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Early Renaissance Art

Early Renaissance Art. Paper details the subject is art and history class Describe the difference between woodcuts and engravings. Why would an artist choose one over the other? 200 words Remember to cite your sources and defend your position with evidence from credible sources. When responding to your peers, be courteous and professional. Read other students’ posts and respond to 2 OTHERS IN CLASS CITE YOUR WORK( very important)Early Renaissance Art
Virtualization and Cloud Computing Research Paper.

You have read about server virtualization and cloud computing in chapter 6 of your textbook. For your written assignment this week, complete a case study of the organization you work for (use a hypothetical or “other” organization if more applicable) that will address the following prompts: • Describe the organization’s environment, and evaluate its preparedness for virtualization.• Explain Microsoft (or another product) licensing for virtualized environments.• Recommend a configuration for shared storage; make sure to discuss the need for high availability and redundancy for virtualization for the organization.• Explain Windows Azure capabilities for virtual machines and managing a hybrid cloud, including Windows Azure’s Internet as a Service (IaaS) and storage capabilitiesMake a recommendation for cloud computer use in the organization, including a justification for your recommendations.Submit your research paper as a single document. Your paper should meet the following requirements:• Be approximately 2-4 pages in length, not including the required cover page and reference page.• Follow APA6 guidelines. Your paper should include an introduction, a body with fully developed content, and a conclusion.• Support your answers with the readings from the course and at least two scholarly journal articles to support your positions, claims, and observations, in addition to your textbook. The UC Library is a great place to find resources.• Be clearly and well-written, concise, and logical, using excellent grammar and style techniques. You are being graded in part on the quality of your writing.
Virtualization and Cloud Computing Research Paper

Fordham Why Evolution Is One of Critical Significant Themes of Life Biology Ques

Fordham Why Evolution Is One of Critical Significant Themes of Life Biology Ques.

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This assignment consists of five questions. Each of your responses should be one or more paragraphs long, depending upon the depth of the question. An answer consisting of only a few short sentences is insufficient, and will receive a poor grade. Be sure to cite any and all sources correctly so that your academic integrity is not called into question.1. Why is evolution is one of the most important major themes of life? How does it explain both of the following characteristics of life on Earth?the unity of lifethe diversity of lifeBe sure to include specific examples in your answer.2. Explain the various reasons why atoms and molecules form chemical bonds and explain the differences between different types of chemical bonds.3. Why is water so important to living organisms? Be sure to discuss the four emergent properties of water discussed in your textbook.4. Organic chemistry is an entire discipline devoted to studying carbon compounds. What characteristics of carbon atoms enable them to form into such large complex molecules in living organisms? How do functional groups change the characteristics of organic molecules?5. Compare the structure of the four major biological macromolecules (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids) and explain how the distinct structure of each type of molecule enables it to carry out its particular function.
Fordham Why Evolution Is One of Critical Significant Themes of Life Biology Ques

GSC Police Brutality Killing of Daunte Wright Essay

help writing GSC Police Brutality Killing of Daunte Wright Essay.

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Find an example, within the last 2-3 years, of police use of deadly force (not a high-profile case that’s been in nationwide news).

Provide a brief overview of the case.
Based on your review of the example, determine whether the use of force was justified, using the U.S. Supreme Court case discussed in Chapter 5, Tennessee v. Garner, as your main reference points.
Explain your position and provide your justification.
If the case was ruled justified by officials, did that conflict with your findings?
Do you feel that the current climate and attitudes towards police affected your thoughts on the matter?

GSC Police Brutality Killing of Daunte Wright Essay

Paul Quinn College Cash Discounts and Invoice Organization Memorandum

Paul Quinn College Cash Discounts and Invoice Organization Memorandum.

You are working as a summer intern at a rapidly growing organic food distributor. Part of your responsibility is to assist in the accounts payable department. You notice that most bills from suppliers are not paid within the discount period. The manager of accounts payable says the bills are organized by vendor, like the accounts payable ledger, and she is too busy to keep track of the discount periods. Besides, the owner has told her that the 1% and 2% discounts available are not worth worrying about.Write a memo to the owner explaining why it is expensive not to take advantage of cash discounts on credit purchases. In addition, suggest a way to file (organize) supplier invoices so that they are paid within the discount period.Length should be 1-2 pages1 inch margins all aroundDouble SpaceUse 12 point font and left justify all text. Use a professional font (Arial, Times New Roman, Courier).MLA or APA FormatSave as a Word DocumentReference page (should be listed on a separate page)
Paul Quinn College Cash Discounts and Invoice Organization Memorandum

Analyzing political cartoons

Analyzing political cartoons.

In the 1890s, political cartoons provided important commentary on the major economic, political, and social issues of the day. Cartoon artists employed symbolism, exaggeration, labeling, analogy, and irony to express their viewpoint.Select one of the following cartoons:The Big Stick in the Caribbean Sea (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.School Begins (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Look closely at the cartoon you have selected and write down your initial reactions, you will not need to include these initial reactions your assignment, but they will help you complete the assignment once you have finished the exercise.Then go to the Chapter 4, Section 4.3 of the textbook and look at the activity “Analyzing Primary Sources.” You will find it under the section on Yellow Journalism. (This is very important.) Please note you will not be able to view this on some devices and will need to use a computer.After completing the activity, answer the following items:Explain the character(s) in the cartoon.Describe the symbols and actions the artist employs in the cartoon.Describe the issues the cartoon raises.Analyze and explain what the cartoon says about the consequences of the Spanish American War for the countries occupied.Describe how your understanding of the cartoon changed after doing the analysis portion of this exercise.The combined answers should be one page, including your reference list. Your answers to these questions should be accurate, thorough, and written in complete sentences. Be sure to cite the textbook at least once and reference the textbook in APA formatting. If you need more guidance, you can read this Sample Assignment, so you will have an idea about the type of response your instructor will be looking for.
Analyzing political cartoons