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Dolly Madison Essay, Research Paper

Dolly Payne Madison was born in Guilford County, North Carolina on May 20, 1768. Dolly was born the first miss in a household of several kids to Quaker parents, John Payne and Mary Coles. She spent her childhood in Scotchtown, Virginia. & # 8220 ; The Paynes were good connected and sufficiently comfortable, little plantation owners in Hanover County. & # 8221 ; 1 The Quaker house forbade celebration, shunned amusement and frowned upon the universe & # 8217 ; s amour propres. After a preliminary visit to Philadelphia, John Payne returned to Hanover County to dispose of his belongings and free his slaves and in July 1783 he settled with his household in the pleasant metropolis of Philadelphia.

In Philadelphia Dolly brought comeliness and appeal to the Quaker Evening Meetings. In her head, nevertheless, there were other things in Philadelphia more engrossing than the modus operandi of meetings. Under her Quaker gown Dolly & # 8217 ; s bosom yearned, honestly and without any shame, for these things. Yet, when her household told her to get married John Todd, she stood up dutifully at first and 2nd meeting and proclaimed her willingness to make so. His male parent was an high Quaker school teacher ; John was a outstanding immature attorney, 27 old ages old. She did non postulate against John Todd. & # 8220 ; Dolly had the ability to accept whatever destiny might hold to offer and do the really best of it. & # 8221 ; 2 They were married on January 7, 1790, at the Friends & # 8217 ; Meeting House on Pine Street.

In the summer of 1793 there came the xanthous pestilence. Dolly was fighting with her kids along the crowded route to Gray & # 8217 ; s Ferry, one of the panic driven multitudes get awaying from the afflicted metropolis. John Todd stayed behind to give his able bodied and brave aid, and before the winter was over Dolly had lost her hubby and her babe. Dolly herself was urgently sick for she had caught the febrility from John when he came reeling out at last to Gray & # 8217 ; s Ferry. She recovered to happen herself a widow at 25, and executrix of her hubby & # 8217 ; s will. In the autumn Dolly returned to her female parent & # 8217 ; s house, which was now a embarkation house.

At all events, the Senator from New York, Colonel Aaron Burr, lodged at the Madison Lodging House. He told everyone about the pretty widow Todd. He eventually told his friend Congressman Madison of Virginia. The Congressman, nevertheless, disliked adult females after Catherine Floyd had ended their long battle. One twenty-four hours James Madison saw the widow drive by and began teasing Colonel Burr for an debut. In the spring of 1794 Dolly and James were introduced for the first clip. It was non long before their battle was rumored all over Philadelphia. John Todd had non been dead a twelvemonth when, on September 15, 1794, James and Dolly were married at Harewood.

Now there was a new Philadelphia for Quaker Dolly, the Philadelphia she had ever longed for. & # 8220 ; The town had ne’er been more cheery, a continually altering pageant of foreign invitees and ministers. & # 8221 ; 3 A superb scene graced by the presence of many of the emigrated aristocracy of France. In her new function, as Mrs. Madison of Montpellier, Dolly plunged into these celebrations with all the stored-up gusto of her reticent maidenhood. For three old ages Dolly brought a fresh, bright personality to inspire Lady Washington & # 8217 ; s slightly airless levees in the old brick house on Market Street. Dolly Madison adored the Washington & # 8217 ; s. Dolly made friends in all cantonments for James Madison, which likely helped him win presidential term. He did non care for all the mobs and levees so he retired to his darling town of Montpellier, to his purdah and his books.

On the forenoon of March 4, 1801 the Federalists were defeated, and Thomas Jefferson was to take his topographic point as President of the United States. Soon secretary of province Madison and his married woman were dragged off from Montpellier once more and came to shack in Washington. & # 8220 ; Present me respectfully to Mrs. Madison, & # 8221 ; Mr. Jefferson wrote, & # 8220 ; and pray her to maintain you where you are, for her ain satisfaction and for the public good. & # 8221 ; 4 Since Mr. Jefferson was fond of them both, and because he was a widowman, Mrs. Secretary of State Madison found herself presiding at the caput of the Executive board. For eight old ages, & # 8220 ; Queen Dolly, & # 8221 ; as they called her, ruled over the societal fates of the Executive Mansion in malice of the demands upon her strength and the humidness of the malarial fens, which crippled her with inflammatory rheumatism from which she suffered for the remainder of her life.

In March, 1809, Mr. Jefferson retired, smiling to Monticello ; Mr. Madison

necessarily became President, and Dolly moved into that Great House of which she had already been mistress so long. After Madison became president official maps became more luxuriant. The inaugural ceremonials were none the less superb and impressive. The President’s House became known as the “castle” in the Madison epoch. “Washington was coming into its ain, blessed with more attractive forces than any other topographic point in America.”5

Tuesday, August 23, 1814, Mrs. Secretary of the Navy Jones found it necessary to compose to Dolly that, & # 8220 ; I am packing with the possibility of holding to go forth, for the British are near. & # 8221 ; There was suppose to be a large dinner for all the Cabinet at the Madison & # 8217 ; s but the British fleet was in the Chesapeake. British military personnels were processing through the forests to Washington and the Cabinet officers were with the President at General Winder & # 8217 ; s cantonment. The British kept right on processing by the Bladensburg route which no 1 had thought to blockade, and alternatively of dining at Dolly & # 8217 ; s, the Cabinet went streaming across the state to Bladensburg with the ground forces. On Wednesday, August 24, there was a conflict. An unfortunate conflict in which the base British fired projectiles at the amazed reserves, so that they departed in some confusion to their places. At Washington that afternoon there was uproar and blare in the streets. Dolly scanned the skyline with a field glass and saw nil to promote her. There was a dust of going household managers.

Dolly is best known for her flight from Washington in 1814, when the British invaded the metropolis during the War of 1812. She saved many province documents and a portrayal of George Washington. At three O & # 8217 ; time a courier came galloping up and told Dolly that she must go forth. For the 2nd clip in American history, the British were coming! At Dolly & # 8217 ; s suggestion, & # 8220 ; French & # 8221 ; John Siousa and Magrau, the nurseryman, broke the frame incorporating Gilbert Stuart & # 8217 ; s portrayal of Mr. Washington and gave the image to some gentlemen for safe maintaining. Dolly herself passed through the dining room, crammed some things into her reticule, and was so driven to Georgetown in her passenger car.

The Castle was abandoned ; to be raided, foremost, by American strayers, and so to be burned by the British who conflagrated it after processing 50 crewmans and Mariness mutely through the avenue. Mrs. Smith wrote to Dolly, & # 8220 ; How gloomy is the scene, I do non say Government will of all time return to Washington. & # 8221 ; 6 The Castle was conflagrated, merely it & # 8217 ; s blackened walls remained, and Dolly established herself in the Tayloe sign of the zodiac, the celebrated brick & # 8220 ; Octagon. & # 8221 ;

On February 4, 1815, there was intelligence in the streets of triumph at New Orleans, and the name of President-to-be on every lingua. On February 13, Mr. Gallatin, Mr. Adams, Mr. Clay, Mr. Bayard, and Mr. Russell had made a pact. The whole town went to Mrs. Madison & # 8217 ; s ; person was pealing a dinner bell. It was a cheery winter ; the & # 8220 ; Peace Winter of 1815. & # 8221 ; On March, 1817 Mr. Monroe won Presidency and the drama was done for Dolly.

Now there was observing but Montpellier and the composure humdrum beauty of the Blue Ridge. Dolly was now 49. After the Castle and the Octagon, there was a quiet, somewhat dilapidated, colonnaded sign of the zodiac against a background of unchanging trees. Dolly was to pass the following 20 old ages, rather cheerfully and serenely in her native province. She still received a sequence of visitants.

Then the roll uping old ages brought separation and sorrow, Mr. Monroe died in 1831, Dolly & # 8217 ; s sister, Anna Cutt, in 1832, and at last, in 1836, Madison himself. Dolly was really ill afterwards, nevertheless, a visit to the White Sulphur in 1837 did her good. She found something to busy her in redaction and printing her hubby & # 8217 ; s Reports of the Constitutional Congress. She was 69 now and for Dolly nil remained but the alone contemplation of melting scenes.

Dolly returned to Washington in 1837 with her niece. It was a new Washington in many ways, but turned to her with respectful attending. Montpellier had to be sold because her boy, John Payne Todd, who neglected his female parent, was in debt. Washington, nevertheless, ne’er neglected Dolly, and frequently sent her baskets of fruit and commissariats. Congress did non bury Dolly either, and gave her a place on the floor of the House during her life-time. Congress besides paid for Mr. Madison & # 8217 ; s Reports.

& # 8220 ; It was February 7 ; Dolly was at the stopping point of her 80th twelvemonth, she was in white satin with the inevitable turban-and on July 12 she died. & # 8221 ; 7

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