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Dissolution of partnership firm

5. M, N. and O were partners in a firm sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 2:2:1. As there was lack of faith and understanding between the partners. The firms was continuously running into losses. As a result, they finally decided to dissolve the firm. N was deputed to realize the assets and to pay the liabilities. He was also paid commission of Rs 1,200 for her service. Following was agreed upon:
(1) A creditor for Rs 1,40,000 accepted machinery valued at Rs 1,80,000 and paid to the firm Rs 40,000.
(ii) Z, and old customer whose account for Rs 60,000 was written off as bad debt in the previous year, paid 90%.
(iii) There was an old typewriter which had been written of completely. It was estimated to realize Rs 600. It was taken away by O at 25% less than the estimated price.
(iv) Loss on realization was Rs 54,000.
Based on the above information you are required to answer the following question
(1) Pass the journal entry for realisation of typewriter.
(ii) What amount will be credited to Realisation A/C for settlement of creditor?
(ii) Which account will be credited and by how much amount when cash is received from Z?