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Discussion: Discussion: Patient Preferences and Decision Making

Changes in culture and technology have resulted in patient populations that are often well informed and educated, even before consulting or considering a healthcare need delivered by a health professional. Fueled by this, health professionals are increasingly involving patients in treatment decisions. However, this often comes with challenges, as illnesses and treatments can become complex.

What has your experience been with patient involvement in treatment or healthcare decisions?

In this Discussion, you will share your experiences and consider the impact of patient involvement (or lack of involvement). You will also consider the use of a patient decision aid to inform best practices for patient care and healthcare decision making.

To Prepare:

Review the Resources and reflect on a time when you experienced a patient being brought into (or not being brought into) a decision regarding their treatment plan.

Review the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute’s Decision Aids Inventory at

Choose “For Specific Conditions,” then Browse an alphabetical listing of decision aids by health topic.

NOTE: To ensure compliance with HIPAA rules, please DO NOT use the patient’s real name or any information that might identify the patient or organization/practice.

Post a brief description of the situation you experienced and explain how incorporating or not incorporating patient preferences and values impacted the outcome of their treatment plan. Be specific and provide examples. Then, explain how including patient preferences and values might impact the trajectory of the situation and how these were reflected in the treatment plan. Finally, explain the value of the patient decision aid you selected and how it might contribute to effective decision making, both in general and in the experience you described. Describe how you might use this decision aid inventory in your professional practice or personal life.

Genetics and DNA technology

Genetics and DNA technology.

In coming years, the development in genetics is going to have a big impact on medicine, especially in the areas of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases. The following link explores some of those applications. Read about Genetics and DNA technology in chapter 8. Based on what you learned in chapter 8 and from the article on the website, post two paragraphs on Prompts: Choose a technology and the applications of DNA technology in medicine. Discuss the pros and cons of the technology you chose Please don’t copy sentences out of the book or websites. Please specify the technology you are discussing.

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International Law;Van den Bossche and Zdouc

Discussion: Discussion: Patient Preferences and Decision Making International Law;Van den Bossche and Zdouc.

“The origins of the WTO lie in the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade of 1947, now commonly referred to as the ‘GATT 1947’ but for almost five decades just referred to as the ‘GATT’.” (Van den Bossche and Zdouc, The Law and Policy of the World Trade Organization: Text, Cases and Materials)

Explain the origins of the World Trade Organization, with specific reference to legal authorities such as GATT. 

International Economic Law is the module and thus the essay should focus on that.

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What do they tell us about being human?

What do they tell us about being human?.

Short stories  Here is the question: What do you as a reader learn, respond to, empathize with as you read this last set of stories? What do they tell us about being human?

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