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Discussion Chapter 2 Essay

Read the five educational philosophies (pages 27-30). Which philosophy represents your pedagogy/style/belief most directly? Explain how that philosophy reflects your belief. If you have parts of each philosophy, you can state them and then tell how they are reflected in you.

Be careful to take time to elaborate with reference to the details of the philosophy and how it is reflective in your style. Use complete sentences.

Musculoskeletal and extremities assessment.

Musculoskeletal and extremities assessment..

Topic: Think about an experience you’ve encountered when viewing or completing the particular assessment musculoskeletal and extremities. Discuss difficulties that could potentially arise or specific questions related to completing this type of assessment.


Paper details:

Complete a 250‐word reflection of what you have learned during this topic. Include the following in your reflection: Think about an experience you’ve encountered when viewing or completing the particular assessment musculoskeletal and extremities. Discuss difficulties that could potentially arise or specific questions related to completing this type of assessment. Include illustrative examples of potential strategies used to overcome the difficulties encountered when completing (the particular) assessment. Describe how the Christian worldview and compassion for all plays a role in this type of assessment. APA style is required, solid academic writing is expected.3 reference within 5 years Rubric A description of the experience the student encountered when viewing the assessment is extremely thorough and includes substantial detail. A discussion of the specific difficulties or questions that student has pertaining to the specific part of the assessment is extremely thorough and includes substantial detail. A description of how the Christian worldview and compassion for all plays a role in this type of assessment is extremely thorough and includes substantial detail.

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Ingrid- social, culture and society assignment.

Discussion Chapter 2 Essay Ingrid- social, culture and society assignment..

 This is the second year university assignment for the social, culture and society course. The writer needs to use only the course kit and the class notes to write this 6 pages assignment. It should be noticed that the required question is already done by the student, so this 6 pages order is NOT included the required question. Please following 3 requirement for this assignment: (1) ONLY use the course kit and class not we provided, no outside sources allowed. (2)This course kit is collecting many articles from different authors of their books, please use the authors and their book original page as the citation (not the course kit page#). Please do not forget to cite the PAGE NUMBER. (3) Please use the assigned articles to finish this assignment. Please use Rifkin and Roszak (course kit#19 and #29) for answering all the questions on the requirement, and use the Tepperman and Kallen (course kit#22 and #26) as the two additional authors in those discussion. It should be noticed that I just use the “course kit#” to guide you for writing this assignment only, the writer should use the author for citing each article properly. Please read the requirement very carefully before start working on this assignment. Thank you. PS: please disregard the title ” ingrid” which is not related to this order.

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“The Death of Common Sense; How Law is Suffocating America”

“The Death of Common Sense; How Law is Suffocating America”.

What is the central question or issue that the book addressing? What is the books argument or thesis? How is the book organized to support this thesis? How are the chapters ordered? Chronically? Thematically?

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Community Access to Mental Health Services

Community Access to Mental Health Services.

The Assignment Access to mental health services is a hot topic in U.S. Healthcare. Do you know what resources are available for clients seeking care in your own community? Select one mental health related condition from the list below. Conduct a web search to identify health care services within your community aimed specifically at addressing this condition. Choose one: Depression Suicidal ideation Opioid addiction Answer the following questions in your post: When reviewing a client’s health history and physical examination record, what are some findings (subjective and objective) that may indicate a need for further in-depth assessment for the condition you selected above? Describe a focused specialty assessment tool you could use to screen the client for this condition. What resources did you find in your community that address this issue? What type of services do they provide? Were there specific resources or services you were hoping to locate, and could not? Please explain.

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Current Events Review: Asian Economic Issues

Current Events Review: Asian Economic Issues.

Writing: Current Events Review: Asian Economic Issues

Illustration of Money on Earth Now it is time to apply your social studies skills. Use your knowledge of history and economics to write a paragraph about the article you analyzed in the “Writing: Current Events: Asian Economy” assignment. Specifically, make sure to address how this event/issue will potentially impact the countries of Asia. What kind of lasting impacts might this event have? Could this situation become global? Identify the following skills in your paragraph: What knowledge you added to: geography, government, economics, or religion. What you knew already that helped your understanding of the article, and how this course has helped you learn it. A personal reaction. Any other area within social studies you were able to apply. Document your sources and refer to the writing rubric for guidance.

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Police brutality

Police brutality.

-The essay is argumentative essay which means I am debating. And I want you to write how a lot of police are taking advantage of their power on the criminal people and also innocent people. -The essay is 3 to 5 pages it must have: -Introduction -body paragraph (reason1), the body paragraph must have Topic sentence, explanation of the issue, examples that prove my point, analysis and summary and smooth transaction. -count argument( recognize opposing views and refute) -conclusion( restate your claim, use your major argument points and emphasize your case) I want you to label each paragraph.

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Strategic International Business Management

Strategic International Business Management.

Strategic International Business Management


Paper details:

READ the case study carefully. Then, WRITE a REPORT explaining why Zack may be encountering the difficulties he is facing and to make recommendations as to how he should proceed, in order to implement this change successfully. Please address the issues as per the report outlined and use the references given in the question to support the report.

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Mission, Vision, and Value Statements of the Coca-Cola Company

Mission, Vision, and Value Statements of the Coca-Cola Company.

 In this case study, we will be exploring the Mission, Vision, and Values statements of the Coca-Cola Company. 1. Do some research in the library and on the internet and find the following: a) 5 criteria that comprise good (quality) Mission statements; and b) 5 criteria that comprise good (quality) Vision statements. 2. Visit the corporate website of the Coca-Cola Company, and read the organization’s Mission and Vision statements: 3. Using the specific criteria that you listed in Item #1 above, critique the Mission and Vision statements of the Coca-Cola Company as follows: a) Mission Statement: Is the organization’s Mission statement a “good” Mission statement? Why or why not? Justify your answer using your 5 chosen criteria. Be specific! b) Vision Statement: Is the organization’s Vision statement a “good” Vision statement? Why or why not? Justify your answer using your 5 chosen criteria. Be specific! 4. Finally, find the company’s Values statement: Conclude the paper with an analysis of the company’s Values statement: What do Coca-Cola’s values say about the organization’s sense of ethics? ASSIGNMENT EXPECTATIONS: The assignment must be a minimum of 5 pages in length. APA formatting is required, and you are required to cite and reference your sources. There must be a minimum of three (3) reputable sources cited and referenced in the paper (one of the sources must be from the listing below, and the rest must be different from the sources listed below). SOURCES: Cady, S. H., Wheeler, J. V., DeWolf, J., & Brodke, M. (2011). Mission, vision, and values: What do they say? Organization Development Journal, 29(1), 63-78. Retrieved from ProQuest. McNamara, C. (2000). Basics of developing mission, vision, and values statements. Free Management Library. Retrieved on April 29, 2014, from

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NR 2002 –16484 International PoliticsDidara NurmanovaAssignment Instructions Term Paper INSTRUCTIONS AND GRADING CRITERIA FOR TERM PAPER 1. Students will be required to write a term paper as required by Valencia College Gordon Rule –it must meet the minim

NR 2002 –16484 International PoliticsDidara NurmanovaAssignment Instructions Term Paper INSTRUCTIONS AND GRADING CRITERIA FOR TERM PAPER 1. Students will be required to write a term paper as required by Valencia College Gordon Rule –it must meet the minim.

INR 2002 –16484 International Nurmanova

Assignment Instructions Term Paper


1. Students will be required to write a term paper as required by Valencia College Gordon Rule –it must meet the minimum requirements set forth and papers that do not meet the minimum word count will be severely penalized.

2. Paper should be 5 –8 pages in length (approximately 2000 words), not including title page and reference pages

3. Demonstrate college level writing skill 4. Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font

5. Follow APA guideline requirements, including abstract, cover page, citation/reference page HOW DO I ACCOMPLISH THE ASSIGNMENT? I. Choose ONE of the topics offered in your instructions (see below) II. You are required to utilize a variety of different sources, both online and traditional, in completing the assignment –use the library! III.

You must use a minimum of SEVEN sources –only TWO sources may be online sources (i.e. websites and/or blogs). IV. *An online source is a website or a blog; THIS MEANS ONLINE SOURCES ARE GENERALLY NOT AVAILABLE IN PRINTED FORMAT V.

What is a Non-online sources? Non-online sources are eBooks found at the online library, any publication that can also be found in print, such as newspapers and journals, NYT, Economist, Financial Times or other magazines and/or books; scholarly journals and research papers are generally all accessible online, but are not considered to be an “online source”. VI. Use the online library accessible through ATLAS VII. Do not plagiarize.

Points will be deducted at discretion of instructor for, but not limited to:

1. Late submissions (zero points awarded for late work, no exceptions)

2.Formatting –Word or PDF only.

3. Double space, use of APA style 4. APA format must be used when you cite sources and list references 5. Clearly demonstrate understanding and knowledge about your choice of topic 6. Evaluate and integrate information; do not simply list items 7. Grammar/spelling –this is a college level course and you are expected to meet those writing standards; points will be deducted for turning in work which is not proofread and which does not meet a college level standard for use of the English language 8. Refrain from use of slang; if you are narrating or retelling a relevant story/incident, use quotation marks 9. Do not “write as you speak” Writing great papers does not come naturally to most people, however, the writing center staff are there to help and it is up to the student to use all tools available and to make the best effort possible to turn in high quality work. Please do not hesitate to ask instructor for help, but do so in a timely manner! 
CHOOSE ONE OF THE FOLLOWING TOPICS: 1.Present the strengths and/or weaknesses of a particular intergovernmental organization (IGO), such as the United Nations, the World Bank, or NATO. In addressing this topic, consider the motivations for entities to join into collective organizations: a common problem, collective access to goods, etc. You’ll also want to discuss bargaining within the IGO, rules and dispute resolution, information gathering, etc. What international laws (including customs, treaties, and authoritative bodies) affectthe IGOs, and how are the laws enforced? What is the incentive for the IGO member to follow the laws? Some of the advantages you may discuss are the IGO’s authority and permanence as well as the access to forums for discussion and information. IGOs can also be an alternative way to act collectively for the state, they can limit the power of the state, and they can provide an avenue for individual leadership. If you delve into the disadvantages, you may consider the limitations of membership, complexity andconflicts due to overlapping with other IGOs, and voting discrepancies due to power of the member in the IGO. Is it fair for certain entities to be excluded from IGOs? Can the IGO overextend its boundaries?2.Analyze an international issue through a particular theoretical perspective, for example, through a realist, liberal, or radical interpretation.Your particular theory will play a big part of how you perceive and react to international relations; for example, you may question whether change is possibleor even desirable. If you choose to discuss the issue through the realism approach, you want to discuss the roleof the individual as a selfish, power-seeking entity functioning within a state that acts as one voice, and how they seek to fulfill national interest. A liberalist perspective should stick to the premise that people are basically good and moral, and that we develop institutions to bring out the best in people in order to deal with society’s problems. You may also analyze the issue through a mixture of different theoretical perspectives.3.Is globalization a positive phenomenon? If yes, why do we see so many protests against it?Use at least two theoretical perspectives to explain globalization. 
HOW DO I SUBMIT MY PAPER? Papers are to be delivered electronically in the ASSIGNMENT box as a WORD DOCUMENT or PDF Please do not use “Apple language”, as I cannot open such documents. Not turning in your paper on time because you “didn’t know how to attach it” or “didn’t know how to submit it online” is not an acceptable reason for late papers –don’t wait until last minute! Double check to make sure your paper did attach and was submitted correctly –do not assume your paper was submitted simply because you hit “submit”, you should double check and make sure your paper attached during the submission process Papers NOT accepted via email; must be submitted online through your assignment portal This exercise teaches students to evaluate the textbook reading and put it in to context, showing an understanding of concepts, facts and topics as pertaining to international politics

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Analysis of Cultural Artifacts

Analysis of Cultural Artifacts.

Description Directions: You will write two of these analysis papers over the course of this session. Each assignment needs to take ONE cultural artifact and analyze it as an archeologist would. You will find the information in the Introductory Module regarding writing research papers useful in helping you analyze. You must analyze at least two of the following types of cultural artifacts. Do not write about multiple artifacts. Choose one artifact to analyze. For example, for one paper you may write an analysis of a piece of architecture from ancient times. For your second paper, you may choose to analyze a piece of art from the Renaissance. Architecture (buildings, churches, monuments, tombs, etc.) Art (paintings, murals, frescos, sculptures, stained glass, etc. Literature/Music (creative works: musical compositions, poetry, plays, stories, etc.) Treatises (written non-fiction documents on Religion, Philosophy, History, etc.) Each analysis should come from a different era or period covered in the readings and viewings. You can finish these in any order you wish, but you must fulfill the breadth requirements in terms of types of artifacts and eras. You must write on artifacts from two different eras. Your analysis needs to look at the cultural artifact as an archeologist would, analyzing what it means and how it reflects the cultural values from the era and society in which it was made. Each analysis must include the following sections: A detailed description of the cultural artifact: what it looks like, how it is put together, how it was made. Some background of the culture that produced the artifact. Your emphasis is on what the artifact tells us about the culture, not on what course materials or some other history book tells you about the artifact. A well-argued analysis of what the work tell us about the culture from which it arose using details from the artifact and known information about the culture. You must also use a scholarly article to discuss other theories about the artifact and what it tells us about the culture that created it. Consider what the significance of the work was for the people who first saw/heard/read it. You must include outside research on each of your Analysis papers. Forbidden Sources: DO NOT USE dictionaries, Wikipedia/Wikis of any kind, or study sites like gradesavers, cliffsnotes, sparknotes, etc. Do not use sources designed for students or teachers in grades K-12 on historical eras, the artifacts, or the cultures. Appropriate Sources: Scholarly Sources: For your analysis, you must use scholarly sources from legitimate academic journals. A journal is a magazine for scholars. They produce articles on a number of topics. You must use the JSTOR or other academic database from TMCC’s library for your scholarly source. You only need two scholarly sources (in addition to citing the work itself) for each analysis. Sources that Present your Artifact in More Detail: You may also use a source to allow you to look in more detail at the cultural artifact you are discussing. Quite a few of the artifacts mentioned in your course materials are not mentioned in enough detail. A source that looks at the details will help you do your assignment better. Legitimate sources for the artifacts could include a tourist site for architecture, or an online museum site for a piece of art Literature, Music and Treatises of ancient works can often be found online at museum, college/university websites, and other scholarly locations. Do not resort to forbidden sources for this especially Wikis or K-12 resources.

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