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discussion 2 fin 534

discussion 2 fin 534. I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.

Analysis of Financial Statements
Please respond to the following:

Determine why it is sometimes misleading to compare a company’s financial ratios with those of other firms that operate within the same industry. Support your response with one (1) example from your research.

i will need a response to a student also this is the student response
Danielle Debardelaben
RE: Week 2 Discussion

Sometimes it can be confusing to compare a company’s financial ratios with other firms that operate within the same industry because each may use different accounting methods.
Accounting information used in calculation of ratios is affected by the estimates, assumptions and diverse accounting methods used by companies.
For example, a small company cares more about its ratios emphasis on current assets and liabilities instead of market value ratios.
For example, a company that uses the FIFO method to value its inventory will have a higher inventory value compared to the company that uses LIFO.
Ratios calculated from this type of data vary and provide false information when used to compare the two companies even if they operate in the same industry.

discussion 2 fin 534

For this assignment, write a minimum of one page to recap what you learned in Quarter 11. Using the

For this assignment, write a minimum of one page to recap what you learned in Quarter 11. Using the knowledge you gained throughout the Financial Services program, analyze, discuss, and evaluate your bank’s performance during this quarter. Analyze how your input decisions impacted the results. Discuss what decisions worked well and what decisions did not work well. Evaluate your performance and decide what changes in inputs and/or strategies you plan to use next quarter. Recap should only be for team 4.

Bab-CS discussion and Nithin PM discussion2

assignment writing services Bab-CS discussion and Nithin PM discussion2. I need an explanation for this Computer Science question to help me study.

Task 1:
Discuss the importance of user technology security education within organizations. What topics should be included in security education and training?
words :250
Task 2 :
Read the case study “To Bid or Not to Bid” on page 1011 and then answer the questions on page 1012.
words :250(attached textbook)

Bab-CS discussion and Nithin PM discussion2

Castlemaine’s Housing Prices and Infrastructure Report

Castlemaine’s Issues Australia combines several regional areas that represent a lot of rural territories that vary depending on their purposes. Some of them are focused on land management, others on information gathering, etc. Castlemaine is one of the well-known regions in Victoria, Australia. This small city is prominent for its history of the rich gold rush. However, today gold mines are not operating, and this place starts to attract people with its growing reputation as an eclectic art scene and a producer of wines and fresh foods. Unfortunately, today many regional areas in Australia require improvement because of the issues they face, and Castlemaine is not an exception. This city has rather high housing prices, which has an adverse effect on the population. Mainly, this problem is critical for the youth and elderly because they are the most vulnerable population that does not earn enough money to afford a house they want without any financial support provided by relatives. Those individuals who obtain low-income often turn out to be not able to afford even a modest house (Bryant

Capstone Project 20-40 pages senior assignment

Capstone Project 20-40 pages senior assignment.

This is my final project at my university, it’s a Capstone that is 20-40 pages long! It has to be very professionally write, it’s 40% of my grades. I need some one extremely intelligent who doesn’t cheat and deliver great work, I need 100% on this project. I’m also going to provide my school login so you can see what’s required. This is only for serious tutors. If you cheat or don’t finish or not deliver on time or do the bad quality work I’ll not hesitate to ask for refund and complain about the tutor to study pool. So please only serious candidates, who knows ins and out of capstone projectHere is the outline Running head: CAPSTONE PROJECT: TOPIC AND PRELIMINARY OUTLINE 6Capstone Project: Topic and Preliminary OutlineAmerican Public University System (Greeley, 2016)30th December, 2017Table of ContentTopic3Background Information3Introduction3Body of project4Details on the gym4Mission statement for the personal training program4Hiring process4Payroll criteria4Daily trainer schedules4New member initiation protocols4Private personal training protocols4Marketing strategy4Conclusion4References5TopicExercise Science #2You have been hired by a local gym with a base of 1,000 members to design and implement a for profit personal training program. Your plan is to be submitted to the owner of the facility for review. You must develop a personal training program mission statement, hiring process, payroll criteria – for trainers, daily trainer schedule, new member initiation protocol – including sample workouts, private personal training protocol – including sample workouts, and personal training program marketing plan. Remember to choose a specific location and define your clientele using actual demographics. Background InformationThe background information will entail details of the local gym. The details include its current membership, some aspects of its management, services offered and other relevant information that gives the reader a thorough understanding of the current state.IntroductionIt will introduce the reader to the project and will include the thesis statements on the project and what the project entails. It will briefly cover any other essential aspects of implementing a for profit personal training program.Body of projectDetails on the gymMission statement for the personal training programHiring processPayroll criteriaDaily trainer schedulesNew member initiation protocolsPrivate personal training protocolsMarketing strategyConclusionIt will allude to some of the aspects discussed in the project and the implementation of the for profit personal training program.ReferencesGreeley, S. (2016, March 10). 9 Models to Build a Profitable Fitness Business. Retrieved from reference gives an overview of how to build a profitable fitness business. It is essential to the project because the project requires discussion of how to implement a for profit personal training program.Institute of Medicine (U.S.). Committee on Fitness Measures and Health Outcomes in Youth, i. b. (2012). Fitness measures and health outcomes in youth / Committee on Fitness Measures and Health Outcomes in Youth ; Russell Pate, Maria Oria, and Laura Pillsbury, editors ; Food and Nutrition Board, Institute of Medicine of the National Academies. . National Academies Press.The reference gives outcomes on fitness in various categories. It will be key in evaluating the success of the fitness program in the project.Linkul, R. (2016, January 20). Opening a gym: How to set your budget. Retrieved from…In this reference, the details on how to make a gym profitable are discussed. The information is key in the project because the aim is to implement a for profit personal fitness program.McGill, E. A. (2016). NASM Essentials of Personal Fitness Training (5th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning .In the project, some exercise routines will be discussed. NASM offers key information on personal fitness training activities and is very important.Ryan, D. (2009). Understanding digital marketing : marketing strategies for engaging the digital generation. Kogan Page.The project requires that the personal fitness program created is profitable. Marketing is essential in ensuring the number of members the gym gets are high. The reference gives guidelines on digital marketing which is very key in this era.This was premilnary work was submitted I need final project which is about 20-40 pages STRICTLY FOLLOW RUBRIC A
Capstone Project 20-40 pages senior assignment