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Distributed Systems Security

Distributed Systems Security.

Distributed systems are particularly vulnerable to security threats because they are exposed in many areas over networks. Also, distributed systems are often business-critical applications that must not be compromised.For this assignment, you will identify the security risks that may be present for your distributed system project. You will also modify the consultant’s analysis report to address any new issues you discover.The following are the project deliverables:Security
Identify the primary security risks and threats your distributed system might face. Research and include threats such as phishing, Internet scams, etc.
Determine the severity level of the risks and threats in terms of likelihood and impact on the business.
Based on the likelihood and impact of the security threats, determine the order in which threats should be addressed, and prepare an action plan to reduce the impact of each risk/threat listed in priority order.
Distributed Systems Security

ARU Learnings of Listening as An Observation Method Discussion.

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Please provide a meaning response to sherenta . Please respond with 200 words :Topic 1: Review the chapter and discuss the following:Discuss what you have learned about using listening as an observation method. What statement(s) stood out to you? Give page number.What I learned about using listening as an observation method is that listeners notice teeth formation,facial expressions,body language,eye contact,sense of humor,and vocabulary choice. The section that stood out to me is diagnostic interviews(Nilsen,2017, pg.176).Listening to the messages ,the listener can also examine how the child is using language and quality of speech production it is then diagnostic interviews.Discuss what you have learned about listening to Speech and Language. Did you learn something you didn’t know before? Give page numberWhat I have learned about listening to speech and language is that vocabulary is the range of words for objects,feelings,actions and thoughts.The function of language is communication of needs and eventually thoughts and questions. I also learned about listening to language play on (Nilsen,2017, pg 174).Listening to the conversation the children are having with friends and their problems solving strategies this is an opportunity for the teacher to know what the children are doing and thinking. I also learned about receptive language which has the capacity to listen ,hear ,and understand. I did learn something I didn’t know and that is Dual language learner on pg 189.I learned a lot about dual language learners and how the children learn how to speak their home language and learn a second language. Their brains are capable of understanding and speaking more than one language,and it is even beneficial for cognitive and social-emotional success when both home and school language are supported(Nilsen,2017, pg.189)..Explain what kind of activities would you implement to promote language development.The activities I would implement to promote language development would be having the children pull objects in special order or sequence,encourage children to use new vocabulary words learned during class lessons, and encourage children to talk about aspects of the story. I would have the children learned nursery rhymes and I would present children the opportunity to talk with each other.Name your favorite part overall about this chapter. Your least favorite? Provide page number.My favorite part of this chapter is The teacher’s role in language development pg 190. The teacher is using language all day for a variety of purposes: greeting,giving directions,regulating behavior and describing children’s activities(Nilsen,2017, pg.190). For example children best learn language through interaction with adults who show an interest in conversations,model verbal etiquette such as saying please and thank you (Nilsen,2017, pg.190).My least favorite part of this section is Elicited conversation pg 191 because This may be a contrived way to force speaking before the group that may cause more problems then benefits. The child may be reluctant to talk about the item, not want to have other children touch or play with it,or not have sufficient language to describe it (Nilsen,2017, pg.191). I think children shouldn’t be forced to share with the class and they should be able to when they’re ready.How will you use the knowledge gained from this chapter? (Be specificI would use the knowledge I have gained from this chapter by using facilitating Language such as “Tell me more” and “please tell Juan” when I am interacting with the children. I also gained knowledge on the types of listening which the teacher plans various activities based on the children’s age and level of understanding (Nilsen,2017, pg.182). The types of listening are Appreciative listening – pleasure in music, poems,stories,passive, Purposeful listening- following directions ,giving responses and Critical listening- thinking through responses to open ended questions and deciding on most logical solutions(Nilsen,2017, pg.183). I also gained knowledge on diagnostic interviews.Both casual conversations and structured interviews can be diagnostic.
ARU Learnings of Listening as An Observation Method Discussion

Rutgers University Cancel Culture Threat to Free Speech Essay.

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By now, you’ve read some pieces about “cancel culture” and free speech. The goal here is pretty simple. In the same way that people at a cocktail party might engage in fervent conversation, these authors are doing the same thing in print. Each author is expressing his or her viewpoint, complicating the view of another. What comes next involves you. Amid these differences of opinion and perspective, you need to decide what your contribution to the discussion will be.This contribution will be your thesis — the central claim of your future essay. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sculpting this essay and thinking of it as your entry into the conversation. Try to imagine that for a second. Author 1 claims X. Author 2 claims Y. I claim…Z.Z, whatever that is, is your thesis. The central question to which you’ll be responding is this: To what extent is cancel culture a threat to free speech in 2020? How extreme is that threat?To kick-start your thinking, I’d like you to answer the following questions for yourself:1. Do you think cancel culture is a threat in the 21st century? For whom? How extreme is the threat? 2. Why do you think that? How do you know your claim is valid?3. What might someone who thinks in the opposite way from you argue in response?4. Why should readers care about this?It should be a minimum of three double-spaced pages, but will likely need to be longer. For a more comprehensive list of requirements, consultAs always, any ideas from outside sources should be cited in MLA Style.The paper should be typed in size 12 Times New Roman, double spaced, and appropriately formatted.
Rutgers University Cancel Culture Threat to Free Speech Essay

Introduction Negotiation as an integral part of a business process requires special attention and skills. The success of a business is frequently dependent on the ability of negotiators to resolve the arising conflicts efficiently and achieve the best possible outcome. The negotiation which will be analyzed in this paper was witnessed in a medium-size company operating in the sphere of design while experiencing a period of decline. Main Objectives First of all, it is necessary to provide some background information concerning the negotiation considered in this paper. The negotiation occurred in the period of the company’s crisis as the number of clients’ orders had reduced considerably. At that time, the company was facing restructuring, and significant layoffs were expected. The negotiation was held between the management of the company and the representatives of the employees. Initially, the interests of the parties appeared conflicting as the company’s goal was to cut costs without affecting the quality and the continuity of the working process. The employees, on the other hand, were interested in their job security. Evidently, the restructuring was of a high utility to the company but low to the staff. Thus, the success of the negotiation seemed to depend on whether value could be created. Considering the type of this negotiation, it was an integrative one as the efforts were made to take into account the interests of both parties. While the employees were aware of the company’s struggling situation and the inevitability of layoffs, the management did their best to consider the staff’s interests. The common goal became to reach a wise decision in those complicated circumstances. Both parties had to work on their positions to achieve the best possible solution in the conditions of conflicting interests. Finally, the position taken by the company’s management was to carry out the layoffs on a reduced scale and to offer some of the remaining staff different internal positions. The employees bargained for a higher compensation package in case of a layoff and retraining courses, funded by the company. It seems that the employees saw restructuring as an opportunity to change their employment position and guarantee themselves more security during the period of unemployment. Thus, value was created, and mutually beneficial outcomes were sought in the negotiating process. During the negotiation, the positions were discussed, and some adjustments were made. As a result, the company provided the laid-off employees with the compensation package on better conditions. The severance payment was increased by 7% instead of 10% demanded by the employees originally. Retraining courses were funded by the company for the employees who were offered transitions within the firm. Although the company had to meet additional expenses in the form of increased severance payments and retraining courses funding, the company managed to cut costs at the necessary level to remain in business. At the same time, the employees’ interests were secured as much as it was possible in those conditions. It is clear that efficient conflict resolution ensured these balanced outcomes. Conclusion To conclude, the negotiation witnessed in this company, although representing a potentially high-conflict issue, was integrative since both parties made efforts to find a better outcome. As a result, despite the complexity of the problem, some win-win opportunities were found, and balanced solutions were achieved. It can be demonstrated that integrative negotiation is possible through compromising and perspective-taking even when the interests of both parties seem incompatible. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More

Hinduism’s Main Principles Expository Essay

Hinduism is one of the oldest and widespread religions in the world; currently it is practiced by people who may live in very different countries. This paper is aimed at discussing the main principles of Hinduism, it cultural aspects and its impact on the society in the United States. The knowledge of these issues is important for understanding the diversity of modern societies in which people may have different beliefs, values or even perceptions of God. Overall, one can identify the following characteristics of Hinduism, namely the acceptance of different religious views, the belief in reincarnation of soul, and the idea that God can take many different forms. Furthermore, it should be noted this religion is now practiced in many Western countries, such as the United States and its presence increases the diversity of modern American society and makes people more aware about the variety of religious beliefs. First of all, Hinduism is very difficult to define because this religion incorporates a variety of beliefs that recognize the moral authority of the Vedas which are religious texts originating from ancient India (Mittal and Thursby 3). Moreover, Hinduism includes several denominations or groups of people who may have different rituals. It should be noted that there are several distinct features of Hinduism. Certainly, the supporters of this religion accept the existence of God as a higher power that created the universe. Moreover, God is present in every living being. Yet, Hindus think that an individual can worship God in different forms. The deity can have different identities such as Shiva, Vishnu, or Brahma (Neusner 186). It is difficult to determine whether Hinduism is monotheistic or polytheistic religion. The thing is that in some denomination of Hinduism, people can accept the existence of several deities (Neusner 186). Thus, Hindus do not accept the idea that God can take only one form. This is one of the issues that people should remember. Moreover, people should take into account that Hinduism is not based on some specific canon or a set of written sources. The Vedas do play an important role in the lives of Hindus, but various religious leaders could provide their own interpretation of God and morality. Secondly, it is worth noting that this religion does not set direct requirements for the worshipers who may follow different religious rituals. More importantly, Hinduism does not reject other forms of religious faith. It is not opposed to Judaism, Christianity, or Islam. Hindus do not argue that their view on God and the universe is the only possible one. These are the main distinctions of the religion and people should remember about them when interacting with Hindus. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One should also discuss the culture of Hinduism. It should be taken into consideration that Hinduism evolved in the course of several millennia during which Indian subcontinent witnessed many political, social, and demographic changes. Furthermore, Hinduism can be practiced in different countries, for example, India, Sri Lanka, or Bangladesh. This is why one should not suppose that this religion is always associated with some distinct cultural values or practices. There are several rituals that play an important life in the cultural life of Hindus, for example one can mention, different forms of yoga, or festivals such Gudi Padwa and Bihu (Kaur 1968). These festivals are held by Hindus who may live in different countries. Secondly, Hinduism accepts the idea of material possessions and even sensual pleasures provided that a person does not violate the ethical principles, especially if he/she does not limit the freedom of other people. Additionally, it is possible to identify several cultural values that Hindus usually recognize, in particular, the respect for elders, modesty, and acceptance of ones limitations and weaknesses. So, this religion stresses the humility of an individual. These cultural values affect Hindus’ relations with other people. Additionally, one should note that Hinduism can now be practiced in the United States for more than a century. Certainly, this religion is not followed by the majority of the popularity. Yet, nowadays, Hindu temples can be found in different parts of the country, for instance, one can mention such states as California, Illinois, New York, and so forth (Neusner 180). Many Hindus live in such urban areas as Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, or New York (Neusner 180). This religion is followed by people who came to America from India or Sri Lanka. There are several ways in which this religion influences the society. First of all, one can mention that American people have become more aware about religious and cultural practices that may exist in non-Western countries. The presence of Hinduism makes people more aware of the fact that there are various forms of religious faith, and they can differ from the Judeo-Christian tradition which is dominant in the United States. Some of these practices have become very popular, for instance, one can mention Yoga that is very popular among many people. Therefore, the influence of Hinduism can be considered positive because this religion emphasizes the necessity of tolerance and respect toward the views of others. We will write a custom Essay on Hinduism’s Main Principles specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Overall, I have a positive attitude toward Hinduism, even though I did not have direct contacts with this religion. As it has been said before, it accepts different forms of worship and religious faith and it is not opposed to other religions. This feature greatly appeals to me because the supporters of Hinduism do not think that their religious views are in any way superior to those of other people. Secondly, Hinduism does not impose certain restrictions on worshippers. They do not have to follow certain rules, when worshipping God. In other words, these people have a relative degree of freedom. So, a person, who is not affiliated to any religion, may have a favorable attitude toward Hinduism. Certainly, my judgment may be very subjective, and more accurate assessment can be given if I learn more about the beliefs and ethical principles that Hindus recognize and various denominations of this religion. On the whole, these examples suggest that contemporary Hinduism is a vibrant religion that can now be practiced in Western and non-Western countries. Its principles include the rejection of dogmatism and emphasis on the liberty of an individual. In the course of its history, it underwent several significant changes, but it does remain appealing to many people in part because Hindus do not claim their perception of God is better or more accurate than the beliefs of other people. The presence of Hinduism in the United States can be seen as a positive force because American people can learn more about the ethical and cultural aspects of other religions. Works Cited Kaur, Raminder. Performative Politics and the Cultures of Hinduism: Public uses of Religion in Western India, Delhi: Anthem Press, 2005. Print. Mittal Sushil, and G. Thursby. Studying Hinduism: key concepts and methods, New York: Routledge, 2008. Print. Neusner, Jacob. World Religions in America: An Introduction, Louisville: Westminster John Knox Press, 2009. Print. Not sure if you can write a paper on Hinduism’s Main Principles by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More

Florida International University Job Annunciation and Opportunity Thesis Paper

assignment writing services Florida International University Job Annunciation and Opportunity Thesis Paper.

The red is the summary for the overview—the green link in box (on overview page) is what is below not highlightedMany people will submit their resumés in hopes of being chosen to interview for a particular position; however, those few individuals who are invited to interview are picked primarily on the basis of the content and quality of their letter of application, their resumé, and their professional references.When you realize the competitive nature of a job search in the United States, the quality of your communication with the employer acquires added importance. Your resumé, cover letter, and thank you letter should be personalized, concise and error free documents that you have designed to reflect your particular accomplishments and academic and professional credentials. This assignment consists of five related tasks:Locate an existing, advertised full – time, part – time, or internship that is commensurate with your current skills.Write a persuasive letter of application.Format and write a professional resumé that includes a professional reference page.Answer behavioral and situational employment interviews.Follow – up an interview with a properly drafted thank you letter.
Florida International University Job Annunciation and Opportunity Thesis Paper

CTC Society and Unrealistic Perception of Body Weight Discussion

CTC Society and Unrealistic Perception of Body Weight Discussion.

Minimal 400 words. Within the first two sentences of your paper, you will identify for the reader the singular sub-topic that your entire paper will encompass. Do not provide a definition or explanation of the subtopic. You can think of your reaction paper as having a discussion with the instructor about the topic. A reaction/reflection paper is not a summary of what you have read. As a reminder, you will want to identify the topic of your paper without providing a definition or summary of what the topic encompasses. Instead, your writing should reflect a concise, organized, and well-written expression of your independent thoughts following the reading of one sub-topic. cite all of these references in APA style, reaction/reflection paper is based on the expression of your critical thinking skills (not the thoughts of another individual). Points will be deducted if more than one line of quoted or paraphrased text is included in your paper
CTC Society and Unrealistic Perception of Body Weight Discussion

ENGL 120 Harvard University Agencies and Rights Research

ENGL 120 Harvard University Agencies and Rights Research.

(Native English Writing Skills Required) (Paper with grammar errors or incoherent sentences won’t be accepted) (1500 words, Double Spaced,MLA Format) ——————————– Subject of the paper: Research Paper – full details in the attached pdf Requirement: Select a research topic and corresponding question(s) from the Research Essay Topics list. Write an argumentative essay that offers original claims and researched evidence to respond to the selected question(s). The topics are available in the pdf attached on page 3 The paper MUST contains the following (papers which are missing any of these will not be considered): IntroductionA clear academic thesis (not something generalized). Use the thesis generator to make sure nothing is missing ( Link: SEAS Body Paragraphs with subclaims, introduction to and incorporation of evidence, author-focused analysis, and a discussion of the significance of the evidence with regard to the larger argumentIntroduce a counterargument, and then either refute or accommodate that counterargument according to the formats offered in the corresponding lessons/materials. o Wrap up your essay with a conclusion that restates your main argument and subclaims and addresses the larger significance of your position.Conclusion where you thesis is restated Other information: No plagiarism, No grammar errors, minimum 4 academic resources need to be used, MLA Format Format: MLA Format No plagiarism is accepted Only academic resources should be used, no older than 5 years old Adhere to the requested number of words/pages No Grammar errors ( refunds will be asked for incoherent/ full of grammar errors papers) *** The work will be checked for plagiarism through Turnitin by the professor. It is essential for everything to be free of plagiarism otherwise sanctions will be imposed*** ——– Thank you for your support
ENGL 120 Harvard University Agencies and Rights Research

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