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Was the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan justified? FDR said, before he died, that if the bombs had been developed quicker, he would have dropped them on Germany too. Would that have been justified? Why or why not? This is a difficult question, so be respectful and logical.(300-400 words)
Remember to respond to two (2) other classmates. Let’s have a lively discussion! (100 words each)
The dropping of the nuclear bombs on Japan has always been a contentious subject for me. They both took the lives of hundreds of thousands, often in horrific and blood-curdling ways for those that weren’t lucky enough to be evaporated in the initial blast. But it also potentially saved the lives of millions due to it ending the war quicker. So to say with absolute certainty whether they were justified or not depends on the criteria you’re going off of. It being a way of ending the war quickly while lowering saving the lives of those not caught in the bomb is true. But it was also a bet that the Japanese high command would actually surrender after having the atomic bombs dropped on them. Had they not surrendered I would definitely lean towards it being unjustified due to it killing hundreds of thousands without there being any payout. But the bet paid off and they surrounded, so I think it was a good bet. Does this mean I think they were completely justified with their target? Not really; the idea of intentionally targeting civilians with a weapon capable of causing such destruction and suffering has always rubbed me the wrong way. If the bombs had been on Germany, I don’t think my opinion would have changed very much due to the same logic applying to both situations.
I think that the bombing was rightfully justified. America had given Japan multiple warnings to abide by the laws and treaties they had created, and Japan refused to cooperate. Along with their refusal to cooperate, Japan also decided to test America by not listening to the initial threat, which was the first bomb drop. I feel that dropping the bomb on Japan, while it was horrible, showed the neighboring nations that the U.S. is not a nation to mess with. , In addition, we made an example out of Japan, which showed the other nations how strong and capable we are. I do not believe, however, that dropping a bomb on Germany would have been a wise idea. While Japan suffered imaginably loss due to the effects of the bomb, I believe that if the bomb were dropped on Germany, there would be a way more significant number of casualties since the war was going on. The concentration camps were still in effect. By dropping the bomb when we did, we minimalized the number of casualties and made an excellent example for the nation.