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Discussion 1 Compare and contrast two nursing theories. How do they differ based on their intent, scope, and goals?

Discussion 1

Compare and contrast two nursing theories. How do they differ based on their intent, scope, and goals? Which one might be more relevant to your future role, and why?

Discussion 2

Assessment Descriiption
Select two different nursing theories and describe how they relate to patient care. How could you use them for inciting behavioral changes? Discuss the pros and cons of applying each theory and how they could be integrated into your future practice. Are there any particular ethical issues related to the integration of these theories that should be considered?

In response to your peers, cite a study that used one of the nursing theories you discussed. Explain the impact of the nursing theory on your approach to patient care. Cite at least one source to support your response.

Relationship between Capitalism and Politics.

Relationship between Capitalism and Politics..

 Research paper with a 5 pm Sunday deadline INSTRUCTIONS What is the relationship between capitalism and politics? Must be three pages, doublespaced, Times new Roman 12 point font, and 1 inch margins. The question is intentionally open ended, you can choose how to organize your answer. However, your answer should be based on the following readings: Marc, Przeworski, Beverly Silver and Gramsci. Develop the answer in detail, unpacking the concepts in a nuanced manor, and walking the reader through the different steps of the argument, including the theories the author is arguing against when applicable, and the evidence or examples used by the author substantiate the claims.

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Does Hinduism show concern over justice?

Discussion 1 Compare and contrast two nursing theories. How do they differ based on their intent, scope, and goals? Does Hinduism show concern over justice?.

 Description Prompt: Concern over justice, especially social justice, is a prominent concern in many of the world’s religions. How well does Hinduism engage this issue? Is there a particular belief or practice that might ground principles related to social justice in Hinduism? Is there a Hindu idea of “social responsibility” and does that impact attitudes toward the environment or not? Explain. Be sure to discuss one (or more) specific examples of “justice or injustice” within the context of historical or contemporary Hinduism. You will also need to consider the relationship between social justice/environmental justice as discussed by both Chapel and on p. 225-232 in the Grounding Religion chapter. Guidelines: 1) highlight: key points from the readings 2) make explicit any common themes or connections between readings 4) document YOUR reactions or insights into the readings in a critical and thoughtful manner in your scholarly voice.

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Treatment In Prison

Treatment In Prison.

Description 1. What are the pros and cons of substance abuse treatment models used within a prison setting? 2.What would you propose to help remove limitations to substance abuse treatment in a prison setting? 3.Are there any ethical complications to treatment in a prison setting?

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Diamond, “What makes countries rich or poor?”

Diamond, “What makes countries rich or poor?”.

 You will write a Response Paper with a minimum of 500 words, approximately one (1) page single-spaced with 1-inch margins and font size 11. Your Response Paper will a) summarize the arguments of the assigned reading, b) analyze a particular argument, debate, topic or set of topics from the readings, and c) write one (1) discussion question directly related to the reading. You will use Chicago-style citation.week5

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Forensics : Relate the process of insect succession to the changing environment that occurs during the stages of decomposition.

Forensics : Relate the process of insect succession to the changing environment that occurs during the stages of decomposition..

Relate the process of insect succession to the changing environment that occurs during the stages of decomposition. Explain how forensic entomologists interpret forensic evidence and environmental conditions to estimate a postmortem interval. Explain how insect evidence is analyzed to provide evidence of the deceased person’s identity or drug, poison, or toxin exposure. Summarize the procedures for documenting and collecting insect evidence from a crime scene.

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Digital Sabbatical Day 1

Digital Sabbatical Day 1.

 Digital Sabbatical Day 1: Due Friday, February 01, 2019 COLLAPSE Day 1 : Under this thread you will write about your first day of eliminating the use of your mobile device or computer for any communication or accessing information. Sample of items you are unable to use during your selected sabbatical time are included below (but also include items similar to those listed): Music Streaming Services Social Media Apps : if it has ever been mentioned as a social media app–or is an app on your phone, you need to CUT IT! Gaming Any type of online news media– including, but not limited to, local news apps or websites, buzzfeed, huffington post, worldstar Hip Hop–TMZ. We will become “analog people” in a “digital world” for 12 hours. It will hurt but not too much. You will do the following: 1. Pick a day where you will disconnect for 12 hours from digital communication. Many select from the time they get off until the time they go back to work. I have sometimes chosen 6 pm – 6 am 2. You will write a single space 250 word post, do not create it as an attachment–write it in the body of the post, and discuss the following: The day, the date, and the time block you selected (this information is NOT included in your 250 minimum word count) Describe in detail how you felt going without communication (stress, anxiety, peace, relief, etc.) Describe in detail how you felt going without digital information (empowered, helpless, “out of the loop”)

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Problems of outsourcing migration management to non-EU countries

Problems of outsourcing migration management to non-EU countries.

Discuss the problems of outsourcing migration management to non-EU countries

Your assignment should be submitted using font Arial 12, justified with double line spacing and wide margins to allow for marker’s comments.

Graphic material (maps, tables, graphs, etc.) must be embedded into the body of your assignment with suitable captions, numbered in sequence and with sources given as for any textual citations.

Marking Scheme

For your guidance, the following considerations are borne in mind by tutors when marking your work:

Firsts (As): – Extremely well-researched, referenced and clearly articulated arguments with insights into and analysis of the main issues at stake and of the academic literature. Analysis of data and primary sources as well as secondary sources. Absence of polemics (one-sided, biased and rhetorical clams) and of unsupported assertions.

2.1s (Bs): – More limited analysis of academic research, and perhaps more limited references to the academic literature, but a clear argument is presented. Referencing mostly good (may be some minor errors). Structure may need improvement. Absence of polemics and of unsupported assertions.

2.2s (Cs): – Essay covers themes which are relevant and does so with signs of intelligence and hard work. But there is more limited use of the academic literature and some arguments are not supported by logic or evidence. There may be a tendency towards polemics or assertions. There may be problems with structure and with referencing.

3rds (Ds): – Limited reference to appropriate academic sources. Lack of knowledge of the relevant literature. Citation of lecture notes in place of original research. Unsupported arguments. Weak referencing. Includes irrelevant material.

Fails: – Absence of any sign of serious engagement with the relevant academic literature. Poor or non-existent referencing. Essays abounds in polemics and unsupported assertions. Essay has failed to answer the question set.

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Selecting The Best Health Insurance Plan and Marketing to The Target Customer

Selecting The Best Health Insurance Plan and Marketing to The Target Customer.

Health care consumers receive various communications about different health care options. It is important to understand consumer demographics to be able to determine the impact (positive or negative) media, social networks, branding, marketing, and communication play in health care consumer choices. PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED INSTRUCTION SHEET FOR DETAILS. THIS IS A 3 PART ASSIGNMENT

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Business memorandum Paper

Business memorandum Paper.

Problem description: You oversee a manufacturing facility that produces an automotive part (steel shaft for the gearbox). The acceptable dimension of the shaft is 2.5±0.05 inches in diameter with the most desirable product being exactly 2.5 inches. Two vendors are trying to sell their equipment for the shaft-machining task to your company, Automotive Parts Corporation. You have been asked to assess the equipment from each vendor, and to make a recommendation on which one to make the purchase from, supported by a justification for your decision. You asked both vendors to supply data on the machining accuracy of their equipment for the given task. Both vendors machined 100 shafts, collected data, plotted histograms, fitted the histograms with normal distributions and supplied you with their findings Let X= diameter in inches of the gearbox shaft Ace Machines: X has a normal distribution with mean 2.48 and variance 0.001 Best Machinery: X has a normal distribution with mean 2.51 and variance 0.002 When you are completing your memorandum be sure to address the following: Recommend a vendor using the given information, develop and discuss your approach (give all details including quantitative justification). Your response to this question must be directed to the audience described below. Examine the scenario as described and discuss what additional information would be helpful to make this recommendation a stronger selection, and why that information would be useful. Be careful not to negate your recommendation as you explain this. Include your calculations as a titled addendum on its own page at the end of your document. Audience: You are creating this document for the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Lin Gerard, and copying the Chief Financial Officer, Aileen Kitts. Documents involved in major financial decisions like this may also be distributed by the addressees to other executives and the corporate board members. Document: Complete this assignment as a memorandum. Follow the guidance for business memorandum provided in your reading. Utilize clear, professional language, including setting your Word preferences to check for a more professional writing approach. Examples of professional language constraints would include: Utilize plain language. (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. Develop the document around a direct, coherent message (thesis (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. ) and clear analysis (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. to support it. Do not use contractions, slang or colloquialisms, clichés (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. , abbreviations, or text message shortcuts.

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