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Discussion Post: – Technology: Benefits and Future Trends What technology do you find most beneficial to use in your

Discussion Post: – Technology: Benefits and Future Trends
What technology do you find most beneficial to use in your work or school setting? Least beneficial? Why do you find this tool useful or not? Then, using your imagination, look to the future and think about how this tool could be enhanced even further. Describe your dream technology, with consideration for patient care and safety.

Use attached book as one reference and chose one other

H312 Fact Sheet Instructions

H312 Fact Sheet Instructions.

Critical thinking and integration of information is a vital part of learning and a required part of this course. For this assignment, you will be asked to take the information you gleaned from your Annotated Bibliography assignment and integrate it into a Fact Sheet. What you will be doing is presenting the data/information you collected and presenting in a format which emphasizing key points concisely using both headings and bullet points.



Fact sheets should exhibit careful thought, logical reasoning and provide evidence found in your research endeavor. The fact sheet must be at two pages maximum.  Use APA formatting, correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. The Fact Sheet must be completed by the due dates specified on the assignment itself and also specified in the Course Calendar and on the Course Schedule in the Start Here Module. 



You will select from one of the topics/issues related to HIV/AIDS in an international setting (not the United States).
Please choose one of the pre-selected topics detailed below:


(Pick one or propose a different topic – must be approved by instructor in advance)

·         HIV and Sex Work in ________

·         Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in  ________

·         HIV and Tuberculosis in  ________

·         Homophobia and HIV in  ________

·         HIV in the blood supply in the  ________

·         Nutrition and HIV in  ________

·         Antiretroviral therapy in  ________

·         HIV and Drug Resistance  ________

·         HIV and Homelessness in  ________

·         Gender inequality and HIV in  ________

·         HIV Stigma in  ________

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Michel Foucault

Discussion Post: – Technology: Benefits and Future Trends What technology do you find most beneficial to use in your Michel Foucault.


The writings of Michel Foucault provide a rich method for the analysis of “The Yellow Wallpaper.” With this in mind, analyse the short story through the prism of some of Foucault’s principle theories to demonstrate the relationship between theory and literature.

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Project 3 –ABC Catering specializes in high-end corporate business functions — corporate appreciation dinners, client entertaining, business conference lunches, wine tasting, etc.

Project 3 –ABC Catering specializes in high-end corporate business functions — corporate appreciation dinners, client entertaining, business conference lunches, wine tasting, etc..

Project 3 –ABC Catering specializes in high-end corporate business functions — corporate appreciation dinners, client entertaining, business conference lunches, wine

tasting, etc. The main emphasis of the current Web site is to provide information about the company (e.g., ownership, set menus, customer testimonials, contact information). However ABC Caterers wants to make the site more interactive, for example, to allow potential clients to create their own menus. ABC Catering is also interested in offering entertainment options to accompany the food they serve — a dance band, a classical music quartet, a Maroi cultural group, etc. The General Manager, believes the biggest challenge facing ABC Caterers is how to turn an average, boring site into one with interactivity, “stickiness” and one that business people will remember and recommend to their colleagues. This is now your challenge too.

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The Things They Carried

The Things They Carried.

Description Length: EXACTLY 3-4 double spaced pages (1200-1400) words Format: MLA Standards 12pt Times New Roman, one inch margins all around Examine and analyze the question of whether the events in Tim O”Briens book, “The Things They Carried” are literary true or products of Tim’s imagination. The author believes that truth in literature has nothing to do with what actually happened. Determine and distinguish those parts that you believ are facts from fiction. What parts seem true, embellished, exaggerated, or made up. In your essay discuss the blending of the real and unreal, the tangible and the imaginative. Write a well-developed, coherent, and thoughtful essay. Include a Works Cited page as well which by the way does not count towards the 3-4 page requirement. Essays should be grammatically correct, free of errors in mechanics, grammar, usage, spelling, and documentation. Refer to the Hacker manual for guidance. Your essay should have a definite introduction (with specific thesis statement), body, and conclusion. Focus clearly on the topic. Formulate a strong, objectively worded, thesis, and avoid plot summarizing. Avoid the use of “I” or “you” throughout. You are required to use quotes from the novel to support your analysis; however there is no set number of quotes required. However, you are required to use a minimum of three authoritative, scholarly, and academic sources in addition to your primary source. Essays must contain quotations from your sources and these references should be used to support your assertions about the text and be properly documented using MLA-Style Citations. Wikipedia, Documentaries, and encyclopedias are unacceptable. Only ONE of the sources may be published originally on the internet.

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Financial Report.

Financial Report..

 Conduct a financial ratio analysis (for at least the past two years) and write a report using the latest Annual Report to assess the performance of a major UK company of your choice from the FTSE250 Index companies and give advice to an investor based on their findings. Relevant extracts from the annual report should be submitted with your written assignment such as chairman’s statement, management report, income statement, statement of financial position and statement of cash flow statement with notes to the accounts where appropriate. Read the company’s latest Annual Report (2017 or 2018 accounts if available). Consider the following questions when writing a report which should analyse the financial reports and providing recommendations for the investor regarding what his or her best course of action would be with respect to that company’s shares. The investor may already hold the shares or may be considering buying shares in the company. REQUIRED 1. Evaluate the business performance position based on the ratios you have identified as being relevant or significant.Calculate a comprehensive set of ratios for at least two years for your given company (anything less than 20 sets of ratios is not enough). You should take the current state of global financial situation and economy into account in your discussion. (The calculations of your ratios should be in a separate table which MUST be submitted with your written assignment, including formulas!). 2. Aerts and Walton (2017) argue that ratio analysis provides a useful tool for evaluating organisational performance. Drawing from the relevant literature, critically evaluate the above statement. 3. The report should be written clearly, presented neatly and effectively and have appropriate subsections (i.e. executive summary, main body, conclusion, references, appendices, etc.).

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Politics of Representation of HIV

Politics of Representation of HIV.

Politics of Representation of HIV Academic Level : Bachelor Paper details Examine the politics of representation in the sources provided. develop a specific argument about the topic .present a clear, focused, and critical analysis of some of the works. Please don’t summarize. Analyse and develop a specific argument.

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Magical Realism

Magical Realism.

Magical Realism


Paper details:

One way to understand “magical realism” is as a kind of pleasant joke on “realism,” suggesting as it does a new kind of fiction, one that manages to combine the “truthful” and “verifiable” aspects of realism with the “magical” effects we associate with myth, folklore, and the tall tale. But more seriously, magical realism also challenges the status quo, or dominant way of looking at things. Normal notions about time, place, identity, and even the laws of physics are challenged, suspended, lured away from certitude. Sometimes, the intersection between realism and the magical in “magical realism” depends upon a colliding of cultures or civilizations, one so-called “primitive” and hence more in touch with magic, and the other “civilized” and supposedly “realistic” by being grounded in science, and wary of illusion and superstition. Compare and contrast two of the magical realist texts this week and describe how the narrative uses elements of the “magical” to resist or challenge our basic sense of what’s real. By suspending our grasp on “reality,” how do the stories make us think differently about time (playing with an understanding of the past and present), or place (what is physically and imaginatively near and what is far), or identity (our acceptance of social or cultural norms). Comment especially on how the texts force us to consider our basic assumption that “reality” can always be explained by making rational, provable distinctions between the “real” and the so-called “magical”.

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The Perception Psychologists

The Perception Psychologists.

The Greek philosophers asked, “How do images of the outside world reach the intellect within?” There were many early ideas and misconceptions about visual perception. After centuries of scientific inquiry, the ultimate answer is: what you see is not what exists! Think about all the illusions I placed in the lecture notes. It’s hard to not see some things even if you know they don’t exist, isn’t it? How does that information sit with you? How do you feel, knowing what you see in front of you at this moment is not exactly reality? This is of course true of all perception, not just visual perception. For instance, researchers say our memory of an interaction with others is 90% perception and only 10% reality (although of course sometimes our perception is closer to reality than other times). How do we go about navigating the world around us if nothing is as it seems?  looking for both philosophical and empirical answers here as well as personal examples.

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