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discussion. I’m studying for my Psychology class and need an explanation.

1st discussion
What questions or concerns would you like to share?
Identify 3 passages from this week’s reading assignment that were most insightful or meaningful for you. One of your passages must come from your selected reading topic (special needs or linguistic diversity). Quote each passage, provide the page # and discuss why this was particularly poignant for you.
Describe how you might incorporate this week’s content into your work with infants, toddlers, and their families? If you are already working with infants and toddlers, what specifically will you do, when, and how? If you are not yet working with infants and toddlers, what do you want to remember from this week’s content and how might you use this information.
What concepts from this week are still unclear for you?
What additional information would you like to know related to this week’s topic that we have not mentioned?
What other questions do you have or what information would you like me to know?

2nd dicussion
For this assignment, I’d like you to review and reflect on the three situations below. As you read each one, imagine that you are the care teacher in this scenario.

Toileting – A new parent explains to you that her one-year-old child is toilet trained and insists that you leave off the diapers.
Feeding – The mother of a toddler is upset by the mess she sees when she discovers that you would let him feed himself. She asks you to spoon feed her child as she does at home, “so he eats more, doesn’t get so messy, and less food is wasted.”
Napping – Another parent explains that his baby is used to falling asleep in someone’s arms, not by herself in a crib in a separate room. He asks that you hold the child until she goes to sleep each day.
Your thoughts and feelings are important and valid, but may sometimes come in direct conflict with those of a parent. It’s important to understand where these feelings come from and identify productive ways to move forward to be able to support the child and family.For each of these scenarios, write a 1 paragraph reflection that includes responses to each of the following prompts. Your answers should reflect you own thoughts and feelings and do not have to match with the resolutions presented by the care teachers from our reading.

Is there a potential cultural issue here between you and the parent? If so, identify the possible conflict. If not, explain why you are in agreement with this parent.
What feelings do you have about this issue? Where do you think those feelings come from?
How might you move forward and support this child and family in a culturally sensitive manner?
How does this possible resolution make you feel?


From various studies, motivation is always a key to excellent performance in any organization. However, difficulties arise when it comes to how to encourage the labor force of the firm. For instance, some people use money as the main factor for motivating their employees (Robbins and Agnatius 45). It is obvious that everything in the current world is controlled by money. In case the reward is right, good human associations will offer an extra zest to a company, thereby inspiring the employees to work even harder. This implies that inadequate financial remuneration cannot be compensated by high-quality human relations. The person who has motivated me and continues to inspire me is my employer. I am always assured of my job security, support at any time, and guidance in areas where I have no idea on what to do. For instance, he realizes that in order to create a good working environment that will lead to high and excellent performance, motivation must be given the first priority. It is important, while motivating employees, to show some care because some working environments are full of challenges, and thus without support, any worker may just give up. Therefore, the manager always effectively communicates the relevant information that I need in order successfully to carry out any given task. This is because in most cases, workers always desire to be associated with or feel belonging to groups as well as individuals who are aware of what is going on at workplace. They need the necessary information to complete their tasks as well as make decisions concerning their work. That is what my employer does, and this keeps motivating me to work well enjoying my tasks. Thus, it leads to the excellent performance of the company. This is always achieved through creating meetings in regard to workers’ management to update the employees regarding the organization information that may affect the work carried out. Furthermore, the manager ensures me that he stops by the workers that are affected by a transformation to provide more support. In addition, before any change takes place, there is always enough and clear information provided to the staff for clarity purposes. This motivates workers including me because it makes us feel appreciated and important in the organization. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Additionally, the organizational manager implements his motivational strategy through the provision of financial rewards depending on my performance. Although productivity is linked to workshop floor erroneously, as indicated in many firms, the sale of the total output of the company is the determinant of the profits of the organization. This, therefore, implies that in case employees are not offered the right resources at the right place and time, their productivity will suffer not because of their mistakes. Thus, managers take a significant part in the productivity of employees and team. Managers exist to ensure the productivity of the company; in case personally, the manager fail to perform his/her task, he/she may be viewed as nonproductive. The reason for this is that the employee in question is not directly linked to productivity of the firm but has other duties that involve integrating teams in the process of production. Therefore, a manager can increase productivity indirectly by aiding to produce more. In such a case, financial motivation plays a significant role. Due to my manager successfully performing his duties, I get motivated because I know the more I work, and the higher the productivity, the more I get compensated financially, emotionally, and socially. Works Cited Robbins, Stephen and Timothy Agnatius. Essentials of organizational behavior. New York: Routledge, 2010. Print.

The Emirates Group Company’s Customer Measurements Essay

Table of Contents Introduction Report Review Conclusion Reference List Introduction Companies use a variety of metrics and evaluation tools to examine the efficiency of their work. Such a quantitative representation of their work helps shape strategies for future operations based on current performance. The report published by The Emirates Group displays the specific approaches that this organization adopts to determine the efficiency of its work. This paper aims to examine customer measurements and their application by reviewing the Emirates report. Report Review Firstly, it is necessary to identify necessary customer measurements and determine which specific metrics are used by Emirates. According to Bough et al. (2017), using these approaches to assess the level of services a company provides is the first step towards creating an appropriate strategy for improvement. However, many executives become overly cautious of this component and use too many metrics, which obstructs one from shaping a clear vision of the issue. Customer experience and satisfaction are among the crucial elements that businesses have to measure. Simsek and Demirbag (2017) state that higher customer satisfaction rates usually result in more profit for a company. According to the report, Emirates aims to develop a relationship with its passengers that would be characterized as loyal (Annual report 2017-2018 2018, p. 2). However, the company does not provide data that would display the actual perception of its services from a customer perspective. The primary metrics that enable an understanding of the scale of work that an airline performs is the number of people who choose it for their travels. The report provides an understanding of the number of clients that use the services of Emirates, which were more than 58 million people in 2018 (Annual report 2017-2018 2018, p. 2). Besides, this data provides an understanding of the cargo that was carried. Additionally, these statistics showcase that the company was able to increase the number of passengers over the years, which represents the overall growth of Emirate’s operations. The passenger seat number is a metric used to define how many seats are occupied by passengers at a given time. This indicator is crucial for aircraft companies because it accounts for the sales a company was able to make and thus can provide insight into the revenue. According to Beers (2018), “airlines have high fixed costs associated with each flight,” which results in a need to cover these expenses through selling seats (para. 2). It should be noted that airplanes cannot be operated without a full crew onboard and additional elements such as fuel or passenger entertainment. Evaluating the passenger seat factor is especially important because it determines whether a particular company can pay for fixed expenses with the current passenger load. However, a ratio that is lower than average can still mean that an airline is profitable (Goldstein 2018). Thus, it is necessary to review this metric together with a financial statement to gain a cohesive understanding of operations. Conclusion Overall, in its annual operations report Emirates accounts for the major metrics that are necessary to determine the efficiency of this company’s work. The most important data point that is displayed is the passenger seat number, which conveys an understanding of the ability to generate revenue that covers operational costs for flying an aircraft. However, Emirates can add metrics such as customer satisfaction rates and retention to improve the understanding of service quality and improve the organization’s daily work. Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reference List Annual report 2017-2018. 2018. Web. Beers, B 2018, How does load factor impact airline profitability? Web. Bough, V, Breuer, R, Fanderl, H,

University of New Hampshire FFT and FIR High Numerical Efficiency Questions

professional essay writers University of New Hampshire FFT and FIR High Numerical Efficiency Questions.

FFT series algorithm is essentially a method to calculate the high numerical efficiency of DFT. Since the FFT calculation result is the same as the corresponding DFT calculation result, the FFT result has the same property and interpretation as the DFT. I won’t ask any questions about how the FFT algorithm is derived and implemented. For testing, it is sufficient to know that the FFT algorithm accurately calculates the DFT using the minimum number of calculations.This material extends the Fourier analysis of signals to the analysis of the properties of LTI systems. In particular, for the class of LTI systems for which the impulse response h(n) is finite in length.In summary, we design FIR filters by designing their impulse responses based on desired characteristics generally specified in the frequency domain.(Only 6 questions. Will be update once we start.)
University of New Hampshire FFT and FIR High Numerical Efficiency Questions

Indiana Univ Balanced Scorecard Implementation American Eagle Outfitters Case Study

Indiana Univ Balanced Scorecard Implementation American Eagle Outfitters Case Study.

Think of a company or organization with which you are familiar. Ideally, it will be an organization where you are involved in some capacity. Good examples include an employer or perhaps a social organization of which you are a member. Former employers might work as well. First, compose a full paragraph that describes the organization, including its mission or vision, product or service it provides, its key stakeholders, a short history, and details about the organization’s structure (leadership, divisions, etc.). Once you have outlined the organization, create a balanced scorecard for the company wherein you identify two objectives for each of the four perspectives in the BSC Approach as well as one metric for each of those objectives. Explain how each objective aligns with the mission of the organization and provide justification for its associated metric (i.e., why is the metric a reasonable measure for the strategic objective). Remember the metrics must be measurable!Your initial posting should be between 300 to 500 words and use a minimum of two sources (one of which may be the textbook). Cite your sources using APA format (a tutorial is provided in the class tutorials section of the course). Additionally, you will need to respond to two classmates’ posts. In these responses, you are to offer substantive comments, feedback, detailed questions, and/or provide examples that further the discussion. It is not sufficient to simply agree with or compliment a classmate’s post. Each response should be between 100 to 200 words with a minimum of one source (other than the textbook) per response. Cite your sources using APA format.Please Note: The word count range is just a guide as to how many words are needed to give a complete answer. There is no penalty for surpassing the range unless you egregiously exceed the upper limit. For example, you write 1500 words when the upper limit is 500. We want to allow the Academic Coaches to evaluate your answers and provide feedback in a timely manner.
Indiana Univ Balanced Scorecard Implementation American Eagle Outfitters Case Study

NRS 429 VN Grand Canyon University Health Promotion in Minority Populations Paper

NRS 429 VN Grand Canyon University Health Promotion in Minority Populations Paper.

Select an ethnic minority group that is represented in the United States (American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian American, Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander). Using health information available from Healthy People, the CDC, and other relevant government websites, analyze the health status for this group.In a paper of 1,000-1,250 words, compare and contrast the health status of your selected minority group to the national average. Include the following:Describe the ethnic minority group selected. Describe the current health status of this group. How do race and ethnicity influence health for this group?What are the health disparities that exist for this group? What are the nutritional challenges for this group?Discuss the barriers to health for this group resulting from culture, socioeconomics, education, and sociopolitical factors.What health promotion activities are often practiced by this group? Describe at least one approach using the three levels of health promotion prevention (primary, secondary, and tertiary) that is likely to be the most effective in a care plan given the unique needs of the minority group you have selected. Provide an explanation of why it might be the most effective choice.What cultural beliefs or practices must be considered when creating a care plan? What cultural theory or model would be best to support culturally competent health promotion for this population? Why?Cite at least three peer-reviewed or scholarly sources to complete this assignment. Sources should be published within the last 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and public health content.Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required.This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.
NRS 429 VN Grand Canyon University Health Promotion in Minority Populations Paper