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1. ANSWER Questions 1 & 3. (ATTACHED SHEET)
2. Cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death in the United State despite the majority of its risk factors being preventable. Choose one of the preventable risk factors for cardiovascular disease and discussion a reason why you feel people continue to do the things that increases that risk factor or why people continue to struggle overcoming that risk factor.
3. Choose one of the following situations and discussion what you would say to her in regard to bone health
-Shani is a 16 year old female who loves running but is often on a strict diet and she run more miles per week than other girls her age.
– Dorothy is a 67 year old post-menapausal female who is sedentary and does not like to exercise.
– Melanie is a 71 year old female who was just diagnosed with osteoporosis and is looking for exercise and diet recommendations.
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ART 111 UofM Art in Twenty First Century Journal Reflection.

The purpose of the Reading Journal is to engage intellectually and personally with the topics presented in each assigned article/video. You will need to use your skills at critical thinking, analysis on both personal and broader levels, and drawing connections between specific delivered content and your own experiences/studies/thoughts/observations/impressions, etc. A reading journal is not your first impression about the text, nor a summary of its content. It is a layout of your experience reading the text and your personal reactions to and analysis of it. If you just summarize what the text was about or tell me what you liked or disliked you have given insufficient proof of your engagement with the content. So, do not only summarize what happened in the reading: tell me what happened inside of your head when you read the text. Importantly, you must be specific about what ideas or sections of the reading/video you are responding to. Though I don’t want a summary, I do want specific references to content in the reading so that I know you have actually read and engaged with it. Remember to always ground your analysis in relation to the actual content of the reading/video (ex: avoid long tangents that are unrelated).Total two readings, each reading write at least 250 words. Total at least 500 words. Reading 1: 2: See attached file How to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Writing for This Class:PLEASE REMEMBER TO PROPERLY QUOTE AND ATTRIBUTE ANYONE ELSE’S WORDS IF YOU WISH TO REFER TO THEM THROUGH EITHER DIRECT QUOTES OR PARAPHRASE IN YOUR WRITING (more information about the consequences of plagiarism are below in the Academic Misconduct / Plagiarism Policy section).if you are paraphrasing (summarizing in your own words) what someone else has said/written, please give their full name before doing so and make sure you have restated their ideas in your own words (Example: I was intrigued when Eureka Gilkey explained the meaning of “Social Sculpture” as the idea that a community’s activities together can be thought of as a way to sculpt society and that this can be considered an art form.)if you are going to quote someone directly (represent their exact words in your writing) please give their full name before quoting them the first time, and thereafter you can refer to them by their last name or a parenthetical citation with their name. Make sure that ANY words that come directly from someone else’s writing or speech are encapsulated in quotations. Failure to do so constitutes plagiarism (representing someone else’s ideas/words as your own) and is a serious academic misdemeanor. (Example: In her article about Project Row Houses titled “Commentary: Project Row Houses: Arts, Culture, and Collective Creative Action”, Eureka Gilkey describes Joseph Beuys’ idea of Social Sculpture as “the idea that art is about how individuals shape the world around them,” and went on to describe ways that PRH’s founders were applying these ideas to their community work in the 3rd Ward. This reminded me of…..)Give the full title of the article or video if you are referring broadly to it’s content (as shown in the above example)A Works Cited List or Bibliography is not needed for these assignments. It is sufficient that you name people properly and quote and paraphrase accurately in your own writing. You are very welcome to apply whatever citation system you are most familiar with, but again, it’s not a requirement.Here is the basic layout you should follow when composing your RJ submissions:Your NameART 111 – RJ #____Entry 1: “Full Title of the Article or Video”, by Author’s Full Name(s)Body of your written response to Entry 1(Word Count)Entry 2: “Full Title of the Article or Video”, by Author’s Full Name(s)Body of your written response to Entry 2(Word Count)
ART 111 UofM Art in Twenty First Century Journal Reflection

Kinjal Legal dis – I need 500 words discussion on the below topic, APA format and references are imp.

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Assigned Readings:Chapter 7. International Law.Initial Postings: Read and reflect on the assigned readings for the week. Then post what you thought was the most important concept(s), method(s), term(s), and/or any other thing that you felt was worthy of your understanding in each assigned textbook chapter.Your initial post should be based upon the assigned reading for the week, so the textbook should be a source listed in your reference section and cited within the body of the text. Other sources are not required but feel free to use them if they aid in your discussion.Also, provide a graduate-level response to each of the following questions:Define expropriation, explain how it effects a county’s investments in foreign counties, and how counties respond to it.Sprockets Unlimited, a United States corporation, is considering doing business in a foreign country that is known to have an unstable government and corrupt politicians; however, the market could be lucrative and greatly expand Sprockets Unlimited’s profits. What consideration should Sprockets Unlimited consider before doing so? Could the United States not allow Sprockets Unlimited to do business in this country?
Kinjal Legal dis – I need 500 words discussion on the below topic, APA format and references are imp

Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District Fine Arts Flyer

Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District Fine Arts Flyer.

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I have attached two files. One is the original and it is a sports flyer, the other is where I tried to duplicate it myself (but failed). On my file you will find the emblem and discrimination statement needed for the bottom of the flyer. Also, I would prefer you do the same design, however, use the colors I put in my flyer because they are our district colors. Additionally, the new flyer is not for sports, it is for the Fine Arts Department. Therefore, the sports picture in the background needs to be changed to something having to do with Fine Arts. We are in charge of dance, cheer, drill, chess, theatre, etc.. Therefore, I need the image in the back to show such things, instead of sport things. Lastly, I need to be able to edit the words on it, because the information will be different. Therefore, as long as they are textboxes or something I can edit, it will be good. You are free to do it on whatever program you would like. Just check with me to make sure I have it first. I do have photoshop and word.
Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District Fine Arts Flyer

Diablo Valley College Personal Success Reflective Essay

python assignment help Diablo Valley College Personal Success Reflective Essay.

Choose one word from the list of abstract terms below, think about its implications, then freewrite a creative definition that captures its meaning and significance for you. You’ll want to arrive at your OWN definition explained through examples, a short description, a brief story, any research, and/or other specific information that will help clarify your word’s boundaries. Don’t just cut and paste a dictionary definition please! I want to know how YOU define your chosen term.Here is the list of words to choose from:FreedomEducationSuccessLoveIntelligenceTruthProgressGodPost your definitions in this discussion board and then find and comment on two other student definitions. Did someone choose the same word that you did but express a different sense of that word’s boundaries and/or implications? What does this tell you about the “slippery” nature of words and what they signify? Definition length: 1-2 paragraphsWhy should we define our terms? Well, if you say, “I want freedom in my life,” that might mean different things for different people, so you need to define what you mean by “freedom” in concrete terms. What does “freedom” mean to YOU? Divorce? Self-employment? Winning the lottery? Summer vacation? Paid-off debts? Getting out of prison? Moving out of your parents’ house? Be concrete and specific. And remember: “Concrete language” refers to objects or events perceived through the senses (touch, smell, taste, sight, sound), as opposed to “abstract terms” which refer to ideas/concepts that have no physical referents.
Diablo Valley College Personal Success Reflective Essay

MBA 5001 South University Week 2 Starbucks Corporation Research Paper

MBA 5001 South University Week 2 Starbucks Corporation Research Paper.

Change ManagementUsing the Starbucks Corporation, propose a change that the organization could implement that would aid it strategically. The proposed change might relate to some area of need, performance deficiency, or other opportunity that you observe in the organization. Note: You will be proposing a change initiative related to motivation in next week’s assignment. Accordingly, focus your change project for this week’s paper in a direction other than motivation.Write a paper addressing the following and provide in-text citations and references:Describe the change that you propose and defend its benefits to the organization.Evaluate how the proposed change may affect various groups of employees.Assess the conflicts that might occur before, during, and after the change, including why you anticipate these conflicts.Defend at least three best practices to prevent or resolve those conflicts.Justify the channels of communication the organization should use in implementing this change.
MBA 5001 South University Week 2 Starbucks Corporation Research Paper

Ageing Experience And Psychological Well Being Social Work Essay

Ageing Experience And Psychological Well Being Social Work Essay. There are two potential determinates that might influence quality of life and psychological well-being of elderly people. Firstly there are the objective factors that are income, health, status and age and intuitively, usually having more of these things means greater quality of life. However, in various research based on happiness of the elderly people, objective factors are less powerful than one might expect as Lyubomirsky et al; cited in the research article titled ‘Psychological Acceptance and quality Of Life in the Elderly,'(2007). The research suggested that objective factors account for about 8 to 15 % of the difference in happiness. So, ”Do people get less happy as they get older?” and their well- being while ageing has been discussed by various researchers in order to define the concept of successful ageing but there is still a lack of consensus on what defines a successful ageing. The various researches on the relationship between old age and well-being have been at many times assessed through life satisfaction, happiness and morale. 2.2 Theories of ageing In attempting to explain the ageing process and moreover the elderly experience with family support in this particular study, the theories of ageing, which describes the ageing process and what it implies will be taken into account. 2.2.1 Activity theory, developed by Havighurst and associates in 1953, asserts that remaining active and engaged with society is primordial to satisfaction in old age. The theory asserts that positive relationships in the aged individual’s level of participation in social activity leads to life satisfaction as active aging equals successful aging. Activity can be physical or intellectual in nature so as to replace those interests and relationships that have been diminished or lost over time. This theory proposes that elderly people need to remain active in a variety of social spheres as for instance with family or friends because activity is preferable to inactivity as it facilitates well-being on multiple levels that is assuming that activity is vital to well-being. Activity theory proposes that social activity and involvement with others results in an increased ability to cope with aging, improved self-concept, and enhanced emotional adjustment to the aging process (Lee, 1985). 2.2.2 Disengagement theory was proposed by Cumming and Henry (1961). This theory states that ‘aging is an inevitable, mutual withdrawal or disengagement; resulting in decreased interaction between the ageing person and others in the social system he belongs to’ (Cumming and Henry, 1961, p.2). Disengagement theory thus assumes that social involvement decreases with aging and that successful ageing is best achieved through abandoning social roles and relationships and by the individual reducing both activities and involvement. Proponents of this theory maintain that this separation is desired by society and older adults, and serves as such to maintain social equilibrium. While high morale is evident at the completion of the process, the transition is characterized by low morale. However, this theory has been strongly criticized by researchers who found a lack of evidence from older people disengaging from their surroundings. Whereas older people social relationships change and that they possibly have fewer ties, it was found that these relationships were often deeper and more significant. 2.2.3 The Continuity theory states that as elderly adults adapt to changes associated with the normal ageing process, they will attempt to rely on existing resources and comfortable coping strategies. This theory of aging states that older adults will actually maintain the same activities, behaviours, and relationships as they usually did in their earlier years of life. As older adults try to maintain this continuity of lifestyle by adapting strategies that are linked to their past experiences, decisions and behaviours will form the foundation for their present behaviour. Continuity of self which occurs in two domains: internal and external is thus important. Whereas internal continuity occurs when one wants to preserve some aspects of oneself from the past so that the past is sustaining and supporting one’s new self, external continuity involves maintaining social relationships, roles and environments such that internal and external continuity are maintained, life satisfaction is high. 2.2.4 R.Weiss (1974) put forward a theory about provision of support from close relatives and relationships. According to Weiss, these provisions reflect what we receive from relationships with other people. He maintains that the elderly require six main social provisions to maintain well-being and avoid loneliness. They are the assistance-related that is reliable person and guidance as well as non- assistance related one namely social integration, reassurance or worth, nurturance and attachment. These components provided by close relationships mainly provide and guarantee support to people as those people who lack the social support experience negative effects. He argues that individuals must maintain a number of relationships in order to maintain psychological well-being. Weiss holds that multiple needs must be satisfied by an individual’s support network. In that respect, social provisions may be provided by friends but more often are provided by family members who are usually the primary source of support in old age. 2.2.5 One of the first theoretical frameworks to focus on interpersonal relationships was proposed by Kahn and Antonucci (1980): the convoys of social relationships. They stated that social support is primordial to the individual in describing it to include attachment, roles and social support. Social support is viewed as interpersonal relationships that include these following components: affect affirmation and aid. Their basic idea is to view social connections and social support as a lifetime and ongoing set of relationships which generally serves to enrich, fortify and reassure people. The convoy model assumes that all people need social relations and that it is important because they have favourable effects on health and well-being. Despite being dynamic and lifelong in nature, Kahn and Antonucci suggest that losses and gains in convoys could have a variety of causes. It was hypothesized that social relations were more psychological than physical, and therefore, would affect psychological or mental health, that is, depression, life satisfaction or happiness rather than physical health. (Antonucci, FuhrerAgeing Experience And Psychological Well Being Social Work Essay