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Early Childhood Classrooms Observation Essay

Table of Contents Classroom Composition Types of Activities Observed Instructional Strategies Behavior Management Strategy Student Engagement Type of Teacher Talk Overall Impressions Classroom Composition The class observed was EEU kindergarten that had 20 students. Ten out of twenty students had either mental or physical disabilities. The commonly observed types of disabilities among the students included cerebral palsy, developmental delay, and a wide range of mental impairments. The composition of the classroom also included 11 adult students. The group appeared at different times of the day, and I only managed to come across about seven adult students. Students were arranged in groups. The adult group was composed of one adult and three children. Types of Activities Observed I went to the institution at around eleven o’clock in the morning. During this time, children were playing either individually or in groups. I observed groups of about 2 to 3 children playing with toys. Young girls were playing with plasticine and made different shapes while still chatting. Kids could watch what the other groups were doing. Students also cleaned their classroom with the assistance of their teacher. Instructional Strategies Teachers were applying different strategies to win the attention of their students. They used direct instruction approach to impact knowledge to their students. They used step-by-step methods that encouraged active student participation. Teachers also applied demonstration strategy to help students solve various challenges. For instance, they used charts and accompanied children in playing ground and gave field instructions. Behavior Management Strategy The approach was also observed in the classroom, for instance, head teacher commanded students when he wanted them to line up in pairs. He counted 10 to 0 to allow students finish their conversation and assemble as required. To get attention from students, head teacher doused the gleam and then used a loud voice and at a slow pace. Student Engagement According to my observation, students were fully engaged in the classroom. They actively participated in their groups and asked questions. They conducted different activities when teachers were not around. Boys played outside the classroom. Girls played with toys and plasticines to make different patterns and shapes. Students obeyed and followed instructions, for instance, they all did cleaning work when advised by their teachers. Type of Teacher Talk Teachers talk varied among the groups of students. To the mentally disabled, they addressed them on individual levels while other students could be taught as a group. Teacher praised the groups that performed well and encouraged others. The naughty students experienced strong words from their teachers. For instance, a girl was commanded to go back to class with a loud voice by her teacher. Words like clean up, line up were used to give direction to the students. Overall Impressions Classroom arrangement was inappropriate and messed up. Tables were encircled in the middle of the classroom. However, the mode of using studying groups was impressive since it encouraged students to participate. Teachers talk, instructional and behavioral strategies were impressive. I would like my child to attend this program. The teaching staffs were professionals, and they addressed every student in a unique way depending on the level of understanding and disabilities. I am not sure whether I want to teach this program because I am not good at addressing different special needs for the children in the same classroom. I would like to undertake a program that focuses on a single special need, for instance, mental disability or developmental delay. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More

What to DoWrite your own pseudocode for the left-to-right algorithm, and the lawnmower algorithm.Analyze your pseudocode for the algorithm mathematically and prove its efficiency class.Implement all the skeleton functions in disks.hpp. Use the disks_test.cpp program to test whether your code works.Finally, produce a brief written project report, Your report should include the following: (.docx file)The two pseudocode listings, for the two algorithms. (from #1 above)A brief proof argument for the time complexity of your two algorithms. (#2)For the coding part:-in the github project zip file, inside disks.hpp there are //TODO: comments, that is where to write your implementation of the functions.please do not change any of the other code/files, just complete the 4 functions for the coding part.make sure it passes the test.cpp and compiles fine using the Makefile.

The Federal Reserve System. I need support with this Economics question so I can learn better.

The Federal Reserve System
Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length.
The Federal Reserve System was established to provide a stable monetary system for the entire economy. The Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) has three major tools to control the money supply: 1) reserve requirements, 2) discount window for loans to member banks, and 3) open market operations.
When the economy is in a recessionary mode, what will likely be the actions by the Federal Reserve using monetary policy? Suppose the Federal Reserve purchases a $100,000 bond from John Doe, who deposits the proceeds in the Manufacturer’s National Bank; what will be the impact of this transaction on the supply of money?
How do each of the Fed’s tools work? What is the fractional reserve system, and how does it work in relation to the Fed? Review the Federal Reserve System and how the Fed alters the monetary base to achieve the levels of money supply in the economy. Please provide original work. No plagiarizing.
The Federal Reserve System

ELL 240 AU Teaching Observation Learning Styles Discussion.

In this assignment, you will combine all of the information you have learned this week to evaluate a teaching scenario. For each learning context, you will be observing a teacher in the classroom. After watching the video, answer the questions, based on your context, using the information from the week as your guide. Respond to either the K-12 or adult learning questions, but not both.To structure your writing,Your audience will be another group of colleagues and/or a teaching supervisor. You are reporting on how the teaching/ideas are best-practice based on what you have learned so far.Your role is that of someone who is observing teaching practices of an ELL teacher.The format will be an essay.The purpose is to evaluate the teaching practices for best-practices, according to research (class content you have learned so far)Children or Students in a K-12 Learning ContextAdult Learning ContextWatch Differentiated instruction and the English language learnerSections:Comprehensible InputTeachers Incorporate Comprehensible InputAffective Filter TheoryTools, Tools, ToolsSummary: Differentiated Instruction and the English Language LearnerWatch Westergaard’s 2015 video, ESL Beginner Lesson Demo (Chris Westergaard) (Links to an external site.)Address the following items in your paper:Thinking of all of the information we have learned related to planning for ELLs,Describe how the teachers use comprehensible input hypothesis and what can be done to include more comprehensible input.Explain if and how the teachers are using communicative language teaching.Evaluate how students might vary in their interactions during lessons based on their proficiency with basic interpersonal communication skills (BICS) and cognitive academic language proficiency (CALP).Determine what language objectives might be important for ELLs to be successful in this lesson? Determine what language objectives might be important for ELLs to be successful in this lesson?Address the following items in your paper:Thinking of all of the information we have learned related to planning for ELLs,Describe the competencies this teacher is using.Explain if and how the teacher is using contextualized learning and communicative competence.Evaluate how students might vary in their interaction during the lesson based on their proficiency with basic interpersonal communication skills (BICS) and cognitive academic language proficiency (CALP).Determine what language objectives might be important for ELLs to be successful in this lesson?The Teaching Observation paperMust be two to four double-spaced pages in length (not including title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s APA Style (Links to an external site.)Must include a separate title page with the following:Title of paperStudent’s nameCourse name and numberInstructor’s nameDate submittedFor further assistance with the formatting and the title page, refer to APA Formatting for Word 2013 (Links to an external site.).Must utilize academic voice. See the Academic Voice (Links to an external site.) resource for additional guidance.Must include an introduction and conclusion paragraph. Your introduction paragraph needs to end with a clear thesis statement that indicates the purpose of your paper.For assistance on writing Introductions & Conclusions (Links to an external site.) as well as Writing a Thesis Statement (Links to an external site.), refer to the Ashford Writing Center resources.Must use at least one scholarly source in addition to the course text.The Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources (Links to an external site.) table offers additional guidance on appropriate source types. If you have questions about whether a specific source is appropriate for this assignment, please contact your instructor. Your instructor has the final say about the appropriateness of a specific source for a particular assignment.Must document any information used from sources in APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center’s Citing Within Your Paper (Links to an external site.)Must include a separate references page that is formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. See the Formatting Your References List (Links to an external site.) resource in the Ashford Writing Center for specifications.When submitting the weekly paper, please format submission indicating if you are answering questions from the K-12 or adult perspective by using the following format for your file upload: LastNameAssignmentTitleLevel (e.g., RobinsonTeacherObservationAdult or RobinsonTeacherObservationK12).Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.) for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignment.
ELL 240 AU Teaching Observation Learning Styles Discussion

Folklores Influence Towards Modern Texts English Literature Essay

Stories are the earliest form of literature. It has taken its birth with the birth of man. In india jataka tales Panchtantra and kathasarita sagra are the earliest collection of stories. Story tradition in india,Egypt,china and Greece is ealiest form of literature. Origin of folktales is traced back to vedic Akhayanas.Atharvveda is collection of superstitions,folkbeliefs and rituals of man.Jataka tales are earliest form of folk tales.These jataka tales have their own importance,since they serve as a lense to the past and enable one to view clearly working of contemporary society.A systematic survey of jataka takles provide us a picture of by-gone days.Each of these stories conveys a lesson in one way or other whi ch could serve the society in multifarious ways.Jataka tales consist of ideas of Lord Budhha.Buddha while narrating jataka tales had brought out the realities of life which were useful not in the past but also in the present time.These tales are mostly in Pali.Customs,traditions and religious beliefs of various Hindus are reflected in folk tales.Specific times and places have given folktales a local coloring.The term “Folklore” was firdt introduced by William THOMS IN 1846.The term folk refers to any group of people who shares a commen factor of language,occupation or religion. Folklore is transmitted ffrom individual to individual.Folktales were produced by people in the past and today they exist in small part survivals.Folklore is about the traditional beliefs and story of a community. Since hundered years ago,the science of folklore has revolutionized our attitude towards such texts.Now we know the importance of folklore and we know no longer regard it having relation to mythology.According to some people folklore and mythology should not be separated.The dichotomy took hold in European circles when some of the anthropologist under the influence of Ellen Harrison and Lord raglan discovered a theory both myth and rituals are linked to each other.On the other folktales and folktales were not expected to have any relation with ritual.Folktales are traced back to the vedic ages.Now there are Brahamanas whi ch are Sanskrit texts composed by priests to explain the purpose of vedic rituals.This is their universal agenda and every line shows references to vedic sacrifice.There are some flaws in this argument which arises from distinction between myth and folktales,the distinction between the Great and the Little tradition and false supposition that myth is always associated with rituals.Ananda k .kumaraswamy says that “the content of folklore is metaphysical”. The one thing one could do is to make a sequence of stories all along the line with some more folk then myth and reversal.But to do this ,one has to associate folk with tales that deals primarily with human problems and there is minimum intervention of supernatural .While myth would deal with supernatural problems.It is useful to distinguish between stories having different emphasis in “JAIMINIYA” and it is also not wise to say that folktales are not myths.They are myths with a non supernatural bent.They are stories about families and problems created before us by human society. It can also be established that the Brahmanas are regarded as the private property of elite textualists who ever lived are infact undistinguishable from the stori es collected by the BrotherS Grimm in german farmhouses.So it is not easy to separate the folk material form classical material .Since these stories in “JAIMINIYA” were written by priest in Sanskrit and therefore regarded as part of “The Great tradition”.These prejudice is prevalent even when we know that folk material there is written in Sanskrit words such as Hitopadesa and Panchtantra .Because of their secularity they are regarded as folk tales ,the sacred Brahmanas could not descend the level Marchen,falling suddenly from myth to folktale.There are certain portion of Jaiminiya dealing with myths..The cosmic stories of the Gods and the Godesses , the creation of the world ,and origin of death ,all of them are well known,There are some stories which are about the sacrifice ,they are about the shadowsof sacrifice obscured in rituals but illuminated by narrations,The sacrifice in these tales have so many myths ssociated with it as clear from allusions in Rigveda. We can locate folktales in space but not in particular time.We can specify the era or the age of the tales.Take an example of Danga-66G sqmile are in Gujarat.It is inhabited by many communities that modern Indian government would classify as Scheduled tribe.Goth was the word used in Dang for stories,narrative or account.There are so many stories of Dangis pasts such as ;Juni goth,Mohorni goth,padunchi goth.There is also a contrast being shown by Fabian of the coevalness of imperialism and anthroplology.There are two major events in which Dangis frame their past are “moglai” and “mandini”.Moglai is the time when Dangis moved in forests .Mandini marks the end of moglai.Mandini is associated with british rule over region.It shows the distinction between premodern and modern.Moglai is identified with pre-colonial and mandini is associated with british rule.History of Dangs on Gujarat deals with pre-colonialism and post colonialism .Most of the tales in Gujarat have tangential relations of past or present.Khari goth or true stories sustain to claim to time and space whereas imaginary goth come at margins of khari goth.Old men and women in their old age might often tell children other stories of their youth,stories which they learned from the vadils which leads to customs.There are so many things in folktales which are treated as customs now a days.In the story of “Vermilion and marriage” ,there are four members of tribe who were fast friends since boyhood.One of them was a hawked vermilion,another a weaver ,third took to wood carving and fourth was a goldsmith.Once they decided to spend night in a mango orchard.One was still awake,other three were sleeping.The wood carver was sitting idle ,he took a log of wood and chiselled it into a female figure.The goldsmith made a gold chain , pair of earrings and bangles for her.The waever wove a sari for female figure.The vermilion hawker anointed her head with vermilion just at day break.The four friends started quarreling as to who should marry the girl.A holy man heard their voices and said ,”he who made her is her father ,he who clothed her is her elder brother,he who gave ornaments is her uncle,he who brought her to life and put vermilion on her forehead is her husband” .And the woman became the wife of hawker.These customs are still prevalent in society.Applying vermilion on the forehead of a girl means that she is married to the boy who does so.Th e story tries to preserve tradition.It also reveals that fighting for a girl is commen practice in Indian society.It also supports the proverb “one who posseses skills can not sit idle”.The four friends were endowed with skill,rather than sitting idle.They preferred to work at night and could also enjoy enjoy the fruits of their labour. By the study of anthropological studies ,it is clearly visible that folklore deals with one branch of anthropology named cultural anthropology.Bascom,professor of anthropology at the university of California at Berkeley is aware of depending on oral transmission. According to Utley’s concept of folk literature he says that Bascom tends to make verbal art as boundary of folklore.which includes (myth,folktales and legends),but not folk dance,medicine and folk belief(superstition).Bascom also says that the text of ballads and other songs are folklore but the music of ballads and other songs are not.The folklore is linked with social science and humanities.Literary and anthropological approaches to folklore are clearly essential and ecomplementary.Each one has its own separate methods and ideology rather working on commen areas of interest.Cultural anthropology is referred to known as social anthropology.Anthropology is also associated with folklore.Archaeology is not directly related to folklore but it provides information about past developments.Linguistics in some way is related to folklore because they shared a commen verbal art.Any ethnographic study witout folkloreis partially and incomplete description of culture.Morever folklore sanctions and validates the social.religious and economic institutions .It also plays an important role in transferring this institution from generation to generation. Culture is a great part of anthropology today.It consist of any kind of behavior acquired through learning.Under it anthropologists include all customs,traditions together with their methods of production.According to Dr. Gustav klemm of Dresdon from his collections of facts of history,he termed culture as “including customs ,information and skills domestic and public life is peace and war religion science and art” and says”it is manifest on branch of tree of deliberately shape,in the rubbing of sticks to make fire,the cremation of a deceased,father corpse the decorative painting of once body,the transmission of past experience to new generation”.Folklore is studied in anthropology,because it is part of culture.It is a part of tradition,customs,a part of heritage.Many folktales were rejected because they did not fill the recognized need of accepted patterns or tradition of folklore.Folktales are dyanamic that changes with needs of society.The folk element in folklore presents no new problems as anthropologist sees it.There are various questions on who invwnted various themes of folktales,how they have reworked in the past and how the previous variation have influenced the product of any given story teller or writer.Since any cultural law have taken hold on folklore,the data collection of folklore used to bute testify the ideology of culture.The accepted theories of culture can thus contribute to theory of folklore. The theory of cultural evolution developed by Tyler,Morgan and other remains a point of contention between anthropologists and folklorists.This theory was accepted by scholars of latter half of nineteenth century and developed and described by the scholars of 20th century.Folklorists have defined folklore that folklore have survived from earlier stage of civilization as the “shadowy remnants of ancient religious rites still incorporated in the lives of illeterates and rustics”.Analyzation of theory of cultural evolution shows that it was based on certain ideologies which were never proved and in some cased later on have been disapproved.We can not search the ultimate origin of folklore by evolution and age-area concept because archaeological evidences and historical documents are lacking.If we try to reconstruct history on restricted side ,it can give result only in terms of probability than proven facts.Change in folktales can be studied perfectly in process rather than reconstructions based in deistribution.When Cushing some sixty five years ago had the forsight to record the Italian tale of “the cock and the mouse”as told by juni informant.The companion of the juni variants spotlights many juni stylistic features and serves only to show”what transformation the original in underwent in such a brief period and how well it has ben adopted to juni environment and mode thought,but also to give a glimpse of Indian method of folktale making”.Through the examples of changing forms in folktales,we can learn about freedom give to the narrator in various forms of folktales in various societies.Anthropologists are anxious about the place,native society and social settings of folklore.One cannot establish these facts from text of tales alone,yet without them one can only have idea about nature of folklore and its full meaning.There is a relation between folktales and culture from two points of view.The first in which folktales represents culture by means if rituals and beliefs but sometime folktales can do thingswhich are regarded as shocking in daily life.Take one example old man Coyote has intercourse with his mother in law.Where as in ordinary life the American Indian who finds amusement in these tales must observe strict mother in law avoidance.Since the time of Euhemerous,folklorist have made efforts to explain distinction between folklore and actual conduct.The function of amusing state of mind can not only serve as a complete answer,it is clear that beneath these deal of humour,lies a deeper meaning and that folklore serves as psychological escape from many repressions not only sexual which society imposes upon individual.Apart from their entertainment,folktales provide us a clear view of present and past tradition and culture of the origin,how they originate.Bihar is one of important states in India with rich folklore tradition “Panchtantra is one of the most important collection of stories in India.Folktales generally revolve around social mythological and social concepts.It depicts horror situations and wicked evil spirits are some of the commen elements of folklore.Inspite of different varities the folkales of various regions shows a common pattern.Stories of origin of mankind are told through out the world.These are some oral messages which are always found in folktales as :1)Good will triumph and evil will be punished .2)True always come to light. 3)A friend in need is a friend indeed.4)Might makes right. Folk tales preserves social traditions and social taboos.

Salisbury University Age Discrimination in Employment Act Question

online homework help Salisbury University Age Discrimination in Employment Act Question.

Question 1

Which of these statements is true about the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA)?

It protects people 40 and over from being denied employment and from being fired because of their age.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act serves as protection for workers in every type of job.

The Age Discrimination Employment Act was passed in 1950.

The issue of age discrimination in the workplace was always addressed.

4 points
Question 2
Which of the following is a case in which the government has a
compelling reason to limit First Amendment speech regarding religion?
a principal at a predominantly Evangelical Protestant school holding an official daily prayer read over the intercom. some states offering school vouchers to parents so their children may attend church-sponsored schools the Ten Commandments being displayed on government buildings the phrase “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance 4 points
Question 3
Which of the following BEST describes the basic standard for limiting speech under the First Amendment?
If the speech leads to physical violence, then it extends beyond offensive to harmful, and then it may be limited by the government. If the speech leads to physical violence but does not extend beyond offensive to harmful, then it may be limited by the government. If the intentional speech leads to emotional harm but is not offensive, then it may be limited by the government. If the speech leads to heightened emotions, then it may be limited by the government. 4 points
Question 4
Which practice did the Civil Rights Act of 1964 change?
States and local governments had to apply the same provisions of civil liberties and rights to their laws that the federal government did to its laws. State and local governments could apply the same measures of civil liberties and rights to their laws that the federal government did to its laws if they saw it in their interests to do so. States and local governments did not have to apply same requirements of civil liberties and rights to their laws that the federal government did to its laws. States and local governments could continue to treat civil liberties and rights based on the Tenth Amendment. 4 points
Question 5
In the Court’s decision of Griswold v. Connecticut, which of the following amendments were cited?
First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Ninth First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Ninth Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth 4 points
Question 6
Which of the following was the Supreme Court’s decision in Brown v. Board of Education, and which amendment did it affect?
Equal Protection Clause; Fourteenth Amendment Due Process Clause; Fifteenth Amendment Privileges and Immunities Clause; Fourteenth Amendment Equal Protection Clause; Fifteenth Amendment 4 points
Question 7
When the court requires the government to show that its
classification serves a compelling interest and the classification is
necessary to serve that interest, the case would be focused under
__________ .
strict scrutiny intermediate scrutiny reasonable basis a high-profile classification 4 points
Question 8
Which of the following is an example of de jure discrimination?
anti-miscegenation laws (laws against interracial marriages) employers against hiring women or black people realtors steering people towards “black” or “white” neighborhoods restaurant refusing to serve gay people 4 points
Question 9
The reasonable basis test has focused on __________ .
age religion national origin alien status 4 points
Question 10
All of the following are protected by the Bill of Rights except for which one?
the right to equal protection under the law the right to peaceably assemble the right to a fair and speedy trial by jury the right to keep and bear arms 4 points
Question 11
To which step in the governmental process of a fair trial would a court date relate?
providing individuals with notice of the charges being filed against them supplying an explanation for the basis of any adverse finding explaining the standard of conduct (law) that individuals are accused of violating providing individuals with the opportunity (hearing) to rebut the government’s charges 4 points
Question 12
The classifications of strict scrutiny receiving some of the greatest amount of attention included __________ .
race age sexual orientation birth legitimacy 4 points
Question 13
Which Court case stated that a woman’s right to terminate a
pregnancy was constitutional and protected under her right to privacy?
Roe v. Wade Griswold v. Connecticut Webster v. Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v. Casey 4 points
Question 14
At the reasonable basis level, the court has ordered which of the
following to show challenged classification is related to serving
legitimate state interest?
government the plaintiff the defendant lower courts 4 points
Question 15
Which of these is TRUE about the Americans with Disabilities Act?
It protects individuals with physical and mental impairments. It sought to end discrimination in 1980. It doesn’t require disabled employees to have reasonable accommodations. A service animal is not considered a reasonable accommodation. 4 points
Question 16
How does the First Amendment protect privacy?
by protecting rights that are not enumerated in law by protecting through freedom of association by protecting the “penumbra” of privacy of one’s home by protecting against unreasonable searches 4 points
Question 17
Which was an effect of the Fifteenth Amendment?
abolished slavery except as a punishment for a crime granted African Americans citizenship and extended the equal protection of the law to anyone residing in the United States prohibits states from denying the right to vote based on “race, color, or previous condition of servitude” required the payment of United States debt 4 points
Question 18
“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise
infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury.”
What is the exception to this?
cases arising in the land or naval forces if the crime was extremely serious if the accused admitted to the crime if there is a great deal of evidence 4 points
Question 19
Details of due process can be found in which amendment of the United States Constitution?
Fifth Amendment First Amendment Third Amendment Fourth Amendment 4 points
Question 20
How would affirmative action be best described?
an attempt by the federal government to give historically disadvantaged groups an equal opportunity at finding a job and getting an education an attempt by the federal government to give historically disadvantaged groups jobs an attempt by the federal government to give historically disadvantaged groups an unequal opportunity at finding a job and getting an education over whites an attempt by the liberals at social engineering to give minorities an unequal opportunity at finding a job over truly qualified candidates 4 points
Question 21
In school prayer cases, why has the Court ruled that officially sanctioned prayer was a violation of the First Amendment?
Prayer becomes corrupted and produces ostracism if someone does not feel like joining in the prayer. Prayer is an American tradition and must be upheld. The Court did not rule prayer was a violation of the First Amendment. Prayer only becomes corrupt when people are forced to do it. 4 points
Question 22
Reasonable basis is established __________ .
after other classifications have been reviewed when high profile cases fall under a piece of legislation for racial cases only for religious cases only 4 points
Question 23
Which of these is true about rights concerning gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, and transgender Americans?
Same-sex marriage is legal nationwide. Prohibiting same-sex marriage doesn’t violate any constitutional rights. Americans of the same sex not being able to get married has no negative effects. 4 points
Question 24
In Miranda v. Arizona, the court ruled that the four instances
considered violated which amendment to the United States Constitution?
Fifth Amendment Fourth Amendment Third Amendment Second Amendment 4 points
Question 25
Title IX made it illegal for schools to discriminate on the basis of sex if the school accepted __________ .
federal aid state aid county aid municipal aid 4 points
Question 26
Which of these people is most likely to be protected by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act?
a 45-year-old who is being forced to retire against his or her will A 15-year-old African American who cannot buy clothes in a department store a 25-year-old who has just been laid off a female who makes 10 percent less than her male counterparts 4 points
Question 27
The Court has ruled that the freedom to express one’s religious faith is __________ , not open for government interpretation.
absolute partial semi-absolute restricted 4 points
Question 28
According to due process, which of these must the court do?
protect the interests of the individual in retaining his or her property and the injury threatened by the official action get permission from the accused to proceed with a hearing make sure that all of the courts within the judicial system are in agreement administer punishment to the accuser based off of a police report 4 points
Question 29
Which of the following is a protected category of the types of expression allowed under the First Amendment?
crude and vulgar speech obscenity fighting words defamation 4 points
Question 30
Which of the following was an effect of the Thirteenth Amendment?
abolished slavery except as a punishment for a crime granted African Americans citizenship and extended the equal protection of the law to anyone residing in the United States prohibits states from denying the right to vote based on “race, color, or previous condition of servitude” required the payment of United States debt 4 points
Question 31
How does the Ninth Amendment protect privacy?
by protecting rights that are not enumerated in law by protecting through freedom of association by protecting the “penumbra” of privacy of one’s home by protecting against unreasonable searches 4 points
Question 32
What happens if the accused cannot afford legal counsel?
The government will provide an attorney. The accused will have no representation in court. The accused will be given extra time to find an inexpensive lawyer. The trial will still move forward.
Salisbury University Age Discrimination in Employment Act Question

Faith and Rationality Research Paper

Introduction Faith is among the topics that people have widely spoken and written about. There have been as many different opinions on what faith is, depending with the writers experiences and convictions. It has been said that faith has to do with the conviction of ones mind. Faith has mainly been linked with religious beliefs held by people in different religions. To some people, faith has always been taken in a negative way because it has been seen as a belief that one holds devoid of reason. This paper attempts to explore the concept of faith. Different faiths in the world. Hinduism This faith is believed to have started around 4000 and 2500 BCE. It is one of the religions which are polytheistic. The most commonly held belief in this religion is the importance of doing well because of reincarnation that one undergoes after death. They believe that doing well gives one a chance to be reincarnated in a more dignified position whereas doing evil makes one to be reincarnated in a humiliating position than the one someone held before death for example if one was evil during their life on earth, they can be reincarnated as animals. Judaism According to Anon (2011), this is one of the religions that have their origin in the covenant of Abraham with God. The followeFrs of this religion are mostly the Jews who are strongly monotheistic they believe in one God and His prophets through whom He communicates to them. They are against the idea propagated by Christians that they need salvation through Jesus Christ and believe that they are specially chosen by God and that He is going to send them a messiah in days to come (Smoller, 1930). There is also the belief that the temple that was ruined will be set up again. Buddhism The belief in reincarnation is also held in this religion. The followers of this religion believe in that one has to go through different stages that include birth, life and death after which comes reincarnation (Anon, 2011). Unlike other religions, they do not believe in prayers or a supreme being which many religions have and refer to as God. There is also no belief in life after death. Generally, this religion has borrowed a lot from the Asian culture and has disregarded some of the beliefs that were held previously. Confucianism This is a religion that has its roots in China with its founder being K’ung Fu Tzu also known as Confucius. The major teachings of this religion are good morals which include love, honesty, and loyalty among others. Good political leadership is also encouraged. Rituals are also a part of this faith but are only carried out during certain times of ones life for example birth, marriage or death. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Jainism This faith has some similarity with both Hinduism and Buddhism. The belief of reincarnation is also present in this religion. This therefore calls for one to live a good life so that they are reincarnated in a higher caste. They believe in preservation of life and hence try to avoid anything that would lead to the loss of life of either a plant or an animal. For this reason, the followers of this faith seek to eat only the fruits of the plant to avoid damaging it. They try very much to avoid harming any living thing because this may lead to punishment during reincarnation. Christianity This is among the major world’s religions with millions of followers in the world. The religion is founded on the teachings and the life of Jesus Christ. Most of these teachings and other things in the life of Jesus Christ are recorded in the Holy Scriptures, the Bible. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ taught many people and also His twelve followers using different parables and also performed various miracles like healing people and raising the dead among others (Frank, 2008). It is also recorded that Jesus Christ died and rose again that through this, people who sincerely repent their sins may receive forgiveness of sins and everlasting life from the God the father. There have been differences in the interpretation of the bible which has led to many denominations rising and teaching different teachings according to their convictions. It is one of the religions with many groups within professing the same faith but teaching different things. Islam This faith has its origin in Prophet Muhammad who is believed to be the last prophet of God sent to tell the truth concerning what was wrongly taught. The Muslims also believe in the ancient prophets like Moses and Abraham. They however, vary with the Christians concerning their belief in Jesus Christ. The Muslims strongly believe that Jesus was just a prophet and not the son of God and was not nailed on the cross and neither did He resurrect as commonly claimed by the Christians. Considering Jesus as being equal to and the same in essence and substance with God is seen as blasphemy. We will write a custom Research Paper on Faith and Rationality specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Faith and rationality Since faith in a supreme being is majorly the foundation of many worlds’ religions, it is important to look at how rational faith in a supernatural being is. Many times when there is discussion about faith and rationality, the two have been said to be incompatible by some while to others they have been seen as two complimentary things. Some argue that, although both faith and rationality have to do with belief, they are two very different entities. In the words of Monsma (2002), Faith has to do with belief on the unseen based on a strong conviction of the mind while rationality has to do with belief based on what is seen and reason. Faith is therefore a complex idea that can not be easily comprehended by everyone and especially because of the negative interpretation it gets from different people (Morris, 1988). This is because of the inability to give tangible evidence on what one believes in, mostly when dealing with religious faith. This is so because; it is usually a very hard task to give tangible evidence of the existence of a supernatural being this has led to many people seeing faith as something negative. Very few people, therefore, are willing to see faith as something positive to be embraced and those who are holding to it constantly attract a lot of criticism. It has also been argued that faith does not always have to be rational for it to make sense. Plantinga

OL 125 Southern New Hampshire University Personal Leadership SWOT Reflection

OL 125 Southern New Hampshire University Personal Leadership SWOT Reflection.

My leadership style is supportive and participative leadership style therefore, this has to reflect both leadership styles that represent me as a leader.Instructions: Overview
With unstable economies becoming increasingly more common, businesses look to different aspects of their company to save money, improve performance,
and boost their position amongst their competitors. One of the most important areas of focus is human relations, which directly influences productivity,
motivation, and employee retention. In order for you to succeed professionally, you will need to develop a special set of human relations skills that includes selfawareness, strong leadership qualities, the ability to motivate, and the ability to facilitate communication.
Your final project in this course will be a reflection on yourself in your organization and at Southern New Hampshire University. You will analyze your own
strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats as they pertain to your own leadership skills as well as identify appropriate skills that contribute to influencing
workplace productivity, engagement, and motivation. The final deliverable will be a plan with three goals and action steps that you have determined are the best
fit for you as a leader.
In this assignment, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following course outcomes:
 Explain how individual personality, perception, leadership styles, and self-concept influence human relations in informing the development of a personal
leadership philosophy
 Explain how the communications process in leadership situations affects positive human relations
 Illustrate how the relationship between motivation, stress, and time management influences workplace dynamics
 Identify appropriate human interaction skills necessary for managers to positively influence productivity
Based on your knowledge of human relations, you will write a paper addressing the different factors that have influenced your leadership philosophy, including
personality, perception, leadership styles, and self-concept. In addition, you will examine how your leadership philosophy impacts your understanding of the
communications process, workplace dynamics, and management skills.
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:
I. Personality and Self-Concept: In this section, you will devote one detailed paragraph to your identified strengths and weaknesses as you consider future
leadership opportunities. You may draw from your SWOT analysis in your responses. Please be sure to address the following in the two sections of your
A. Strengths: Discuss the aspects of your personality and self-concept that serve as a particular strength as you consider your future leadership
opportunities. Why are these important to you and to others you may be leading?
B. Areas of Improvement: Conversely, what aspects of your personality and self-concept may lead to difficulties in your future work as a leader?
What areas of improvement have you identified?
II. Human Interaction Skills: In two paragraphs, you will identify at least two skills—drawing from your course readings and your own experiences—that can
positively influence workplace productivity, engagement, and/or motivation. In your discussion of each skill, be sure to address the following questions
underneath the skill:
A. Description of Skill: What is this skill, and how is it used in personnel management?
B. Engagement and Motivation: How specifically would this skill positively impact engagement or motivation?
C. Intended Impact: How specifically does this skill positively influence workplace productivity?
III. Personal Development Plan: Finally, you will bring together your reflections on personality, self-concept, and human interaction skills in order to create
actionable steps for your future as a leader. First, include a final paragraph answering the first prompt below. Then, identify three goals to enhance your
skills as a leader.
A. First, reflect on how this experience has helped shape your personal leadership philosophy. Be specific.
B. Next, using the provided plan template, identify relevant goals to enhance your skills as a leader, action steps to achieving those goals, potential
obstacles you may face, and a plan to overcome those obstacles.
Milestone One: Personality and Self-Concept
In Module Two, you will provide an initial self-reflection that discusses your own strengths as well as areas you feel you may need to improve. You will consider
how these aspects of your personality and self-concept will allow you to improve your skills in a future leadership role. This milestone will be graded with the
Milestone One Rubric.
Milestone Two: SWOT Analysis
In Module Four, you will perform a SWOT analysis. The SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis will help you determine more
information about where your additional strengths and weaknesses lie. This milestone will be graded with the Milestone Two Rubric.
Final Submission: Personal Leadership Reflection
In Module Seven, you will describe your personal leadership philosophy and then examine how that leadership philosophy informs your use of the
communications process, understanding of workplace dynamics, and management skills. Draw from the feedback you received from your completed
assignments throughout this course, and use the provided Personal Leadership Reflection Template to complete the final project. This submission will be graded
with the Final Project Rubric.
The Career Connection: Students are also encouraged to share their reflections with SNHU Career, both throughout the term and once they have completed
their reflections. Our career advisors are aware of this assignment and are looking forward to working with you in using this plan to help you find your best
career fit. You can reach SNHU Career by emailing [email protected], calling 888-672-1458, or utilizing their extensive online resources. Be sure to identify
yourself as an OL 125 student.
Final Project Rubric
Guidelines for Submission: Your personal leadership reflection must be 4 paragraphs (300–400 words) in length using the provided Personal Leadership
Reflection Template. Sources should be cited according to APA style.
OL 125 Southern New Hampshire University Personal Leadership SWOT Reflection