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Discussion 5

Discussion 5. I don’t understand this Nursing question and need help to study.

1. Discuss the importance of effective communication in the personal relationship, the therapeutic relationship, and the relationship within the interprofessional health-care team.
2. What similarities and differences can you identify among the above interactions?
3. Explain the concept of congruence between verbal and nonverbal communication.
4. There are many pitfalls to electronic communication. Identify a situation in which an electronic form of communication may result in a miscommunication. What other method of communication would have been more effective?
5. How have you seen ISBAR used during your clinical experiences?
6- Develop a hand-off report for yourself. Include items that you believe are pertinent for safe and effective nursing care. Refer to the information in the chapter for creating this report form. Using the information from the chapter, determine the effectiveness of the system currently in use on your unit for communicating shift-to-shift reports.
7-Dr. Roberts comes into the nurses’ station demanding, “Where are Mr. Adams’s lab reports? I ordered these stat, and they’re not here! Who’s responsible for this patient?” How would you, as the nurse, respond?
8-Explain the concept of accountability in delegation. What are the legal ramifications of accountability in delegation?
9. Dennie and Elias arrive in the unit for the 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. shift. Both nurses completed orientation 4 weeks ago. They find that they will be the only two RNs on the floor that night. There is a census of 48 clients. The remaining staff consists of two NAPs/UAPs and one LPN. What are the responsibilities of the RN, NAP/UAP, and LPN? Can Dennie and Elias effectively delegate client care tasks and care safely for all 48 clients? Use the Delegation Tree to make your decisions.
10. Discuss the differences between direct delegation and indirect delegation.
1. You have to observe delegation procedures in your assigned unit:
A-What considerations does the RN take into account when delegating patient care?
2-You have to look at the unit census and prioritize the patient care:
A- Give the rationale foryour choices.
3.Answer the following questions during your clinical experiences:
a. What specific tasks did your patients require that you might have been able to delegate?
b. How effective was your nurse/preceptor in delegating tasks to others?
c. How did your nurse/preceptor ensure that the tasks were completed safely and appropriately?
Discussion 5

Influence of Problem Based Learning Model as Learning Method Discussion Paper.

DiscussionFind & CritiqueUse the Hunt Library Education Resources Information Center (ERIC) (Links to an external site.) to find an article that meets the following criteria.Peer-reviewed.Full text available on ERIC.Contains the words “Correlation” or “Regression” or “Linear Regression.”Download the full-text article and write a four-paragraph (maximum) critique of the article. Follow the guidelines in the Writing Article Critiques page. Post & DiscussPost your four paragraph (maximum) article critique, include your article as an attachment (or a link to the article), and then address the following:Do you believe the results? Why or why not?Can a reported mean of your article data be treated as a value from a population having a normal distribution? Why or why not?Report either the value(s) of the reported Correlation Coefficient(s) and your interpretation, or report the reported Regression Equation and provide an example of a “Predicted” value.You should make your initial post before the fourth day of the module week to receive full credit. Return at least once later in the module week to provide meaningful comments to two or more of your classmates’ posts. DO NOT “post and run” – making all three posts in the same visit. You need multiple visits to the discussion area to gain multiple perspectives by reading all of the posts and replies.Review the Discussion Rubric for detailed grading information.
Influence of Problem Based Learning Model as Learning Method Discussion Paper

MGT 100 US Emaar Company Corporate Social Responsibility Discussion.

I’m working on a management project and need an explanation to help me study.

Document format: Word only, Times New Roman 12, single spaced 1,5 In this project, you will learn about how organizations differ from each other in terms of their design and structure, strategies, their control systems, leadership, and other management practices. Your project is divided into 2 main parts (A+B):PART A. This part of the report should not be less than 1500 words.Step 1. Select any UAE company that you are familiar with, you can use the company that you are working at. It is very advisable to select a company that know and can contact its employees.Step 2. Research about the Company on the available sources. Its history, goals, mission, vision etc. Step 3. Give a brief information about its managers, discuss their functions, their roles and fundamental skills.Step 4. Assess the organizational structure of the companyStep 5. Assess the external environment (general and specific) of the company. For the general environment, minimum of 4 factors should be discussed. For the specific environment, minimum of 3 factors should be explained. Step 6. Discuss whether your company is socially responsible. Use this article to get an idea about Corporate social responsibility: 7. Give recommendations to the managers on how to improve their organization. Your recommendations should be based on your knowledge from MGT 100 course.PART B. Individual reflection not be less than 400 words.In this individual reflection part, you will describe your overall experience and what you learnt about the company and reflect on your personal and academic growth from your MGT 100 course. This part should be divided in 3 sections, an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Please use the following as a guide for each section.IntroductionIntroduction does not need to be longer than one paragraph in length. When writing an introduction, present the purpose of your reflection without giving your reader too much detail about the body of your paper. In the introduction, it is also helpful to tell your reader if you met your goals or the goals of the class. Later, in the body of the reflection, you can explain how these goals were or were not met in greater detail. Think of the introduction as a brief preview to the rest of your reflection.Body The body should discuss in detail your learning about the company. Use your personal and academic growth from MGT 100 course to explain, how did you grow over the course? What have you learned? How can you apply what you have learned to your future academic or life pursuits? This is slightly different from what you should discuss in your introduction.Conclusion In the conclusion, you should remind the reader of the ways in which you have developed your knowledge and skills in the course and how you reflected this in the company you studied. pls make no high plagiarism only number six company emaar
MGT 100 US Emaar Company Corporate Social Responsibility Discussion

History Discussion (150 words)

History Discussion (150 words). Can you help me understand this History question?

DISCUSSION: New Nation Experiment

For this discussion, you MUST use information from both your text(s) and videos and SEE THE DISCUSSION GRADING RUBRIC, at the link above.
Be sure to give yourself credit for using details and evidence from a source with an abbreviated citation at the end of your sentence. (Washington video) OR (Text 161) OR (Lyon document) Like so.

You will see in your text for this module the question posed:
Why was it so hard for Americans to accept political dissent as loyal political activity?
I also asked in your study guide:
Which events show the difficulty leaders had in creating a new nation, considering the opposing viewpoints – differing opinions?
This discussion is intended for you to kick around some ideas about these questions. Think about it – they have a new country and people don’t agree on how it should be governed. So how do they stay together? How do they know that someone in their own country won’t do to them what they just did to Great Britain – have another revolution?
Creating this new country was a daunting and brave and radical task. I’m asking you to explore a bit WHY it was so difficult. Which events prove to you – or are evidence about – how hard that was? Why was it hard to be “OK” with someone STRONGLY disagreeing with you? Look at the outbreaks of violence in this period.

Answer the following in your ORIGINAL POST:

Why was it so hard for Americans to accept political dissent as loyal political activity?
Which events show the difficulty leaders had in creating a new nation, considering the opposing viewpoints – differing opinions?

History Discussion (150 words)

SDSU Economic Disparities and Inequality to Access Healthcare Presentation

online dissertation writing SDSU Economic Disparities and Inequality to Access Healthcare Presentation.

Pick a current issue in global health (ideally something not in the US) that you want to know more about. Research the issue and think about the most important concepts you would want other students to know. Create an 6-8 slide PowerPoint to teach the class. You only have to turn in the powerpoint (you don’t have to record your voice over it), so you want to make sure your slides can “stand alone,” meaning someone should be able to review them and get the relevant content without having to actually hear a lecture. Make sure to include your sources. InstructionsPlease include the following points in your presentation:Identify and define the topic of interest, including your region of interestProvide some statistics or other key facts about your topic of interestDiscuss how you would address the issue using the SEM.THEN reply to a peer. Review their presentation and comment on what you found interesting about the presentation and any information you think may be missing.
SDSU Economic Disparities and Inequality to Access Healthcare Presentation

University of Maryland Baltimore Wk 5 Girl with a Pearl Earring Discussion

University of Maryland Baltimore Wk 5 Girl with a Pearl Earring Discussion.

Week 5 Discussion Board PostWatch the video above. The author, in explaining the innovative techniques being used to study Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, describes the notion of aura. What is your interpretation of this concept? What is it about a painting that would make someone want to travel halfway around the world to look at it, verses enjoying a reproduced image? Is there something specific that you want to see or experience in person? It doesn’t necessarily have to be art, but please explain why it is significant to you.
University of Maryland Baltimore Wk 5 Girl with a Pearl Earring Discussion

Miami Dade College Daycare Emergency Questions

Miami Dade College Daycare Emergency Questions.

Click here to review the video: the potential short- and long-term impact on the children, their parents, and the community at large related to this situation.Identify the members and roles of the emergency management team and organizations (public and private) that should be activated in Sentinel City®.Reflect on the various social media and news report responses from the community.Present an analysis of the risks and benefits of using social media.Create two communication messages for social media:Create one communication message using social media for the community at large.Create a second communication message using social media directed to the parents of the children at the daycare center.Discuss what should be addressed during the recovery phase for the children, parents, the community at large, and emergency responders. Critical Thinking Questions:Consider the strategies and infer professional team that is utilized to develop emergency preparedness and response plans.What are the risks and benefits of the quick public responses that will be shared on social media?What specific prevention efforts can be done to prevent a similar situation in the future?What specific things should be addressed during the recovery phase for both the parents and children?
Miami Dade College Daycare Emergency Questions