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Drama “Riders to the Sea” by John Synge Essay

Drama “Riders to the Sea” by John Synge Essay. General considerations When it comes down to conceptualizing what would account for the methodologically legitimate approach towards ensuring the theatrical production’s successfulness, it is utterly important to be thoroughly aware of how this product can serve the purpose of propagating memes (the replicators of spatially unbounded cultural archetypes), contained in the original work of dramaturgy. According to Dawkins, “Just as genes propagate themselves in the gene pool by leaping from body to body… memes propagate themselves in the meme (cultural) pool by leaping from brain to brain” (192). This suggestion is being consistent with Hutcheon’s theory of theatrical adaptation, which specifies that in order for the theatrical production to be considered thoroughly faithful to the written script’s original spirit, it must be capable of exposing the contained themes and motifs, as such that correlate with what happened to be the currently predominant socio-cultural discourse (Bortolotti and Hutcheon 447). What it means is that it is specifically the theatrical production’s ability to convey the message of an ‘innate truth’ about the surrounding reality, regardless of how the director goes about setting up the actual stage-performance, which should be thought of as an indication of this production’s actual quality. While staging John Millington Synge’s one-act play Riders to the Sea, I will remain observant of the earlier mentioned considerations. That is, it is specifically the atmosphere of impending doom, and the overall spirit of racism, which I will make a point in ensuring, as the production’s foremost qualitative aspects. Given the fact that the play’s semiotic content suggests that when working on his dramaturgic masterpiece, Synge never ceased being concerned with treating the theme of racism as a ‘thing in itself,’ contemporary directors are being in a position to use a minimalist approach, when designing the production’s settings. This is because in Synge’s play it is specifically the array of the explored ideas (memes) about the sheer tragedy of people falling victims to the forces of nature, and not the exposure of the characters’ existential uniqueness, which define the unraveling of the plotline. In its turn, this presupposes that the director’s commitment to ensuring the production’s formal fidelity to the original script may prove counterproductive. After all, whereas, contemporary viewers should well relate to the theme of people failing to confront their unfortunate fates, they may find it rather hard relating to what used to be the specifics of Irish living, during the early 20th century. The following is the detailed account of how I would go about staging Riders to the Sea: Space chose As it was mentioned earlier, the very semiotic premise of Synge’s play presupposes that it can be successfully staged within utterly minimalist settings. What it means is that the play’s production can take place just about anywhere. As one of the possible locations could well serve a public park, with the play’s actual background being made out of the three plywood-boards painted in black or white (representing the room’s walls). The featured furniture can be limited to a table and a few chairs. Due to the play’s shortness, the viewing audience members do not even have to be seated, or they can be seated on the grass in such a manner so that the view of the onstage action would not be obscured from them. Directorial concept My directorial concept of the play’s production can be regarded, as such that correlates with the provisions of dramaturgic modernism. That is, I would make a deliberate point in emphasizing the discursive relevance of the plot developments, within the context of how they relate to the realities of the 21st century’s living. To ensure this, I will provide actors with liberty to improvise, while performing on stage. For example, when performing, actors will be provided with the liberty to stress out the more or less contemporary sounding of how they go on about reflecting on their unconscious fears and anxieties, in regards to the unfortunate fates of the characters of Michael (mentioned in the featured dialogues) and Bartley. Spine of play An elderly mother (Maurya) and her two daughters (Cathleen and Nora) anticipate confirming their suspicion that Maura’s son Michael has drowned. When Maurya’s other son Bartley leaves to a fair, to sell its pony-horse, she becomes utterly agitated, in regards to the evil omens that haunted her before and after his departure. In the end, the earlier mentioned omens do prove legitimate – Michael ends up being confirmed dead, and Bartley’s lifeless body gets to be delivered to the cottage, where the action is supposedly taking place. The play’s discursive significance is concerned with the fact that it hints at the sheer absence of justice in the world and promotes the implicit idea that, while addressing life-challenges, people never cease being the toys of blind fate. Conducted research and my directing/production ideas After having conducted my research, I came to realize the fact that, even though the characters’ ‘irishness’ does have a certain effect on the way they act, there is no a good reason to refer to Riders to the Sea in terms of an ethnic-centered play. This is the reason why I decided that the play in question can be well adapted to the essentially cosmopolitical realities of today’s living in the West – hence, my choice in favor of allowing actors to adopt a rather ‘relaxed’ attitude, while on stage. The overall/unified design concept The main aspect of the proposed design of the play’s production is that, while exposed to the onstage action, viewers would be able to relate to the sheer intensity of the characters’ anxieties/fears. Therefore, it is specifically the actors’ ability to adopt the existential posture of the concerned characters, which should contribute to ensuring the production’s successfulness more than anything else would. As such, the proposed design can be well referred to as ‘psychologically genuine’ – while on stage, actors will be expected to become one with the featured characters. Scenery ideas Because the concerned plot unravels without leaving the boundaries of a single room, there is no good reason to think that the play’s plausibility can be significantly enhanced by the mean of ensuring the settings’ visual integrity. Nevertheless, to endow viewers with the proper perceptional mood, the interior of the ‘room’ should feature the memetic elements of ‘ominousness.’ For example, it would be to have the visuals of a fireplace, a spider-web, and a coffin featured on the wall that faces spectators. Costume ideas I think that is it will prove perfectly sufficient if actors wear minimalist costumes when performing. For example, the characters of Maurya, Nora, and Cathleen can wear contemporarily looking black blouses and black skirts, while on stage. The character of Bartley can well appear wearing a black overcoat and black jeans. The proposed costumes will do both: intensifying the spirit of tragicalness, emanated by the play (due to their color) and prompting readers to perceive the explored themes and motifs, as such that is being thoroughly modern. Light ideas I would suggest that the onstage action should be somewhat visually ‘darkened,’ throughout its entirety. This can be achieved by the mean of limiting the amount of light that reaches the stage. However, to increase the intensity of the dramatic effects, produced by the characters’ speeches, the beam of light (coming out of the parabolic reflector) should illuminate actors’ faces in time when they come up with emotionally intense statements. Type or style of acting As I have implied earlier, my foremost agenda, as a director, will be staging Riders to the Sea in such a manner so that spectators would be able to relate to the play’s discursive overtones. Therefore, I will require actors to indulge in the so-called improvisational acting, while on stage. That is, it is not only that they would have to remain thoroughly aware of what happened to the essence of cognitive inclinations, on the part of the majority of viewers, but also to be ready to instantaneously adjust their roles to correspond with the viewing crowd’s unconscious expectations, in regards to the play. However, even though the engaged actors will not be required to remain utterly faithful to the play’s original script while acting, they nevertheless will need to act in the psychologically plausible way. That is, before appearing on stage, they will need to adopt the existential identity of their characters – hence, becoming ‘immersed’ in the play, as its integral parts. Works Cited Dawkins, Richard. The Selfish Gene. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1976. Print. Hutcheon, Linda and Gary Bortolotti. “On the Origin of Adaptations: Rethinking Fidelity Discourse and ‘Success’ – Biologically.” New Literary History 38.3 (2007): 443-458. Print. Drama “Riders to the Sea” by John Synge Essay
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Part 1: Read the entire “Vargas Family Case Study” (all
eight sections). Consider the progress (or lack thereof) over the past
eight sessions. Using the “Discharge Summary Outline”
template; include the following in your outline: A brief summary of what was going on with the familyA review of the initial treatment goalsTheories and
interventions usedA brief discharge summary for the family
treatmentClinical recommendations for sustained improvement
or referrals for additional services Part 2: Review the “Vargas Family Case Study” and the
provided literature regarding current trends and integrative models of
family therapy. Identify two potential evidence-based or integrative
models to which you would consider referring the Vargas family if
problems persist. Compose a 6-12-slide PowerPoint presentation to be
shared with your class. Be sure to include the following elements for
each of the two models: A brief overview of the modelThe target demographic
and presenting concerns the model addressesThe research
supporting the modelPlease note: Online students need to
include detailed speaker notes of what would be said if giving the
presentation in person.While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment,
solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources
should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be
found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to
beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for
successful completion.You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Refer to the
directions in the Student Success Center.
This assignment meets the following CACREP Standard:
5.F.2.e. Human sexuality and its effect on couple and family functioning.PCN-521 Module 8: Vargas Case Study Discharge Summary Outline Directions: Review
the Vargas Family Case study again in its entirety. Consider the
progress over the past eight sessions. Complete the sections outline
below as your discharge summary for the Vargas family. A brief summary of what was going on with the family: A review of the initial treatment goals: Theories and interventions usedWeek 1: Week 2: Week 3: Week 4: Week 5: Week 6: Week 7: Week 8: A brief discharge summary for the family treatment: Clinical recommendations for sustained improvement or referrals for additional services:PCN-521
Module 8: Vargas Case Study Discharge Summary Outline
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Kettering College of Medical Arts Abortion Discussion.

TOPIC should be ABORTIONWhat do you already know about the topic? Do you really know that from facts or could there possibly be a bias or misunderstanding at work there?What are some keywords (search terms) should you use to find information about your topic? Try to think of some synonyms or other ways an author might have referred to the main concepts.Look for the answers to the following questions about your topic:Who? What groups of people have an interest in this topic? (e.g., parents, particular organizations, students, government, etc.) Who will you focus on?What? What are the most important issues at stake? What are the different factors involved?Where? Where is the topic relevant? Ohio, United States, worldwide, in schools? Will you compare two places?When? When did the situation or event start? Is it ongoing? How recent should your sources be to be useful?Why? What interests you about this topic? Why do you want to write about it? Why should others care about it?
Kettering College of Medical Arts Abortion Discussion

The first determinant of price elasticity of supply is the existence of spare capacity. If there is high unit of stock in a company, it is able to respond to the change in demand quickly by supplying the stock to the market without raising the price. Then, the supply will be elastic. As example, the stocks in warehouse. It can be supply to the market quickly when the demand changes. The second determinants of price elasticity of supply is the length of the production period .The faster a good is to produce, the easier it will be to respond to a change in price. Supply in manufacturing is usually more price elastic than agriculture. As example, we produce toys by machines in efficient way .It is fast in producing goods compare to agriculture. Agriculture depends on weather and did not depend on machine much. That is why the price elasticity of supply of manufacturing is more elastic than agriculture. Reference: Part B The elasticity of price in supply will affects the price of goods and the output change in a market.Therefore, a business will consider using this concept to get the maximum profit. It is because this concept has few determinants which can maximize the profit. The elasticity of price is depends on customer because they are sensitive with the price of goods and therefore affects the quantity supplied of the good too. When the value of elasticity of supply is positive, it shown that an increase in price is likely to increase the quantity supplied to the market and vice versa. An equation is use to determine the elasticity of the curve in supply, it is shown below: Elasticity of supply = percentage change in quantity supplied / percentage change in price elastic supply .jpg Graph 1.1 The graph 1.1 shows the elastic supply curve. If a change of supply affects the changes of quantity supplied in a big amount, the supply curve will appears flatter and considered as elastic.Thus, the elasticity will be greater than one. inelastic supply.jpg Graph 1.2 The graph 1.2 shows the inelastic supply curve. If there is a big changes and only affects the small amount of quantity supplied, then the supply curve will appears steeper and considered as inelastic.Thus,the elasticity will be lesser than one. For a business which does not want to have loss, a few significant factors are considered by the film in affecting the price elasticity of supply. First and foremost, the spare capacity of the film. If the company has ready stock, so no matter what changes in price, they are still able to produce the stock and increase the output for customers without raising the price. Then, the supply will be elastic. Secondly, the factor is substitute of goods. The sudden demand from customers happens if there is lack of resources will cause the supply to increase rapidly too.Therefore,a company should ready a substitute good to make sure the changes of supply of goods will not decrease and at the same time without rising the cost. Thirdly, the time period affects the price elasticity of supply. Supply is likely to be elastic; a longer period may help a film to adjust its production. If there’s a short run happens, the film will not able to get input immediately and produce good in a short period especially agriculture industries. The supply from agriculture industries is usually fixed due to the climate changes and the plan of planting at the period before supply. Reference: Question 3 Part A The factor that affects the supply of a product increases is expected future prices. If the price of a good is expected to fall, the return from selling the good in the future is lower than it is today.Therefore, the supply increases today and decreases in future. Another factor of the supply of a product increases is the number of suppliers. The larger the number of firms produces a good; the greater is the supply of the good. As well as industry, when the firms enter an industry, the supply in that industry increases .When the firm leaves the industry, the supply in that industry decreases. Technology is also the factor of increases the supply of a product. Positive technology is able to increase the supply .As example; a toy firm discovers a new technology in their industry for the following toys produced .Thus, the supply of toys increases as the technology used. Part B The price floors are the government or a big company to decide the lowest price that they can charge of a product. For a price floor to be effective, it must be greater than the equilibrium price. To determine the effectiveness of price floor, a market price is set under the demand and supply curve which shown in graph 1.8.A price floor is set below the free market equilibrium price. price floor.jpg Graph 1.8 Graph 1.8 shows an ineffective price floor. This shows that there is no effect on price floor. It is because the market price doesn’t exceed the equilibrium price. As example, government has set the market price lower than equilibrium point, but the market has bears higher value. price floor effective.jpg Graph 1.9 Graph 1.9 shows an effective price floor. This shows that there is an effect on price floor. It is because the market price has exceeded the equilibrium price.So, there is an impact in the market. It ensures the product increases by the rises of price. A price ceiling is defined as a government-imposed limit on the price charged for a product. It is set well by the government on the price of product to protect them from the condition of scarce. Price ceiling can be set above or below the equilibrium price. To ensure the price ceiling to be effective, there will be a non-binding price ceiling which is above the equilibrium price. In this case, there will be no effect on the market. It is because the government has set a maximum market price but the market price is concluding below the market price which set by government. It is shown in graph 2.0. price ceiling effective.jpg Graph 2.0 If there is a binding price ceiling which is place below the equilibrium price, then the price ceiling for it is ineffective. There are many effects due to ineffective price ceiling. Supplier cannot get back what had they been.Thus; there are supplier drop out from the market and results the decreases of supply. It also affects the consumers’ choice. When the supply decreases, the quantity demanded increases. The two actions cause the demand exceeds the supply which causes the shortage of products. Reference: 1) 2) Question 5 Part A A point on the demand curve shows the quantity demanded at a given price. Therefore, a movement along the demand curve shows a change in the quantity demanded. If the price of a good changes but everything else remains the same, then there is a movement along the demand curve when the quantity demanded has changes. A shift in demand curve shows a change in demand. The shift of demand curve is in the direction of left and right. A change in demand as a shift of the demand curve. As the price of good falls when everything else remains constant, there will be shift movement of the demand curve.Therefore; a decrease in demand is shift leftward of the curve. The graph 1.3 shows the decrease in demand: demand curve.jpg Graph1.3 There are a few of determinants of demand which will affect the market demand curve. They are: The price of related goods (substitute and complement goods) The future expectation Number of buyers in the market Income of customer The shifting taste of the market The price of related goods is between substitute and complement goods which affect the demand for a product. As example, if the price of orange falls in a certain season, then we will expect the customers to buy more orange in that certain period even though they used to buying kiwi.Thus,the kiwi industry will suffer due to the customers will rather buy orange than kiwi because of the low price. Expectation to the future is also affecting the demand of product or service. As example, if we expect to earn more money in the future, we are likely to control of spending in the current time.Thus; it also means that we expect the price of petrol in the future will be increase if the market has a sudden high demand. Next, the number of buyers in the market is also has effect on demand of product because the buyers of the market are manipulated variable for the production of goods. The price of the goods is dependent on the demand which is depending on these buyers. As the customer’s income rises, the demand of their goods and services increase on normal goods and luxury goods. Besides that, when the customer’s income rises, the demand of their goods and services decreases but on inferior goods. The demands fall because the customers will rather buy better goods. The shifting taste of the market will affect the demand of products too. For example, if we prefer Nike shoes than Adidas shoes, the demand for Nike will increase. As well as bags, if Prada bags weren’t as fashion as LV bags, eventually the demand for Prada bags will decrease. The movement of demand curve is in the direction of up and down. A change in quantity demanded as a shift of the point on the demand curve. As the price of good rises when everything else remain constant, the quantity demanded of that good decreases, therefore there will be movement up the demand curve.Therefore,a decrease in quantity demanded is point move upwards on the demand curve. The graph 1.4 shows the decrease in quantity demanded: quantity demand curve.jpg Graph 1.4 Vice versa of the curve above due to the law of demand which states that as the price of good rises, the quantity demanded of the good falls. Reference:

The Service Line Development

Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp At present time, there are many areas that are in high demand for patients in the service line area for completely new service lines. When following the strategic plan of implementation of the cardiovascular, cancer and orthopedic centers it will help to analyze the demand for the development of three new service lines. Please see below the elements necessary to perform such evaluation. How will position this three programs and centers (Cancer, Orthopedic and Cardio-Vascular), as an aggressive business competition for Trinity Community Hospital in the assigned market area. By reviewing the existing Trinity Community Hospital programs and services offered, that could serve as complementary components of the three new service lines. This will make accessible the most advanced medical approaches for diagnosing, treating and preventing disease elements that will end helping many people, we could say in the thousands. How will this three programs and centers (Cancer, Orthopedic and Cardio-Vascular), strengthen the outreach to be able to compete for great care and value-driven customers (patients), in the assigned market area. Most likely this will drive very strong increases in volume and at the same time will improved the financial performance. By performing a competitive analysis of similar programs (Cancer, orthopedic and Cardiovascular programs) in the assigned market area. To evaluate and analyzed the trends in the industry (healthcare, but specifically to Cancer, Orthopedic and Cardiovascular elements) and evaluate the demand in the defined market area for such specialty services. The demand to expand the service line is essential to increase performance of the organization and its future depends on the success of implementation of these three service lines (Cancer, Orthopedic and Cardio-Vascular). The demand for developing these service lines as a Regional Cancer Center, a Regional Orthopedic Center and finally a Regional Cardiovascular Center in the assigned market area is based in specialty services is as follows, by using information from the WGU case study, exactly from the five-years program strategic plan (PDF file): Goal 1: Developing a Regional Cancer Center. Strategy A: Offer Distinctive Clinical Programs and Services Multidisciplinary, disease-focused clinics: breast, GI, lung, prostate Comprehensive medical, surgical, radiation, support services Evidence-based treatment and access to leading clinical trials Strategy B: Emphasize Cancer Prevention and Control Community education Screening and risk assessment Outreach to underserved communities Strategy C: Enhance Service Access Fast-track scheduling Patient navigation Goal 2: Developing a Regional Orthopedic Center. Strategy A: Offer Distinctive Clinical Programs and Services Spine, total joint, hand Comprehensive rehab and support programs Best practices and treatment protocols Strategy B: Emphasize Prevention of Injury and Disease Community education Screening and risk assessment Outreach services to underserved communities Strategy C: Enhance Service Access Fast-track scheduling Coordination of services Goal 3: Developing a Regional Cardiovascular Center. Strategy A: Offer Distinctive Clinical Programs and Services Peripheral artery disease, heart failure, electrophysiology Cardiology for women Evidence-based treatment Strategy B: Emphasize Prevention and Control of Cardiovascular Disease Community Education Screening and risk assessment Outreach services to underserved communities Strategy C: Enhance Service Access Fast-track scheduling Coordination of services When looking at the above goals (three of them) and strategies, the demand for this three (Cancer, Orthopedic and Cardio-Vascular) service lines in the assigned market area will required to direct the focus on the following crucial elements: To guarantee that Trinity Community Hospital operations are conducted in an effective and competent manner. To help to differentiate the organization (Trinity Community Hospital), also to generate profits, and to improve the care of their patients, and document quality especially in this time of increased transparency. Establishing a positive learning environment for the Trinity Community Hospital and their medical staff emphasizing on achievement and innovative strategies, which usually are used in very successful hospital around the country. To guarantee that patient care is consistently of high quality and that the Trinity Community Hospital environment is safe for patients, staff and visitors. To guarantee a high priority of service excellence for Trinity Community Hospital patients and staff. How to prioritize this three new service line strategies at Trinity Community Hospital. To aligned these three new service lines as an integrated group, to maximize the value across the continuum of care, decreasing internal organization competition, and improving the services performance and manageability as a whole. 2. ANALYZE HOW CURRENT INTERNATIONAL HEALTHCARE TRENDS COULD BE INCORPORATED INTO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE NEW SERVICE LINE. There are many different international healthcare trends that can be incorporated into the development of the new service line. Some are listed below: The seeking and the accessing of health information. Increasingly health information available is becoming more personalized at the individual level. The generalized information on disease and the typical treatment responses over the internet, are becoming irrelevant to the consumer. Diversity of individual specific sources should include personalized medicine, the use of social media (people being able to express their feelings, their emotions, especially when they are relevant to the treatment), also the access to their electronic health records. The use of self help groups, disease specific. Following the trend that consumers are demanding more information transparency. We need to understand that the transparency of information in healthcare is becoming an ethical obligation. Some of them are: waiting list, cost, patient access, patient satisfaction measures, also patient safety measures (Hospital error rates, infection rates, etc). Using trends in home base service delivery. In our case Cancer, Ortho and Cardiovascular programs. This can be also performed at the customer (patient) home. Especially for patients that cannot drive, or cannot be transported to their appointments (treatments, consultations, etc) to Trinity Community Hospital. It could as is used in Australia, as the care continuum, which usually is initiate with internet-based information. This is a great element, especially for patients who are motivated towards receiving self care. In our case, two of the new service lines, Ortho and Cardiovascular can be very easily implemented in the home based service delivery. The use of advances in technology and also in medicine, as in many other different countries. When investing in the disease prevention element and treatment it can direct us to a better understanding of the disease. Today’s day there is a technological growth, in home care based products, especially diagnostic tools as: Telemedicine, remote monitoring blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, etc. Microscopy added to cell phones. Regardless of many challenges during the adoption of telemedicine at various levels, a crucial development can be seen worldwide towards adopting telemedicine applications, tools and techniques. Telemedicine has become a powerful element and has brought never seen dimensions to healthcare, not only by rendering therapeutic healthcare but also preventive care, supportive and educational. Understand the changes in generational attitudes. We need to understand that the Baby Boomers, do think and behave differently from their children. The aging populations (Baby Boomers) will soon increased in the healthcare system and overwhelm it. When there are older generations involved, it can lead to increased number of individuals that suffer from chronic and very expensive diseases to treat, that will put pressure on the healthcare system in general. Presently, it has been identified that once healthcare reform takes effect, and everyone will have health coverage there will be a huge shortage of physicians to take care of the people. Focusing on preventatives and improving health before the aging population gets to this level, should be a vital element because the end result could be more cost effective, by not having so many members of the aging population with so many chronic diseases. Medical Cost that continue to rise in healthcare are never ending. By using the state of the art technological advances, at the same time with the cost of the aging population, these two items will have a combined cost that can affect spending of the healthcare system, and the delivery of the healthcare at nationwide. Focusing on the preventatives and the best up to date technology advances that lead to cost effectiveness, should be one of the most important focus of the healthcare system today. Follow the trend of the growth in complementary and alternative medicine. Usually this occurs without a high level of expending. One of the countries using this great and valuable methods, is Australia. The need for emotional support, the help with anxiety, with fear, the information and education, make the patients feel comfortable, with their medical problems and concerns. Focus on medicine that is evidence based is vital, instead of the old fashion process of trial and error given what the patient and doctor decide to try. Using research information with standard studies and protocols for treating illness is the best approach. Having physicians with the most up to date information and treatment is vital in the healthcare business. Having physicians keeping their education, to be able to keep their medical skills and medical knowledge up to date, is also vital. To allow the use of what is called the international private medical insurance (IPMI). Method extremely popular in many countries around the world (Specially in European countries). By doing this, it will allow Trinity Community Hospital to treat patients from another countries for any medical reason. Especially if we can offer them treatments for various medical problems, that would not exist in their countries, or it would be very expensive there too. Also it is extremely essential for people traveling to the USA, and suddenly finding themselves in situations requiring medical attention. Provide care to patients is not just for medical doctors anymore. There are many other types of healthcare practitioners that have college degrees to practice medicine that are not physicians, such as nurse practitioners, physician assistants, etc. Since there is already a shortage of physicians in the healthcare business, by using these other type of practitioners as the ones listed above, this will help tremendously with the elevated cost of medicine, to focus on protocol standardization and latest technology, which will bring huge differences for the changes of healthcare not only for the present time, but for the coming future. Another trend it has to do with having influence of the payer over treatment of medical decisions. Due to the rising cost of healthcare the decisions need to be made by the payer, instead of the healthcare physician based upon ability to pay. Trinity Community Hospital is focusing on financials, regarding patient stay per day and making future decisions, based upon the lack of funding to invest. This already is taking direction towards the global trend of payers making the decisions of care based upon lack of stay or hospital admissions. Strengthening prevention and wellness. Our present health system, needs to put more emphasis on helping people to stay healthy. Our healthcare system requires stronger investment in wellness, as is done in many European countries. A great element for prevention is to put emphasis on vaccines and other serious health issues. This would help to decrease the cost of healthcare and chronic conditions in the future. We need to understand, that early detection and appropriate intervention, will maintain the people in an optimal health possible. When focusing on preventatives this in turn will decrease the amounts of expenditures needed for treatment in the future. When increasing services such as orthopedics, cardiovascular, and oncology this will help tremendously with prevention of diseases that are extremely costly during their treatment. Going to another countries for medical reasons, is very popular for many individuals around the world. As costs get cheaper for medical care in other countries people will travel for the cost savings benefit. Cost pressure forces people to seek healthcare treatment outside of our country, for the purpose of cost reduction that fits their finances. In that case by finding ways of bringing such services locally, this will promote business and looks for ways of cost effectiveness in the Trinity Community Hospital organization. 3. DISCUSS THE EXISTING PROGRAMS AND SERVICE LINES IN THE HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATION, THAT COULD SERVE AS COMPLEMENTARY COMPONENTS OF THE NEW SERVICE LINE. Presently the existing programs and service lines for Trinity Community Hospital are aligned as complimentary components of the new service line and will enhance the success of the new service lines for all three specialty areas. They are outlined below: The offering of another very important services as: Pulmonary medicine, internal medicine, neurology, thoracic surgery, gynecology, general surgery, otolaryngology and urology. Making sure that patient care is of a great quality and that the hospital environment is safe for patients, staff and visitors. The hospital reputation is considered very good. Keep offering excellence in service to patients and the staff. Making sure that hospital functioning is conducted in a competent, productive and successful approach. One of the greatest strength is the very competent, dedicated nursing staff, committed to outstanding patient care. An intensive care unit, with 14 beds. 20 operating rooms and a very good emergency department. Developing a positive learning environment for medical staff and non-medical staff, with attention on modernization and accomplishment. Having all the basic support services as physical therapy, laboratory, respiratory therapy, pharmacy and radiology. In addition to the usual and basic X-ray, the radiology department has one MRI scanner and two CT scanners. Also offers ultrasound services and nuclear medicine. Finally a PET scanner that is used twice a week. When analyzing the board members professions, personalities, and the involvement in the community, are also vital elements to success as complementary components for the new service line (Cancer, Ortho and Cardiovascular programs). The information below is from the WGU case study, exactly from the Trinity Community Hospital board profiles (PDF file): Dr. David Joint is an orthopedic surgeon, native of the community. He is planning to open a branch office near the hospital campus. from the description, it tells us that he is very known in the community, and it has a lot to say. In another words his position and opinion really counts in the community. Mr. Robert Holland holds a CPA degree. Has lived in the community for (5) five years. He is quite interested in national healthcare policy and legislation, especially when is related to healthcare finance. Mrs. Cathy Promo she holds an undergraduate degree in marketing. Lived in the community for about (7) seven years. She is quite involved with the local chamber of commerce and recognizes the importance of good healthcare services in attracting new business and industry to the area. Mrs. Promo strongly believes that an extensive marketing and advertising, could reverse Trinity Community Hospital declining utilization trend. Dr. Randy Sharp is a general surgeon. He has lived in the community for (15) fifteen years. His main interest is in cancer services. His group is planning to recruit a subspecialty-trained oncologic surgeon. Very similar situation as with Dr. David Joint. Dr. Sharps position and opinion really counts in the community too. Mrs. Maria Lopez holds an undergraduate degree in journalism. She has lived in the community for (9) nine years. She also owns an small newspaper that is quite popular within the Latino community. One of hers priorities, is to ensure that adequate healthcare services are available to all minority groups. Below we can also see some more complementary components, by using information from the WGU case study, exactly from the Trinity Community Hospital brochure (PDF file), page 1: Trinity’s Commitment. We are committed to serving the community in a capacity that permits every patient to receive the care and support that they require. Quality and Safety. At Trinity Community Hospital we endeavor to provide high quality services while ensuring the safety of patients, visitors, and staff. Service Excellence. We will continue to strive to exceed the service expectations of our patients, visitors, employees, and physicians. Staff Achievement. We will provide opportunities for the enhancement of the skills and expertise of all staff members. Growth and Profitability. Striving to grow service volume, to operate efficiently, and generate sufficient capital for investment. The information below about more complementary components also comes from the WGU case study, exactly from the Trinity Community Hospital brochure (PDF file), pages 2 and 3: WHAT SETS US APART FROM THE REST OF THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY Trinity Community Hospital is a 150-bed, not-for-profit hospital offering: A broad range of medical, surgical, and support services to the community. Patient-friendly, pleasant environment that truly sets us apart. Facilitate a soothing environment, by using large windows, natural woods and tranquil views of an expansive landscape. Nourishing and delectable cuisine prepared and directed by a world renowned Russian dietitian. Providing exceptional care and services, through outstanding employees and medical staff members. Modern, high-tech laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, physical and respiratory departments. Surgery and endoscopy suites, with the newest digital equipment. Robotic surgery. Newly renovated patient rooms, with homelike ambience. Physician locater service, to help finding the right physician for your needs. 4. ANALYZE THE FINANCIAL AND OPERATING DATA TO DETERMINE THE FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY OF INSTITUTING THE NEW SERVICE LINE. The first three tables below, are the current utilization trend and revenue of the current year data, also shows the previous data for a year and two years prior; As we can see in every column (top to bottom) has decreased in every single hospital category. Under table two, the AR (accounts receivable), instead of decreasing, they also increased, making the hospital to wait longer to collect the ending balance. Anytime that the time increases above 50 days, this indicates a serious collection problem, which at the same time causes a significant pressure on the hospital cash flows (each one of the years, starting with the current to two years prior, are over 50 days. The only visible exceptions are Medicare, Medicaid, and Self Pay (See table three). The last table is predicted data with the new service lines being implemented within the organization and increase in utilization and revenue. When looking and paying attention, to the predicted increases based on the new service line in every column (with the exception of ALOS- Average length of stay, which by the way is a positive result, not a negative) there is a significant increase. And the revenue section shows that will help the organization to get out of the negative margin, to a nearly $30000000- million dollars positive margin. When looking at the prediction, we can determine a financial feasibility, if we institute the new service lines. This will bring dramatic increases in volume and improved the financial operations and performance for Trinity Community Hospital. When reviewing the predicted results, we can see that there is a crucial positive effect on the hospital revenue, which it will allow to invest capital in the new service lines, which at the same time will increase the services and supports the community is demanding. At the end, the most important issue, element is that it will make available the most advance approaches for preventing, treating different disease processes and diagnosing, which will impact thousands of people in the community and surroundings. 5. DISCUSS THE TARGET AND MARKETING REFERRAL SERVICES FOR PHYSICIANS. Describing below is a step by step plan, for marketing and referral services designed for the specialty physicians of Trinity Community Hospital. This will bring attention, and receive reputation at the same time from the community, specifically for services offered and rendered, which will increase their business, which creates an increase in revenue. This techniques will help to build name recognition and service awareness. Marketing referrals has many valuable advantages. it will bring patients (customer) at little or even not cost. One single referral could generate a series of leads, because of satisfied customers passing the word-of-mouth to other people they know. Also, this kind of referrals are more trusting people, most likely not skeptical of the hospital, because they are usually confident in the person, friend that refereed them. the result is that this leads are much easier to bring to the hospital business, as potential patients. An extremely important element in the healthcare business, is because is considered a very personal and private service, that from the beginning relies on trust, bonds and many times personal recommendations. Trinity Community Hospital must develop a planed and active approach that is based on many diverse marketing principles, as the ones described below. Put emphasis on the foundation: A well-defined idea of the specialty practice vision and the elements that must be establish, for a profitable and successful practice. Explain and simplify the vision is key to the goal of a profitable and successful specialty practice, as the new service lines at Trinity Community Hospital. To audit the current referral program for Trinity Community Hospital. make an inventory of the current referral system. We need to ask ourselves, how effective are the current means of creating referrals?. What percentage of our patients has been obtained through a referral?. What percent of increase we think we could reasonably achieve?. Do we know the current satisfaction level of our patients?. Such evaluation will allow us to have an inventory of the referral program’s weaknesses and strengths. Developing and putting in place the marketing plan: Concentrate on a goal for medical marketing checklist and determine the medical specialty programs that will be offered, which in our case are Oncology, Ortho and Cardiovascular. Create a checklist for the chosen goals. The checklist will concentrate on direct marketing advantage to physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners in our community with faith and assurance. When creating this kind of marketing plan, this will make the specialty practices much effective, valuable, productive and profitable. Attract referrals for the business: One of the most important elements in business is to stay in communication with the medical community. Marketing is all about selling the business, and in order to do that, we need to create presentations to other medical professionals in the community, in order to establish professionalism and credibility. Initially, we need to start with researching the needs of directing ourselves to other medical professionals, and finding out what are their expectations. It should be diverse, balance but powerful, with plenty of resources. People from all the aspects of the healthcare industry. Reach out to others by writing letters introducing the business practice and services offered, this information should included progress reports to be able to show the evidence to the medical community of the demand and service. Making progress and connections with the medical community: Develop strategies for the hospital business, which include several types of presentations to the medical community to show the outreach of services that are available to the community. To know the most important people in this business, with whom discuss about our business and whom are the decision makers. When a connection is established, then setting up the patient care program, will be based upon the diagnosis. Then we begin with the word-of-mouth marketing element, which usually gets the business more and more referrals from other medical offices. A very important, I will say crucial element, is to do not forget to thank them for sending the referrals. A thank you letter or a gift certificate will do. When using this method of marketing referral for specialty physicians, this plan will continue to do several things, first it will help patients with serious diagnosis and the treatment of serious medical conditions. Second, it will also help to meet the needs of diverse medical professionals. Third, it will build a long-lasting and trusting relationship. By the end, this strategy will be well worth the effort. Share this: Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn WhatsApp

The Masque of the Red Death vs The Yellow Paper Outline Essay

term paper help The Masque of the Red Death vs The Yellow Paper Outline Essay.

Compare and Contrast Outline 1 – The compare and contrast outlines consists of an introductory paragraph, a thesis statement, and topic sentences. The outlines should not include information from sources other than the course materials. If you paraphrase or quote course materials, you should include the proper in-text citation. For this assignment, you will select two featured works and argue either that they are similar in many ways yet different in some crucial way or that they are different in many ways yet similar in some crucial way. The outline should be approximately one page double-spaced (preferably formatted in the Chicago style).Introductory Paragraph [10 points] An introductory paragraph orients the reader and presents an argument, or thesis statement, which serves as the cornerstone of the paper. To orient the reader, start with a sentence or two about the theme/topic of your paper. The theme/topic of your paper will depend on the anomaly you identify. Then, address the specific works you intend to explore. For this assignment, the flow of your introduction should look something like this: general theme/topic – specific places and times – specific artists and works – thesis statement. Here, you do not need to include any details about the content and/or context of the works beyond what is necessary for the reader to understand your argument. An introductory paragraph should be between six and eight sentences (including the thesis statement).Thesis Statement [15 points]A thesis statement summarizes the premise, or argument, of a paper; the thesis is explained, developed, and supported in the body of the paper through the presentation and explication of evidence. For this assignment, the thesis statement should take one of two forms. (Option 1) You could argue, “The works are different in many ways [constant] yet similar in some important way [anomaly]. The similarity is significant because [implications] …”. (Option 2) Or, you could argue, “The works are similar in many ways [constant] yet different in some important way [anomaly]. The difference is significant because [implications] …”. In other words, the thesis statement has three key components: constant, anomaly, and implications. The thesis statement should be between one and three sentences. Topic Sentences [25 points]Topic sentences summarize a body paragraph and connect it to the thesis statement. For this assignment, the topic sentences should elaborate upon how the works are similar and/or different and why those similarities and/or differences are significant. The organization of your topic sentences should look something like this: (Option 1) Elaborate on the ways in which the works are different. Elaborate on the way in which the works are similar. Explain the implications of this similarity. (Option 2) Elaborate on the ways in which the works are similar. Elaborate on the way in which the works are different. Explain the implications of this difference. The outline should include between three and five sets of topic sentences
The Masque of the Red Death vs The Yellow Paper Outline Essay

Making Acquaintances: Differences and Similarities in United Arab Emirates

Making Acquaintances: Differences and Similarities in United Arab Emirates.

1) provide a brief two-page cultural write-up relating to United Arab Emirates country a. Historical backgroundb. Communication styles (language, both verbal and non-verbal)c. Beliefs (religion, family, nature, etc.)d. Society structure (gender equality, role of children, family, ethnic groups, leaders, government, politicalideologies, hierarchies) Each student will provide a two-page list of ‘Reasons for Codes of Cultural Behavior’ for tourists visiting United Arab Emirates country. This list will explain to tourists why it is important that they follow each of the Do’s andDon’ts (that you listed in your Making Acquaintances: Do’s and Don’t’s assignment), from the hosts’ cultural(values of the culture) perspective, and should include the following: (40 points)a. Five major ‘Do’s’ for touristsi. At least one appropriate value orientation of the culture for each ‘Do’ (20 points) (Describe in detailone distinct value orientation for each Do. Do not repeat value orientations for the items on the list ofDos.)b. Five major ‘Don’ts’ for touristsi. At least one appropriate value orientation of the culture for each ‘Don’t’ (20 points) (Describe indetail one distinct value orientation for each Don’t. Do not repeat value orientations for the items onthe list of Don’t’s.) 3. Each student will provide APA-style citations within the text whenever applicable and compile a list of APA-stylereferences (reference page) for all resources used in his/her write-up. See Do and Don’t file to use it in the assignment and see the sample below and do the same . (see attach files for more details )
Making Acquaintances: Differences and Similarities in United Arab Emirates

is this sentences grammarly correct

is this sentences grammarly correct.

Hi,is this sentences grammarly correct?This paper has been thorough in explaining though the use of various experiments, how diet can be very help the improvement of brain functions through the process of neurogenisis.Thank you
is this sentences grammarly correct