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Schizophrenia and the split personality of Dr. Henry Jekyll After becoming familiar with the characteristics of the world known mental disorder-schizophrenia, one may say that the peculiar events in the considered novel show that the protagonist may have been a victim of the mentioned disorder. By having this possibility in mind the novel eventually develops into a provoking mystery thus triggering a strong sense of interest in whoever is fortunate to be reading it.

The main character of the novel Dr. Jekyll an Mr.Hyde written by Robert Louis Stevenson has been present and the reason of tragic occurrences in his surroundings. Such mysterious episodes can be thoroughly explained with the aid of reliable resources and searches on aspects that all come back to the initial theory of schizophrenia- “split personality”, Personality Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder and so on. In order to demonstrate and verify the theory of Dr. Jekyll as being a man that might have suffered from this condition, some genuine justification will follow.

Personality Disorder can be occasionally mistaken with Schizophrenia due to their mutual symptoms (they are both scientifically linked) and for having similar characteristics of one another. For example: The belief that one is possessed by another being, spirit or person may be a symptom of both of these disorders. Protest of being haunted by something else human or not is the actual most common experience of someone with Multiple Personality Disorder, whereas the feeling that one is possessed may be a symptom of schizophrenia. Several schizophrenics have great incomprehension of their own identity and the significance of existence.

Dr. Jekyll has the potential of being someone that suffered from schizophrenia. The intense devotion given towards the creation of his so desired potion, that would supposedly turn him into someone else temporarily to fulfill his personal grievances, might all have been part of his delusions. Maybe the long study of which ingredients should be put together were all part of something in his head, additionally; he might have actually created something that gave him a kind of strange reaction but not one that was as severe as turning into someone else.

In other words, the ritual of making a potion to transform him could have been exaggerated into a so believed successful form achievement of creating some sort of metamorphose that would allow him to experience his evil side. This evil side that was arisen with the “success” of the potion created Dr. Jekyll’s horrid new identity- Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde can be easily described as being an unkind unsociable man that would thirstily seek for solitude and malicious action. Mr. Hyde was a hostile side of Dr. Jekyll that was incredibly intelligent and cold.

Characteristics like these all match the ones of a schizophrenic individual. Many of the symptoms above plus: independent, quiet, reserved, and, captivated by scientific activities, can be used to describe Jekyll. These are just more that characteristics are all used to describe people afflicted with schizophrenia. All the similarities found in Dr. Jekyll’s story with the truths about schizophrenia can be clearly concluded that the character of Mr. Hyde could be an outcome of Dr. Jekyll going through a cycle of schizophrenia.

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