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DNP 838 Grand Canyon University Role of a Mentor in Nursing Education Essay

DNP 838 Grand Canyon University Role of a Mentor in Nursing Education Essay.

The doctorally prepared nurse educator is in an influential position to mentor other nurse educators and faculty to promote continued excellence in nursing education. You have the opportunity to develop a mentoring relationship in this course through the completion of a three-part mentoring project in your practicum setting. For Part One, you will explore the value of mentorship within nursing education, examine the qualities of an effective mentor, and identify the novice with whom you would like to establish a relationship. Reflect on your past experience as a nurse and consider what worked for you in the relationships with the mentors you had.Write a 500-750 word essay about mentorship that incorporates the following:Why be a mentor? What is the value of mentoring within nursing education?What are the positive qualities of a successful mentor?What is the nurse educator’s role in mentoring?How are formal and informal approaches to mentoring implemented in your setting?What process can be used to partner mentors and mentees? How should demographic or socioeconomic characteristics be considered in the mentoring process? Who have you chosen to mentor and why?
DNP 838 Grand Canyon University Role of a Mentor in Nursing Education Essay

Configuring a Firewall System. I need support with this Computer Science question so I can learn better.

Prior to beginning work on this interactive assignment, read Chapters 2, 6, and 8 in the textbook.
Almost all of us have some type of Ethernet network at home. Usually, the Internet service provider (ISP) installs a gateway to the Internet at your house, and your network connects to the gateway using a home router. The TCP/IP stack of your intranet computers are configured to use the ISP router as a gateway to the Internet. Many of us also use Wireless Ethernet (IEEE 802.11 standard) to connect to the Internet. .
For this interactive assignment, assess your current home network. (If you do not currently have a home network, you may consider your work network for this assessment.) In a separate document, create a diagram that illustrates your intranet setup and your Internet connection. Consider the potential vulnerabilities of your current network setup as well as your digital resources. Create a second diagram in your document that illustrates an ideal network, including firewall(s) and other controls that would protect your digital resources against hackers. Attach your completed diagram document to your initial post. Within the initial post, explain how the design of the network best suits your needs and typical usage. Additionally, explain how your planned firewall architecture provides better security than your current network setup.
Configuring a Firewall System

Public relations 10. Paper details   Choose a local company and create an event. Write a press release that is to go out to your local newspaper or any local publication. Make sure that you follow press release template found in Chapter 10. Key Components Answer Public relations situation Outline the situation as detailed as you can Analysis of key publics Carefully think of who would benefit from this information. Core news What is the essential message I want folks to know? Benefit statement How will this impact the key publics? Why will they find value in this message? Tone of message How should the message appeal to others? Intended outcomes Is this to motivate action, encourage a particular feeling or simply to inform? Action statement Next step, looking forward, specific, invite the key publics to follow up action- include phone number, email, website, or a way to reach the organization Readability range Indicate the grade-level range of members of your key publics.Public relations 10

Medication Error Quality Improvement Initiative Paper

Medication Error Quality Improvement Initiative Paper.

The numbered points below correspond to grading criteria in the scoring guide. Analyze the missed steps or protocol deviations related to an adverse event or near miss.Analyze the
implications of the adverse event or near miss for all stakeholders.Evaluate
quality improvement technologies related to the event that are required to
reduce risk and increase patient safety.Incorporate
relevant metrics of the adverse event or near miss incident to support
need for improvement.Outline a
quality improvement initiative to prevent a future adverse event or near
analysis and proposed initiative in a professional and effective manner,
writing content clearly and logically with correct use of grammar,
punctuation, and spelling.
relevant sources to support arguments, correctly formatting citations and
references using current APA style.
Medication Error Quality Improvement Initiative Paper

The Barriers To Information And Knowledge Sharing Information Technology Essay

essay writer Information and knowledge sharing has become increasingly relevant in an organization since the transfer from an industrial economy based on a hierarchical control to a global, information-driven financial system and decentralized. Information and knowledge management from human is new and very tangible as well as technological side. The problems associated with sharing information and knowledge is to be briefly informed as one of the basic activities of information and knowledge management. Changes both in community culture and in deployed technological solutions and work procedures are required by the knowledge management. This serves as an essential of interaction between technological and social subsystems which demonstrates the information that searching, storing, manipulation and sharing of enormous volume of information are enabled by IT. Moreover, the conversion of data into information with minimum time and space constraints are enabled. The crucial consequence is the fact that in information and knowledge sharing IT plays an important role but not an essential one. The goal is to turn over the existence of some barriers to information and knowledge sharing in an organization. In this report, the main purpose is described to the types of barriers, conflict of motives as a special individual difficulty arising partially from other barriers and how to overcome these barriers in an organization. 2. Types of barriers There are many types of barriers to information and knowledge sharing in organization such as culture barriers, legal barriers, technology barriers and social barriers, etc. Two different approaches can be identified to support information and knowledge sharing in organization. The first approach is based on the change of corporate culture that accommodates to information and knowledge management system. The second one as more successful is based on accommodating of information and knowledge management system to existing corporate culture. Common culture barriers are existed in both approaches. Therefore, the identification of subjective and objective nature of the information and knowledge are necessary. The object in a form of explicit, implicit and tacit knowledge can be existed. But social practices of teams, working groups and departments form the subjective components of the information and knowledge which are also important. The information and knowledge consequent sharing are affected by social practices as the elements of corporate culture of the community. A kind of culture knowledge modification can be met because the sum of information can consider the knowledge in the context which is dependent on the creation of social group. Effective upon transparency in information and knowledge sharing can only be become in appropriate corporate culture which should be the correct routing of this modification. Therefore, the right corporate culture is very necessary. Cultural constraints are the main problems that can be divided into individual and social barriers. Individual barriers Some confidence of value or work can be ensured as knowledge is the power by providing knowledge to the collaborator the individuality of influence is reduced which is the loss of power. Especially, uncertainty can be felt younger and less experienced employees because they can not judge if the valuable knowledge is represented for others by the operational results. For junior staff, it may be difficult to estimate the value of their knowledge for else members of staff or the business as a whole. Another one is fear from exposure by providing knowledge which has a value. If other repository users not share this assessment, embarrassment may occur. Moreover, single culture elements is which employees are not able to concretely name central corporate principles, desires and goals although a lot about the business are known. Mostly, some employees have just responsiveness of the problem which is the difference between awareness and information. Social barriers Language is one of the social barriers which in some business organization or companies the language used in one segment or division is incomprehensible for others. Therefore, the main language should be appreciated. In structure of individuals, there can be better comprehensible tacit knowledge, opinions and attitude, etc. Changes can be recognized effort to avoid by conflict avoidance and don’t risk so much. New knowledge and approaches are affected for containing new thoughts or original points of view can be lost. Procedures and approaches are often used by high level of government and administrative association type declining information and knowledge sharing. Another fact is bad assessment of the co-worker information and knowledge base which communication plays an important role in information and knowledge sharing. If the process of communication will be respected, this type of barrier can be found as coding of idea which means initiative transmission to the language understandable by the receiver. Moreover, the motivation of employees is affected by emotions to share knowledge and information with anyone. It is difficult to induce employees for sharing information and knowledge with unfriendly and unpleasant relationship. 3. Overcoming these barriers Overcoming culture barriers to sharing information and knowledge have more to do with how to design and implement the information and knowledge management effort than with changing the culture. Balancing the visible and invisible dimension of culture and obviously demonstrating the importance of sharing information and knowledge are involved. Some overcoming points can derived about aligning information and knowledge sharing with the organization culture. Firstly, a visible connection is made between sharing information, knowledge, organization goals and problems for creating an information and knowledge sharing culture. Next point is that core values widely hold to link sharing information and knowledge. By linking with core values of the organization, sharing information and knowledge is made consistent with peers’ opportunity and managers’ considerations. For sharing information and knowledge, human networks is one of the key points in an organization by building a sharing culture to enhance the networks already existing. Finally, ideas and insights have already shared to recruit the support of people in organization and ask significant managers for encouraging and pressuring to share their information and knowledge. 4. Conclusion In conclusion, effective knowledge and information sharing are often prevented by culture barriers including individual and social barriers. Therefore, the maximum number of these barriers is necessary to be identified and eliminated. Some of them are possible to eliminate absolutely but some of them will still remain. The relation to the given conditions is necessary to be minimized by these remaining barriers. Culture barriers are more crucial for sharing information and knowledge in an organization. Moreover, the ways how to overcome of these barriers are discussed finally.

Case—Starbucks Assignment

Case—Starbucks Assignment. Need help with my Marketing question – I’m studying for my class.

Please read the following case and answer the questions below, in no more than 2 pages. You may use bullet points and/or prose but be as succinct as you can. 1. How does Starbucks create and provide value for customers? (3 points)
2. Why can Starbucks charge so much more for a latte compare to chains like Tim Hortons? (2 points)
3. What sorts of expansions seem most likely to benefit Starbucks in the future? Which seem riskiest? (2 points)
4. Based on what you have just read, what is one of Starbucks’ marketing objectives and what else would you recommend that Starbucks do to achieve this objective? (3)
The specific content is in the files, please read the case carefully, thank you so much!
Case—Starbucks Assignment

Command and Conquer: Generals Unit Tactics: GLA Unit Strategies

Command and Conquer: Generals Unit Tactics: GLA Unit Strategies. Command and Conquer: Generals Unit Tactics: GLA Unit Strategies: The GLA or Global Liberation Army is known for its resourcefulness and shrewd tactics. Some of the armored vehicles including technicals and marauders have the ability to scavenge destroyed enemy vehicle and upgrade their firepower. One of the key important units to look out for is the scud launcher, bomb truck and the terrorist infantry unit. The truck can be very deceptive and can inflict serious damage on enemy structures. Learn more about GLA units and the strategies required to use them in this Command and Conquer: Generals tactics guide. Rebel: The rebel is the basic infantry unit of the GLA. It has the ability to capture buildings, which can be researched at the barracks. There are several additional abilities that can be upgraded. You can increase the damage by 25 percent if you research “AP bullets” at the black market. What’s more, you can also use their stealth ability against enemy infantry. All you have to do is research the “camouflage” upgrade at the Palace to have this ability. With the help of stealth, the GLA rebel units can ambush enemy units, particularly in areas that are left undefended. With stealth, you can use them to capture buildings and oil derricks silently. RPG Trooper: The RPG trooper is very handy unit against both land and air units, but can get killed by the Chinese Gatling tanks, American Humvees and infantry units. Use 5-6 units to destroy armored vehicles and aircraft easily. You can also put them inside GLA Technicals to inflict maximum damage. Just like the rebels, the RPG troopers’ fire power can be increased by 25 percent if upgraded to “AP rockets” at the black market. Terrorists: These are very dangerous when used against enemy tanks and missile launchers, but can easily fall prey to Gatling tanks, Humvees, pathfinders or foot infantry. Always disperse them and then detonate enemy units, do not use them in packs. In most skirmish maps, you will find vacant black-colored cars. Garrison them inside to create car bombs and drive inside enemy buildings and units to inflict maximum damage. But, remember that they can also cause damage to nearby GLA structures and units, so use them wisely. These are very resourceful and are the one of the best Command and Conquer Generals tactics for the GLA faction. Angry Mob: Angry mob are generally a group of specially created units that can cause maximum damage. They are generally created in groups. They can be unlocked after building the Palace. They have the most unique weapons including stones, Molotov cocktails and can be upgraded with firearms after researching “arm the mob” at the palace. While they are not the best of command and conquer: generals tactics to employ against USA pathfinders, Humvees and Chinese Gatling tanks, they can cause serious damage to tanks and enemy structures. Use at least 4-5 upgraded mobs against enemy buildings and vehicles. They can also be a great option for defending key GLA structures. Jarmen Kell: This unit is the perfect answer to USA’s Colonel Burton. He has the abilities of the sniper and can denote buildings through his remote controlled bomb. You can use him to snipe infantry units as well as vehicle drivers and later steal them. But, his weakness is the slow reload time of his sniper rifle. You can easily eliminate Jarmen Kell with the help of your anti-stealth units. But, beware, he can hide inside buildings and take out all your infantry units. To make things difficult, the building does not change to the GLA team color, but once you locate him, you can force him to evacuate by throwing flash bang grenades. Hijacker: Hijackers are one of the most expensive units of the GLA faction, but can be tactically employed to inflict the maximum damage. They are mainly used to steal assault and general enemy vehicles. You can use them to capture enemy vehicles with the first level veteran status. You can also hijack enemy dozers, build their structures and units and create havoc on them with their own structures. to unlock the hijacker, you will have to build, palace, barracks and sped three general points. Quite a hard work to create this unique unit! GLA Armored Vehicles: Technical: Playing as GLA ensures you have excellent Command and Conquer: Generals tactics and strategies up on your sleeves. Most GLA vehicles are very resourceful. The technical is the best example of a cheap, resourceful yet destructive GLA vehicle. It can serve as an excellent vehicle transport for infantry, terrorists and hijackers. Put some of them inside and drop them on the enemy zone make your fight easier. A good example of its resourcefulness is its ability to upgrade its firepower by stealing scrap of destroyed enemy vehicles. Just run over the scraps of two destroyed vehicles and see its firepower change from machine gun to missile attacks. Scorpion: The scorpion may be the weakest armored vehicle of the GLA, but once it is upgraded with “scorpion rockets”, it can cause destruction to enemy vehicles and infantry. Scorpion upgrades are mainly available at the arms dealer structure, the palace and the black market. To upgrade its fire power to rockets research the scorpion rockets at the arms dealer, but if you want to upgrade it with deadly anthrax, then research “toxin shells”. This can inflict serious damage to the opponent’s infantry units. You can also enhance the damages by researching “anthrax beta” at the palace. When battling against enemy units, use at least 7-8 upgraded Scorpions to get excellent damage results. Marauder: The Marauder is one of prime GLA armored vehicles. With its increased range, accuracy and good armor the Marauder can cause great damage to your opponent’s vehicles and units. It has features similar to the scorpion. You can upgrade using scraps of enemy units and use it to fire anthrax weapons from its projectiles. Use at least 6-7 marauders along with other units while planning an attack on your opponents. The rest upgrades are similar to the Scorpion. Quad Cannon: The quad cannon can be used as a good defensive unit against light armored vehicles and infantry. But, it is very weak against heavy armored vehicles and air units. Always have a group 0f 5 or 6 quad cannons to take out any nuisance infantry units. You can increase its damage power by 25 percent by researching AP bullets at the black market. Rocket Buggy: Rocket Buggies are fast, accurate, but have slow reload times. Because they are fast-paced, they can easily hide beyond the reach of enemy units and come back strong. The best tactic is to use 3-4 rocket buggies to shoot and quickly hide them beyond the reach of enemy units. When it reloads, attack your opponents again. Using its speed and heavy fire power can be the perfect strategy against your opponents. Bomb Truck: Bomb trucks are extremely effective against a large group of enemy units. As the name suggests, bomb trucks are loaded with explosives and chemical weapons. You can employ multiple tactics with these expensive units. Use them silently to sneak inside enemy base and run over a cluster of vehicles. You can also use them to sneak into unguarded enemy structures. Scud Launcher: The scud launcher is GLA’s artillery weapon that can fire scud missiles from a good distance. It has two types of fire power-anthrax warheads and explosives. When playing skirmish battles in Command and Conquer: Generals, use the scud launcher’s explosives against enemy structures and warheads on infantry and vehicles. Make sure your launchers are protected with RPG troopers and marauders as they are very vulnerable against enemy armors. Because they can bombard from a great distance, make sure you place them at strategic isolated areas near enemy base camp. Toxin Tractor: This unit spurts green toxins at enemy units and can be very effective against light infantry units. You can eliminate your opponents infantry garrisoned in civilian buildings. But, always support it with other units and make sure they are far off against heavy armor. Command and Conquer: Generals Unit Tactics: GLA Unit Strategies