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Each student will select a topic that you would like to research. Select one of the following topics discussed

Each student will select a topic that you would like to research.
Select one of the following topics discussed in the text: ONE teaching strategy used to teach reading,
math skills, science or social studies, social skills or activities of daily living to individuals with moderate to
severe disabilities. Ie. Moderate to severe intellectual disability, moderate or severe autism.
A paper will be submitted citing at least 5 research study articles on your topic. The participants in the
studies CANNOT be individuals with mild disabilities ie. Behavioral disorder or a learning disability. The
participants must be students with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities or moderate to
severe autism. The articles should be research studies on the one teaching strategy that you have
selected. These articles are not quoting the opinions of others on the strategy. They need to be articles
about research studies and the outcome of that strategy. You will write a brief summary of each research
study including the participants, the strategy, the method and the outcome. For an example of a research
style paper, please refer to the link on APA style
This is a graduate level paper and should be written with the facts only. At no point can you use
“I” in this paper. No personal stories or opinions can be used in a research paper.
• Must use the American Psychological Association (APA) Format for this paper
• Research must be published books or juried journal articles (nothing prior to 2010).
• The articles need to be studies but not meta-analysis. One of the purposes of this paper is to
have a working knowledge of how to use the strategy that you research. You would feel
comfortable using this strategy with students.
• Remember to cite quotations. Quotes in papers that are not cited with the source (APA format)
can be considered plagiarism. Limit the use of multiple quotations.
• Failure to use the format below will result in a loss of 10 points.
Paper FORMAT : The paper should include the following SUBHEADINGS:
I. Introduction: One paragraph to introduce the strategy and provide
a brief descriiption of what will be discussed in your paper. This paragraph will end with
“This paper will discuss….” This paragraph will be followed by two or more paragraphs
that thoroughly describe the teaching strategy.
II. Research: discussion of research studies conducted on the use of the selected
strategy. Summarize each study with at least one paragraph that includes the
participants, the method, and the results. There should be at least 5 studies supporting
the academic strategy with individuals with moderate to severe disabilities.
III. Closing Paragraph: Restate the strategy and briefly summarize the research.
The paper shall be at least 5-7 typed pages, double spaced only (do not use triple spacing
between subheadings). Standard APA margins (1 inch on all sides) and 12pt font Times New
Roman. Proofread: points will be deducted for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and
failure to follow the format above.
This is a great resource on APA format:
Where can you find research journals? As an Edinboro student, you have access to online
articles from Baron- Forness library. Many articles can be accessed online. When you are on your
MyEdinboro home page, you will notice the library has an icon that is a stack of books. If you click
on this, it will take you to the library website. Locate “find articles”. On the Database page, there
are multiple data bases listed that can be searched. One database that I frequently use is
EBSCOhost or other education databases. To conduct an article search, you will need to search
keywords to locate articles about your topic. It may take a several searches to locate research
articles on your topic.
A common mistake often made is that when discussing a research article-you do not include
the title of the article. You use the author’s last name(s) only with the year of the article. Ex.
“Westling and Fox (2019) reported that….”
Please be aware that submission of your paper goes in to I receive a report on the
originality of your paper. Your paper should have no more than 25% from other sources. If your
paper is not original or is from another source, you will receive a failing grade.