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Discussion 250 words Biodiversity, Food and Threatened Species

Discussion 250 words Biodiversity, Food and Threatened Species.

Discuss the article & video: The United Nations says biodiversity is under threat. (Links to an external site.)(You don’t have to ‘Listen to the story’ at the beginning of this article.). However, quite a few ‘new’ species were discover in 2019 (Links to an external site.).Here’s a quote from one researcher in one of your articles:”Despite decades of tirelessly scouring some of the most familiar and remote places on Earth, biodiversity scientists estimate that more than 90% of nature’s species remain unknown,” said Academy Chief of Science Shannon Bennett.The benefits of Globalization are easy to see: more stuff, some/much of it useful. But that means our ‘human footprint’ takes a lot of resources: more than the earth produces.Also, there are more food choices at the store, but the food we ‘buy and eat is more homogenized.’ (Links to an external site.)The Human Footprint Index: Wherever humans live in large numbers (India, Europe, Eastern China) the Human Footprint (Links to an external site.) is high. It certainly seems as though more species are under threat, according to a recent article on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (please watch the two short videos) (Links to an external site.). Another article reaches similar conclusions (Links to an external site.)(please look at the series of 40 slides) in the article.Finally, enjoy this article and video on New Zealands’s national bird the kiwi (Links to an external site.).
Discussion 250 words Biodiversity, Food and Threatened Species

School and Crisis Intervention.

The Term Paper: no more than 10 pages -It should include historical and background issues as well as information on pertinent crisis intervention strategies and tactics. -Must be type written and spell-checked. -Spelling, punctuation, grammar, originality, and appropriate use of citations are essential. -Creativity and innovation are encouraged in term paper development. -Must use APA style for the bibliography section.************ -8.5 inch x 11 inch paper. -The paper requires a “cover sheet” with a) title of the paper, b) the student’s name and the c) department’ name and d) course number. -The paper must have five to ten primary references. (I have already provided you with 6 sources, you may add more as needed).Suggested format: -Abstract (a paragraph about 5 lines will be enough)-Intro and background. (should include why the topic is chosen)-Statistics. (can include a specific case if passable).-Body.-Conclusion-References *I was only able to upload 5 files, so the sixth one is this: https://ac-els-cdn-com.proxy-bc.researchport.umd.e…
School and Crisis Intervention

Assignment 2: Practice. I’m trying to study for my Social Science course and I need some help to understand this question.

Assignment 2: Practice
After reviewing the agency’s intervention/treatment plan, complete the intervention/treatment plan with a client with whom you are working.
By Day 7
Submit a 1-2 page paper in which you:

Briefly describe the setting where the intervention/treatment plan was conducted.
Briefly discuss how you used the literature to guide your practice (i.e. actual use of the treatment/intervention plan).
Briefly summarize the experience of actually working with the client and any emerging themes (i.e., anything in the literature that captured your attention or was repeated throughout) that were present during the intervention.

******School setting, with a 15 year old female, in crisis due to having suicidal thoughts.
Assignment 2: Practice

5.4 – Module 5 Questions (Aircraft)

5.4 – Module 5 Questions (Aircraft). Can you help me understand this Engineering question?

Based on your readings and research conducted during Module 5, answer the following questions in a word-processed document. Your answers should be at least a paragraph, but not more than one page, in length. You are expected to answer the questions from a management perspective and provide appropriate, APA-formatted in-text citations and a reference list reflecting sources used to answer the questions. APA guidelines are available in the Resources area of the course.

Outline the three functions of the Production Planning & Control (PP&C) department.
Consider the six items that a planner needs to adjust future plans. In your opinion, which one of the six items has the greatest impact on maintenance scheduling? Why?
How can the concept of span of control and grouping similar functions be utilized with a predictive maintenance approach?
From a production standpoint, explain the difference between forecasting and planning. Why is it important for aviation maintenance managers to understand the difference?
Consider the Aviation Week article you read in Activity 5.1. How could an aviation maintenance manager apply predictive maintenance concepts to reduce cost for an intermediate size airline?

5.4 – Module 5 Questions (Aircraft)

San Jose State University Effects of Nutrition on the Human Body Discussion

best essay writers San Jose State University Effects of Nutrition on the Human Body Discussion.

You Are What You Eat! – Nutrition and eating styles77 个未读答复。77 个答复。TopicDiscussion on the effects of nutrition on the human body.Learning ObjectivesThis discussion is for:Demonstrate ways in which science influences and is influenced by complex societies, including political and moral issues.Use methods of science and knowledge derived from current scientific inquiry in life science to question existing explanations.Advance the development of skills to be able to understand material, be able to organize it logically, compare/contrast and analyze facts and ideas and draw conclusions.To apply comprehension and thinking skills in working with research materials in a manner leading to clarity, conciseness, and coherence in writing.Discovering the effects of different eating styles on human health.Becoming familiar with Netiquette.Activities1. Read the instructions posted in this weeks Module, and attached here, for guidance on how discussions will be used for this class. The instructions include an example of how to format this type of discussion and a grading rubric.2. This week we are learning about the digestive system. For this discussion, we’ll review how our eating choices and our environment affect our health. Choose an eating style for humans that is important to you or that you are curious about. Some suggested eating styles are provided below, but you may choose a different style than is listed. The style you choose must have peer-reviewed scientific research written about it’s effect on human health.EXAMPLES OF EATING STYLES:PaleoVegetarianVeganKetogenicWhole 30South BeachMediterraneanAtkinsWeight WatcherZoneUSDA MyPlateRaw Food3. You will write a 220+ word essay/discussion about how this way of eating is beneficial to or detrimental to human health – what diseases/conditions does it cause/cure. You must use at least two valid peer-reviewed sources of scientific research, published within the last five years, to support your opinion. Be sure to include both in-text citations and list the references for your sources using MLA format. In-text citations and references do not count toward the discussion word count.4. After you have posted your discussion, reply to at least two other student posts. Write 50+ words for each reply post. You must use peer-reviewed scientific research, published within the past five years, to support each of your responses. You may use the same research you used for your initial post if it is relevant to your reply. Be sure to include in-text citation(s) and reference(s) for your source(s) in MLA format. In-text citations and references do not count toward the reply word count.5. To receive points for the discussion, you must post your initial research discussion by Thursday 11:59pm, and then reply to at least two other students posts by Sunday 11:59pm. Late posts will receive up to half credit if any part of the discussion is posted up to one week after the initial due date. Discussion posts and responses will not be accepted after one week of the original due date and you will receive zero points. Netiquette in all online communication. This is not a ‘bash the other person’s opinion’ response. If you don’t agree with the post, you must support your disagreement with scientific evidence. It’s alright to disagree with someone else’s opinion, but you must be courteous in your reply.How to PostHere is detailed instruction (Links to an external site.).To post your original discussion, click on Reply right below this instruction. Enter your discussion content in the message box.If you have a file(s) attach to your post, click on Attach in the bottom-right corner of the message box. Once you attach the file, you should see the file name below the message box.To submit the post, click the Post Respond button. You should see your post on the board. If not, refresh the discussion page.To reply to another post, click on Reply below their posted message.
San Jose State University Effects of Nutrition on the Human Body Discussion

Connection exam Essay

You will make a total of 4 connections for this exam. You must connect a theme to each of the 3 chapters listed in the provided graphic organizer and create a cause and effect relationship between events from 2 of the chapters covered by this exam. Each theme can only be used once. Each section of a chapter can only be used once. Each connection will be explained with a minimum of 75 words. Use the provided blank graphic organizer to complete this exam. The Themes and Chapters have been hyperlinked to take you to the material to be used for that graphic organizer section. You may submit this whole document or copy and paste the blank graphic organizer into a word processing program of your choice. Your submission must be formatted as a doc, docx or pdf file. Connection Exam Graphic Organizer Download Connection Exam Graphic Organizer Create an argument through the use of historical evidence (Critical Thinking; Communication Skills; Personal Responsibility; Social Responsibility). SLO1 Analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources (Critical Thinking; Communication Skills; Personal Responsibility; Social Responsibility). SLO2 Analyze the effects of historical, social, political, economic, cultural, and global forces on this period of United States history (Critical Thinking; Communication Skills; Personal Responsibility; Social Responsibility). SLO3 Use only the books which is American Yawp Author: Joseph Locke and Ben Wright, editors Publisher: Stanford University Press Availability: online at Price: free

DNA, Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer Skill Check Worksheet

DNA, Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer Skill Check Worksheet.

I’m working on a biology question and need guidance to help me learn.

1. activity 1: Extraction of DNA1) Explain why you think each of the following steps of the procedures was necessary to the extraction process:2. How might you go about proving that the material that was extracted is really DNA?3. ) What other sources could be used to extract DNA?Activity 2: DNA, Genes, Chromosomes and CancerQuestion 1: My doctor told me that I have breast cancer, but no one in my family has ever had breast cancer? Why did I get it? I thought that breast cancer was inherited. She told me that it is due to changes in my genes, but I don’t understand how changes in my genes can cause cancer.cancer.Question 2: My doctor told me that my tumor makes a high level of Her-2 proteins and that she is going to treat me with a drug called Herceptin®. How does this drug work? My friend had her cancer treated with tamoxifen, and it seems to be working for her. Why can’t I be treated with the same drug?
DNA, Genes, Chromosomes and Cancer Skill Check Worksheet