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Dr Martin Luther King letter to Birmingham

Be sure to include the following:1. Your thesis statement and an outline on the page before the draft2. A clear, early, specific thesis statement in your introduction 3. Use direct quotations from the primary source and document those in MLA (use para. numbers for in-text)4. Use paraphrased and/or summarized material from the primary source and document in MLA (use para. numbers for in-text citations)5. Use information from at least one database article (as noted in the directions)and document this correctly in MLA.6. At least one and half pages of written content (for this draft; that means not including your outline) 7. Works cited entries for any sources used, including the primary source.8. In-text citations for any source material used, including the primary source. Overall goals: Practice the cross discipline skills of reading comprehension, summarizing, paraphrasing, quoting, and responding with individual thoughts. Use information in the Norton Field Guide.Directions for basic format and document design for this essay:-Use MLA format for heading, margins, type font, documentation, etc. (see Rules for Writers if you need help)-Include in-text citations and a works cited entry for your primary source…and any other sources used.Important: use paragraph numbers for in-text citations:       example: …. (King 4). In this example, “4” means the information in this sentence comes from paragraph 4.Details of the Response: ____Your response should be 2-4 pages long, in terms of content. That means 2 pages is a hard minimum for content.____This is a chance to say: not only what the essay or speech is about, but what you think about the content and what you have learned from it and your research.____It should include an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. ____Create a strong thesis. It should be clear and early. Use that to organize your thoughts and your essay. ____You should have a clear plan of organization. Your paragraphs should “follow out” the plan or organization established  by your thesis. (There should be a reason the first paragraph is first, the second comes second, the third comes third, and so on…Don’t just write interesting, but scattered, ideas.)____You should also have sound logic and evidence to support your observations, connections, claims, etc.For instance: If you write that King makes a strong ethical appeal, you would then give examples from the letter to show how he does that.More specifics on sources:____Use direct wording from the primary source (that’s the work you are focusing on and should one of the following authors: Jacobs, Baldwin, Truth, Wells or King. Remember–enclose those quotations in quotation marks, and document them properly.____Use summarizing and/or paraphrasing from the primary source, too, and document that properly–remember, that still needs in-text citations____Use information from at least one scholarly database article connected to the library. (If you aren’t familiar with using these, this will be a good opportunity t contact the library, get support, and strengthen your research skills. Note: You may, of course, use information from any of the resources I’ve provided. That would be an extra source. To meet the above minimum, you’ll need to find at least database article on your own.You may certainly use more than two sources, as well. Reminders: Be sure to document any and sources correctly, be sure they are quality sources, and be sure they are relevant in supporting your thesis. The idea of doing outside research is a good strategy. It will likely mean that you are more informed on your topic and you have more ideas to work with.To generate ideas for a response, you might consider such questions as: Have you read this before? How much did you already know about the author or topic? What did you learn? Is this still important for people to read? Why so? Is it still relevant? Are there principles or ideas which can be applied to situations happening today? What lines most stand out to you? Why? Which lines make sound arguments or a strong case? What kinds of examples does the writer use? What kind of voice or persona does the writer create? What are logos, ethos, and pathos? How are those used to reach the audience? Who was the original audience? Is there historical context that we need to know to better understand and appreciate the writing and its message? You do not have to answer all of these, nor should you try to cover them all in one response. They may help you to brainstorm and free write, however, or may help you to find a focus and create a thesis. If you are having trouble getting started with the response, make yourself answer these…in writing. Overall last thoughts: We will be looking for the goals, here, as well as for good organization, clear sentences, the basics of correct standard grammar, college level writing, etc. Effort does matter. Following the directions does too. This is a place where minimums need to be met, for a chance at a minimum (think C range) grade. Not meeting minimums means earning less than minimum credit. Be sure you are making a good effort, and also following the directions, and following MLA. Get appropriate help if you need it. The Writing Center is a good resource. We’ll also create a draft. You’ll be using safeassign for this assignment. Consider all of the possible resources you have. If you struggled with some aspects of documentation in English 111, for instance, you may need to do some extra work and review to catch up to the level of work needed in English 112. Be realistic here. There may be things that are more challenging. You’ll need to find strategies to meet those challenges. If you find that taking an online class is not a good fit, recognize that. That’s a wise thing to do. General warning: Missing/incomplete/not correct documentation…depending on the type…would start at a grade range of a low C and go down to a zero. Assume that documentation is important. Assume that it is a “make or break” aspect, in itself. Thanks for your effort!

Global Logistics Management

Global Logistics Management.

 British spell, textbook, (Rushton, A, Croucher, P, & Baker, P 2014, The Handbook of Logistics and Distribution Management : Understanding the Supply Chain, Kogan Page, London).

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Assessment Completion and Review of Assessment Constructs

Dr Martin Luther King letter to Birmingham Assessment Completion and Review of Assessment Constructs.

Description Part 1: Part of the focus of this assignment is to examine your own experience with Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A) assessment and your reactions to the assessment. Discuss the expectations for the assessment, Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A). Answer: the expectation was to properly assess whether there were signs of anxiety and if so, what the severity could be. Discuss the degree of complexity of the assessment items or questions. Answer: The Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A) assessment was a short and simple questioner that took just a few minutes to complete. Discuss the perceived relevance of the assessment. Answer: The assessment was relevant to school counseling since it is important to know whether students have a low level of anxiety or a high level of anxiety. Discuss the anticipated results versus actual results (in general). Answer: The anticipated results were low. The actual results were scored as a level 5. Analyze the relevance to school counselling and ethical use of the assessment. Answer: The Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAM-A) assessment measures the mental and psychological distress as well as the physical complaints related to anxiety. These measurements are crucial in helping adolescents overcome obstacles. Part 2: Read the reviews of the assessment Fifty Years with the Hamilton Scales for Anxiety and Depression (attached) and perform the following actions. • Examine the key test measurement constructs of reliability and validity for the assessment. You will want to describe the methods used to acquire reliability and validity for the assessment. • Describe how results of the assessment are interpreted. For example, describe how scores are interpreted in comparison to group means and norms (for a standardized or norm- referenced test) or to cutoff scores (for criterion-referenced test). • How are scores on this assessment correlated with other tests that measure the same construct? • Analyze the effectiveness of the selected assessment tool in school counseling, incorporating six additional NEW scholarly research studies. • Based on the review of the literature, evaluate if the assessment is clear in its application of measurement concepts.

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3 questions to be solved , each question 1000 words

Choose and answer 3 out of the 5 questions below.
Each question consists of several sub-questions: you need to address each of them.
The word limit for each question is 1,000 words.
Each question is marked out of 100% and counts for one third of the module mark.

NB.: Submission deadline on Canvas:
Monday 17 January 2022

Question 1:
You are a graduate within a large and financially strong British food retailing company with competitive advantages in marketing and information management. Following a slowing down of domestic sales and the problem of UK planning legislation to domestic expansion, management plan to invest in their first European market. The company’s cohesive management team of mixed nationalities and gender have currently no experience of international market entry. Write a report to the Managing Director discussing the following:
The possible strategic rationales and benefits of international market entry to the company (50 marks).
The possible factors influencing their choice of entry mode (50 marks).

Question 2:
Explain the three basic decisions that firms contemplating foreign expansion must make. Use examples where possible to clarify your answers (50 marks).
Outline the various roles of a foreign subsidiary and discuss the organisational and host government factors that can determine the evolution of foreign subsidiaries? (50 marks).
Question 3:

‘Firms develop international operations gradually; via a sequential mode pathway or establishment chain, enter initially perceived culturally similar markets and learn through market experience’. Critically discuss this statement (100 marks).

Question 4:

Multinational companies can adopt the following approaches to managerial staffing within foreign subsidiaries: ethnocentric, polycentric, and geocentric.
Discuss the potential costs and benefits of each staffing approach (50 marks).
Advise what measures companies should take to mitigate the potential limitations of using host country managers and expatriate managers (50 marks).
Question 5:

Examine the attractiveness of the UK market for FDI, assuming a deregulated post-Brexit UK economy aiming to compete against the European Union’s Single Market with lower social, environmental and food safety standards, interventionist industrial policy allowing targeted state aid and lower corporate tax for companies settling in Britain. Give examples in at least two different sectors. Draw conclusions with regards to the nature of Brexit in an increasingly interconnected business world (100 marks).

Explain the relationships among tasks based on a WBS, a network diagram and critical path

Explain the relationships among tasks based on a WBS, a network diagram and critical path.

 Review Learning Objective Three: Explain the relationships among tasks based on a WBS, a network diagram and critical path Review Learning Objective Three. Research the learning objective in the library and on the web. For this paper you will need to find an article in the library that relates to Learning Objective Three and summarize and discuss the article in the required paper. Remember to include a link to the article.

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“An unexamined life is not worth living.”

“An unexamined life is not worth living.”.

Analytical or interpretive paper on Socrates, was planning on including mostly on his philosophy and the famous quote, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”. Correct and appropriate citations. Written in third person, no usage of I or you. Three sources, only one can be online. Strong thesis with support, college-level analysis! 12 point, Times new roman, and double spaced.

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Literature review: migrant domestic workers inside Lebanese prisons

Literature review: migrant domestic workers inside Lebanese prisons.

You are expected to search for 10 recent academic books and journal articles pertaining this research question “what are the reasons behind pushing migrant domestic workers to prisons in Lebanon, and what is their condition” and do literature review . Please focus on your comprehension, writing, and argumentation skills.

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A problem or issue in politics.

A problem or issue in politics..

Write a 5-6 page research paper, on one problem or issue in politics. Follow these steps when writing your research paper: 1. Identify a problem or an issue (Define it) 2. Analyze the issue (and give some historical background if applicable) 3. Suggest a solution to the problem or an approach to deal with the issue You are expected to have a minimum to two books and/or journal entries and a minimum of two other sources in your reference section. The paper should follow APA format.

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Never Caught

Never Caught.


The Never Caught assignment asks students to understand the effects of slavery on women during the Early Republic. Read Erica Armstrong Dunbar’s book Never Caught and summarize the nature of Ona Judge’s circumstances under the system of slavery and how that continued after she escaped. What are the main lessons to be learned about Martha Washington, Ona Judge, and others like them?  Use specific cited examples from a large range of the book to support your point. Approximately 3 pages double spaced. Please copy and paste link into search bar; this will take you to the online book. If asked to log in; Please log in using information below. ask support for logins

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Vote recommendation for Speaker of the House

Vote recommendation for Speaker of the House.

Vote recommendation for Speaker of th House 

Assume that you are the Chief of Staff for a Republican member of the House. Your boss is in his third year. He won his last (second) election with 58% of the vote. Your district is R+8. The Republicans currently enjoy a 40 seat majority in the House. The current Speaker has announced his retirement and the Majority Leader has emerged as his most likely successor. Your boss has developed a strong relationship with the Majority Leader and they have become good friends. While your district is solidly Republican, the boss is a retired businessman and he is not comfortable with the Freedom Caucus or the hard right wing of the party. Right wing leaders in the district just announced that they will “primary” any member that backs the current Majority Leader. Your boss wants you to write a memo making a recommendation on what to do. 1500 words. Fully documented.

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