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After completing the reading this week answer the following questions: Chapter 2: What is an attribute and note the importance? What are the different types of attributes? What is the difference between discrete and continuous data? Why is data quality important? What occurs in data preprocessing? In section 2.4, review the measures of similarity and dissimilarity, select one topic and note the key factors.
ME 221 University of Maryland Thermodynamics in Mechanical Engineering Questions.

Two Q’s of thermodynamics course.I’ve attached a PDF file of the homework.6.1 The air undergoes a Carnot Cycle with an efficiency of 40% and produces 200 KJ/kg of net power out. Solve the pressure, temperature, specific volume, and internal energy at each state and input into the table below. List any assumptions you make during your calculations. Assume idea gas. Rair=0.287 KJ/kg▪K6.2 An Otto cycle operates with a compression ratio of 11. Rair=0.287 KJ/kg▪Ka) Solve for the pressure and temperature at each state if missingb) Solve for the work and heat transfer for each process through the cycle (with correct sign convention)c) Solve for the thermal efficiency of the cycle
ME 221 University of Maryland Thermodynamics in Mechanical Engineering Questions

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Discussion Board. I’m studying for my Psychology class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?

1) Discussion 1 ( answer 250words)
Read the following article and think about gender roles in the context of health care and mental health care. How much do you think gender roles affect the quality of mental health care, health care, and healthcare reform? What obstacles, if any, exist in closing gender gaps? What changes might be needed to close gender gaps?
Is Medicine’s Gender Bias Killing Young Women?
2) 1 comment to this
Gender role in healthcare is seen as an expectation for men and woman. Scientist predict which gender will live longer and the certain diseases there are at risk for (Feldman p.328). I think these gender roles have a bad effect on the human mind. In the article I was reading I learned that although men are at higher risk of getting a heart attack, a woman is at higher risk of dying if they ever have a heart attack. These types of statements make women more laid back about heart disease. A lot of women underestimate having heart disease, sadly studies have shown women are twice as likely to die from heart-related issues. An obstacle that stands in closing the gap of gender are stereotypes, they make people think of how a man and a woman should act as a whole instead of as an individual. In order to close gender gaps, individuals should stop dictating what a man and woman should do and think of what that one person likes (Feldman p.333).
Feldman, R. S. (2011). Understanding psychology. Dubuque: McGraw-Hill Education.
3) 1comment to this
I believe that gender roles have definitely affected the quality in mental health care and health care . For example , as stated in the article that since heart disease is considered a “Man’s disease” , women are often ignored or dismissed even with having the symptoms . I believe this due to the way scientists perceive their statistics and how the health care providers just runs with it. Some obstacles in closing gender gap’s is the stereotypes. In the textbook it states , “ by shaping believes about how men and women should behave, the stereotypes potentially keep any qualities between the genders alive” (Feldman, pg.328) . For example many people such myself I’ve heard the stereotype men are stronger than women, and women are mentally stronger than men. This stereotype has went on for years and it’s ultimately making it harder to close that gender gap, however some people truly do believe it. The changes might be needed in order to close gender gaps within mental health care and healthcare is simply treating or assisting any patient the same way whether male or female , and just do the best to their ability to help their patients. Resources: Feldman, R. S. (2013). Understanding psychology. Dubuque: McGraw-Hill Education.…
4) Discussion 2 (answer 250 word)
In your opinion, do you think nature or nurture influences development more? In other words, do you think biological processes influence physical and mental growth across a lifetime or do you feel that our environmental surroundings affect this change? Give specific examples to support your claim and support your reasoning with information from the text and other course materials.
This is the ‘age old’ question: Nature or Nurture: Which one explains human behavior best? While this question is asking for your personal opinion, it is important to support your view with information presented in our textbook.
Headings will help you address each element:

Nature or Nurture?
Specific examples to support your claim and support your reasoning with information from the text and other course materials.

Here is one article on this debate:…
5) 1 comment to this
This is a question in which no one statement is true; it is very broad. I believe that no one particular factor has totalitarian influence over a person’s development and sexuality. I think both environmental and biological processes are what influence behavior, growth and preference. Feldman claims that psychologists have had a hard time narrowing down the one factor that influences this, and instead have come to realize that several factors in fact are the true source for such specific behavior. Stereotypes, stemming from conditioned roles since birth are one cause for specific behavior (Feldman, pg. 328). Level of aggression due to hormonal balances and imbalances is another reason (Feldman, pg. 333). Social environment along with biological and evolutionary experiences are also different factors that impact behavior (Feldman, pg. 336-337). For instance, the nature, or environment in which the individual is raised can determine his level of aggression towards others and the way in which the individual was cared for, or nurtured, can also affect his conceived perception of how the world is and in return dictate how he/she should act. Of course, there are also those examples of individuals who turned out to be the complete opposite of the their environment or the way in which they were nurtured. Ultimately, the brain and its counterparts is a very, very complex organ in which we can all agree that further experiments, analysis and studies need to be conducted to further the understanding of its complexity.
Feldman, R. S. (2019). Understanding psychology (13th ed.). Dubuque: McGraw-Hill Education.
6) 1 comment to this
I believe that it takes a combination of hereditary and environmental factors to influence growth. I have to lean toward nature influences developmental growth more. Behavioral genetics have discovered that the genes are partially responsible for personal characteristics such as cognitive abilities, personality traits, and psychological disorders (Feldman. Pg. 371). Temperament is another factor; it is a basic, inborn characteristic way of responding as well as behavioral style (Feldman. Pg. 386). In contrast, Erikson’s eight stages of psychosocial development are based on our society and culture change as an individual matures (Feldman. Pg. 386). Although nature and nurture work together, developmental psychologist agree that environmental factors play a critical role in enabling people to reach the potential capabilities that their genetic background makes possible.
Feldman, R. (2017). Understanding Psychology (Bound).
Discussion Board

Write a three-page paper discussing the review questions about the case study

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Write a three-page paper discussing the review questions about the case study and apply the review questions to your organization using the Case Study Criteria outlined in earlier case study activities.

Times New Roman, 12pt
title page containing student name, module number, and title of the assignment

All sources should be cited using the current American Psychological Association (APA) style and format. Papers must be grammatically sound and free of spelling errors. If you need additional sources for your research, visit the Hunt Library for ERAU Worldwide.

Answer the review questions on page W-113 for Case Study 9, Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

This is a gradable activity. Review the Case Study Rubric, which will be used to evaluate each case study for this course.

Write a three-page paper discussing the review questions about the case study

The Meaning, Structure and Purpose of Life Research Paper

Moliere once said, “We only die once…and for so long!”[1] of all the subjects that have remained unclear and marred by uncertainty is the subject of life and death. Very many people have tried to understand what life is and the purpose of our existence on earth. However, there has never been summative explanation generally accepted by all. The only thing that remains generally and undoubtedly acceptable is that there is inevitable death and that it is appropriate to prepare for it. This paper tries to explain the meaning, structure and purpose of life. It draws from different writings and personal philosophy and revelation. The question of the meaning of life can be discussed from various perspectives (Christiansen, Baum

Keiser Univ Reforming Presidential Elections by Sub Constitutional Means Discussion

Keiser Univ Reforming Presidential Elections by Sub Constitutional Means Discussion.

Employers often define metrics to measure productivity or effectiveness in the workplace. Examples include the number of patient appointments, total expenses, customer wait time, etc. Answer the following questions using complete sentences based on your current place of employment or a previous employer. Look at the sample assignment to get an idea of the expectations for your responses.• Identify three activity or productivity metrics from your workplace. They can be your own responsibilities or those of your whole department. (3 points)• Classify the data you would need to collect to measure your results. For each metric, state whether the data would be qualitative or quantitative. If quantitative, state whether the data would be discreet or continuous. (4 points)• Specify the Level of Measurement of the data collected. (3 points)• Pick one of the metrics you identified in step one and discuss how you did, or could, measure the data. (2 points)• Identify any potential sources of error in the measurement process. Classify each source of error as either random or systematic. (3 points)• Identify one way to reduce or eliminate the measurement errors. (2 points)
Keiser Univ Reforming Presidential Elections by Sub Constitutional Means Discussion