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Dundee Role of Feedback Approaches & Adjustments for Learning Needs Discussion

Dundee Role of Feedback Approaches & Adjustments for Learning Needs Discussion.

I’m working on a nursing report and need guidance to help me learn.

Brief overview of the topic of discussion.Definitions feedback.Discuss the types of feedback methodsIdentify theories and models that are used. (remember to challenge the theories)Critically analysis and apply current theoretical and methodological approaches of feedback in learner assessment, feedback and support.Explore current methods of feedback and reflect on your own experiences of providing feedback to a learner. What are the views from a learner and educator viewpoint? How may these views affect the wider organisation?Evaluate the effectiveness, strengths, weaknesses, implications of feedback on you, your students/patients, and the wider organisations.Identify strategies that can be used to enhances feedback.Identify healthcare needs relating to feedback.Critically explore their use and importance of feedback in Nursing practice. Use examples to support your argument.N:B – The work must be cited properly and referenced using Harvard referencing style.Word count, 1,200
Dundee Role of Feedback Approaches & Adjustments for Learning Needs Discussion

Arguing a Position Research Paper.

Essay 3. Arguing a Position Research Paper: The goal of this essay is to persuade your reader toward understanding your opinion on an issue. We will work on the various rhetorical elements that enable us to build convincing arguments, including developing a clear thesis, addressing counterarguments, and supporting and qualifying claims. Using correct MLA documentation, for this final essay you will use research and quotations from 6 outside sources to support your view. Length: Final, 2000 words/6 pages (+Works Cited) 300 points. DUE SUNDAY, 12/10 at 11:59 PM.Read instructions make sure everything is done as followed I had students from my class revise my essay take what they said follow instructions and perfect my essay please and thank you.
Arguing a Position Research Paper

CCF Attribute Rudeness to The Individual and The Culture They Represent Essay.

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The GlobePlease check to see if the Image(s) you are being asked to review has a title. If there is a title, then I expect you to click on the title and read the corresponding document about the image and phrase your answer in a way that demonstrates your comprehension of this document as it relates to the theory in the text.Go to The Globe. Locate the country of Botswana (in Africa). Take a look at the photograph for the San Tribe.Summarize the culture of these people.The Shower EssaySuppose a foreigner who walked into your home went straight to sleep in the guest room. Would you be insulted? Would you be likely to attribute rudeness to the individual, or rudeness to the culture that the stranger represents? Or would you be more generous and assume the individual was just tired? How do you think the visitor feels about being in an unfamiliar place? How would your attributions change if the person was quiet and uncommunicative in the morning? Is the existence of a language barrier sufficient reason to avoid communication with people from another culture? Answer together, not as separate questionsLost Boys of SudanAs in much of Africa, war is an old and seemingly intractable reality for the people of Sudan. In fact, civil war has largely defined the country in the world’s eyes ever since it gained independence in 1956 from Egypt and the United Kingdom. In the ensuing 40 years, rebels from the country’s southern provinces – populated by black who practice African Traditional Religion and Christianity – have fought periodically against a Sudanese government dominated by the country’s largely Arab, Muslim northern population. The war has cost an estimated 2 million lives from fighting and famine, as the government and an array of southern rebel faction’s battle back and forth across a devastated landscape, with no apparent end in sight. The United States and other countries have tried to help the orphaned children due to these wars.Life in Houston Texas is very different than life in the refugee camp. Based upon what you know about the culture of the United States and what you have viewed in the clip from “The Lost Boys of Sudan,” What Forces Pull Cultures Together and Apart (CH – Potential for Intercultural Competence)? Compare and contrast this notion to these two distinctive places on this planet.Tribal Life in New GuineaWhy does the narrator say (at the end of the video) that “the lives/culture of the Dani, Asmat and Koriwai Tribes will change more in the next 20 years than it has in the last 500”? What forces will cause this change and is it ethical? (CH – Potential for Intercultural Competence)
CCF Attribute Rudeness to The Individual and The Culture They Represent Essay

Grossmont College Credit Card Debt for Men and Women Questions

Grossmont College Credit Card Debt for Men and Women Questions.

Note to tutor: You can always open my canvas and view from there which will be easier for you. It does not take a lot of work!! This may look long but they’re just a heads up!!IntroductionFor your final project in Math 160, you will use StatCrunch to analyze a unique data set to answer questions. In the Final Project Module, you will walk through the project step by step. But if you want to see all of the requirements in one space, please see the final project handout (Links to an external site.). The same information that is in the handout is also within the Final Project Module. However, for some students, it helps to take it all in at once instead of taking it step by step.Step 1: Get your data!Each student will be working with their own data set. No two data sets will be alike! So it is important that you follow these steps to get the data you will be working with. You may not share data with a classmate. Your data must be gathered using the following process.About your data set…This is your unique data set. It should not be shared with any other students.You can work on the final project all at once or start, stop, and come back to it as needed. If you take a break and come back, do not generate a new data set. To retrieve your data set, go to the StatCrunch homepage and click on “My data” under the “Data” heading. Your data set represents responses to the following survey questions:Gender? Male, Female, OtherClassification? First year student, Sophomore, Junior, SeniorCredit hours you are taking this semester?Hours you work each week (to nearest half hour)?Total amount in dollars of your student loans?Total amount in dollars of your credit card debt?Looking AheadAt this point, you do not need to hand anything in. You’ve simply generated the data set that you will use to answer questions on the next pages of the module. Once you have answered the questions, the very last step will be to submit your data set.Note to tutor: These were just information for you on how to do the final project.This is were the project requirements are: Let’s Begin the Final Project!Open your unique data set in StatCrunch.Use the data you have collected from StatCrunchU to answer each of the following questions. If you do not already have your unique data set open in StatCrunch, follow the steps in the video or the written directions below to retrieve your unique data set from StatCrunch.Question 1 – Descriptive StatisticsPROMPTDescribe the distribution of credit card debt separated by gender using concepts from Unit 2 (Modules 4-7).Make an appropriate graph and provide appropriate numerical summaries.Describe the shape, center, and spread using numerical measures that best describe the distribution.In your description, include an interval of typical values and a discussion of variability.Embed your StatCrunch graph in your response.Do the data suggest that males or females are more likely to have higher credit card debt?Use the data to support your answer.How & What to Turn InSubmit your answers to the prompt above. Make sure to include any StatCrunch graphs and tables in your answer. You can turn your work in either by typing in your response into a textbox (just like we have done in our discussion boards) or you can write up your response to the prompt in a word document and submit that. When you are ready to submit your work, click on “Submit Assignment”.Discussion BoardUse the Final Project discussion board (opens in a new tab) to ask questions or provide feedback about the information provided above.
Grossmont College Credit Card Debt for Men and Women Questions

I have a discussion question and 17 questions I need you to answer for my Macroeconomics class.

help me with my homework I have a discussion question and 17 questions I need you to answer for my Macroeconomics class..

Hello, I have 17 questions that I will write below that I need you to answer IN DEPTH please. I also have a discussion question that I need you to answer in 2 paragraphs. Please answer all the questions as in depth as possible.Discussion Question: Question – Why is unemployment so high in Europe? Discuss In 2 Paragraphs, in Depth, Show me your knoweledge on this topic.Reading: You can use any Web browser to search for the words “European unemployment.” Just by scanning the headlines, see how many possible explanations you can list. Why Is Unemployment So High in Europe? Between World War II and the mid-1970s, unemployment in Western Europe was low. From 1960 to 1974, for example, the unemployment rate in France never got as high as 4 percent. The worldwide recession of the mid-1970s, however, jacked up unemployment rates. But unemployment continued to climb in Continental Europe long after the recession ended, topping 10 percent during the 1990s, and was still 8 percent to 9 percent in 2007. Some observers claim that the natural rate of unemployment has increased in these countries. Economists have borrowed a term from physics, hysteresis (pronounced his-ter-eé-sis), to argue that the natural rate of unemployment depends in part on the recent history of unemployment. The longer the actual unemployment rate remains above what had been the natural rate, the more the natural rate itself increases. For example, those unemployed can lose valuable job skills, such as the computer programmer who loses touch with the latest developments. As weeks of unemployment stretch into months and years, the shock and stigma may diminish, so the work ethic weakens. What’s more, some European countries offer generous unemployment benefits indefinitely, reducing the hardship of unemployment. Some Europeans have collected unemployment benefits for more than a decade. No consensus exists regarding the validity of hysteresis. The theory seems to be less relevant in the United States and Great Britain, where unemployment fell from 10 percent in 1982 to 4.5 and 5.5, respectively, in 2007. An alternative explanation for high unemployment in Continental Europe is that legislation introduced there in the 1970s made it more difficult to lay off workers. In most European countries, job dismissals must be approved by worker councils, which consider such factors as the worker’s health, marital status, and number of dependents. Severance pay has also become mandatory and can amount to a year’s pay or more. With layoffs difficult and costly, hiring became almost an irreversible decision for the employer, so firms have become reluctant to add workers, particularly untested workers with little experience. Also, high minimum wages throughout Europe, high payroll taxes, and an expanded list of worker rights have increased labor costs. For example, in Sweden, women are guaranteed a year’s paid leave on having a child and the right to work no more than six hours a day until the child reaches grade school. Swedish workers are also guaranteed at least five weeks of vacation a year; French workers get at least six weeks (Americans have no minimum vacation guarantees). Regardless of the explanation, the result is high unemployment in Continental Europe, particularly among young workers. As noted in an earlier chapter, 60 percent of those unemployed in Germany in 2006 had been out of work more than a year, versus less than10 percent of those unemployed in the United States. Few private sector jobs have been created there since 1980. If Continental Europe had the same unemployment rate and the same labor participation rate as the United States, about 30 million more people there would be working there.Questions : 1- ) The National Bureau of Economic Research maintains a Web page devoted to business cycle expansions and contractions at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Please take a look at this page to see if you can determine how the business cycle has been changing in recent decades. Has the overall length of cycles been changing? Have recessions been getting longer or shorter?2- ) Please review the Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District (Beige Book), available through the Federal Reserve System at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Summarize the national economic conditions for the most recent period covered in the report. Overall, is the economy healthy? If not, what problems is it experiencing? 3- ) (Economic Fluctuations) Describe the various components of fluctuations in economy activity over time. Because economic activity fluctuates, how is long-term growth possible?4- ) (Aggregate Demand and Supply) Determine whether each of the following would cause a shift of the aggregate demand curve, a shift of the aggregate supply curve, neither, or both. Which curve shifts, and in which direction? What happens to aggregate output and the price level in each case?a. The price level changesb. Consumer confidence declinesc. The supply of resources increasesd. The wage rate increases5- ) One supply-side measure introduced by the Reagan administration was a cut in income tax rates. Use an aggregate demand/aggregate supply diagram to show what effect was intended. What might happen if such a tax cut also shifted the aggregate demand curve?6- ) How are economic fluctuations linked among national economies? Could a recession in the United States trigger a recession abroad? 7-) What is the relationship between demand-side economics and the federal budget deficit? Briefly explain.8-) Why does an aggregate demand curve slope downward? Briefly explain.9-) Is it possible for the price level fall (deflation) while production and employment both rise? (Hint: Use AD-AS Model)10-) Why do economists pay attention total employment, price level and growth? Briefly discuss.11. How does the income approach to measuring GDP differ from the expenditure approach? Explain the meaning of value added and its importance in the income approach. Consider the following data for the selling price at each stage in the production of a five-pound bag of flour sold by your local grocer. Calculate the final market value of the flour.Stage of Production Sale PriceFarmer: $0.30Miller: $0.50Wholesaler: $1.00Grocer: $1.5012. Given the following annual information about a hypothetical country, answer questions a and b:Personal consumption expenditures: $200Personal taxes: 50Exports: 30Government purchases: 50Gross private domestic investment: 40Imports: 40Government transfer payments: 20a. What is the value of GDP?b. What is the value of net exports? 13. What are the leakages from and injections into the circular flow? How are leakages and injections related in the circular flow?14. One often-heard criticism of the U.S. national income accounts is that they ignore the effect of environmental pollution. The World Bank’s group on Environmental Economics and Indicators has been investigating ways of assessing environmental degradation. Pleasetake a look at the World Bank’s work on “green accounting” at,,contentMDK:20487830~menuPK:1187769~pagePK:148956~piPK:216618~theSitePK:408050,00.html (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Briefly discuss what kinds of problems the World Bank has identified, and what proposals it has made to deal with those problems?15. Identify the component of aggregate expenditure to which each of the following belongs:a. A US resident’s purchase a new car manufactured in Japan.b. Construction of a new housec. A city government’s acquisition of 10 new police carsd. An increase in semiconductor inventories over last year’s level16. DVD players and HDTVs have not been part of the US economy for very long. Both goods have been decreasing in price and improving in quality. What problems does this pose for people who are responsible for computing a price index?17. Suppose US economy is in a deep recession. How does this recession affect the US major trading partners such as Canada, China, Japan, etc? Briefly discuss.
I have a discussion question and 17 questions I need you to answer for my Macroeconomics class.

Illinois College Nurses and Patients at the Core of Technology Discussion

Illinois College Nurses and Patients at the Core of Technology Discussion.

As a BSN prepared Registered Nurse, you are due to renew your license for the first time. You and your manager overhear other nurses complaining about the continuing education requirement. Your manager suggests you create a handout for the staff lounge bulletin board regarding the importance of lifelong learning as it pertains to clinical reasoning and judgment. To help you get started, she suggests you read the Institute of Medicine (IOM) report titled The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health (2010) so that you will understand “why” it is so important.InstructionsRead Section 4 of the IOM report (2010) titled Transforming Education here and respond to the following questions in a Word document. an initiative that resulted from the IOM report.Discuss the impact of the identified initiative.Summarize the interrelationships that exist between lifelong learning, clinical reasoning, and clinical judgmentclearly state detailed description of all of Mabel’s hospital stay concerns and described how the failure of technology impacted Mabel’s healthcare delivery. Clearly state detailed description of two innovative technologies you would recommend to improve client experience, such as Mabel’s and describe how you would evaluate the impact of these technologies. Clearly state detailed description of evidence from the literature to support how each technology had a positive impact on client safety.
Illinois College Nurses and Patients at the Core of Technology Discussion

I have 9 question about my essay

I have 9 question about my essay. Need help with my English question – I’m studying for my class.

Requirements short answer:-

Does your introduction have a hook? Is there background information after the hook? Is the thesis of the essay the very last sentence of the introduction? If so, great. If not, what will you do to make sure there is a hook, background information and a thesis? Does the thesis give your opinion on the debate rather than just say there is a debate?
Are your body paragraphs organized in PIEIE structure, meaning that you have one Point per paragraph that is in your own words, two pieces of Information (quotes from the articles) and two explanations, one after each information? You can have more than two but two is a minimum.
Do you quotes in each body paragraph fit in with the Point (talk about the same thing)? Is your explanation after each quote as long as or longer than the quote itself?
Do you have a counter argument? Does it give a reason why people would think the opposite of you (rather than just state they do)? Does it start with a signal word that makes it clear it is other people saying it and not you?
Are all of the quotes properly introduced or cited? The first time the text is used, is there a full introduction with the author name, credibility, article name? If you are missing that anywhere, add it!
Is there a works cited page? Is it alphabetical? Is there a hanging indent? If not, fix those errors?
Did you read through, preferably aloud, to make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors?
Do you feel confident this essay meets all the requirements of the assignment? Why or why not?

I have 9 question about my essay

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