Does statin help to reduce recurrent stroke (If the writer has better idea for title I will be appreciate to change this)

-Identify and describe the problem in clear and concise language. To help you think about what problem you might choose, keep in mind the health or nursing problems of the patient population(s) you currently serve, those you encountered in your clinical courses, or those you plan to work with in the future.

-Describe the clinical setting.

-Describe the service area for the clinic and population groups who attend the clinic services.

What kinds of problems do you see in the clinic? (Age group 60 to 90 years old/ The problem that I see is there are a lot of people who is on statin with their current health condition such as heart issue, high blood pressure, obesity.. but as I see patients who had stroke previously they take stroke and they get another stroke. I know statin reduces brain stroke risk but I don’t know why they have another stroke)

-Give a clear, explicit statement of the problem and target population, as well as the background of the specific problem relative to the clinical setting. (Targeting population is 60 to 90 years old who is on a statin and had stroke previously)

-Is it broad enough that you can analyze it from many theoretical and conceptual points of view and make suitable plans to address the problem from a number of perspectives?

-Is it of enough interest to you that you are willing to spend most of the semester thinking about it, assessing all its dimensions, planning in detail how to address it, and designing a detailed intervention and evaluation plan?

-Describe the significance of the evidence-based project that could be implemented in the selected setting to the nursing profession. Ask yourself why it is important to you. Consider your own clinical interest.

-Describe clinical observations that point out the knowledge gap, clinical gap, etc.

Describe the significant research in the area that has been done that delineates the gap in our knowledge.

this is PICOT paper.

The PICO acronym is broken down as follows:

P = Patient population of interest

I = Intervention of interest

C = Comparison of interest

O = Outcome of interest

T= time[supanova_question]

Alliance Park Airport (Fort Worth, TX)

Alliance Park Airport (Fort Worth, TX).

Alliance Park Airport (Fort Worth, TX) 

Note: While your paper may differ somewhat from the outline provided below, it should generally follow this format. Table of Contents Topic History/Background – Detailed description Managerial Aspects – Corporate culture/philosophy – Key individuals involved – Organizational chart – Mission statement Resources, etc. – Vehicles and employees – Key facilities and equipment – Main airports served – Number and type of aircraft Operations – Operational philosophies – Markets served – Types of cargo – Limitations/problems Business Relationships – Principle customers – Partners, alliances, pacts – Code-sharing, joint ventures – Any unique agreements, arrangements, etc. Future Plans Summary/Comments

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Design a city in the United States from scratch.

Does statin help to reduce recurrent stroke (If the writer has better idea for title I will be appreciate to change this) Design a city in the United States from scratch..

Knowing what you now know about urban development and the external and internal features of cities, what kind of city would you design if you could start from scratch? In other words, unlike in the real world where cities are built layer upon layer of development and therefore faced with existing built form, transportation routes, available housing stock and social orders based on historical relations, you have the opportunity to start on a blank canvas with none of those pre-existing conditions.  How would you do it?


Keep in mind that cities developed primarily as centers of economic exchange but due to the necessity of human labor to that process, cities have also served as sites of social exchange, in which people from all type of backgrounds and with all types of interest have lived and worked.  Include in your discussion the type of social order you are hoping to achieve with your design. 


Your design should be comprehensive and include descriptions of where in the US should the city be located and why? Keep in mind our earlier discussion of site and situation characteristics What overall shape will the city have and why?  What relationship will your city have with other existing cities, particularly in terms of economic development?


Your design should also address the internal components of the city.  You MUST address each of the following elements:

·         HOUSING

o   Location and type of housing for low-, middle- and high-income residents


o   What types of economic activity will exist in your city?  Where will different economic activities (industrial, retail, office) be located and why?


o   What types of transportation will you include? How will the types interact with each other? Where will each type be routed and why?


o   What kind of activities will be provided? What kinds of public space will you include and where?  What kind of community meeting spaces will you provide?


o   What kind of cultural amenities will be provided?  Will you include any public art or cultural spaces?  If so, what kind and where will they be located? 

·         SOCIAL ORDER

o   What concerns do you have about the social interaction of residents and workers and how will you address those in your design? How will people be arranged in your city?




Consider elements such as the following in the course of your description of your design: housing styles, commercial/industrial building styles, private/public/commercial transportation types, location and arrangement of different activities, political jurisdictions (city/suburb), social/racial/ethnic groups, racial segregation, role of the federal government (infrastructure building, provision of public housing, funding), property values, property rights, slums, blight, displacement and anything else you think is relevant.


Submit a 3-5 page double spaced write up of your design for a city from scratch.  Be sure that you address ALL of the mandatory elements.  Be sure to address the questions that deal with the comprehensive, external urban form as well as those that deal with the internal and social elements. You may include a drawing or diagram but that should be in addition to the 3-5 pages of write up. 

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What are the ethical dimensions and/or political positions of the agents within the debate? How is the debate being framed in terms of the public or social good?

What are the ethical dimensions and/or political positions of the agents within the debate? How is the debate being framed in terms of the public or social good?.

This assignment consists of two parts. 1) The first part involves finding a portfolio of at least five news clippings to the social economy. 2) The second part consists of analysis, of your write-up. Your analysis will include a statement concerning the issue(s) (what is at stake), and should summarize your articles. Summaries might involve: i) describing what is “new;” or ii) describing the developments of your issue(s) with an indication of the agents involved in a debate.

In terms of genre, you may need to distinguish between reports, editorials, and op ed pieces. Finally,what are the ethical dimensions and/or political positions of the agents within the debate? How is the debate being framed in terms of the public or social good?

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What sight that the impressionism painting giving people?

What sight that the impressionism painting giving people?.

Research Essay Prep: Object Analysis


Joanna Zhong





Arrival of the Normandy Train, Gare Saint-Lazare

Artist: Claude Monet

Time: 1877

Type: Oil Painting 

Era: Impressionism

Location: Art Gallery of Ontario




    The Impressionists frequently paid tribute to the modern aspects of Paris. Their paintings abound with scenes of grand boulevards and elegant, new blocks of buildings, as well as achievements of modern construction such as iron bridges, exhibition halls, and train sheds. Arrival of the Normandy Train, Gare Saint-Lazare was an especially appropriate choice of subject for Claude Monet in the 1870s. In the 1870s, Paris struggled in life and was changing – thanks to wider streets, more traffic, suburban factory explosions and faster, more frequent steam-powered trains. No one in France is immune to the effects of rapid change, especially for all artists.


    Monet have few different work is for the train station, he like to draw the train station is because representing the industrial Revolution, it means the century and the society was developing, life is getting better after the industrial revolution. Impressionism in the Age of Industry: Monet, Pissarro and more explores how French Impressionist artists and their contemporaries, were equally obsessed with capturing the spirit of the industrial age. French avant-garde artists of the late 19th century were enthralled by the modernity of industry and technology, and they captured their changing world in art. This exhibition is the first to examine their sustained engagement with industry, offering a new and grittier view of this celebrated chapter in art history.


    There are many different impressionism painting around this area in the gallery, because it have the exhibition. The features of impressionism is misty and not complete if people look close. 


Research Question:


1.   Why the French avant-garde artists of the late 19th century were enthralled by the modernity of industry and technology?

2.   What is the painting inspire of the society?

3.   What sight that the impressionism painting giving people?

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DIG INTO something you really care about – sports, fashion, engineering, dogs, cooking… whatever you have a passion for – a show me in five or so pages that you can understand it with some philosophical depth when it comes to the ethics involved. Need at least five quotes from respected thinkers to back your ideas up. The FINAL exam is a persuasive argument paper on the philosophy of a passion of yours. Lots of people do soccer or football — fine. Remember not to go opinion piece, or history, expository… argue. If you want to research football, Argue football is the best sport — with proofs. Facts. Tie your interest in with Aristotle, Plato, even Descartes, or even Wittgenstein or Whiteh MLA-college format: Bulleted – (basic form) State problem Tell why important Tell approach/solution Tell implications of solution CITATIONS – All evidence must be MLA-format: [(Smith 2). – after all info] agreeing with works cited – SOURCES/ Works Cited – make sure that you do MLA format, otherwise illegal.

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The urban stream syndrome: current knowledge and the search for a cure.

The urban stream syndrome: current knowledge and the search for a cure..

Your summary should have an introduction that summarizes the background information and purpose of the paper, then explains the methods, then mentions the MAJOR results of the study, then state what the author of the study learned. Finalize your summary with discussing things that you found surprising or interesting and if there were any issues you had with the study and what questions are unanswered or are what study needs to be done next.

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The Psychology of Work & Organisations

The Psychology of Work & Organisations.

Description MUST  follow instruction!!!! Drawing on research in work and organisational psychology (e.g., measuring talent, identifying talent, retaining talent) critically evaluate the effectiveness of measuring/identifying and retaining talent at Google. Make recommendations to the organisation which are underpinned by theory and research; critically evaluate the supplied case study. We expect you to use the following materials as guidance for your essay Chapters2and 3in Sutton, A. (2015).Work psychology in action. Palgrave Macmillan Lecture 13 -Measuring Talent Lecture14 -Identifying Talent Lecture15 -Developing & Retaining Talent You are expected to adhere to the following assignment structure: 1.Introduction. 2.Theoretical background: Introduce the reader to the relevant psychological literature(Measuring Talent, Identifying Talent and Developing/Retaining Talent). 3.Based on the provided case study outline the problems or issues faced by Google prior to taking action as well as the strategy taken to address these issues. 4.Does evidence suggest that the issues were effectively addressed? Why or why not?5.Based on your critical evaluation, and in consultation with the literature, would you recommend any further action for the organisation to take in relation to these issues? Explain. 6.Would you expect any potential benefits or drawbacks as a result of your recommendations? 7.Would you expect these recommendations to be effective in other organisations? Why or why not? 8.Conclusion

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