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Domestic And Foreign Policies Essay, Research Paper

Domestic and Foreign Policies

Throughout our history, many policies have been made to cover with domestic or

foreign issues or struggles. One illustration of domestic policies were the reforms FDR

created called the New Deal. An illustration of a foreign policy was that of containment

used after WW2.

In the 1930 & # 8217 ; s our state and many others around the universe went through a

fiscal depression. The Depression was largely attributed to the stock market clang in

1929. President Hoover who served before FDR tried legion things to seek and assist

remedy the depression. But by the clip FDR was elected in, the depression was still really

much nowadays. FDR was unfastened to many different thoughts to seek and repair the economic system. The

authorities plans he initiated were portion of his domestic policy called the New Deal.

President Roosevelt wasted no clip one time he got into office. Within the first One-

Hundred yearss of his first term he made more of import alterations than old presidents

had made in the whole 1920 & # 8217 ; s. The president clearly showed the state that he would seek

and repair the jobs with all he could perchance do.Some people called FDR & # 8217 ; s, New Deal,

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alphabet soup, because the reforms were new authorities bureaus with acronym

abbreviations. One belief of President Roosevelt was that the authorities should assist the

needy straight. One new authorities bureau implemented in 1933, that demonstrated this

belief was the Public Works Administration or the PWA. The PWA put people to work

by holding Bridgess, main roads, dikes, and other public undertakings built. One really of import

alteration that FDR made was set uping the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. The

FDIC provided insurance on a bank depositors money through the assistance of federal financess.

This manner the federal authorities would reconstruct a lost history for up to 100,000 dollars.

FDR was doubtless one of the best leaders our state has seen, but it wasn & # 8217 ; T

so easy for him. Two of the plans Roosevelt instituted were declared unconstitutional

by the Supreme Court. The National Recovery Administration enabled codifications that called

for, or encouraged concerns to hold upon just monetary values. One concern complained that

these codifications were excessively much like Torahs. Therefore, the NRA gave legislative power to the

president that he shouldn & # 8217 ; Ts have had. The supreme tribunal declared the disposal

unconstitutional. A similar instance was brought to the supreme tribunal. It said that the codifications

that went along with the Agricultural Adjustment Act that had required a revenue enhancement were besides

unconstitutional. In response to the supreme tribunal opinions FDR tried to raise the figure

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of Judgess that sit in the supreme tribunal from 9 to 15. He wanted to name justnesss that

shared the same positions as his on. The Congress didn & # 8217 ; t O.K. of the program.

Directly following universe war two the United States and the Soviet Union emerged

as the two ace powers of the universe. Although the two states were Alliess during the

war, after the war they were common enemies. The U.S. strongly apposed the political

progresss the Soviet Union was doing. Directly after World War 2, The Soviet Union

was rapidly back uping communist revolutions within the states of Eastern Europe.

Finally, they even gained control of most of these states. The U.S. saw the Soviet

Union and communism as a menace to free life. Our authorities rapidly developed a policy

of containment toward the spread of Communism throughout the universe.

By the United States practising the policy of containment, it engaged itself into

what is known as the cold war. The cold war didn & # 8217 ; t contain existent combat between the

two states. It was the practicing of their foreign policies towards each other in order to

prevent or addition universe power.

Directly following WW2, President Truman instituted the

Truman Doctrine. This philosophy said that the United States would back up those states

that were in danger of be taken over by Soviet influence. Using the Truman Doctrine and

Marshall Plan the U.S. sent one million millions of dollars in assistance to European states to forestall the

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rise of communist parties.

The United States besides tried to deter the Soviet Union from distributing

communism by fall ining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO. NATO was an

confederation between 12 states with the United States as the key participant. The two states

began to vie against each other in many assorted ways. In response to NATO, the

Soviet Union created the Warsaw Pact, which was an confederation between the Soviet Union

and the Soviet orbiters of Eastern Europe. The Soviet Union beat the U.S. to infinite

which motivated the U.S. to turn out the U.S. infinite plan was far more superior to the

Soviet.All these Acts of the Apostless of our authorities were apart of our policy of containment towards

the Soviet Union and their influence by non wining any power to them.

In the 1950 & # 8217 ; s and 1960 & # 8217 ; s the United States raised their attempts in their containment

policy. They didn & # 8217 ; t want to see Soviet and communist influence move across Asia. In the

50 & # 8217 ; s the U.S. began a war with the Soviet supported North Korea in an attempt to incorporate

communist influence over South Korea. The U.S. and other states that were members of

the United Nations sent military personnels down to South Korea to seek and incorporate the North

Koreans. The South Korean forces were largely made up of U.S. and South Korean

military personnels. The U.S. was successful in their containment of Soviet influence but lost over

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50,000 American lives. In the early 60 & # 8217 ; s the United States and the Soviet Union about

went to war when the United States learned that the Soviet Union was hive awaying atomic

missiles on the island of Cuba. Because Cuba was so close to the U.S. it was a direct

menace on U.S. security. During this event called the Cuban Missile Crisis President

Kennedy sent the U.S. Navy to barricade Soviet ships with atomic arms that were coming

into Cuba. The U.S. and Soviet Union were on the threshold of war but they resolved the


One of the most influential actions taken in our state & # 8217 ; s history in the support of

containment was our states determination to step in in Vietnam. Our engagement was

about an exact repetition our engagement in Korea. Under President Eisenhower we sent

military forces to South Vietnam to develop them in order to support themselves from

communist North Vietnam. Under The following president, President Kennedy, we were

directing even more assistance to Vietnam to seek and forestall what the U.S. saw as a possible

communist return over of Southeast Asia. When President Johnson took over after

Kennedy was assassinated our engagement in Vietnam increased. Johnson saw that the

South Vietnam authorities wasn & # 8217 ; t able to get the better of the Communist on their ain. But the

Gulf of Tonkin Resolution is what enabled Johnson to direct military assistance. From Johnson & # 8217 ; s

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presidential term through to President Nixon we saw engagement in Vietnam that finally

ended in United States failure. We left the state of affairs unfinished with the South Vietnamese

to complete without U.S. assistance. With Nixon came the beginning to the terminal of the cold war and

foreign policy of containment. Nixon began to pattern a foreign policy called vitamin D? tente

which was an effort to cut down tenseness between the United States and Soviet Union.

These policies whether domestic or foreign are greatly influenced by our states

presidents. There effectiveness reflects on the presidents ability to take, and the character

and attitude of the general populace. These policies frequently have a great impact on our society.

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