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Drama Question Description Assignment must be 9 paragraphs Shepard, True West.Mamet – American

The assignment must be 9 paragraphs long. True West, Shepard Mamet – American Buffalo is a film directed by David Mamet. Fences, by Wilson. 1. Create a profile of your character using at least 5 lines of textual evidence (you can use conversation, stage directions, or dialogue spoken about your character by other characters). Make sure you write a full paragraph for each line of conversation that discusses the significance and subtext of the line (what is really being said). 2. Construct an argument on how your character develops or remains firm throughout the play, using textual evidence to back up your arguments. 3. What is the main motivation for your character’s actions or choices throughout the play, as evidenced by textual evidence? What is it that he or she desires? 4. What is the most important scene in your character’s life, and why is it so? 5. What is the most important line in your character’s dialogue, and why?