school I would be stressing every night because I worked late nights and got so much home work. When my boss would ask me to stay late I would say yes because I didn’t know hot to say no and I was scared to get fired. I also never had time for my friends. I knew I had to figure out a way to make time for everything and not stress because of it. So I thought of some ways to stay on top of my school work and still have time for my friends and so I can keep my job. The number one thing is to be organized. Keep your school materials organized and in one place. Mark upcoming deadlines on your calendar and start school projects early to allow sufficient time to complete them in case other things come up in the meantime. Go through folders and get rid of papers I no longer need. Having all of those extra papers that you got back a month ago in your folder will make it heavy. It may bend and tear. But worst of all, you won’t be able to find papers when you need them, I would hate when this would happened to me. Get any supplies that you may need and don’t have. Being prepared is important. Even if that certain item wasn’t on the supply list, you should get it if you really feel you need it, such as a portable pencil sharpener. I bought a planner that I thought I wasn’t going to need now I put everything in it from my school work to when I have time to go out with my friends, it has helped me so much. Another thing is to create a flexible schedule. Some parts of your schedule are going to be inflexible, such as class times and work days. I usually would work night on weekdays and days on weekends, so on weekdays I couldn’t do homework and on weekends I wanted to go with my friends. Fit homework and studying in when you’re not in class or not at work. Build a routine that you can stick to, but are able to adjust if other important things come up. As a working student, I have to be ready to adapt to new assignments, unexpected errands, and sudden work crises that need to be addressed immediately. I try to make enough studying time in my schedule so that if something comes up, I can shift it into another slot during the week. I used to procrastinate a lot I always wanted to go out with my friends and put my school work to the side. Now I gave everything a day I can and a day I can’t. Finally something that is very important to me is to learn to manage stress. Stress is apart of being a student and a worker, combine both together and you can expect to be stressed out. As much as you may try to prevent stress, you’re going to have to learn how to relieve it as well. Take those much needed breaks. Give yourself time to collect yourself when you need it the most, so you can reproach things with a clear head. Be active, maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps relieve stress and you’ll find if the more you get out and exercise, the easier work and school will seem. This was my biggest problem, I was always stressing I felt like I was going to fail in everything. I knew I had to find a way to manage it all. After I started this new routine everything seemed so much easier and I would get so much done without stress. Whenever I start freaking out, thinking I can do it all I do is remember why I’m doing it. By taking on work and studies at the same time, I’m accepting a challenge that most people don’t dare to attempt. But, I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t have strong reasons and motivation. I want to get ahead. Life is short and I want to make the most of it. I keep my goals in mind whenever it starts to feel like too much. I know that it can be done! It may seem overwhelming at times, but I remember that other people have gone through the same thing you are, and they have succeeded, and so can I. I look at the people in my life and they all are such successes and I know I will be to some day. Nowadays is very important and necessary for young people to have and manage their own money, that is why most of them decide to work and study at the same time, but sometimes to do both things simultaneously can bring some consequences that can affect different aspects of their life like: less time for their families and friends; they do not have enough time to do their homework correctly; their mind is full of mixed ideas and worries and also they suffer from physical exhaustion. Now let’s analyze these consequences as if it were happening to you. You usually go out of your house to attend University early in the morning and come back late in the evening or night, depending on your schedule. You do not have much time to share with your family or visit your friends and at some point the complaints begin. Parents say you do not want to talk or spend time with them; friends keep on saying that now that you are working you are boring because you do not want to go out or do not visit them, but they do not understand that is not because you do not want to is just because you do not have the time or you are too tired to do it, but that does not mean that you do not care about them. Now, regarding your university duties: you try to do as much as you can to carry out all the homework and assignments you have, but sometimes you do not have enough time to do them or you have to stay awake late at night for hours just to finish one work or to study for a huge test and the results are not always good, even though you have put a lot on effort it. The same happens when you think of all the things that you have to do in a day. You put a lot of your mental abilities to fulfill as many tasks as you can: you think of the problems that you have at home, at work, at university; the assignments that you have to hand in; the time in which you have to go to work; at what time you have to look for your brothers or sisters; and so on. Your mind is full of things to do and some of them, sometimes, are forgotten. You do not remember what you had to do, if it had to do with your job, your house or school; you mix responsibilities and you have to be constantly organizing your mind and time, if not, you have a complete mess. As a final point, and the most important one, it is your body the one that starts to feel all the pressure and exhaustion. You want to rest and sleep as much as you can to recover your energies; you want to lie in a couch and stop doing all the things you have to do because you are too tired to go on. At some point, you start to buy energizer meds or drinks to keep your energy. All these points show us the negative consequences that work and study at the same time have, so when deciding if you should do it or not you better keep in mind these facts and whether you want to have your own money despite of the mental and physical tiredness that the combination of these activities can bring.

NUR 315 GCU Nursing Certification in Plastic Surgey Question

NUR 315 GCU Nursing Certification in Plastic Surgey Question.

Discussion Questions and Assignment- TOPIC 2DQ1- (200- 250) wordsIdentify at least three regulatory bodies or industry regulations that specify certification, licensure requirements, or scope of practice for the Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner. Discuss the way these bodies or regulations influence the educational requirements and experiences for this specialty. Advanced practice registered nurses must incorporate the APRN consensus model in their response.X1 peer reviewed source no later than 5yrs old.DQ2- (200-250) wordsCompare two different advanced registered nurse roles with regard to ethical guidelines. Are there any differences in the ethical guidelines that govern these roles? What situations might require one role to respond differently, depending on the ethical guidelines?X2 peer reviewed source no later than 5yrs oldAssignment – complete table graphic sheet comparing Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner with Family Nurse PractitionerAdvanced registered nurses work in highly collaborative environments and must collaborate with interdisciplinary teams in order to provide excellent patient care. Besides knowing the role and scope of one’s own practice, it is essential to understand the role and scope of other nurse specialties to ensure effective collaboration among nurses, the organization, and other professionals with whom advanced registered nurses regularly interact.Use the “Nursing Roles Graphic Organizer Template” to differentiate how advanced registered nurse roles relate to and collaborate with different areas of nursing practice. Compare your future role – Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner with Family Nurse Practitioner. Indicate in the appropriate columns on the template which roles you are comparing.Make sure to compare the following areas of practice in your graphic organizer:EthicsEducationLeadershipPublic HealthHealth Care AdministrationInformaticsBusiness/FinanceSpecialty (e.g., Family, Acute Care)Include any regulatory bodies or certification agencies that provide guidance or parameters on how these roles incorporate concepts into practice.You are required to cite three to five sources to complete this assignment. Sources must be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and nursing content.While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines.I have already started the table assigning the 2 roles for comparison- see organizer template table attached. HERE ARE TWO RESOURCES I FOUND, WILL NEED 2-4 MORE
NUR 315 GCU Nursing Certification in Plastic Surgey Question

we want to explore disability from an historical perspective, and from the perspective of marginalization and access.

write my term paper we want to explore disability from an historical perspective, and from the perspective of marginalization and access.. Paper details   ask if you have any questions. This response paper should be two full pages and achieve these for points: • 6-7 points = fully addresses the questions; incorporates appropriate/relevant concepts from the readings; high integration of relevant personal insights and experiential knowledge; evidence of self-reflection, perspective taking and/or some strong sense critical thinking/ inquiry (overall, the journal is very thoughtful and displays an appreciable effort to achieve the learning objectives)we want to explore disability from an historical perspective, and from the perspective of marginalization and access.

STR 581 University of Phoenix Week 5 Ayi Acuity Brands Inc Strategic Plan & PPT

STR 581 University of Phoenix Week 5 Ayi Acuity Brands Inc Strategic Plan & PPT.

Create the Final Strategic Plan. The Final Strategic Plan contains the elements of all the previous weeks’ components and incorporates instructor feedback, with three additional new elements that are highlighted in bold below. Your grade for Week 6 will be based only on the three new elements, and whether you submitted your entire Strategic Plan. All material in your plan from previous weeks was already graded, so grading again would place “double jeopardy” on a student by potentially subtracting points twice for the same error. However, there will be a deduction if you do not submit your full Strategic Plan. Table of ContentsExecutive Summary (350 to 700 words)Company BackgroundMission StatementVision StatementValue StatementEnvironmental ScanInternal and External Environmental AnalysisStrategic RecommendationImplementation PlanOrganizational Change Management StrategiesRisk Management PlanConclusionReferencesCreate a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with visuals and speaker notes to present the strategic plan, summarizing all relevant elements from previous weeks. The objective is to sell the strategic plan to investors or company directors. Format the assignment according to APA guidelines.
STR 581 University of Phoenix Week 5 Ayi Acuity Brands Inc Strategic Plan & PPT

University of North Carolina Greensboro Increasing Kid Traffic Essay

University of North Carolina Greensboro Increasing Kid Traffic Essay.

Marketing proposal to increase kid traffic to increase revenue for the Hamlet Depot and Museum in Hamlet NC. Here are some notes and resources so far. Just need to write up 1-2 pages of ideas/suggestions. Only my part below.
Hamlet Depot and Train Museum 
Executive Summary:  Hamlet Depot and Train Museum (HDM) is a historic landmark which encompasses three buildings- the Visitor Center, the Depot and the Tornado building. It also owns the grassy knoll which has a shelter in Main St. Park across the street. Increase revenue and increase marketing. 
Current Situation –HDM is a 501c(3) foundation run by a Board of Directors of 15-20 members. Each member volunteers 4 hours a month of service and provides coverage of the museum from 1-5pm on weekends so that the building can remain open. The city pays an employee (Mechelle) to provide all services at the HDM 8 to 5pm M-F. Interns are possible but have not been explored. 
Mechelle works in the visitor center and the bathrooms that thru-traffic use are housed there as well. It is a fairly busy spot for thru-traffic traveling to the beach especially in summer months. The Gift shop which is a major source of revenue is unmanned, but a sign is on the door to contact her if people want to make purchases. That would require them coming from the Depot to the Visitor Center. The same holds true if they would like a tour. 
Currently, the upstairs has three city offices renting the top floor of the depot for businesses. The rotunda in the Depot is available for event rentals. There is a $150 event fee and third party liability insurance between $100-200 based on number of attendees and alcohol. Alcohol is brought in if caterer being used has a liquor license. Typically people use Seaboard Station. Also available for events is access to wifi, podiums, PA system, projector, TV, DVD. Amtrak leases the lobby in the bottom of the rotunda for its waiting room.  
Spencer train station- only roundhouse 
Current Marketing- virtual tour on website  
Product & Brand Strategy 
Overall Mission of Train Station and Guiding Principle- look into 501C 
Marketing Objectives 
three main focuses: 

increasing event traffic *** MAIN PRIORITY 
increasing kid traffic – Special events; ie Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, 4th of July, choo choo parties 
increasing revenue from traveler traffic- how does this become the rest stop people stop at and buy things at- gift shop is only revenue source for the 501C that runs the board 

Event Traffic- BIJAY 
Current ResourcesThe rotunda in the Depot is available for event rentals. There is a $150 event fee and third party liability insurance between $100-200 based on number of attendees and alcohol. Alcohol is brought in if the caterer being used has a liquor license. Typically people use Seaboard Station, though others are possible. People usually have a caterer in mind. Also available for events is access to ??wifi, podiums, PA system, projector, TV, DVD. Amtrak leases the lobby in the bottom of the rotunda for its waiting room.  
Target Market- weddings, engagements, b-day parties, reunions, retirements; business meetings? Maybe the purchase of a movie screen, trackless train for kids train rides or events, play gym, popcorn machine, vending machine? 
SMART objectives  
Promotional Strategies food trucks/ Billy Bathgate for local traffic 
Kid Traffic- TAMBREY 
Current Resources- lots of interactive exhibits 
Target Market mostly K-2; some middle schools, some birthday parties; Currently have traffic from schools in their own county but could reach out to Moore and Montgomery counties and the SC line is not far;  
SMART objectives  
Promotional Strategies- Interested in Partnership with National RR on Spring St and Discovery Museum in Rockingham which has a fee- families could make a day of it and cobranding possible 
event calendar- surrounding holiday 
Kids summer camps 
? playscape in main street park 
food trucks/ Billy Bathgate for local traffic 
Traveler Traffic- JASON 
Current Resources- currently people use the bathroom in VC only; no opportunity for getting into the GS easily; lots of games, bandanas, train , t shirt ins shop which is small. She is interested in books 
Target Market 
SMART objectives  
Promotional Strategies ? playscape in Main st park; dog park 
Synopsis of Priorities and Overall Timeline
This is not as serious as it looks. This is a group project in my Marketing class. Their are 4 of us and we separated parts of marketing plan into 4. My responsibility is only to purpose to get more traffic into the depot and museum via kid traffic. I already suggested some options if you look at the notes. It is really just an opinion of options. But this is a REAL place.
University of North Carolina Greensboro Increasing Kid Traffic Essay