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Discussion #5: The Nazca Lines The Nazca Lines are engraved into the surface of the earth but the images can only be seen from above. Read the following Khan Academy article on the Nazca Lines and rel

Read the following Khan Academy article on the Nazca Lines and relate to the following… 1) In your first discussion paragrah, explain what exactly are the Nazca Lines and describe one of the earthworks. 2) In your second discussion paragraph, since this artwork was made before humankind had the ability to hover above the earth, what reasons might the artist(s) have had for creating these earthworks?  3) In your third discussion paragraph, relate this artistic activity and type of messaging to the gods, if indeed it was messaging to the gods, to today’s social media with the use of Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.
Table of Contents Introduction Free Internet in the City Traffic Jams Elimination Conclusion Reference List Introduction There have been several improvements in my city over the years due to the dynamics of the changing technology and the need for efficiency in service delivery. The city where I dwell can be described as a hybrid metropolitan area that is characterized by a continuous network of communication and transportation infrastructure. Due to continuous population growth, the local authority has made some changes to make the city more accommodating and smart to serve the interests of the dwellers within the technological and transportation needs of the twenty-first century. This argumentative treatise attempts to explicitly describe the two smart ideas of the internet and eradication of traffic jams as having contributed positively towards improving the quality of life for the city dwellers. Specifically, the treatise explores the current situation of the two ideas and before the identified changes were implemented as part of the practical comparative analysis. Free Internet in the City The local authority has created hotspots for free WIFI internet through the city. Since the advent and mass adoption of the fiber cabling technology in the year 2007, the local authority announced that they would introduce free internet within the city by creating hot spots for free wireless internet. In the year 2013, the local authority finalized the implementation of the free wireless internet within bus stations, public places, parks, and institutions across the city. As a result, any resident of the city who has a laptop or a smartphone can access free WIFI internet. The hotspots support internet access up to the speed of 100mbps, depending on their position (Townsend 2013). The fastest speed is at the city library and institutions of learning. As a result, the residents of the city have been able to access digital platforms for research, recreation, and managing their businesses. At present, just by a click of a button, anybody within the city who has a smartphone is not only able to access fast internet but also do so at absolutely no charge. The major beneficiaries are college students who have taken advantage of this free service to carry out online research at their convenience within any corner of the city (Townsend 2013). Before the introduction of free internet, the residents of the city had to rely on data bundles, pay internet providers, or cybercafes to access the internet. The internet service providers could not meet the demand and were sometimes very unreliable despite charging exorbitantly for slow internet. Besides, the users of the internet were at the mercy of the providers who would employ pricing games at the expense of the masses. However, after the advent of the free internet in the city, there has been robust growth in technology adoption with many residents opting for smartphones to access free WIFI internet (Townsend 2013). In summary, the free internet has improved the way of interaction and research for the residents of the city. Besides, the residents have been empowered to easily use ordering services that are available on the online platform through their phones. For instance, it takes less than two minutes to activate the WIFI hotspot in a smartphone and order a pizza at any location within the city (Townsend 2013). This translates into time-saving and efficiency in making orders and following upon them. The introduction of free internet has created a smart city for all residents of the city. Traffic Jams Elimination In the last ten years, the local authority in collaboration with the central government has completely eradicated traffic jams in the city. Several structural projects have been rolled out within the city and its surroundings to ease the traffic. To begin with, the local authority erected more than five flyovers to serve the eastern, western, northern, and southern exits from the city to ease traffic come in and out of the city. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Besides, the city council has upgraded the underground train channels to serve the populated downtown region of the city. The train channels have been redesigned to increase the capacity from 10,000 to 13,000 persons per day. Besides, the city council has introduced three more round trips at 3 pm, 8 pm, and 11 pm to serve the heavily populated downtown region within the city. Apart from the train channels, the local authority has renovated old trams and added more than 25 new city trams to serve the residents, especially during peak hours (Kim 2013). The new trams have eased traffic jams since persons with private vehicles do not find it necessary to drive into the central business district since the trams are an easier and faster alternative. As a policy, the trams have replaced private vehicles within the central business district and more space has been created for pedestrians. At present, it is much easier to maneuver within the city without any worry of being knocked down by a vehicle or having to pass through crowded streets (Townsend 2013). Besides, the local authority has expanded the footpaths and bicycle lanes as part of the green campaign. Before rolling out these projects to eliminate traffic jams within the city, there was a crisis in mass transportation management and pollution. It would take an average of almost two hours to move a distance of three kilometers within the city, especially during peak hours. The air in the city was very polluted since most private vehicle owners were driving into the central business district every day. Besides, the average waiting time at the underground railway substations was 30 minutes. These factors resulted in losses worth billions as a result of pollution, time wastage, and overuse of the available transportation infrastructure. However, following completion of the different transportation infrastructure projects within the city and its surroundings, the residents have found relief in terms of saving time, breathing fresh air, and walking in less crowded streets (Kim 2013). Also, the residents of the city are currently in a position to plan for their transportation and movement within the city and its surroundings since the expanded transportation infrastructure can now meet the demand. Conclusion From the above analysis, it is apparent that the introduction of free internet and the elimination of traffic jams has come with several benefits to the residents of the city. For instance, free WIFI hotspots have increased internet access for research, recreation, and ordering services that are available online. On the other hand, the construction of flyovers, remodeling of the underground railway network, the introduction of more trams, and banning private vehicles from accessing the central business district have eased traffic and created healthy work and living environments. Reference List Kim, J 2013, Comprehensive planning: Urban planning PUP 301, Arizona State University, Tempe. Townsend, A 2013, Smart cities: Big data, civic hackers, and the quest for a new utopia, Norton
Promoting Tanzania’s Tourism in the UK. How Tanzania Governments can promote tourism to UK? The means that will enable Tanzania to promote and market tourism to UK tourists, and how tourism opportunities can be exploited to attract more UK visitors. Table of contents (Jump to) Introduction Literature Review Chapter 1: Tanzania and Tourism Chapter 2: The Sustainable Debate Chapter 3: Tourism and Governments Chapter 4: Tourism and Marketing Methodology 1. Research Philosophy 1.1 How do we know what is valid? 2. Research Approach 3. Research Strategies 3.1 Case Study 4. Time Horizons 5. Data Collections Methods 5.1 Sampling 5.2 Market ResearchPromoting Tanzania’s Tourism in the UK
Granville TAFE NSW Coca Cola Presentation.

Hi,if you posses this book then there is a case study in this book in chapter 13, 13.2 Coca Cola: Using Advertising and PR to respond to a changing world.In the discussion question of this case study there is a question 13-11 Assess the timing and effectiveness of coca colas reponse to consumer concerns about sugar intake and the obesity controversy.I want presentation slides maximum 3 with only bullet points and a detailed script for a presentation which has to last about 4 to 5 minutes max answering the discussion questionAbove.please only bid if you have the book or are abke to access it.thanks
Granville TAFE NSW Coca Cola Presentation

Unfair Hire Contracts in the United Kingdom’s Law Case Study

Table of Contents Introduction Unfair terms in the Contract Law Incorporation of Clauses Duty of Care Introduction These pieces of advice to Garret are based on the English contract law and instances of case laws. Unfair terms in the Contract Law In signing the contract, Garrett was bound by all the Hoder’s standard conditions of hire printed on the back irrespective of whether Garret had seen and read the contract form or not. This claim is therefore dismissed, L’Estrange v Graucob [1934] 2 KB 394. The Court of Appeal held that when the contractual document is signed with no fraud and misrepresentation, then the signing party is bound – it is irrelevant whether they have read the contractual document or not. Incorporation of Clauses Garrett did not see a large notice displaying Hoder’s ‘standard conditions of hire’, some of which were printed in red. In the case law, Olley v Marlborough Court [1949] 1 KB 532, the Court of Appeal dismissed a notice on the back of the door because the plaintiff had no opportunity to see them before signing the contract. Likewise, in the case of Garret, he entered the showroom, but no terms and conditions were drawn to his attention. Thus, based on a large notice displaying standard conditions of hire, Hoder may not rely on them if they are not brought to the customer’s attention. The case law, Parker v South Eastern Railway (1877) 2 CPD 416 shows that when a client does not know or see the writing on the back of the ticket, then the conditions do not bind them. In the case of Garret, however, the Court would establish that GB has an account and dealt with Hoder before. Garrett must therefore prove that he did not know the receipt had writing on the back for conditions. Garrett is still bound if the receipt was delivered in a way to show the writing on the back. That would act as a reasonable notice for standard hire conditions. Duty of Care Based on the available pieces of facts, Garett is legally responsible for the loss of the digger. The Court must establish the duty of Garrett under the hire contract. In this case, Garrett cannot simply dismiss a common law duty of care because he did not see the contract that he signed. Under the Gloag and Henderson Law of Scotland, Garett’s duty of care was culpa levis. That is, it was not high standard in the interest of Hoder as he would have exercised in his interest. It was ordinary or slight negligence for Garrett, leading to the total loss of the digger. Copland v Brogan 1916 SC 27 shows that an agent has the authority to exercise reasonable care when handling the property. Bell’s Principles, Wilson v Orr (1879) 7 R 266 demonstrates that the hirer of equipment under the terms of a contract is under an obligation to exercise a duty of care and restore the equipment in condition as that it was in before hiring. However, if the equipment suffers damages or is lost without the mistake of Garrett, then Hoder bears the responsibility, and Garrett is satisfactorily discharged of any obligation if at all he had exercised reasonable care. However, the burden of proof rests with Garrett, he must demonstrate the cause of the total loss, and at least sufficiently prove that the cause occurred due to factors beyond his control. Again, McLean v Warnock (1883) 10 R 1052 confirms the existence of a duty of care in such a case. Garrett must explain what happened to the digger, which might not be easy.

Food Nutrition and Management Schools Free Breakfast Program Discussion

research paper help Food Nutrition and Management Schools Free Breakfast Program Discussion.

the Discussion Board team will address issues, concepts, and evidence from what you read, and you will generate your posts based on what you yourself see as significant. Your post should be at least one page.Your post should help create a conversation on your team post thread. Your posts are the primary evidence of your thinking and writing skills in this class, so please compose them carefully. When you create a thread, please give it a title that explains what it is about; do not call it “Post 1” or label it with your name. Do not try to answer every question that I ask in a single thread. Keep your threads focused by choosing one topic to talk about and creating a coherent statement about it. Do not merely summarize the text. Posit theories or interpretations of what you read and explain what interests you about it. Do not feel that you must initiate a thread to get credit. Feel free to elaborate on someone else’s comments instead of creating an entirely new thread on the same topic. Take the time to read what others have posted so that you can respond instead of repeating what already has been said. Keep your posts to a manageable length. They should be clear, concise, and to the point. Use specific examples or quotations when possible to support your claims and cite them according to MLA style, which requires you to insert a page number in parentheses in your commentary when you refer to or quote from a text. The main goal is to have meaningful discussions that address important issues, but to do so in a short format that is engaging to everyone.
Food Nutrition and Management Schools Free Breakfast Program Discussion

John Tyler Community College Disaster Recovery Planning Paper

John Tyler Community College Disaster Recovery Planning Paper.

Consider a scenario where the contingency planning management team (CPMT) of your organization has designated you as the disaster recovery team leader, and the preparation and planning of this component of the security program are now under your purview with a team of 11 employees including yourself.Write a 2–3 page paper in which you:Detail the DR team roles, responsibilities, and sub teams that would be implemented, and construct an organizational chart for the team through the use of graphical tools in Visio or an open-source alternative such as Dia. The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length.The completed diagrams or charts must be imported into the Word document before the paper is submitted.Describe the proper procedures and policies that would be implemented specifically to the DR team personnel as well as special equipment that would be required.Draft an executive summary to the DR plan and explain the purpose of the plan and high-level specifics for the upper management.Use at least three quality resources in this assignment.
John Tyler Community College Disaster Recovery Planning Paper

CTU Strong Writing Skills Are Imperative for Academic Advancement Memorandum

CTU Strong Writing Skills Are Imperative for Academic Advancement Memorandum.

Write an email to a future nursing student explaining the importance of writing and research. Your email should be 4 paragraphs and include specific examples and details about the following:How can developing and using effective writing skills further your academic goals? How can developing and using effective research skills further your academic goals? How can developing and using effective writing skills advance your professional and career goals? How can developing and using effective research skills advance your professional and career goals? You should follow standard email conventions (i.e. CC/BCC, subject line, attachment, signature, etc.). For the purposes of this assignment, please use fictitious information for your address and signature block. For your initial post, you can use the Unit 5 Discussion Board Template to complete this assessment, but please copy and paste your email directly into the Discussion Board; do not post it as an attachment.
CTU Strong Writing Skills Are Imperative for Academic Advancement Memorandum