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E-commerce. I don’t know how to handle this eCommerce question and need guidance.

Topic 1: e-Learningat work: Web-based Learning Communitiesin business environment
Topic 2: e-Entertainment: emerging technologies and revenue generation models for virtual entertainment(e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, e-Sports)
Topic 3: Social Commerce and Social Lending: towards more responsible society
Topic 4: Crowdsourcing: new development models for business start-ups
Topic 5: Mobile Money: emerging trends in developing countries (e.g. m-Pesa)
Topic 6: Geo-location services at consumer level: new business models for monetisation
Topic 7: Business Process Re-engineering: Internet-related strategies
Topic 8: AI and Big Data: new trends in business data analytics
Topic 9: Serious Gaming in mental health treatment: emerging trends
Topic 10: Digital age“click-and-mortar”large-scale enterprise:a case study of your choice (e.g. EasyJet)Topic 11: AdverGaming and In-Game-Advertising: trends and opportunities
Topic 12: Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare: opportunities and societal challenges
Topic 13: Software Piracy: implications for the industry and economy
Topic 14: Business models for wearable technologies in sport and fitness
Topic 15: Darknetand cybercrime challenges: governmental and corporatesecurity strategies

Park Blood Diamond film in relation to the Novel In a Long Way Gone Discussion

Park Blood Diamond film in relation to the Novel In a Long Way Gone Discussion.

Hello, I wrote a comparison paper on the topic Blood diamonds vs the book “A long way gone” by Ishmael Beah. I now need a objective essay on Blood diamonds in relation to the story in a long way gone. know the book A long way gone is necessary. Directions are below.Topics below take place directly or indirectly in A Long Way Gone. Begin researching the information in the media center. Requirements for an “A”: minimum of 3 but no more than 4 researched sources.2 pages not including cover or references or picturesPrint out sources and highlight key ideas and details. Include pictures of your topic.Write an objective summary of your topic. Do your W’s. (who what when where why)Summary requires correct citations.Format of the summary in correct MLA.Summary contains a correct works cited page.I attached my teachers example of MLA he wants.
Park Blood Diamond film in relation to the Novel In a Long Way Gone Discussion

Acadia University Analyzing & Visualizing Data Discussion

programming assignment help Acadia University Analyzing & Visualizing Data Discussion.

Refer back to the dataset you selected for Homework Assignment and address each of the following three questions. Each response should be 2-3 paragraphs with an explanation of all terms and reasons for your decisions. Identify a chart type that could be used to display different editorial perspectives of your dataset and explain why you felt it to be appropriate.Identify two other chart types that could show something about your subject matter, though maybe not confined to the data you are looking at. In other words, chart types that could incorporate data not already included in your selected dataset.Review the classifying chart families in Chapter 6 of your textbook. Select at least one chart type from each of the classifying chart families (CHRTS) that could portray different editorial perspectives about your subject. This may include additional data, not already included in your selected dataset.
Acadia University Analyzing & Visualizing Data Discussion

Allied College Maryland Heights Vanitas Still Lifes Discussion

Allied College Maryland Heights Vanitas Still Lifes Discussion.

I’m working on a art Discussion and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

In this module, we looked at and discussed many different genres of painting including Still Life. Let’s explore a special type of Still Life: Vanitas Still Life.Go to one of the following online collections, and select an example of a Vanitas Still Life:The Metropolitan Museum of ArtThe National Gallery of ArtThe Tate MuseumThe Walters Art MuseumThe Rijks MuseumClosely examine your Vanitas Still Life selection, and identify at least three objects within it. Describe what these objects are, and why the artist included them in the painting. Be sure to include a discussion of moral and ethical considerations. Finally, attach a jpeg image of the painting, and be sure to include at the beginning of your discussion the title, the artist, the dimensions of the painting, and its date.This essay fulfills the course requirement to conduct written research on a work of art or architecture, as seen in person. This work of art or architecture must be from the period covered in the course. Your topic does not have to be covered in the textbook, but it should be from the period of 1300 – Present. In your paper, you must provide a clear thesis and demonstrate your support for that thesis in your research. This assignment combines the required skills necessary for investigating a work of art, and the necessity of actually seeing those objects to that research. Therefore, in this assignment, you will be required to write about a work of art you have seen in person (because of COVID-19, you can do a virtual museum visit). Access the Sources of Museum Visit link below.If you live outside of Northern Virginia or the Washington, DC Metro area, please contact your instructor for approval or ideas for museum visits in your area. You will need approval from your instructor to use online museum collections in lieu of an on-site visit. Referring to the museum catalog and/or label information (what contextualizes the important facts about the work of art), your research will expand upon one Important aspect of the work you learned from the museum.Details750 – 1000 words3 to 4 FULL pages, double-spaced and typed, in 12pt. fontImages should be submitted separatelyat least 3 sources (other than your text)Information Literacy.The following credible academic sources on the basis of your research:booksdissertationsinterviewsjournalsmagazinesvideosWebsites and encyclopedic entries will not be counted as appropriate research sources. What is provided for you through the Research Resource Guide are the required, credible, peer-reviewed sources you will need for this assignment. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of any of your sources, please ask the instructor.DemonstrateYou must provide a clear thesis, which addresses an important aspect of the museum’s context of the work. For example, the museum text may discuss a work of art’s relation to social and political ideas within society when it was created it. If it discusses the artist’s biography, you may discuss how the work of art related directly to that biography.Provenance is the history of ownership. In addressing provenance, you answer: Was the work commissioned and why? If not, why was it made? What were the artist’s intentions? Provenance is also an important aspect you will find in the museum’s information. How do factors like the historical context and location shape the meaning of the work?You must also discuss style. Remember that in discussing style, you are often referring to a period style or regional style. In order to discuss style, you must utilize formal analysis to communicate the work’s key features. Give attention to the materials and techniques the artist used to effectively communicate their ideas. Those materials and techniques are also particular to time and place. The possibilities are endless, but you must demonstrate that you understand the existing and accepted interpretations of a work of art architecture. This essay should be thoughtfully responsive to the museum’s research you encountered in your visit, and you will be expanding upon, or even arguing against, previous research.You must include MLA (Links to an external site.) citation style, with endnotes and a complete bibliography on two separate pages at the end of the paper. A full resource guide to MLA citation is also included in the Research Resource Guide.
Allied College Maryland Heights Vanitas Still Lifes Discussion

Mission College the Miracle of Dog Doo Park Novel Analysis Questions

Mission College the Miracle of Dog Doo Park Novel Analysis Questions.

After you have watched our class lesson on choosing the appropriate POV in your paper and avoiding point of view shifts this week, you will be revising your first paper (your movie review paper) to reflect your new knowledge: Read over your first paper. Highlight all references to the viewer (whether you reference your viewer in the first, second, or third person POV): you, I, me, my, we, us, the viewers, the the viewer, the audience, they, etc. Go through and change all of these so that there are a) no shifts in your paper’s POV and b) your POV is appropriate (that is, your paper should now be entirely in the third person plural POV: they, audiences, viewers, etc.). Submit your revised draft here. There should be no POV issues now, and I should be able to see the changes you’ve made (highlight or underline them). This means your paper should be written in ONLY the third person POV. and alsoAfter you’ve watched our class lesson in which I explain in-depth all of last week’s literary terms, as well as a new important one (theme), and offer some examples of each, please respond to the following: What is “the miracle of dog doo park” on a literal level (that is, what actually happens at the park that amazes Taylor?)? I would go back and reread the passage on pages 118-119 that describes this miracle to really understand what this miracle is. (1 point)What is “the miracle of dog doo park” on a metaphorical level (that is, what– or whom– do the wisteria vines and their change represent?)? (1 point) What key theme of the novel does the metaphor of “the miracle at dog doo park” highlight? (1 point)Share with your classmates another theme in the novel you have discovered, using a specific quote with page #s to support your ideas. (1 point)Comment thoughtfully on one of your classmate’s posts. (1 point)This is what a wisteria tree– or, according to Turtle, a “bean tree”– looks like. These are the vines to which Taylor is referring in “miracle of dog doo park” passage.
Mission College the Miracle of Dog Doo Park Novel Analysis Questions