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Discussion Labor economics

Discrimination in the Labor Market
Main Post:
Start a New Thread to post your answers to the discussion board.
In your main post, discuss 1 most interesting OR surprising thing (concept, idea, example, formula, graph, etc.) that you have learnt about either employer, employee or customer discrimination AND explain why.
Supplement your post either with examples, or your own experience, or use other methods to relate it to the real-world applications.
Read the responses of your classmates; respond to one of your classmates’ main posts.
In your response, be sure to add to the discussion by:

providing additional examples
asking questions
expressing agreement or disagreement

Important Reminders: Your main post must be 200-250 words in length, not inclusive of any salutations
Your response post must be 100-150 words in length, not inclusive of salutations.
Be polite and respectful of the ideas of your classmates even if you do not fully agree with them.
Use the formal

English language; follow the netiquette rules from the syllabus; and

include citations for all external resources you are using.
Avoid repeating the ideas of your classmates; your post and response should be unique and add value to the discussion topic.