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During this course, you will complete a worksheet for each unit. At the end of the course, you should

During this course, you will complete a worksheet for each unit. At the end of the course, you should be able to print all of your worksheets and compile them into a travel guide for Italy.
For this assignment, you will complete the Unit II Verona Travel Worksheet . You may conduct research to complete the worksheet.
Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.

BSBPMG535 Manage Project Information and Communication

There are two tasks in this assessment.
Task 1 has total of 7 questions, please answer them accordingly in the document that is provided.
In Task 2 there is a scenario given and you need to use that scenario and do work on Part A,B,C,D. Please do this work on a separate word document.
Please make sure that there is no plagiarism, if there is plagiarism I will be in very tough situation.
I am attaching two documents for Task 1 and Task 2. Please let me know if you have questions.

Develop the conditions for congruence of triangles

During this course, you will complete a worksheet for each unit. At the end of the course, you should Develop the conditions for congruence of triangles.


From: a)Australian Curriculum (ACMMG201) b) NSW Syllabus at stage 4 in the measurement and Geometry content strand c) YuTub Video – M – AU2 Congruence d) See the Assignment 1 – task requirement (attachment) Make a 2000 words Essay: (1) analyse and critique a lesson, (2) produce a single lesson plan and (3) provide an explanation/justification of your lesson.

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Mistrust between the African American community and healthcare professionals and its effect on early detection of mental health and developmental disorders in African American youth.

Mistrust between the African American community and healthcare professionals and its effect on early detection of mental health and developmental disorders in African American youth..

Mistrust between the African American community and healthcare professionals and its effect on early detection of mental health and developmental disorders in African American youth. The paper is focused on understanding a modern social problem(the topic above) the paper has to be set up this way: Abstract Introduction Literature review Discussion -Discuss/critically consider the articles Limitations of These Studies Conclusion and Future Study References

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identify, evaluate, and mitigate risk

identify, evaluate, and mitigate risk.

Through the process of analysis and documentation, students will focus on the elements of managing project risk and the different processes project manages use to identify, evaluate, and mitigate risk. Through internalizing of learning, students will begin to immediately apply what they are learning and will document their learning via responses to three short essay questions. This exercise is designed to help everyone understand risk. Instructions: 1. Read the learning resources available in this unit.

2. Write 2-3 pages to provide more in-depth analysis and consideration when answer the following questions. Choose a simple project with which you are familiar and describe a risk that is typical of each phase of the project and a mitigation plan for those four risks. Assume you are considering the purchase of a house. What are examples of each of the four types of risk mitigation that are associated with buying a house? Explain your choice of each example and relate it to the definition of each type of risk mitigation. Assume that you are working on a complex project to add a wing to a hospital that is next to a natural wetland. Using the four categories of the Darnall-Preston Complexity Index, identify a high-impact risk and explain your choice. Use at least 3-4 sources to support the claims you make in your paper. This allows you to use both our text and external sources to fully respond to the questions. Your essay should display a thorough understanding of risk. An “A” quality submission would be as follows Communication Proficiency (0-33 pts) The submission follows assigned steps. Each section is clear and focused. All claims are fully supported and not just a statement of opinion. Construction (0-33 pts) Submission contains an introduction and conclusion. Details are placed in logical order and the way they are presented effectively keeps the interest of the reader. Quality (0-33 pts)


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US Navy Sail through south China sea

US Navy Sail through south China sea.

The purpose of this project is to further develop your critical thinking, research skills and to encourage you to delve into an international issue of your choosing. The project consists of two components: a collection of at least four current newspaper articles related to a single international event of your choosing, and 2000 word summary-analysis paper devoted to the articles you selected for this project. You will also need to include a “works cited” or bibliography page along with hard copies of each of your news articles when you submit your completed essay. Purpose of the Paper (Examining the Production of Contemporary Historiography) – The goal of this paper is to allow you to analyze how “historiography” is an ongoing process largely influenced by the news media. History is a subjectively generated product. History incorporates the biases and viewpoints of those who produce it. The news media today is a key source in providing us with “meaning” connected to newsworthy “historical” events. In fact, the news media is in fact a major part of the process that generates “history.” Although news media reporters and editors frequently claim that they are presenting “just the facts,” the way in which these “facts” are presented often carry a number of biases that strongly influence public perception and interpretations of current events. For this assignment, you are going to pick a specific, single international event and examine how this event is presented by different news media sources from around the globe. You are being asked to compare the articles you have selected for this assignment and discuss how the differing ways in which the event you have chosen actually reflects more than the “plain” facts, but rather reveals complex layers of social values, assumptions, biases, beliefs and meanings by each of your articles’ authors.

Selecting a Topic 1) First, select a single international news event that has occurred in the past 60 days. Since the purpose of the paper is to address international issues, the event you select for this assignment must have occurred OUTSIDE of the United States (although the issue may INCLUDE the US as one of the agents involved). There are numerous current news issues to choose from, but for this project I strongly suggest that you choose an event of a political or social nature. If you are struggling to find a topic for this paper, you may want to check out respected news sources online such a CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera, etc. to get a sense of current news events that are relevant to this assignment. 2) Your topic should be a single, recent event, not an ongoing issue. For example, you might choose to discuss a recent, single action that took place in Yemen or Afghanistan or Syria or the Central African Republic, or Palestine, etc., but you may NOT choose the overall, ongoing violence in Yemen or Afghanistan or Syria or The Central African Republic, or Palestine, etc., as your topic. For example, you could choose a single, recent protest, or meeting or act of violence that has recently occurred in Syria as your event for this paper, but you may not choose the overall ongoing civil war in Syria as your topic. A recent election (outside of the US), a newly approved law or act of legislation (outside of the US), an international political meeting, the signing of a treaty or international agreement, a single act of violence, a recent missile test, a recent day of protest or a recent military action that took place on a single day would all be possible topics for this paper. However, any paper that tries to address the entirety of the Syrian civil war, war refugees, peace in the Middle East, Aids in Africa, poverty in India, international human rights, human trafficking in Southeast Asia or drug trafficking in Mexico, etc. are all too broad for this assignment and are not appropriate topics for this class. You need to choose something much smaller – a single action or event that occurred on a specific day – as a topic for this assignment. For example, you could pick some relatively small, particular portion of an issue to focus on, such as a reaction to a controversial law that has just been passed, or a particular act of violence that recently occurred, or a recent meeting between heads of state or a recent foreign election, or a recent military intervention, etc. Also, please do not choose a sporting event, a natural disaster, a health crisis or an outbreak of disease for this assignment.

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Steroids shouldn’t be promoted for aesthetic and self enhancement purposes.

Steroids shouldn’t be promoted for aesthetic and self enhancement purposes..

Prompt:  This assignment is 8-10 pages of Argumentative Research paper. Make sure you choose and use credible sources to support your claim

Research paper Checklist.

1.       Format

·         Times New Roman,12 font, Proper MLA header order

·         Does you essay have original title, Centered over the essay.

2.       Introduction

·         Does the essay clearly over view both sides of the argument?

·         Does the introduction include a well-crafted thesis statement?

3.        Body Paragraphs

·         Does the essay begin each body paragraph with clear claim?

·         Is there enough evidence to support the claim?

ü  Informative/Argumentative- Does the writer provide direct evidence from sources? Do the cite the evidence correctly? Did the write check parenthetical citations?

·         Commentary: Do you find sufficiently provide context and explain and analyze the topic and the quoted material used in each body paragraph.

4.       Conclusion.

·         Do you wrap up the essay effectively?

·         Do you restate the thesis statement?

·         Do you include a final statement: personal insight, lessons learned, call to action from the topic?

5.       Work Cited Page

·         Is the works cited page formatted correctly using MLA format?

·         Go back through the essay several times and look for the parenthetical citations. Do these matches up with the citations on the work cited page?

This part is already submitted on the previous order I just included it here in case you need to review the instructions again

Annotated Bibliography

This section of your paper is al list of all sources on your topic,with commentary on each source written by you. This commentary summarize what the source is about, how it relates to your topic , which parts are particularly relevant ,why the author is believable, and information presented.

The summary/commentary must;

·         Provide the back ground and credibility of the author

·         State the main focus or purpose of the work.

·         Briefly describe the contents

·         Indicate possible audience for the work.

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