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Discussions Week 5 – Discussion 1 and 2

Discussions Week 5 – Discussion 1 and 2. I need help with a Business question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Discussion 1
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Standard #1 and #7 in the NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards (Links to an external site.) document.
Your lead teacher just discovered she must be out for the next month and your director is sure that you can handle this task on your own! She is hiring an assistant to help you get started! Use the NAEYC Standards to help you plan.
Your parents know you have been working in the classroom and working with the Facility. However, they don’t really “know” you. Write a letter to your parents introducing yourself. Describe a bit about your background, your experience, and your education.
In your discussion post, include the following:

A description of yourself (include your background, experience, and education).
The curriculum you be using and why.
Explanation of how you will continue to encourage parents as partners.
Share what you are most excited about for the next month.

Guided Response: Review your peers’ responses. Choose two peers to respond to. You will respond as if you were a parent in the classroom. You will thank your new teacher for his/her introduction letter and tell them what you are most excited about with this change is leadership.
Discussion 2
Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read Easy Effective Classroom Discipline Plan You can Implement Today (Links to an external site.).
You will need to use your lead teacher existing classroom management plan while you are guest teaching.Your teacher uses the card system and also follows the following rules:

We listen to the teachers
We are nice to others
We keep our classroom clean
We play safely

In addition to your lead teacher’s classroom management plan, your director has told you that you have the freedom to include your own spin. Utilize Pinterest or Google to find creative classroom management techniques and discuss them in this week’s discussion response.
In your discussion response,

Provide three different strategies you will use to help build a positive environment (if you have a link to the website, feel free to share within your post).
Explain why you chose these strategies.
Address the question: will you use the card system? Why or why not?

Guided Response: Review your peers’ responses. Choose two peers to respond to. In this forum, you will respond as if you were the director. Tell what you like about each of the strategies and give suggestions for improvement with these strategies. Offer one additional suggestion so your new teacher has many strategies to choose from when taking over the classroom.
Discussions Week 5 – Discussion 1 and 2

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Multimodal Personal Narrative Discussion.

Multimodal Personal Narrative – Develop a multimodal document to both visually illustrate and verbally express a personal transformation.Use a one-page newspaper or single-panel brochure format to present a personal narration of a transformation of your choice from a point in your childhood to today. You might discuss a career aspiration you had as a child, transition to the job you held as a teenager, and lastly, explain the profession you maintain today. Use connecting ideas to ensure you have a cohesive essay, which will ultimately (in the conclusion) explain what you learned from this transformation. For example, how and why did you go from point A (job 1) to point B (job 2) and then on to point C (job 3)? Or, you might consider illustrating a transformation based on a way of life or philosophy.Implement three photos to represent your ideas, feelings, etc., at the three focal points in your life. You may use personal photos, clip art, or other images, but be sure you use and/or attribute the them appropriately. For example, you are free to use your personal photos as you’d like, but make sure to choose clip art or other images that you either have permission to use freely or that you cite adequately. Equally consider your document’s layout, such as text sizes, photo placement (near the related essay text), and colors, in addition to how you present your content, to include thesis, support, and organization.Sample thesis statement: Growing up in Sedona, Arizona, I was constantly looking up into the clear night sky, viewing multiple constellations and shimmering stars, which had me yearning to reach them—literally—so when I turned 16, I began working as a camp counselor at a space camp, which ultimately led to a career at NASA; my journey taught me that if I reached for the stars, nothing could stop me.Format Requirements:While you do not need to follow standard MLA format for this assignment, be sure to still include your name, the course title, assignment name, and date within your submission as part of the newspaper or brochure.Length: This assignment should be at
least 500 words. Underline your thesis statement.
Multimodal Personal Narrative Discussion

Hello 🙂 I really really need professional help with my Masters Degree haha! Please can you help with the

Hello 🙂 I really really need professional help with my Masters Degree haha! Please can you help with the Following I am trying to find a link between Expatriate Leaders (UAE Tab) and Cultural intelligence (in comparison UK Tab – non expats) Then i would like to determine if the CQ impacts leadership styles – the leadership is ranked on a scale of 1 to 4 and the words to be analyzed are from the DISC attachments to determine predominant leadership styles. (also in comparison to UK Non expat respondents) If there are any other significant relationships from culture (e.g. studying abroad or spoouses please test for these too ) Hypothesis: Metacognitive CQ (H1a) and cognitive CQ (H1b) will relate positively to expatriate experience. Hypothesis: Metacognitive CQ (H1a) and cognitive CQ (H1b) will relate positively to influencing leadership styles. Could you please follow the analysis with: – 4000 words analysis of the data, results and implications – 1000 words introduction I have attached my draft Literature review just for reference if you need to read

Harvard University Marketing Implementation Approach Discussion

essay writer free Harvard University Marketing Implementation Approach Discussion.

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Harvard University Marketing Implementation Approach Discussion

Law homework help

Law homework help. This essay entails a research paper on Community health simulation and the procedures of epidemiology and health determinants. Community health simulation helps to identify the causes, extent and control of any disease or infection occurences in any place.,Community health simulation epidemiology and health determinants,Firstly, acknowledge sources, using in-text citations and references, for content that is quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. In this task, you will engage in a Community Health simulation to gather information about a virtual community. Sentinel CityTM Community Health Simulation is a virtual city developed by Healthcare Learning Innovations to represent what you may find in any real United States city. You will be able to take a virtual bus trip and/or walk around the city while observing the environment and people of Sentinel CityTM.,Also, through your observations, you will gather information to assess potential health issues and risks within this online virtual learning environment. You will assess different factors that may contribute to or detract from the health and wellness of the community and its citizens.,Furthermore, your keen observations will be the foundation to successfully completing assignments within your course. The simulation website will automatically log your hours and produce a special report at the end of each session. Be sure to have a notepad to record your observations of Sentinel CityTM in preparation for this task.,Secondly, analyze the collected data using concepts of epidemiology and health determinants. Formulate a community diagnosis for Sentinel CityTM by doing the following.  ,Discuss the three problems for Sentinel CityTM based on the Healthy People goals.,Thirdly, identify a primary prevention topic based on the problem you selected in part C2. Note: See the attached “Approved Activities List” for guidance in formulating your topic.,Lastly, discuss how you will apply the assessment strategies you have learned from the simulation environment to your community assessment strategies in your community.,Attachments,Click Here To Download,Law homework help

QUESTION 31 How can landslides impact wildlife? pollute local water bodies

QUESTION 31 How can landslides impact wildlife? pollute local water bodies.

QUESTION 31How can landslides impact wildlife?pollute local water bodiesremove forests necessary for habitatboth of the above
QUESTION 31 How can landslides impact wildlife? pollute local water bodies