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Douglas Macarthur, American General Essay

The history of the great country that is the United States is punctuated by great personalities who have made great contributions towards its status. Consequently, history has mapped both sung and unsung heroes who went the extra mile to ensure the integrity of America was maintained. General Douglas MacArthur often appears in the list of the greatest American Generals who defended the sovereignty of this great in battle. General MacArthur, nicknamed Big Chief by his comrades, was a five-star general and a renown Field Marshal. In the 1930s, MacArthur served as the ‘Chief of Staff of the United States Army’ where he was a key personality in the ‘Pacific theater’ camping during the World War II. MacArthur served alongside his father at one time during his military career in the Philippines. McArthur’s service as a general was acknowledged through various awards and promotions. For instance, McArthur was awarded with the ‘Medal of Honor’ and he was also able to rise through the ranks to become a Field Marshal and a General. Historians have been kind with their assessment of General MacArthur’s military career and his contributions to history. However, another group of thought is of the view that MacArthur is one of the most overrated war generals in America. This essay seeks to provide evidence as to why General MacArthur should be considered as one of the greatest general of the 20th Century. The character of General MacArthur preceded his military career. One message of condolence after MacArthur’s read; “General Douglas MacArthur’s true greatness lay in his absolute devotion to his country, his refusal to compromise his idealism, his personal integrity. In a word, his greatness was his character” (***). The qualities that were exhibited by MacArthur impressed fellow military men, politicians, and ordinary citizens too. By the time of his death, MacArthur’s prowess as a military General was yet to be matched by his predecessors. Observers note that General MacArthur was a true American hero who was shrouded by an air of mystique that made his military contributions unlike those of his fellow generals (*****). One unique factor that made General MacArthur the greatest is the fact that his skills originated from military college. Records indicate that MacArthur’s performance record in the military academy was only surpassed by that of Robert E. Douglas during the time of his graduation. Consequently, the General was destined for greatness right from the moment he stepped of a military college. Soon after, the top-notch student ventured into the battle fields of World War I where he soon started the “Rainbow Division”, a unit that he was soon commanding. Subsequently, General MacArthur became a legend of sorts owing to his fast achievements at such a young age. Soon after, he became known as the ‘Kid General’ and there were various stories outlining his bravery in the battlefront. The legend of General Mac Arthur the kid general continued during the World War II when he was sent to the Philippines by President Roosevelt as a Commander of the US Army. In Manila, the General faces his first real test when his troops came under heavy attack from the Japanese. Although MacArthur was unwavering in his attacks against the Japanese, President Roosevelt recalled him to America in 1942. After being recalled to America, General MacArthur promised to go back to the Philippines and claim his victory against the Japanese. True to his word, the general went back to Manila where he finally achieved his victory against the Japanese. His superiority over Japanese gave him unprecedented power even when it came to charting the Pacific treaties. On the other hand, President Truman felt that General MacArthur deserved to be prompted. Consequently, the President gave MacArthur the governorship of the conquered Japanese territory. After becoming the governor of the new territory, MacArthur went on to become one of the most revered men in the whole of Japan. The initial achievement of General MacArthur were enough testament that he was not an ordinary military operative, but he was a skilled strategist who completed his missions with outmost precision. After MacArthur had achieved the undisputed status of the invincible General, he was soon confronted with one of the most challenging tests yet through the Korean War. The United Nations’ troops had already received massive casualties from the Communist troops. On the other hand, it had appeared that the once revered General was soon going to face defeat in Korea. However, the ingenuity of General MacArthur’s military prowess once again came to play when “came up with the amphibious landing that would eventually drive the Communists north into the arms of the Chinese” (****). Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The General’s plan worked just fine but he was soon set aback by the unexpectedness of the actions of the Chinese soldiers when they turned on Allied Forces. This surprise development was also a contributing factor in ending the military career of the revered soldier. After the Chinese attacked his troops, MacArthur suggested to President Truman that the war be taken to their own soil. However, President Truman was against this radical idea, and when MacArthur insisted on his suggested course of action, he was recalled from the war. Korea marked the end of the road for the decorated General MacArthur and he never actively served in the United States military again. However, the General was already aging when he went to the Korean campaign. The greatness of General MacArthur was later to be reiterated by the protests that followed his recall from the United States military. When he got to America, millions of people waited in the streets with the goal of expressing their support for him. Most people were of the view that General MacArthur “embodied the voice of real America above any other man of that time….a man who selflessly gave to his country shows his rapport with the people” (***). This support also showed that the General’s latest spat with the American executive did not reflect public interest. For instance, during a ceremony to award the war hero a ticker tape in the New York City, seven million people showed up. It was also thought that General MacArthur was going to vie for presidency, but he did not. Overall, MacArthur’s greatness lay in ability to make a tangible connection with the American people especially the ordinary citizens. Therefore, “through his remarkable military career, and controversial dismissal, MacArthur embodied the hopes and ideals of the most revered heroes in America’s past….because MacArthur not only spoke of the ideals of America, he demonstrated them to the greatest degree, he was a great American” (***).
Set up a hedge portfolio of derivatives, business and finance homework help.

Assume that you are the hedge fund portfolio manager and are starting a new fund. You have received $1 million to invest in a portfolio of derivatives. You should invest at least 20% in each of options, futures, and derivatives. No one position may comprise more than 10% of your portfolio. For each derivative instrument included in the portfolio, assess the risk of that instrument. In other words, identify and examine what could go right and wrong with this instrument. Discuss scenarios where this instrument does very well in the investment environment and scenarios where this instrument will not perform well. Discuss also the potential returns of each instrument: what is the potential return under optimal conditions and potential losses under worst case scenarios. Finally, discuss how you plan to allocate your cash in your portfolio and whether you plan to use strategies based on leverage, shorting, or reverse repurchase agreements. Main Elements Index of potential derivatives instruments to include in portfolio Short discussion of each instrument and the potential returns Short discussion of each instruments and potential losses Performance of instruments ! Requirements: 1. It should include Option, Forward, Future, and Swap four different derivatives which are in the real market like CME to hedge portfolio. For example, the corn and soybean should be the commodity. Shipment and oil can also be considered. For swap, you can mention the exchange rate for Chinese yen and US dollar. 2. Tables, screenshot from CEM or chart must be included. 3. You can do a 3 months or 6 months hedging. 4. This final paper should be 8-10 pages long and have accompanying charts and tables. Follow the APA requirements (i.e. no first person, keep it objective). Make sure you cite properly— do not risk plagiarism. Assume that you are the hedge fund manager (one with the power to make the changes to the portfolio). Thank you so much.
Set up a hedge portfolio of derivatives, business and finance homework help

University of South Florida Data Visualization Professional Writing Exercise.

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This exercises asks to you collect data and create a data visualization that communicates that data graphically.Step 1 – Collect DataAt home, or wherever you are working, collect a set of quantitative (numerical) data. Consider various types of data, for example:How long does it take to get to a specific floor in the elevator vs. climbing the stairs based on multiple tries?What’s the ratio of books to other stuff on your shelves?How much time do ducks spend foraging vs. just wandering around?Think about the various processes that take time or require resources (e.g., how many almonds you eat in an hour, or the average time it takes to drink a bubbly water). Think about the items you have around you and what they are used for (e.g., what apps do you check on your phone in an hour). Quantitative data is all around you–every time you do something, check something, or observe something, you are generating data. And so are the things around you–e.g., stoplights, phones, dogs, and squirrels. Select an item or items around you (including yourself) and collect the data it generates.Step 2 – Create a VisualizationOnce you have your data, draw a data visualization that represents your data. To pick the type of data visualization, go back to the Design chapter you read and review the visualization types. You can use any medium you want to create your visualization–pens, crayons, markers, or, if you are already familiar with creating visualizations digitally, use an app like Canva (Links to an external site.) or Excel.Step 3 – Share your Visualization and CommentIf you draw your visualization, you can submit a picture taken with your phone. Include your name in the title. When you share your visualization, answer the following questions about it, along with the image:What does the data visualization show?Why did you pick that visualization format?
University of South Florida Data Visualization Professional Writing Exercise

QSEN Competencies And Inter-professional Collaboration

QSEN Competencies And Inter-professional Collaboration.

The goal of the Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) project is to promote the knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs) necessary for nurses to raise the level of quality and safety in healthcare.Review the following six QSEN Competencies, then choose one and discuss how the chosen competency was implemented in your practice site and how it influenced nursing practice.Evidence-based Practice (EBP)Briefly describe a clinical experience you had in which inter-professional collaboration resulted in an improved patient outcome. How did this situation affect your KSAs about the competency of teamwork and collaboration? Clinical experience you have to write about is ” Infection Control”QSEN Institute. (n.d.). QSEN competencies. Retrieved from, G. (n.d.). Quality and safety education for nurses: An introduction to the competencies and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes [PowerPoint presentation]. Retrieved from Watch the followingQSEN Institute. (2010, April 15). QSEN informational video, part 1 . Retrieved from
QSEN Institute. (2010, April 18). QSEN informational video, part 2 . Retrieved from
QSEN Competencies And Inter-professional Collaboration

Scene analysis Hamlet

essay writer Scene analysis Hamlet.

Your Hamlet Essay will be a “scene analysis,” having an opinion about a scene’s importance in the work and proving it. You will choose one SCENE from a list of choices then you will analyze its impact on the entire story’s quality, backing up your statement with 3 points and quotes in your chosen scene along with the entire story.YOUR SIMPLE THESIS STATEMENTFINISH THIS SENTENCE: In Shakespeare’s classic tragedy “Hamlet,” [INSERT YOUR CHOSEN SCENE HERE] is pivotal to the development and success of the entire play in 3 distinct ways.1) “The Hamlet Saw a Ghost” Scene: Hamlet’s state of mind when he speaks with his friends Horatio and Marcellus after Hamlet has seen the Ghost–1.5.114-90. Include in your discussion Hamlet’s plan to put on an “antic disposition.” In light of the rest of the play, what does this add to the rising action of the tragedy?Introduction (HOOK) that leads into:· The Thesis Sentence (BIG IDEA) Paragraphs of essay:· Main point #1–example from your scene with comment/quote· Main point #2-example from your scene with comment/quote· Main point #3-example from your (or another) scene with comment/quote (You may choose another scene to quote to make your pt, but only do it once. Or you can have all 3 from your scene.) · Conclusion-Step Back. Think of entire saga and the point you’re trying to make. What have you learned and what is the impact on the story? OTHER REMINDERS • Decide what scene was most interesting and important to how the play unfolds–and then why. Doing so makes you think about the entire play and how Shakespeare masterfully plotted the story.• Use the questions I’ve added to each of your choices above for a jumpstart. Have fun with it, but stay focused on your thesis.• Under NO circumstances should the paper become a retelling of what happens in these Hamlet scenes alone. • Dissect the scene with an eye to its relevance to the overall plot and impact of the play. • You will be PROVING how the action in your scene makes the rest of the story unfold as it does. Regardless of which passage/scene you choose, your paper should show the overall relevance of the passage to the play. • You will be thinking deeply and coming to conclusions about a scene, everything that is going on, and how Shakespeare used your chosen scene to further the action and the impact and success of the entire play.
Scene analysis Hamlet

Adaptation Actions to Reduce the Impact of Climate Change Discussion Paper

Adaptation Actions to Reduce the Impact of Climate Change Discussion Paper.

Kindly find task questions attached and belowBiomimicry article is attached below as well. Task Questions: 1200 words max1) Considering that climate change is a global threat, what kind of strategy (eco-effective
or eco-efficient) seems to be the best option to follow, if we consider that any solution
must be embraced by a large population.2) From the article called “Biomimicry: Streamlining the Front End ofInnovation for
Environmentally SustainableProducts ” by Emily Barbara Kennedy & Thomas Andrew
– How OJO Industries, Inc., used a biomimicry strategy to drive environmentally
sustainable product innovation?
Adaptation Actions to Reduce the Impact of Climate Change Discussion Paper

Risk analysis management

Risk analysis management.

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One of the most important first steps to risk management and implementing is risk assessment.
You are required to perform a risk assessment on one particular IT system of your choice. You
can either follow a qualitative or quantitative method (select the methodology based on
assessment needs). Before progressing with the RA, you need to complete two preliminary

Define the assessment.

Review previous findings if available

Then start preforming the risk assessment in detail as it has been explained to you during the
lectures (chapter 5 and chapter 6)

Identify the management structure (optional)

Identify assets and activities to address.

Identify and evaluate relevant threats.

Identify and evaluate relevant vulnerabilities.

Identify and evaluate relevant countermeasures.

Evaluate risks.

Develop recommendations to mitigate risks.
Risk analysis management