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Discussion Question: It is critical to synthesize all of the knowledge, skills, and abilities of nursing into an integrated whole that moves nurses from task completers to an overall demonstration of

Thinking of nursing first as a job of caring and making a difference, as well as the work of giving medications on time, checking an X-ray to see if the doctor needs to be called, or taking an admission at 2:00 a.m. with a smile on our faces, reminds us of the synthesized whole of nursing work. Write a reflection about this thought. Incorporate elements from this module’s objectives, as well as what you have learned in this course about leadership. You may include personal experiences and professional opinions if you wish. Your initial posting should be at least 400 words in length and utilize at least one scholarly source other than the textbook. ASSIGNMENT Signature Assignment Title: What Makes a Good Leader? Signature Assignment Description/Directions: Choose one or more leadership topic(s) from your textbook or from a scholarly source from a previous discussion or assignment from this course and write about its application to nursing practice. Provide definitions, history/background, and major concepts of chosen topic.  Describe the topic’s function in nursing practice by examining at least three different nursing roles (for example, bedside nurse, public health nurse, CNO, unit manager, etc.). Discuss how the leadership topic can be used in your own practice. Discuss your personal growth in regard to your chosen leadership topic. Evaluate personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to your career advancement. Then, discuss the top three traits you feel makes a good nurse leader. Support your statements with examples from your practice experience and scholarly sources. Assignment Expectations: Length: 1750 to 2000 words in length Structure: Include a title page and reference page in APA format. These do not count towards the minimum word count for this assignment. Your essay must include an introduction and a conclusion. References: Use appropriate APA style in-text citations and references for all resources utilized to answer the questions. A minimum of three scholarly sources plus the textbook are required.
Stratford University Organ Donations Discussion.

Please write your case study in APA paper format . Discuss this issue in relation to what you know about organ donation. Include any necessary references you need on organ donation. Consider the following question, but do not limit your thoughts to just this question:Should the donation go on in accordance with the wishes of the patient, or in accordance with the wishes of the family to save them further distress?Include other ethical issues in organ donation such as directed donation/conditional organ donation and criteria for being on the transplant list.
Stratford University Organ Donations Discussion

CMIS 102 UOMGC Python Program Working Hours Question.

I’m working on a python question and need an explanation to help me study.

The first assignment involves writing a Python program to compute the weekly pay for a salesman. Your program should prompt the user for the number of hours worked for that week and the weekly sales. Your program should compute the total pay as the sum of the pay based on the number of hours worked times the hourly rate plus the commission. You should chose a value for the hourly pay. The commission should be computed as a percentage of the weekly sales. You should choose a value for the percentage. Your program should output the pay based on the hours worked, the commission and the total pay for the week.Your program should include the pseudocode used for your design in the comments. Document the values you chose for the hourly rate and commission percentage in your comments as well.In future weeks you will learn how to make an industry standard test report to test that your program works correctly. For the assignment simply write a short paragraph of any activities that you performed to show that your program works correctly.You are to submit your Python program as a file (.py) file. In addition, you are also to submit a test report in a Word document or a .pdf file. 15% of your grade will be based on whether the comments in your program include the pseudocode and define the values of your constants, 70% on whether your program executes correctly on all test cases and 15% on the completeness of your test report.
CMIS 102 UOMGC Python Program Working Hours Question

PCCC Omni Channel Supply Chain in Retail Industry Amazon Analysis

PCCC Omni Channel Supply Chain in Retail Industry Amazon Analysis.

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All students are expected to select a topic in Operations Management and a related project that you manage or are involved with as a team member in your organization (if you have been working for a company), or you can find a project via the internet/library search, and address the following:Background on the selected topicProject background and descriptionThe problem statementThe process/methodology to address the problemResult and conclusionStudents are expected to demonstrate the use of concepts presented in this course. Papers are expected to be about 8-10 pages in length (typewritten and double-spaced). The paper should include the following:a) Table of Contentsb) Introductionc) Backgroundd) Application of concepts discussed in this course (processes, tools, methodologies, etc.) e) Analysis and result f) Conclusiong) References h) Supplemental materialsSupplemental materials to be attached to the end of the paper may include a specific policy or procedure in effect in your organization or personnel manual. Permission to use the material must be obtained, and the issue of confidentiality must be observed. Inability or failure to attach these materials will not adversely impact grading.
PCCC Omni Channel Supply Chain in Retail Industry Amazon Analysis

IT 226 SNHU A Proposed Study on the Best Practices in Data Protection Presentation

python assignment help IT 226 SNHU A Proposed Study on the Best Practices in Data Protection Presentation.

OverviewOverview Imagine you are the manager of a software development team working on new applications for your company, Optimum Way Development, Inc. Your company has just announced a new employee program where a select number of employees will be given paid time to perform research in an area of interest in their field. In order to apply, you must create a presentation that will be reviewed by a panel of executives in the company. These executives are business professionals who do not have technical education or experience.PromptConsider your own field of study (degree program) and what questions or issues you find interesting within this field. If you have trouble thinking of some, you can search the internet to see what professionals in the field believe are the most pressing questions or issues in the field today.To complete this activity, address the following criteria:Create a presentation that explains what your area of interest is. In your presentation, do the following:Pose your specific research question on one specific, current issue in your field of study.Use communication techniques that are appropriate for the audience’s preferences and motivations.Articulate who the research will help. Include supporting details that explain the need for the research and the audience for the research.Create the speaker’s notes that would accompany each slide of the presentation. In the notes, use dialogue that communicates the appropriate main ideas to the audience.Resources are not required, but any resources used must be appropriately cited using APA style. The following resources may help support your work on the project:Shapiro Library Resource: APA Style: BasicsResource: Add Speaker Notes to Your SlidesGuidelines for SubmissionTo complete this activity, you must submit a research presentation.Your research presentation must:Be at least 500 words (includes both the slide content and the corresponding speech)Be submitted in a presentation format (e.g., PowerPoint)Completely address all of the requirements in the Prompt sectionInclude the speech that would accompany the presentation, either in the notes section of each slide or in an additional documentMy degree program is in IT Management
IT 226 SNHU A Proposed Study on the Best Practices in Data Protection Presentation

Lorenzo’s Oil – Film Synopsis and Analysis

Lorenzo’s oil touches the hearts of most as you watch the story of a young boy battling adrenoleukodystrophy or ALD. The story is based off a true story as the parents, Augusto and Michaela Odone, take care and search with uncertainty for a cure for their son Lorenzo. The story identifies with those who suffer from an incurable disease which neurologically effects Lorenzo’s life. The oil, found by Lorenzo’s dad, brings hope to him and his family. Lorenzo’s battle is fought with courage and strength and he identifies with so many important subtopics in our class such as: disease and illness, death and dying, and the body. Lorenzo’s battle will show us how one struggles with disease and illness but strives with his loved ones by his side. Lorenzo begins to show signs of neurological problems when he and his family move back to the United States for his dad’s military work. Lorenzo begins to show signs such as fits, lapses, and hearing problems. Lorenzo’s parents set out on a mission to find a cure for the incurable disease he has. The Odone’s have many encounters with doctors/ professionals. The work done from parent to professional shows the strive in the Odone’s hopes to find a cure for their son. After being told that there is no cure by some doctors, they begin to travel and meet with many different people, doctors, scientists, researchers, etc., who are willing to do all they can to help find a cure for their son. These professionals give an examples of how well some professionals work with the parents rather than the patients in this case. The Odone’s can barely watch as their son’s health declines and knows it is up to them to set out to find a cure. While researching so many different aids, the Odone’s come up with one last final shot. His parents, declined by many researchers again, finally discuss a “cure” with a Chemist involving oils to add to their son’s daily diet. The oil helps in repair in some of the damaged parts of the brain but does not aid in repairing the myelin deficiency in the brain. Mr. Odone takes it into his own hands to seek out an appeal of medical research and efforts to treat myelin damage and or deficiencies in the brain of ill patients. Lorenzo deals with his illness very strongly. As he begins to lose neurological functions, life becomes much harder. He is not treated horribly by many doctors; he is more the less treated like a boy with a disease that has no cure. Lorenzo battles his illness with as positive a mind set as possible, as he begins to take the oil, he feels little relief and shows improvement, but the improvement is not enough to save him from this horrible disease. He later is only able to blink yes or no and can barely swallow on his own. Thankfully for Lorenzo he continues to keep his sight which is a beautiful gift he is pleased to still have. In researching the medical response to the movie, the film was criticized to have given the idealistic view of finding a “cure”, which was not found. Research done regarding Lorenzo’s disease has shown little to no effect of taking the oil during the illness, but shows results when taken before the illness. The real Lorenzo Odone, lived to be 30 and died of pneumonia in 2008, living two decades longer than predicted by physicians. In the movie, the Odone’s compare their studies to those done by animal experimentation finding vague results in the process. I feel as if the events of the film played out appropriately. Being hard to accept the news of an incurable illness, Lorenzo’s parents react more strongly than he does. Lorenzo accepts his disease as anyone must once they are told they have something inoperable. The only thing which could have been done differently in the film was not acting as if they found a “cure” but more the less acting as if they found an agent that helps one who suffers from ALD. In the movie and in the real life story, I do not feel as if there is any one who deserves the blame. Blame cannot fall on anyone as Lorenzo has a disease with no cure. Really in reality praises deserve to be given to Lorenzo’s parents for attempting to find a cure for there son. The Doctor’s deserve praise for there attempts at finding cure as well. The only blame can be on the disease itself. The general public and prospective health care providers can learn very many things from this film. The general public can learn that horrible diseases can happen to anyone. The general public can also learn from this that parents and family members can do so many things to help their child or loved one. Anyone can become involved in helping whether its just by doing little things. For example, my mother suffers from ulcerative colitis and last year I did a triathlon and raised money for Crohn’s and Colitis research we raised near $2,000 for research. The general public can do so many things to aid in the development of a cure for diseases. Health care providers can learn both positive and negative things from this film. Health care providers can learn never to give up on a family and let them try to do what they can to help a child or a loved one. Health care providers can also see that parents typically do not have the equipment or information needed to find a “cure” for a loved one although they can put their foot in to help. Health care providers in this instance should see the glass half full rather than half empty. Patients can learn so many positive and negative things from this film as well. Patients can learn that people can have an effect in finding a “cure”. Patients can also learn not to count on a “cure” for a disease that is incurable. Patients can learn that some doctors will treat them with respect while others will not. Patients can also learn that researchers do care and they will help as much as they can to aid in a patient’s health. Lorenzo learns that his health, disease, and illness although incurable can be fought with compassion and strength. Lorenzo who was diagnosed with his illness at the age of 7 technically could not do much for himself at the time of diagnoses. Lorenzo takes his illness day by day. Lorenzo slowly loses neurological functions every day. He struggles with impairments everyday like lapses and tantrums. These lead Lorenzo to question his body and wonder how much more it could handle but Lorenzo never gave up and fought his body until the age of 30, two decades longer than doctors expected. Lorenzo never truly was considered disabled more the less just ill. I would have considered Lorenzo’s illness a disability. Lorenzo was beginning to lose functions and that in my opinion would classify as a disability. Being disabled to me is when someone is not able to function regularly without assistance whether their disability be visible or invisible. Lorenzo needed help from his parents after his illness became severe thus classifying him as disabled to me. Lorenzo seems to avoid the reality of death and dying. Lorenzo truly avoids death and dying by defying the odds and surviving his illness for two decades longer than expected. I would assume that as a child one cannot grasp the thought of death or dying, but more the less just barely be able to understand that he is sick with an incurable illness. Being 7 years old, death does not seem to be a realistic thing. I think back to when I was 7 and would never be able to comprehend the fact that I am ill and could die whenever from a horribly rare incurable disease. Lorenzo also faces the sad reality that his own body is fighting against him. The body being a wonderful but terrifying place takes over without Lorenzo being able to do anything to stop it. The oil that Lorenzo is given has a certain amount of fatty acid chains which attack the part of the brain that is being affected by ALD. Unfortunately, ALD had already taken its toll on other parts of his brain including the myelin sheath which help protect neurotransmitters in sending messages from cell to cell. The body did not reject nor accept the treatment but rather just let the treatment work on his body. The treatment may have helped his body at an earlier stage but its not as if his family predicted he would get a rare disease like ALD. Lorenzo and his family face a series of unfortunate events upon the development of this horrible disease in their son. ALD is a disease linked to the X chromosome. First this disease effects fatty acid buildups and then damages the myelin sheath within the brain. These lead to lack of hearing, lapses, seizures, and eventually hyperactivity in the brain. ALD is a very rare disease which effects a very small number of people in the United States. The Odone’s have been faced with a very hard challenge and do as much as they can to stop the disease their son is infected with. The never ending positive intentions of the Odone’s lead them to finding a treatment for ALD which has helped effect many lives of people with ALD today. The Odone’s have helped scientists and doctors today give patients with ALD relief and hope. Although ALD is still without a cure, the Odone’s and Lorenzo’s actions have helped the medical community achieve a great necessary success which will play an impact on the lives of anyone with ALD.

MSN-FP6111: Assessment 3- Course Evaluation Template

MSN-FP6111: Assessment 3- Course Evaluation Template. I don’t know how to handle this Nursing question and need guidance.

Develop a standardized template for evaluating courses in a selected program. Include a 2–3-page executive summary containing the rationale and justification for the methods selected.
Note: The assessments in this course build upon one another and you are required to complete them in the order in which they are presented.
As you prepare to complete this assessment, you may want to think about other related issues to deepen your understanding or broaden your viewpoint. You are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of your professional community. Note that these questions are for your own development and exploration and do not need to be completed or submitted as part of your assessment.

What are the key components of an end-of-course evaluation?
How can you determine if educational outcomes meet the needs and goals of a health care setting?
What are examples of alternative evaluation methods for learning outcomes in nursing education?
What types of questions should be included in a clinical evaluation questionnaire?

Assessment Instructions
Note: Assessments in this course must be completed in the order in which they are presented. You must complete Assessment 2 before beginning this assessment.
This is a two-part assessment. The first part is the development of a standardized course evaluation template. The second part is an executive summary addressed to a workplace supervisor.
Use the Capella University Library and the Internet to ensure you are familiar with the following:

Explore a variety of methods that can be used to evaluate the achievement of the learning objectives as well as program outcomes.
Understand the steps in assembling and administering the tests for learning outcomes.
Examine how validity and reliability of evaluation methods for courses and program outcomes are measured and established.
Find examples of course evaluations. If you choose to incorporate ideas from other examples, you must provide proper APA citations and format.

Part One – Standardized Course Evaluation Template
Determine the best approach for evaluating whether the learning objectives and program outcomes are being assessed adequately in your course. Make use of your work from the previous assessments in the creation of your standardized course assessment template.

Create a standardized template that clearly measures the course’s ability to achieve the learning objectives and outcomes stated in your earlier assessments in this course.

There is no page limit for this template. Page length should be appropriate to the context.

Note: You are encouraged to integrate feedback received for your earlier assessments to continue tweaking your application of the concepts in this course.
Part Two – Executive Summary
Once you have completed your standardized template, construct an executive summary to discuss the rationale for it.
In the executive summary, include the following critical elements that align with the grading criteria:

A summary of how the course evaluation aligns with the stated learning objectives and program outcomes.
A justification for the methods chosen to evaluate the achievement of learning outcomes.
A description of how validity and reliability of evaluation methods will be established.

Additional Requirements
Follow the Assessment Formatting Guidelines, linked in the Resources under the Required Resources heading. In addition, your assessment should meet the following requirements:

APA format: Use correct APA style and formatting for the executive summary, paying particular attention to citations and references.
Document format: Include a cover page and a properly formatted APA style reference list.
References: Include at least five peer-reviewed scholarly resources from the last 5 years to support your rationale.

Executive summary: 1–2 double-spaced pages (excluding cover page and reference list).
Evaluation template: No page limit.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

MSN-FP6111: Assessment 3- Course Evaluation Template

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