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Down Syndrome Essay, Research Paper

Down Syndrome

Peoples with Down syndrome are first and first human existences who

have recognizable physical features due to the presence of an

excess chromosome 21. The estimated incidence of Down syndrome is

between 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 1,100 unrecorded births. Each twelvemonth about

3,000 to 5,000 kids are born with this chromosome upset. It is

believed there are about 250,000 households in the United States who are

affected by Down syndrome.

Child with Down syndrome are normally smaller, and their physical and

mental developments are slower, than childs who do non hold Down

syndrome. The bulk of kids with Down syndrome map in the

mild to chair scope of mental deceleration. However, some kids

are non mentally retarded at all ; they may work in the boundary line to

low mean scope ; others may be badly mentally retarded. There is a

broad fluctuation in mental abilities and developmental advancement in kids

with Down syndrome. Besides, their motor development is slow ; and alternatively

of walking by 12 to 14 months as other kids do, kids with Down

syndrome normally learn to walk between 15 to 36 months. Language

development is besides markedly delayed. It is of import to observe that a

lovingness and enriching place environment, early intercession, and

integrated instruction attempts will hold a positive influence on the kid & # 8217 ; s


Although persons with Down syndrome have distinct physical

features, by and large they are more similar to the mean individual in the

community than they are different. The physical characteristics are of import to the

doctor in doing the clinical diagnosing, but no accent should be put on

those features otherwise. Not every kid with Down syndrome has all

the features ; some may merely hold a few, and others may demo most of

the marks of Down syndrome. Some of the physical characteristics in kids with

Down syndrome include flattening of the dorsum of the caput, slanting of the

palpebras, little tegument creases at the interior corner of the eyes, depressed nasal

span, somewhat smaller ears, little oral cavity, reduced musculus tone, loose

ligaments, and little custodies and pess. About 50 per centum of all kids have a

spread between the first and 2nd toes. The physical characteristics observed in

kids with Down syndrome normally do non do any disablement in the kid.

Although many theories have been developed, it is non known what really

causes Down syndrome. It has been known for some clip that the hazard of holding

a kid with Down syndrome additions with progressing age of the female parent ; i.e. ,

the older the female parent, the greater the possibility that she may hold a kid with

Down syndrome. However, most babes with Down syndrome are born to

female parents younger than 35 old ages. Some research workers reported that older male parents

may besides be at an incre

ased hazard of holding a kid with Down syndrome.

Parents who have a kid with Down syndrome have an increased hazard of holding

another kid with Down syndrome in future gestations.

The kid with Down syndrome is in demand of the same sort of medical

attention as any other kid. The baby doctor or household doctor should supply

general wellness care, immunisations, attend to medical exigencies,

and offer support and guidance to the household. There are, nevertheless, state of affairss

when kids with Down syndrome need particular attending.

Forty to Forty-five per centum of kids with Down syndrome have congenital

bosom disease. Many of these kids will hold to undergo cardiac surgery and

frequently will necessitate long term attention. Children with Down syndrome frequently have more

oculus jobs than other kids who do non hold this chromosome upset.

For illustration, 3 per centum of babies with Down syndrome have cataracts. They

demand to be removed surgically. Other oculus jobs such as cross-eye, near-

eyesight, far-sightedness and other oculus conditions are often observed

in kids with Down syndrome.

Although many medicines and assorted therapies have been touted as

intervention for people with Down syndrome, there is no effectual medical

intervention available at the present clip.

Today early intercession plans, and pre-school baby’s rooms, have

demonstrated kids with Down syndrome can take part in many

larning experiences which can positively act upon their overall

working. Research has shown that early intercession, environmental

enrichment, and aid to the households will ensue in advancement that is

normally non achieved by those babies who have non had such educational

and exciting experiences. Subsequently, the school can give the kid a

foundation for life through the development of academic accomplishments and

physical every bit good as societal abilities. Experiences provided in school aid

the kid in obtaining a feeling of self-respect and enjoyment. School

should supply an chance for the kid to prosecute in sharing

relationships with others and assist to fix the kid to go a

productive citizen. Contrary to some positions, all kids can larn, and

they will profit from arrangement in a normalized scene with support as

needed. During adolescence, childs with Down syndrome should be

exposed to prevocational preparation in order to larn good work wonts and

to prosecute in proper relationships with colleagues. It is of import that

society develop attitudes that will allow people with Down syndrome to

participate in community life and to be accepted. They should be

offered a position that observes their rights and privileges as citizens, and

in a existent sense preserves their human self-respect. When accorded their

rights and treated with self-respect, people with Down syndrome will, in

bend, supply society with a most valuable humanizing influence.

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